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Posted Friday, January 30, 2015; filed under Commentary.
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Okay.  Here we go again.  A New Year.  A new
dream.  A new hope.  Every January I promise
myself that I will clean off my desk.  I promise
that I will stay at my desk until every piece of
paper has been filed, replied to or trashed.  I will
not move from my desk until I have completed
my get-rid-of-my- paperwork goal.  Once I get it
cleaned off, I promise I will never again allow it
to become cluttered with papers again.

Yes, I have made that statement to myself every
year for as long as I can remember.  I made
that statement to myself and to my desk, again
this New Years Day.  Well, folks it is now
January 31st and I have not as of yet kept that
promise.  I realize I have 11 more months to
finish the task.  But then I thought, who cares?  
Is it really important that I have a clean desk?
I had a co-worker once that made it her goal to be rid of every piece of paper on her desk by the
close of business every Friday.  She would smile and say, "
Now, I am ready for Monday!"  I am
thinking about her now as I do every January 1st, and I am wondering what is the point?

Everything that needed attention has received more than its fair share of my attention.  But have all
my family and friends received the attention they so richly deserve?  Have they been given the
attention that has been given to the piles of papers on my desk?  One day I will be gone and family
and friends will remember me for everything from childhood woes and the loss of loved ones to
happy times at weddings and birthdays.  But I do not believe anyone will remember me for my
messy desk, so I am changing my resolution - I will not worry about all the paper on my desk.  I
will accept that this is not a problem that requires a resolution.  I will accept my paper for what they
really are.  They are my hobby.

Polly Elliott-Lanz
Polly's Perspective