President Obama can speak about gun violence in our communities until he is
    blue in the face, but nothing is going to change until the gang members decide to
    put their guns down.  Although the Republicans have been regressive and a
    HUGE obstruction to America, it would not help if they agreed to tougher/tighter
    gun laws, as the gangs will still be able to get their guns.  We can try to dismay
    our young Black brothers and sisters about being in gangs and picking up guns,
    but they already have been pitched with an overly inflated idea that they must
    fight for their turf.

    Correction, at one time, I thought it was always about turf, but it is much more
    than that, as it is about surviving.  No one supports illegal drug sales a.k.a. street
    pharmacists, but some of these folks know no other way to survive so they result
    to selling drugs and are violent enough to kill one other to sale those drugs.

Some of the gang members do not have parents or any guardian to love and take care of them so they turn to the streets
to receive not only love and acceptance, but also respect.  Yes, sometimes that respect comes with a demand and results
in violence and possibly murder, but after awhile, they become desensitized and will do anything to protect what they feel
belongs to them.

To me, it seems senseless, but I was raised in a two-parent home, and in that two-parent home were a plethora of
weapons.  Although we were considered to be poor, I had parents who were concerned with my whereabouts, took me
to the hospital when I needed stitches and gave me medicine when I caught a cold.  My parents did not say they loved
me, but their compassion said it all.  Most gang members do not have that.

But, bump all that mushy-gushy feel-good junk!  That is no excuse for anyone to not have any regard to life.

Statistically, it is reported that most of the Bloods and Crips are Black African American boys and girls between the ages
of 16 and 22.  However, there is some gang members who proudly declare they are in it for life.  Whatever!  For them,
they will never reach the realization and/or concern that their actions have only two definite outcomes: prison or the
grave.  If they do not care for their own lives, how can we expect them to care for the innocent bystanders being killed
by their stray bullets?

Some of the females join for the same reason as the males, to receive that unconditional love they are not getting at
home.  They will prostitute themselves as well as hold and carry weapons and drugs to demonstrate their allegiance.

    While most of us know that the actions of gang members can and will
    ultimately land them to prison and the grave, the gang member is only
    concerned about the present.  They do not look past today or even
    tomorrow, because in their mind, it is about getting fast money.  They
    know they cannot afford "bling" working at fast-food restaurants, but with
    enough drug sales (bangin') they can get all the gold jewelry, cash,
    vehicles and expensive sports clothing.

    Although I felt I came from a disadvantaged home and like most people, a
    dysfunctional family, I cannot relate to these youngsters.  We also had
numerous hand guns, rifles and shotguns, but my Dad made sure we had more fear and respect for him than we did any
of those guns.  In our minds, guns had the potential to wound, but my parent's wrath was known as the ultimate and
quickest death.  We had our minds made up!

While growing up, I had three brothers and three sisters, so I knew I was not going to be a CK (a.k.a. Crip Killer), a
MOB (a.k.a. Member of Bloods) and or a dawg and/or baller.  Moreover, since I flunked Spanish in high school, I
certainly doubt I would have been accepted in the gangs, as I certainly would not be able to learn to speak Kiswahili (a.k.
a. Swahili).  Besides, as the youngest of seven, I had a thing about sharing; gang life just would not have worked for me.  
I appreciate the color blue, but red can be too loud sometimes.  As a youngster, I learned the meaning of the pledge of
allegiance and I began to truly loathe it, so I doubt I would be willing to learn and recite a new allegiance to a gang.  I am
not afraid to die, but I can proclaim an allegiance to die at least not by a gun and not for my dawgs and homies.
Keeba's Commentary
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Black Americans Violence, Gangs, Guns & Drugs
               Black Americans:
               Violence, Gangs, Guns & Drugs
Posted Monday, September 23, 2013
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Keeba Smith is a published writer and desired screenplay artist.  She is the author of Shades of Bright Pale and many other
unacquainted writings. Please visit to find out more about Keeba Smith, read additional critiques and her
unpublished autobiography,
“Spirit in the Dark.”
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The great Michael Cottman wrote an article titled, "Black Community Needs Obama’s Voice on
Urban Gun Violence".

Key points from Mr. Cottman's commentary:

 "
…black gang members show absolutely no remorse after pulling a trigger and taking a
That is just the problem, a lack of remorse.  If they do not have any concern for their own lives,
least they have any concern for anyone else's.

 "
The black community needs the president’s voice — and leadership."
There is nothing President Obama can do or say to anyone who has already made up their mind to
commit murder.  Sadly, it is bigger than Obama and the rest of us.

 "
…some black folks generally don’t like to discuss the root causes of gun violence in
urban America.
I believe the root cause is poverty and no sure way to get out.  In some cases, these folks do not
have discipline or guidance and acting out of frustration with their situation and surroundings.  If
they feel no one cares [for them], then they conclude, so what.  For most of them, it is easier to
live and die by the gun - without fear.  As poet and rapper Tupac once said, it is the living that is
fearful and harder.

 "
Sadly, America has the highest rate of gun ownership of any country in the world.  
Meanwhile, there have been 32 gun homicides per day, every day for the past ten years,
according to statistics.  That is about 60 times the rate of U.S. military deaths in wars over
the past 10 years, and more than 3 times the average of all murders in most developing
The U.S. is fully aware that there is money in guns, so they have no problems with buying mass
amounts.  While some of our politicians claim they want weapon reform, they are blowing a lot of
hot air as they surreptitiously tell the people one thing; they wholeheartedly support the NRA.

 "
In February, Obama traveled to the South Side of Chicago and spoke to 16 black male
students who are growing up poor, troubled, and some without fathers in their lives.
I am glad Obama as well as activists have mentioned the myriad of murders in Chicago, however,
the violence continues.  It is as if we are supposed to be desensitized.  Sadly, no one has the
answers.  I suppose we can continue to mention the problem and hope that it will go away?

 "
When did black life become so cheap?  And when will the violence end?"
I can easily agree with each of these replies:
  • One woman said, "…black men just need to grow the f*c* up and stop trying to be
    gangsters and be real men."
    How childish is it for them to think that they are owed something and deserve respect.  If
    they work for what they want, put down their guns and stop polluting our streets, then they
    will receive all the respect they could have ever hoped.  If they would just stop acting
    childish, then they would receive much respect.
  • Another comment stated, "How do you stop the flow of gun traffic in those
    neighborhoods?  I would really like to see a special on the parents of these
    gangbangers.  How are they allowed to live under their roofs?"
    I too wonder why and how their parents put up with such foolishness.  There is no way my
    parents would have allowed it.  Unless these parent(s) are scared of them.  Better yet,
    perhaps the thug life results in additional funds for the household.  (Could be, I do not
    know.)  Worse, if there were a special on the parent's of these thugs, it would show
    numerous drug-addicted mothers and/or absent fathers.
  • And another said, "When did black life become so cheap?  When thug life became
    glamorized.  When our young women and girls no longer minded being objectified in
    videos and movies and in real life.  Black life dropped in value when people started
    using Jay Z, Tupac and Lil Wayne and Nicky Minaj as role models and examples of
    how to make it life.  And most important of all, it became almost worthless when the
    elders in our communities started to behave just like the kids they should have been
    trying to save."
    I agree that some of today's lyrics and videos objectify women and sadly, some of our
    young women accept the abuse being portrayed.  However, what is worse is that some of
    our youngsters do not have any role models in their lives and feel that the glamorous lives of
    celebrities is the best they can do.  It is so true that some of us older folks behave as thugs.  
    We do not teach our children how to be responsible by getting up early every morning and
    going to work so we can feed and take care of our children.  We do not emphasize the
    importance of education.  Instead of reading a book or going outside with our children, we
    are quick to allow television to raise and entertain them.  We, all of us - even if we are not
    biological parents - are responsible for all of the children.  It has been reported that children
    make up 1/3 of the population, however 100 percent of the children are our future.

The True Enemy

    Some of us feel as though we have a right to bear arms, and we do!  
    However, all of us must be honest with ourselves as well as each other.  
    We must be responsible for not only ourselves, but for each other and
    realize when this law was written.  It was written in 1791!

    Guns in 1791 were made by a gunsmith, were loaded through a muzzle,
    had rudimentary rifling, used flintlock for firing and were single-shot
    weapons.  (Some of those weapons leaked gas!)

Guns in 1791 did not have interchangeable parts and the smokeless powder was not invented until 1885.  The percussion
cap, which is necessary for modern cartridge bullets, was not invented until 1842.  It was impossible for a gun user to load
bullets from a clip, as that capability was not invented until 1890.  Breech-block loading did not become popular until 1810.

Some have said that the reason for the Second Amendment to the Constitution gave us the right to protect us from the
enemy, but we must realize who the enemy was at that time.  Today, we are our own [worst] enemy.  I believe we need
guns, but I do not believe that every citizen should have the legal right to own them.  Americans have too many guns!
…compared to other Countries.

    Australia felt that it was an atrocity when in 1996, 28-year-old Martin
    Bryant went on a killing spree that ended with 35 people dead and 23
    people wounded.  Before the murders, Bryant was able to purchase an
    AR-10 from a newspaper advertisement along with large amounts of
    ammunition.  It was unknown where he purchased the M1 carbine or the
    USAS 12-gauge shotgun, but had mass amounts of ammunition for each
    of them.  The weapons and ammunition were all purchased without a
    firearm's license, which is a requirement for all citizens in order to own
    any firearms or ammunition.  Bryant was given 35 life sentences without
    the possibility of parole.

    After the massacre, Australia made a change to how they handled gun
    control.  Their new law banned semiautomatic and automatic rifles and
    shotguns.  It also instituted a mandatory buy-back program for newly
    banned weapons.  Within a decade - after the law was implemented - the
firearm homicide rate fell by 59 percent, and the firearm suicide rate fell by 65 percent.  To most people, the change in
Australia's law was evident that it was effective.

United Kingdom
    In the United Kingdom, they have bans on every sort of gun including the
    Olympics-style starting pistols.  Also banned, are flintlock pistols, retrofitted flare
    guns and flare pistols.  Legal guns, including farm and sports rifles and shotguns
    must be kept in floor-bolted lock boxes.  Their police perform random
    inspections and vigorous inquiries about the mental health and family life of

    In the U.K., officials had enough with crime after four massacres in 1987, 1989,
    1996 and 2010.

    In 1987, 27-year old Michael Robert Ryan was armed with two semi-automatic
    rifles and a handgun, shot and killed sixteen people including his mother, and
    wounded fifteen others.  Later, he fatally shot himself.  In 1988, semiautomatic
    weapons were banned along with limited sales of some types of shotguns.  
    (Semiautomatic weapons in the UK was extremely rare.)

In 1989, Robert Sartin, 22, killed one man and left 14 people injured during a twenty-minute shooting spree.

In 1996, 43-year-old Thomas Hamilton entered a school and shot and killed 16 children and 1 adult before killing himself.  
Afterwards, there was a ban on most handguns and the new law made it more difficult to own sporting.  In addition, the
new law required physicians to report any new patients that were being treated for mental illnesses, including depression.  
The law became more precise when in 1997 tens of thousands of weapons were collected and removed from legal gun
owners in exchange for their fair market value.  The band resulted in cutting off supplies of stolen handguns and ended
the sale of future gun purchases.

In 2005, there was increased gun-sweeps and it was proven that far less guns were accessible.

In 2010, 12 people had been killed and 11 people were injured; the suspect killed himself.

Although Britain did not notice an immediate change, the rates of homicides declined due to stricter gun laws.  As of
today, Monday, September 23, 2013 it was reported that over the last 365 days, firearms was used to murder 95 people in
the U.K.  Compare that to the 12,000 people murdered here in the U.S.

Britain's chief of police officer Andy Marsh puts in a matter of morality when he stated, " What we have in the U.K. now
are significantly lower levels of gun crime, levels that continue to fall today.  People say you can’t unwind hundreds of
years of gun history and culture [in America], but here in the U.K., we’ve learned from our tragedies and taken steps to
reduce the likelihood of them ever happening again."

When will our politicians learn from
THEIR mistakes?  How many of our American families - Black, White, Red or
Yellow - has to die before someone - anyone - takes a stand?

As stated, I do not believe anyone has the answers to end the violence in Chicago or in any other City.  However, I can
only propose we make sure that the gangs do not expand.  Children make up 1/3 of the U.S. population, but they are
100% of our future.  Therefore, we must take all of the children and raise them to be productive members of society.

    I believe if we can reach the youngsters before the gang members, we
    have a better chance at saving them.  We must teach them all that glitters
    is not gold.

    The True Enemy
    We must teach and point out their REAL and TRUE enemy and that
    enemy is neither another Black man nor the average White Joe on the
    street.  Instead, their enemy should be known as and is The Man a.k.a.,
    the United States government.

Our young Black troubled brothers and sisters need to know that they are playing right into The Man's plan when they
shoot and kill one another because they are using guns.  The NRA financially supports politician's campaigns thus the
politicians will never rule against the NRA.  Whether guns are sold legally or illegally - as long as they are used - the
NRA makes money.  Neither the NRA nor the government cares that another person has lost their life, just as long as the
money continues to flow into their pocket.

Our troubled Black youth need to know that their use and sale of illegal drugs was not only designed to kill [off] the Black
race, but also to funnel money inside the U.S.  The more Blacks are caught using and/or selling drugs, the more money
the government makes because there are more prisoners filling their prisons.

Our troubled Black youth need to know that the only way to beat their true enemy is to realize that the money they make
by killing one another and selling drugs to one another, enriches the government.

We must teach them that instead of fighting one another over turf of drug sales and murdering one another, they should
be fighting racism, police brutality and government hypocrisy.

We must teach them to break the cycle and inconsistent statistics about Blacks in general and prove to them that they can
be the president of the most powerful nation on earth.

We can pray, but we must remember that faith without works is dead and it is our job to start initiatives and continue the
job until we have helped all those who want our assistance.

  • According to data from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime
    5.22 of all 100,000 deaths in the United States are the result of an
    intentional homicide, making the United States rank 32nd in that category.
    Honduras ranks first with 60.87 of every 100,00 deaths as intentional
  • According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, in 2010 the
    United States had a homicide rate of 4.8 per 100,000 people, enough to
    make the United States rank forty-third out of eighty-seven countries
    ranked in that category. Honduras ranks first, with a homicide rate of
    82.1 per 100,000 people.
  • According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crimes (UNODC),
    in 2010 there were 14,748 intentional homicides in the United States,
    enough to make the United States rank seventh out of eighty-seven
    countries ranked in that category. India ranks first, with 41,726 intentional
    homicides in 2010.

  • According to the National Academy of Sciences, in 2008 the United States had a death-by-violence rate of 6.47
    per 100,000 people. That is enough to make the United States rank first out of seventeen “high-income
    democracies” ranked in that category. The second-ranked country was Finland, with a death-by-violence rate of
    2.24 per 100,000.

  • According to the International Centre for Prison Studies, the United States has an estimate 716 prisoners per
    100,000 population.  That is enough to make the United States rank first out of 196 countries ranked in that

  • According to the Small Arms Survey, in 2008 the United States imported $1,220,000,000 worth of small arms and
    light weapons. That is enough to make the United States rank first out of fifty-nine countries ranked in that
  • According to the Small Arms Survey, in 2008 the United States exported $715,000,000 worth of small arms and
    light weapons. That was enough to make the United States rank first out of thirty-seven weapons-exporting
    countries ranked in that category.

  • According to the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations, in 2009 the United States had an
    alcohol supply of 6.8 kilograms per person, which was enough to make the United States rank twenty-seventh out
    of one hundred seventy-four countries ranked in that category. Estonia ranked first, with an alcohol supply of 19.5
    kilograms per person.
  • According to the Wine Institute, 12.54% of the wine consumed in the world in 2010 was consumed in the United
    States. That is enough to make the United States rank first in that category. Five countries–the United States,
    France, Italy, Germany, and the United Kingdom–accounted for just under half of all the wine consumed in the
    world in that year.

  • According to UNICEF, 23.1% of American children under the age of seventeen live in poverty, which makes the
    United States rank second out of thirty-five economically advanced countries ranked in that category. Romania
    ranks first, with 25.5% of children living in poverty.

  • According to Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study, in 2011 the average United States fourth-
    grade reading score was 541, which makes the United States rank eleventh out of fifty countries ranked in that
    category. Singapore ranks first, with a score of 606. Here is the list of the top eleven countries and their scores:
    1. Singapore - 606
    2. South Korea - 605
    3. Hong Kong - 602
    4. Taiwan - 591
    5. Japan - 585
    6. North Ireland - 562
    7. Belgium - 549
    8. Finland - 545
    9. England - 542
    10. Russia - 542
    11. United States - 541

  • According to the Progress in International Reading Literacy Study, in 2011 the average United States fourth-grade
    reading score was 556, which makes the United States rank sixth out of forty-nine participating countries. Hong
    Kong ranks first, with a score of 571. The average score for all countries was 500.
  • According to the report, The Learning Curve, developed by the Economist Intelligence Unit, the United States
    ranks seventeenth out of forty countries ranked in overall educational performance. Finland ranks first. The top ten
    countries in educational performance are:
    1. Finland
    2. South Korea
    3. Hong Kong SAR
    4. Japan
    5. Singapore
    6. United Kingdom
    7. Netherlands
    8. New Zealand
    9. Switzerland
    10. Canada

  • According to the Heritage Foundation’s 2013 Index of Economic Freedom, the United States has a “freedom from
    corruption” score of 71, which makes the United States rank twenty-fourth out of one hundred seventy-seven
    countries ranked in that category. New Zealand ranks first, with a score of 95.

Quality of Life
  • According to the OECD “Better Life Index,” the United States ranks sixth in terms of overall quality of life among
    thirty-six industrialized democracies. The top ten countries are:
    1. Australia
    2. Sweden
    3. Canada
    4. Norway
    5. Switzerland
    6. United States
    7. Denmark
    8. Netherlands
    9. Iceland
    10. United Kingdom

  • According to the Heritage Foundation’s 2012 Index of Economic
    Freedom, the United States has a freedom from corruption score of 71,
    which makes the United States tied for twenty-second with Belgium out
    of one hundred seventy-nine ranked countries. Denmark, New Zealand
    and Singapore are tied for first, with a score of 94.  In 2011 the United
    States ranked nineteenth, with a score of 75.
  • According to the Heritage Foundation’s 2013 Index of Economic
    Freedom, the United States has an economic freedom score of 76.0,
    which makes the United States rank tenth out of one hundred seventy-
    seven ranked countries. Hong Kong ranks first, with an economic
    freedom score of 89.3.  In 2012, the United States also ranked tenth, with
    a score of 76.3.
  • According to the OECD, a full-time American worker paid at the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour earns
    38% of the median wage in the United States. That is enough to make the United States tied for 23rd with Japan
    out of twenty-five OECD countries ranked in that category. Turkey ranks first, with a minimum wage-to-median
    wage ratio of 0.71.
  • According to the CIA World Factbook, the United States has family income distribution Gini Index score of 45.0,
    which makes the United States rank thirty-ninth out of one hundred and thirty four countries in that category.
    Namibia ranks first, with a Gini index score of 70.7. Previously, the United States ranked forty-third in this
    category.  The higher the Gini Index score, the greater the degree of income inequality. Sweden has the lowest
    score, at 23.0.
  • According to Save the Children, in 2010 women in the United States earned, on average, 62% of what men
    earned, a ratio that makes the United States tied for fifty-sixth (with Switzerland) in that category. Mozambique
    ranks first, with women earning 90% of what men earned.
  • According to the Heritage Foundation’s Index of Economic Freedom, 2011, the United States has a monetary
    freedom score of 77.4, which makes the United States tied for sixty-first with Mauritania out of one hundred
    seventy-nine ranked countries. Japan ranks first, with a monetary freedom score of 87.9
  • According to the OECD, the U.S. federal minimum wage of $7.25 makes the United States rank tenth out of
    twenty-three OECD member nations in terms of the purchasing power of minimum wage. Luxembourg ranks first
    with minimum wage purchasing power parity (PPP) of $11.36.
  • According to the OECD, the U.S. federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour is enough to make the United States
    rank eleventh out of the twenty-four member nations of the OECD ranked in that category. Australia ranks first,
    with a minimum wage equivalent to $15.75 USD.
  • According to Standard & Poor’s, the U.S. has a credit rating of AA+, which makes the U.S. rank seventeenth in
    the world in that category. Sixteen economies rank higher, at AAA. They are: Australia, Austria, Canada,
    Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Isle of Man, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore,
    Sweden, Switzerland, and United Kingdom.
  • According to the Heritage Foundation’s Index of Economic Freedom, 2011, the United States has a government
    spending score of 54.6, which makes the United States rank one hundred twenty-first out of one hundred seventy-
    nine ranked countries. Burma ranks first, with a government spending score of 98.1.

  • According to the most recent Gallup Wellbeing Survey, 59% of Americans report that they are “thriving” in their
    lives, an increase of two percentage points from last year’s survey. That is enough to make the United States rank
    twelfth out of one hundred twenty-four countries. Denmark ranks first, at 72%. Denmark ranked first last year as
    well, but the percentage of respondents who said they are thriving there declined by ten percentage points from
    last year.
  • According to the OECD, in 2009, the United States had a long-term unemployment rate of 16.3%. This is enough
    to make the United States rank twenty-third out of the thirty-four participating OECD countries in that category.
    Slovakia ranks first with a long-term unemployment rate of 50.9%.

  • According to the OECD in 2007, the United States had a teenage suicide rate of 7.7 out of every 100,000 people,
    which makes the United States rank fourteenth in that category. New Zealand ranks first, with a suicide rate of
    19.2 out of every 100,000 people.

  • According to data from FAOstat in 2009, the United States produced 373,440 tons of tobacco, or 7.7% of the
    world’s tobacco supply. That is enough for the United States to rank third in that category. China ranked first,
    producing 3,001,725 tons, or 62.3% of the world total.

The True Enemy

Although the U.S. has had a war on drugs for 42 years, the U.S. has the highest level of cocaine and marijuana use in the

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse Center (
NIDA), there is a criminal injustice of statistics being used
against Black students.  The NIDA's research has discovered the following:
  • Drug use among White students, cocaine used 7 times the rate of Black students
  • Drug use among White students, crack used 7 times the rate of Black students
  • Drug use among White students, heroin used 7 times the rate of Black students

    If the statistics from the NIDA are true, then there is a reason why so
    many of our Black brothers and sisters are in prison.  Blacks do not
    receive the same treatment in court therefore they will not receive the
    same lengthy sentence as Whites.

    In 1971, our government claimed that there was a war on drugs and at
    that time, it was estimated that 300,000 people were imprisoned for drug
    use.  Today, 2 million people are in prison due to drug use; a 700%

    In some States, Blacks compose 80 to 90% of all drug offenders sent to
    prison.  Today, there are 1 in every 106 White people in prison, but for
    Blacks, it is 1 in 15.

    In her studies, lawyer, writer, civil rights activist and law professor
    Michelle Alexander has found that prisons are currently designed to
control the social environment, not to curb violence.  While statistics have a tendency to counter one another, I have
known for years that there never ever has been nor will there ever be a government plan for a war on drugs.  Ms.
Michelle Alexander proves that as well as the fact that prisoners have ready access to drugs inside prison walls.  If there
was a war on drugs, then there would be a decrease in drug use for the past 42 years, but instead, it has increased.

The government is aware that there is money to be made for gun ownership just as well as there is money to be made in
the number of prisoners.  This explains why there is no war on drugs and that there are more prisons being built.  If the
government actually cared and was serious about the war on drugs, they would have poured the billions of dollars spent
on building prisons and spent the money on rehabilitation instead.  (The money could have also been used to buy books
and after-school programs.)

A partial quote from the -documentary "The House I Live In": our government knows that it cannot imprison Blacks for
being Black, but they can imprison Blacks for using drugs.  "The House I Live In" was directed by Eugene Jarecki and
received critical recognition as it found that there never was a war on drugs.  The documentary reported that Whites
easily accepted cocaine but when Blacks started using, it became detrimental, as the use of cocaine threatened the jobs
of White men.  (It is has been reported that the initial side effects cocaine gives the user an euphoric feeling.  After using
cocaine, one has the tendency to have increased energy and is more alert; the mood is elevated with a feeling of
If these facts and statistics do not prove that America creates its enemies within, nothing will.
If these facts and statistics do not prove that America is its own enemy, our society will be doomed.
There is no political will nor desire to end the violence in America.
We need to realize and accept the FACT that the enemy is us!
Facts & Statistics
Call Congress and tell them to stop the violence
Possible Solutions
The U.S. has too many weapons!
There Has NEVER Been A War On Drugs In America!

  • Friday, July 20, 2012
    In the Colorado theatre massacre, 12 people were murdered and 70 people were wounded.

  • Monday, April 2, 2012
    In the Oikos University massacre, 7 people were murdered.

  • Saturday, January 8, 2011
    During a political rally in Tucson Arizona, a massacre occurred when 6 people were murdered and 18 others were

  • Thursday, November 5, 2009
    In the Fort Hood massacre, 13 people were murdered and injured more than 30 people.  (It is reported that it was
    the worst shooting to ever take place on an American military base.)

  • Friday, April 3, 2009
    In the Binghamton massacre, 13 people were shot dead and 4 were wounded.  The murderer committed suicide.

  • Monday, April 16, 2007
    In the Virginia Tech massacre, 32 people were shot dead and 17 were wounded.

  • October 2002
    In the Beltway sniper attacks, 10 people were murdered and 3 people were wounded.

  • Tuesday, April 20, 1999
    In the Columbine High School massacre, 13 people were murdered and 27 people were wounded.  (Both murders
    committed suicide.)
Stop the violence and recognize the TRUE enemy!
While delivering remarks regarding the Washington Navy Yard shootings, President Barack Obama also mentions the massacres in Chicago, Fort Hood, Tucson Arizona, Aurora Colorado and Sandy Hook.
Now this is VERY embarrassing! It just isn't worth it!
We are our enemy!
When will America stop lying and pretending, and actually start the war on drugs?
No one can create their own facts, as the facts cannot be disputed.
We have to make up our minds and decide what is more profitable. For us to choose peace, it will take more than just the political will, but it will take moral desire.
The government is profiting off our pain.
The government is profiting from our pain.
Demand action NOW!