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Created Thursday, August 11, 2016; filed under Commentary.
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The 2016 Presidential Election
In about a week, voters will cast their votes for
the next president of the United States.  I ask
that you vote smartly.  Focus on the importance
of educating yourself about voting.

Many will say that Clinton and Trump are the
worse candidates ever.  Many have said they
are voting for Hillary to keep Trump from
winning.  Many have said that Trump is the
change Washington needs.

There are many reasons why people support
their candidates.  I will just simply remind you to
vote for the candidate you honestly believe will
help this country.

Some good rules a responsible voter follows:
    Don’t remain party true!  Are you voting for your candidate because you are a member of
    the same party?  Stop it!
    Don’t vote for the popular candidate.
    Don’t rely on what your candidate promised in a campaign speech.  Look at their record.  
    Read their bios.  What does their congressional record say?  What is on the old news clips
    easily accessible online?  When asked about an important about face on your Sunday
    morning news show, what did he/she say?  How much do you know?  How much have you
    investigated?  Or are you going along with what someone else said?
    Don’t listen to half of a broadcast and make up your mind.  Watch the news repeat itself.  
    Turn to another news station and watch the story again with a different perspective.
    Don’t rely on what you heard others say.  How do you know they got the full story?  How do
    you know they understood what was said?
    Don’t be afraid to vote for the unpopular candidate.
    Don’t be ashamed of how you voted if you voted for a better change for the country.  Your
    vote is not wasted!  Trust me when I tell you there are people that spend days on end
    wondering why their candidate lost or why a candidate won with a narrow or wide margin.  
    Honest voting helps to make candidates do better for the people.  If you have told someone
    they wasted their vote on a candidate, then shame on you.  The person exercised their right
    to vote who they thought was a good candidate.  They didn’t exercise the right to pick your
    Don’t like crowds?  Don’t avoid the polls.  Learn the rules in your district about mail-in ballots,
    absentee ballots and early voting.

However, you cast your vote do it smartly.  Your country will thank you for it and you will be proud
of yourself for what you did.

Polly Elliott-Lanz
"Polly's Perspective"