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Waiting for the Rocky Mountain News to accept a weekly column from a Black American of African Descent.  I certainly enjoy the weekend editions; filled with every origin except for a Black American of African Descent.
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Resting after working with Mr. Davis
Night after open mic :|  ....
Watchout for the person with the camera
Samuels Elementary School
Samuels Elementary School
Samuels Elementary School
Keeba Smith is the seventh hatched in Colorado. Her early interests included political science,
science fiction movies and toying with her brother’s chemistry lab. At a young age, she won a
prize for writing an essay regarding child safety, hence realized her joy for writing.

Keeba began writing in Junior High School, which included her first novelette and a collection of
poems. As a youngster, she would write plays and essays for church, in addition, was asked to
write compositions for family and friends. During and after High School, she worked continually
in the administrative field while maintaining several college courses in business, creative writing
and English comprehension and grammar.

While working, she never withdrew from her love of writing and later surrounded herself with
writers’ elite. Later, she would wed a longtime family friend and succeed while studying
creative writing and political science. Her writing and several interests concluded in 1996 when
she became ill and subsequently was informed of a growth on her brain.

Although anxious and flustered, she woke one morning and informed her spouse she had total
peace and was ready to face what may be the end of her life. Afterwards, she stopped working
on her then recent novel,
Yellow Rose and immediately began writing her autobiography, A
Spirit In The Dark

Today, Keeba faces some intricacies, but her dreams are not dismantled. Currently, she is
working on a four-part story,
Across the Lines while undertaking the task of writing a friend’s

When not writing, she enjoys photography, building web sites and playing with her dog, D.
Queen. She remains infatuated with the entire process of writing and aims for success on the
big screen.

Most recently, during open-mic, Keeba soliloquized,  
Nothing Is What It Seems  and was
subsequently labeled an "unsettled writer." Afterwards, was asked who she was in description,
hence, she recited,
This Is Keeba. (From Keeba’s collection of poems, Keeba Kornered &
Kaptured In Kaptivity.)

Keeba has been published in 'Time After Time' and 'Poets Elite.' With a selective audience, she
has shared her novels,
Shades Of Bright Pale, The Worker, Big Girl, Across The Lines and
several others.
The author writes:   I have refused to allow this malady and continue to aspire to have my compositions and
patterned-thoughts published; read with an open mind.  After my open mic experience, I remain reserved, yet
overwhelmed to have received an extended standing ovation; it was most appreciated.  Furthermore, I graciously
accept being labeled a restless cynic and dark poet.

             About Keeba
Samuels Elementary School
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