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We are a messed up people but do not accept or admit our true condition.  We do not
want to call sin, sin.  We re-tittle evil and wickedness by labeling it as a vice, to make it
more acceptable, but to whom, ourselves?  Sin is just another word for Satan.

We attempt to do right in our lives but often find ourselves battling the same issues, the
same addictions repeatedly without success.  Then we say to ourselves, "I did it again, I
tried but here I am again trying over again."

Most of us are addicted, may it be food, drugs, alcohol, sugar, sex, gambling, we are
addicted but we don't want to break the addiction because we like the way it makes us
feel, at least for the moment.

Yes, we may say we prayed about it, but the obvious reality for all of us is we want to
keep what we like, but we cannot have it both ways.  If we truly want to have success,
why do we not draw closer to Jesus?  If we truly want to become free of our addictions
why not draw closer to Jesus?  The more time we spend in prayer, we grow closer to
God.  The more time we spend reading the scriptures we become selfless.  The more
time we spend witnessing to others about God and His work in our lives we become more

There is no big sin nor small, sin is sin, that is, if we truly want victory from ourselves,
truly want to overcome our addictions.  It is as easy as 1, 2, 3.  Draw closer to Jesus.  Do
not deny God's power, do not deny His success, and do not deny our need.

It is more easy to pray for ourselves and see God work in our own lives than it is for us to
pray for others and see the results of God's work.  Now we know ourselves more than
anyone else so we must ask ourselves do our prayers reach God when we pray for others
when we ourselves haven't taken God serious enough to let Him take over in our own

Whenever we are tempted to sin, remember that Christ's eye is upon you and that Satan
desires to have you that he may sift you as wheat.  Remember to send your petitions
heavenward, and see Jesus making intercession for you.  Send up an earnest cry to God,
"Lord save me; I perish, and we will not be overcome; you will not enter into sin.

The question for all is, are we really ready to call sin, sin and let God break our addictions
to sin, allow God to deprogram us and put us on His path?

Put sincere trust in God.

  • Matthew 8:25
  • Hebrews 12:1-3
  • Romans 12:3
  • Hebrews 12:15
  • Romans 12:1-2
  • Romans 4:18-24
Rob was born and raised in
Denver Colorado and was
taught religious instructions
from the late pastor,
Dr. Benjamin D. Morgan.  
Over the years, Rob has
moved and traveled
throughout Europe, Asia and
Africa, where he spent most
of his time with the locals in
these Countries learning their
customs.  While abroad, he
served on missions providing
humanitarian aid to Africa
and the former Soviet Union
and rescue missions in other
Countries.  During this time
abroad, he learned of many
cultured lifestyles and
various religions.  

Upon returning to the U
.S. in
1999, he began to put the
gifts and blessing that God
had given him to work.  
Since then, he has been
involved in continuous study
and the direct word of God.  

Rob has been committed to
teaching the word of God to
people through community
outreach programs, jailhouse
ministries and church
programs.  Having
experienced and learned
much, he is qualified to
serve in the position God has
given him.  Although he feels
that the details of his life or a
person’s denomination are
not important, he deems it
very significant in doing the
will of God in Christ and
teaching others.

He wishes to help those who
are too busy living for
themselves and looking to
their own future, by
assisting in taking time to do
the will of God.
Bible Stuff
Candidly, Rob says:
“It is because of this love,
which God gives, that I go
and do as He has
commanded while at the
same time hoping and
praying that God will have a
full affect in your life too.  
While I can honestly say that
I have traveled around the
world, just to find that which
I was looking for, I am
pleased to have found it
right before my very eyes.”
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Posted Sunday, October 14, 2018
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