Okay now, I asked myself what happened yesterday and I came up with a bunch of
reasons/excuses and after reading article after article as well as listening to the news, I have to
I honestly do not know.

While listening to the morning show, I had a hard time believing my ears when one of them said it
was because not enough Black people voted.  They went on to say that Blacks no longer felt
engaged by Obama and that he no longer speaks directly to them.  It is so obvious that some of the
articles agrees with them.  However, I found that unbelievable, as first of all, it was not the Black
vote that got Obama into the white house in the first place.  BUT (a BIG BUT) if that were the
case – if Blacks actually felt that way - then they were not avid voters to begin with!  They only
vote every once in awhile and I almost feel bad for them, as The People did not vote for the
Messiah but instead, we voted for a man – a human being - and change takes time.  I might be
able to understand their reasons or reasoning if I did not have parents who were avid voters. Some
people need their hands held...as if they need a Black person to help lead them to the polls.  Again
I am thankful for my parents pushing me to vote and the importance of it, but I have to realize that
not everyone has that same platform and that is one of the reasons I continue to email reminders
for people to vote in every election.

Anyway, I have heard comments on Hardball that it was because Obama has not done anything to
help The People.  I even heard one person say that Obama has not done anything that he said he
was going to do.  Now, I kinda agree with that statement but I think he needs more time.
Additionally, he needs more time to fight the hatred and racism  Howeverrrr.... on the other hand,
I am wondering if The People feel as though the Dems have no direction and The People are tired
of them.  

On a side note, there was a little portion of my brain that wondered if this is all a hoax…making
The People believe that these politicians actually care about The People.  And thennnnnnnnnnn,
another small part of my brain exercised the thought of there being some shenanigans going on
[again.] (Sometimes I just hate that I allow my brain to talk to the other people inside my head)  I
even entertained the thought that it is now time for a third party.  Now, now nowwwwwwww!  I
know some people will always favor a 2-party system, but I have often wondered if both are
failing The People. (I have got to kill off one of those people inside my head )
Keeba's Commentary
                 The Democrats Get A Swift Kick...
Young voters who helped elect Obama stayed home
By DENA POTTER, Associated Press Writer Dena Potter, Associated Press Writer – Wed Nov 4, 4:19 pm ET
RICHMOND, Va. – Last year, 23-year-old Rashida Hill watched the presidential debates, visited the college political party meetings
and put a Barack Obama bumper sticker on her townhouse door. She voted for Obama because she felt like the election was about
"being a part of something."
But on Tuesday, the Virginia Commonwealth University student didn't bother voting in the governor's race because, she said, the
candidates didn't give her anything to get excited about.
"The simple fact is, unless you put it in front of somebody, they're really not going to seek it out," Hill said.
Many of the young, first-time voters who propelled Obama to the presidency stayed home this year, a glaring absence that helped
Republicans win governor's races in Virginia and New Jersey. More than 3 million voters who cast ballots in the 2008 presidential
election — many of them minorities — failed to show up at the polls in either state.
Obama carried Virginia with 52 percent of the vote last year, but only 43 percent of voters surveyed in Associated Press exit polls
Tuesday said they had voted for him.
Another group that solidified Obama's victory — independents — turned their backs on Democrats this year.
In Virginia, independents in 2008 helped make Obama the first Democratic presidential candidate to carry the state since 1964. But
on Tuesday, they voted 2-1 in favor of Republican Bob McDonnell, who easily defeated Democrat Creigh Deeds. About one in 10
Virginia voters switched their support from Obama in last year's election to the Republican candidate for governor this year.
In New Jersey, independent voters who narrowly favored Obama last year strongly supported Republican Chris Christie for
governor over Democratic incumbent Jon Corzine. Christie won 49 percent to 45 percent.
"A lot of this had to do with the collapse of the economy and future prospects for the nation and the state," said Merle Black, a
political science professor at Emory University in Atlanta.
Independent voters "are very performance-oriented. They just want to know what have you done for me lately or what have you done
to me lately," he said.

Vote results seen keeping Obama on stump
By: Julie Mason Examiner White House Correspondent
November 5, 2009
This week's election results mean no letup for President Obama in the permanent campaign that has become the standard of his

With the 2010 midterm elections looming and Republicans looking to build on statewide wins in Virginia and New Jersey,
Democrats have a short window to cobble together a solid record to campaign on while they hope for an economic turnaround.

"If there is no job growth and more rampant foreclosures in the next year, it's going to be a problem for incumbents regardless of
party," said Keir Murray, a Democratic strategist. "When the public feels anxious, they tend to show up at the polls in a firing mood."

Since coming to office, the Obama administration has relentlessly focused on short-term political gain, while keeping the president
highly visible. It's a campaign-style strategy that aims to win the daily news cycle and maintain a sense of momentum.

The president also has made repeated trips to key swing states to drum up support for his agenda, draping campaign-style
appearances in the official garb of White House business.

A problem for the administration brought into clear relief from this week's election is a sharp drop-off in the enthusiasm and
engagement among Democratic voters that helped Obama win the White House.

To that end, the president in recent campaign stops for Democrats has been recycling rallying lines from his 2008 campaign --
notably a "Fired up, ready to go" call and response that was a campaign trademark last year.
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Democrats Get A Swift Kick...or is it a Reminder
    No, I do not know the exact reason why things turned the way it did
    yesterday, but some of the articles and the morning show just might be

    I was certain the New Jersey governor would have kept his job, but no
    one can tell the discernment of a voter...

    I wonder perhaps it was because Obama's health care reform plan made
    some people change their minds.  I mean honestly, I do not think some of
    the brightest and intelligent folks actually understand the health care
reform plan and what it means to THEM.  Additionally, The People may have felt that Obama has not kept his promises
of closing Guantanomo within the first year, passed health care before the August recess and/or cracked down on Israeli
settlements to restart Mid-east peace process.

Another side note: I wonder why Obama sent the idea of health care reform to the Houses when he could have taken it
upon himself and just passed a bill that he felt was good for The People.  Surely, I have considered that it was his way of
showing bi-partisanship and/or, if the health care plan were wrong, he would not be the only one to take [all] the blame.  
Perhaps him going to the Republicans and having them say no, is the Dems way of applauding when the Repo’s are
known as "the party of no".  But then, I wondered if the plan blew up in his face and now The People might feel he is not
strong enough to lead the nation.  I do not know.  (I could not help but laugh at the truth when watching Saturday Night
Live’s episode with Obama and the senators who said they would not vote for anything
he supported... That if he was
against health care reform, then they would support it.)

    I am still at a lost with this health care reform plan.  As I said, if it will
    lower my spouse’s premiums as well as mine, then I am all for it.  But if
    not, then why change it?  The uninsured will continue to receive medical
    care all paid for by The People, so I do not see how this will help me.  

    No, I am not being that selfish and saying this is all about me me me, but
    if we keep it the way it is, we The people will continue to pay for the
    uninsured.  I am sorry, but I am at a lost and sometimes throughout the
    day, I try and find the exact wording of the health care reform plan, but I
    keep coming up with pages and pages of stuff that I cannot comprehend.
(I read a Politico article that said at one time, it was over 1,000 pages!)

I am trying not to get so involved, but that is what I do.  (Do not tell me to stop watching and listening because after my
morning ritual and harassing people, I have nothing better to do)

Perhaps it is the health care reform plan that did it and maybe, just maybe or perhaps it is time for Obama to be more of a
defensive president.

Honestly, I don’t know what to think.

It is sad that we live in a society that only thinks about themselves. (HA!)

Yes, I stated that the health care reform plan would not help me, but perhaps if it helps someone – ANYONE – from
suffering and dying, then change it.  But if what I understand from the tidbits from the news people, then it will not
matter.  Therefore, I guess I am not the only one who is confused and is probably why there is not more of us Black
people attending the town hall meetings.   Perhaps Obama and the rest of the Dems are not doing enough to explain it to
The People.  No, not just Black people, but the majority of americans.

If the articles are correct about why yesterday happened, then we as a Black people are a sad race.  We cannot always
rely on a Black leader or Black radio show or even our Black president to come and direct us to do what is right in the
best interest of ourselves.

WHEN are WE going to HELP OURSELVES???...and STOP depending on others to help get us there?

Okay now, after considering everything, I AM ENRAGED!

Once I am able to find the entire document of the health care reform, I will continue to
write my own health care reform
plan that WILL be beneficial for ALL americans!

As for The People not getting out to support the Dems, wellll, I can only consider the old adage(s): "
Reach one, teach
."  "Knowledge is power." "Pay if forward." and "Pass it on."  Please pay it forward and at least attempt to reach
out to ALL of our Black brothers and sisters and remind them that it IS important to vote ALL the time and OFTEN!  
Vote as if your life depended on it as sometimes, it often does.  There is more than one reason there are so many
innocent Black people in prison.  

Much love!
Republican gubernatorial candidate Chris Christie speaks to reporters in Freehold, New Jersey. Christie defeated incumbent Democratic Gov. Jon Corzine in a hard-fought New Jersey contest.
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