We are blind to our own mediocrity, oblivious to our superficiality, loss in our own reality;
why can't we see the crooked web that we weave?

How come God are we so blind?  We are always looking for truth but never finding truth.  
Our decision making is awful, our religiosity is corrupt and twisted but for some reason, we
think we are wise.  Our minds are full of folly, our daily attention is full of mischief, grief
surrounds us, and our egocentricity condemns us.

Blind we are, but we don't accept our condition.  Our prognosis is fatal, but we prefer our
own assessment, diagnosing ourselves as always having a good bill of spiritual health.  Our
actions are pre-constructed like a builder planning to build without the heavenly spirit.  Our
direction is misguided, filled with carnality and strife, yet it is received by the unknowing as
God centered, spiritually directed, from the heavenly realm, but has no value.  It's value is

Born in darkness so we live in darkness because darkness is what we know.  It is what we
can associate with, so we justify it's existence, it sustains what we know that we'll do what
ever it takes to make our dark world right despite God's existence, regardless of what He
has said or has not said.  Glory to the god who changes for thee oh son of men.

Polluted waters, polluted minds, polluted.... everything is polluted.  We are sick from the
pollution.  The odor from the pollution has been with us so long that we have no idea how
bad it has become.  Our own mind's even deceive us, they are dull but we think it is wise
and sharp.

Trust no one.  Not even ourselves.  We have lived so long in darkness that we choose
darkness over light; clinging to meaningless clichés but reject righteousness.

Men claim to be of God but deny the spirit of God.  Entertained by devils the men are vain,
we say, "Yeah, yeah", but the comforts of the world quickly reminds us that it is more easy
to say yeah, yeah rather than have God remove our blindness.

The peace and love that Christ spoke of is blind to us.  Although it sits right in front of us,
we are blind.  Our own righteousness fools us.  Women can see this but we are blind.

As a blind man, a blind woman and a child, we can say, "Yeah, yeah".  We can say in the
breath of voice, "God is my savior", but none of this has any value until we have totally
surrendered our lives to God.

We can fool ourselves and many will believe our vain lives but, no matter what we do, no
matter what we show, the puppet can't fool God.  The puppet cannot fool angels, or men, or
woman that put all their faith in God.

Tear down your vain wall of meaningless things, worthless beliefs, and the character you so
proud yourself of having.  Leave it! and throw it all in the trash.  It is worthless...

Instead submit all our mind, all our heart, and spirit to God and the body will follow and then
we'll see that we are blind and only God can help us to see that in turn we can bring others
closer to God so that they too can see this reality.
Rob was born and raised in
Denver Colorado and was
taught religious instructions
from the late pastor,
Dr. Benjamin D. Morgan.  
Over the years, Rob has
moved and traveled
throughout Europe, Asia and
Africa, where he spent most
of his time with the locals in
these Countries learning their
customs.  While abroad, he
served on missions providing
humanitarian aid to Africa
and the former Soviet Union
and rescue missions in other
Countries.  During this time
abroad, he learned of many
cultured lifestyles and
various religions.  

Upon returning to the US in
1999, he began to put the
gifts and blessing that God
had given him to work.  
Since then, he has been
involved in continuous study
and the direct word of God.  

Rob has been committed to
teaching the word of God to
people through community
outreach programs, jailhouse
ministries and church
programs.  Having
experienced and learned
much, he is qualified to
serve in the position God has
given him.  Although he feels
that the details of his life or a
person’s denomination are
not important, he deems it
very significant in doing the
will of God in Christ and
teaching others.

He wishes to help those who
are too busy living for
themselves and looking to
their own future, by
assisting in taking time to do
the will of God.
Bible Stuff
Bible Stuff By Rob

"Bible Stuff" from Rob

Candidly, Rob says:
“It is because of this love,
which God gives, that I go
and do as He has
commanded while at the
same time hoping and
praying that God will have a
full affect in your life too.  
While I can honestly say that
I have traveled around the
world, just to find that which
I was looking for, I am
pleased to have found it
right before my very eyes.”
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Posted Sunday, January 1, 2017