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Created Sunday, January 01, 2017; filed under Commentary.
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New Year Resolution
The Perspective wishes everyone a Happy New

This year we resolve to keep a messy desk.  
The purpose is to create more productivity.

Okay good people, I know you expect me to list
a sensible list of resolutions that I will honestly
try to accomplish during 2017.  I haven’t done
so well in the past, so let me just try one and we’
ll see if I can live up to that one.  Okay?

I resolve to keep a messy desk!
You heard me.  I promise not to make a point to clean my desk ever again.  I resolve not to beat
myself up for having a messy desk.  Not that I plan to become a total slob.  It’s just that I
accomplish more with a messy desk.  Accomplish more?  How can that be?  Simple.  I must work
harder in the smaller space.  I must stay on top of stuff so it doesn’t get shoved to the bottom of
one of the many piles.  I must know exactly where everything is so I can access it readily when
the hubby asks for it.  To be able to manage that feat requires diligence and concentration.  I find
that as I age this feat has become a two-fold blessing.  I also get practice jogging my memory cells
to help ward off Alzheimer’s disease.  From everything I have read about the disease memory
exercises and puzzles are good in assisting in warding off this tragedy.

I know that I should resolve to lose more weight in 2017.  And I am really going try my hardest to
lose a substantial amount.  But I haven’t reached that goal yet in the many years I have tried.  But
I do hope it starts melting like butter.  But I will not make a resolution to do it.

As I said, I am going to put my efforts where they are most attainable: in my brain, in the mental
exercise it takes to keep track of my desk!

One thing for sure you can say about me; I may have a lumpy bag-of-potatoes body.  But my
brain cells are a 6-pack in the physical fitness world!

Polly Elliott-Lanz
"Polly's Perspective"