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This entry was posted on Thursday, July 18, 2013 and filed under Polly's Perspective and Commentary.
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My Heroes Have Always Been
George Zimmerman was found not guilty for
killing Trayvon Martin.  I will not go into the
details of the night that ended Trayvon's life.  
You already know the facts.  Last month Paula
Deen and her use of the N-word was the current
race controversy.

A month ago a white man dove into a river to
save a little black girl from drowning.  On June
28, 2013, he died from injuries he suffered while
saving that little girl.  He left behind a wife and
children.  His name was Mike Patterson.

A few days ago Temar Boggs, a young black
teen and Chris Garcia chased down a
kidnapper and saved a five-year-old girl from
never seeing her family again.

Everyday someone steps up and does the right
thing for another person.  I have been thinking
of all the times I have seen people do ugly
because of race.  I have also been thinking
of all the times people have done the right thing
because it is the right thing to do.
Let me ask you, dear readers a simple question: Do you think that Mike Patterson or Temar Boggs
thought about the color of the person they were helping before they moved into action?  Or, do
you believe they just did the right thing?  When I heard the Zimmerman verdict, I was not happy.  I
could not believe what I had heard and I wondered if the jury was bought off, especially when I
learned that one of them had a book deal in the works.  When I think about Paula Deen crying on
the "Today" show and saying she was not racist and in the same breath use another racial epithet,
knowing in the back of my mind that this was also not the first time the issue of racism had come
up for Ms. Deen.

Anyway, I thought about Mike Patterson's wife and kids.  Bet they think he was some hero.  I know
that little girl's (in the kidnapper's car) family thinks of Temar Boggs as a hero.  Amanda Berry,
Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight will tell you that Charles Ramsey is their hero.

So what does all this mean?  It means we as people help each other when needed.  It is not a
black or white thing.  It is called love.  It is called integrity.  It is called being decent.

PS. Do not view me as ignorant or a goody-two-shoe.  I truly believe in love for our fellow man.  
And yes, I know that another black 17-year-old was shot in Florida by a white man using the
"Stand Your Ground" law as a defense.  I will put a pin in this article for now.  Let's see how things
go in Florida this time around.

Polly Elliott-Lanz
Polly's Perspective