I have tried to figure out why Evan Bayh is retiring from his senate seat.  Hmmm.  Yes I have
heard his sorry excuse as to why he is leaving, but I am not buying it.  Nope, not one single solitary

Yes, I read what he said. Uh huh!

I really and truly wish I could send this message to Senator Bayh and I would if I thought he’d
actually read it.  If I could have the Senator’s attention for a brief second, I would say, Senator
Bayh, there is a very small part of me that says that you are telling the truth, but I truly believe you
have something else up your political sleeves.  Perhaps a run for president in the years to come –
2012 and/or 2016?  I certainly would not doubt the later, but is that not that sneaky?  Silly me!  In a
perfect world, you would be more honest with The People, but as a politician, what else can I
expect but to see your face again in an upcoming presidential campaign race.

Senator Bayh, you sicken me.  You, along with the other Democrats who refuse to support
President Barack Obama.

Oh and speaking of the President, what about his
consideration of you for the Vice Presidency?  
Had he picked you, would you have turned and ran away from that responsibility as well?

    Shame on you Senator Evan Bayh.  Shame on YOU!!!!

    At least you could have lied as did Colorado governor,
    Bill Ritter.  At least you could have said it was for the
    sake of your family, but no, instead you say that you can
    best serve the public in other private venues.

    Who do you think you are kidding!?!?!?!  I know you do
    not care if I did, but I will not hold my breath to see how
    much work and help you actually provide as well as
    complete in the private sector.

    Yes, I watched the video of you on The View when you
    said you might create a charity and/or a school or form a
    new business to create jobs.  It sounds good and all that
other yada yada junk, but could you not you do all or at  least one of the three?   Perhaps you need
an additional assistant to help you do all that additional work.  Think about it, I just created another
job while you keep
your job.  You could remain in your seat while helping the private sector and
then ultimately, hire someone like me to assist with the additional workload.

Senator, you are not afraid of a little extra work are you?  Imagine how we feel in the private
sector; many of us work more than one job just to survive.  Will you sincerely help us?  Are you
serious about helping us?
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Evan Bayh
             Evan Bayh
Oh and speaking of your appearance on The View, what did you mean when you said, “...taking our government

Senator, please explain yourself.   Were you referring to taking it back from the current sitting president or the GOP?  
Take it back from whom?  The 3rd party?  If you are referring to the GOP and/or 3rd Party, then would you not best help
The People by remaining in the fight?

    At the end of your segment [on The View,] you seemed a tad beaten up
    by those seasoned ladies when you sarcastically asked them, Why don’t
    you run?

    Well, Senator, I am sure if either of them were eligible, they would.  I
    know if I could run, I WOULD!  But then Senator, your question made
    me think.  When you asked that question, I am sure one if not all of the
ladies would have said they would not run because they did not have a snowball’s chance in winning.  Senator, is that
YOUR reason for retiring:  Because you know, you will not win re-election?

You know that since Obama – a Black man – is the President, the Republicans will and are doing everything possible to
keep him from achieving anything and is ultimately keeping Obama from assisting those of us who are in dire need.  And
hence, you know that the Democratic seats are going to the Republicans and you know that your own seat is in jeopardy
and you are fully aware, you do not have a snowball’s chance in regaining your seat.

    Senator, perhaps those are your truths but you do not wish them to be
    revealed.  Additionally, perhaps this is another truth: You’re a coward and
    are afraid of the third party.  One thing I must say, although I am a
    registered Democrat and avid voter, I have to respect the Republicans for
    sticking together no matter how devious and callous they have and always
    will be.

    Again, tell the truth, Senator Bayh.  You might have some fooled, but I
    am not buying it one bit!

    Soon to be "former" Senator Evan Bayh, lie to your friends, but do not lie
    to me.
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