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Health Care FINALLY Passes!
              Health Care Reform has FINALLY Passed!
Published Sunday, March 21, 2010
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Health Care Reform
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Today, Health Care Reform passed in favor of the American people!

Today, Sunday, March 21, 2010, every American will have access to affordable health care and is exactly
what they should have.  All Americans deserve it as it is a right of the American people.

It warmed my heart to hear Nancy Pelosi utter the words “
…it is not a privilege, but a right.”  I have
been saying those exact same words for years but to hear them reiterated by a government official only
proves to me that ALL of them knew of this a long time ago.  And while I am ecstatic about this
memorable time in history, I am a tad sadden and sickened that it took them so long to publicly admit and
acknowledge it, but I digress.

After today, I will cease my abhorrence for John Boehner and Mitch McConnell when they deprecate
President Obama and those Democrats that supported the Health Care Reform Bill.  Okay, I was kidding
about that last part because everyone knows that this is not over.  Nope, far from it.  In fact, this is just
the beginning of a long and arduous fight for those that supported the Bill, but I digress.

After today, I will find a new gripe and I am guessing one of them will be how much money this Bill is
costing the American people although President Obama quoted the CBO that said that it would not cost a
dime.  The CBO states that the majority of the cost for expanded health care insurance for all Americans
will be borne from the elimination of Medicare subsidies and additional taxes for people earning over
$250,000 a year, which means that the
majority of Americans will not pay an extra dime for the additional
benefits they will be getting.  Understandably, most people I know, earn less than $250, 000 per year.  
However, the CBO's explanation for increased premiums for someone like me, was unclear but at least
there will not be 32,000,000 people needlessly suffering.

Oh and on the issue of affordability, I have put things in perspective:  The new legislation is expected to
cost $940 billion over ten years, or $94 billion a year, but we DID already SPEND one TRILLION dollars
in Iraq!

After today, I am guessing another one of my gripes will be my ongoing distrust and disgust of those that
sicken me the most; namely John Boehner, Chuck Grassley and/or Mitch McConnell and the rest of the
Greedy Old Pansies.

After today, I will get to hear and be disgusted over the controversial item of the Bill that not everyone is
covered.  You know, the controversial language of the individual mandate which says that everyone would
either have to buy health insurance or pay a modest penalty that would contribute to the system. In the
House bill, the penalty would max out at 2.5 percent of income.  Waivers would be available in the cases
of economic hardship or for those who have religious objections.  There will be those who get those
waivers; others will be left behind -- it's not a truly universal system. But according to preliminary
projections, the result would be an uninsured rate of 3 to 5%, rather than the 16 or so percent who lack
insurance today - reducing the rolls of the uninsured by some 20 million 30 million.

After today, I will and will not tread lightly when it concerns Health Care Reform because I really and
truly did not have a gripe for or against it.  Okay, that is not true as I
did write my own Health Care
Reform Bill after the news correspondents wore me down and I grew tired of Obama being trashed
throughout the media.  Nonetheless, I am very happy that regardless of how much it may cost every
American, I am truly glad because no one deserves to suffer needlessly.

After today, I suspect the course of economy will be the same as it was when Bill Clinton was president.  
Yes, all of us will pay more in taxes, but will not be hurt by it; hardly even noticing it.  Just like it was
when Slick Willie ran these divided states.  I suspect that after today, when all the excitement is over, and
within time, we will notice the change President Obama spoke of during his campaign.  NOT!  This is just
the beginning, but at least Obama can pat himself on the back for fighting and pushing one of the hardest
pieces of legislation that has ever been passed through both the Senate and Congress.
After today, the Greedy Old Pansies will began debating over the “fixes”.  I cannot deviate from this as this will be ongoing for a
mighty long time.  Nonetheless, after today, the following will occur:
  • Small businesses will receive tax credits for insuring their employees.
  • Senior citizens will receive medical rebates
  • No one will be forced to wear a deceased family member’s dentures; forcing them to needlessly suffer
  • Children will be able to remain on their adults insurance plan until the age of 26
  • People who were unable to pay for affordable and decent health care previously, will finally be able to have that chance
  • No one will be refused the right to have medical insurance due to a preexisting medical illness
  • Hard working Americans will no longer be forced into bankruptcy due to over priced medical care. (In 2007, Harvard
    researchers studied thousands of bankruptcy filings and found that medical causes played a role in more than 6 in 10
  • Insurers wouldn't be allowed to cancel an individual's coverage for reasons other than failing to pay the premium
  • Insurers would no longer be permitted to impose annual or lifetime caps on benefits
  • Insurers that sell insufficient, shoddy plans that leave people vulnerable to medical crises would be required to disclose that
    fact to their customers
  • All insurers would be required to disclose how much of their spending is on health care and how much goes to costs like
    overhead, advertising, etc.
  • The legislation (especially the Senate HELP bill) creates new tools for fighting insurance fraud and abuse
  • Large companies will no longer be able to violate lower paid workers and render little or no health coverage. Under the
    proposals in Congress, medium and large firms would face a simple choice: Offer their employees decent coverage or pay
    something into the system to offset the burden their employees' health needs impose on the American taxpayer
  • Congress will continue weeding out mediocre parts of the Bill and work on Medicaid eligibility, which is similar to my
    Health Care Reform Bill
  • Those at the lowest income levels but earn too much to get Medicaid will be required to pay no more than 1.5 percent of
    their total income for health coverage.  Subsidies would also be available for co-pays for people earning up to 400 percent
    of the poverty line
  • Oh and the best one of all?  I will not have as much animosity for those average citizens that fought and rallied against
    Health Care Reform when they should have known that their American dollars are paying for Iraqis to receive affordable
    health insurance.  If the citizens do not know, our government does!  Americans are already paying for non-insured
    Americans as well as non-Americans.  Oh the hypocrisy!

Oh and speaking of the "fixes", I will continue to applaud my Congresswoman
Diana DeGette for not supporting the portion of
the Bill that does not include abortion.  I digress for now as I know that all the "fixes" will be a pain in the you know what.  
Notwithstanding, I will always wonder about the Public Option portion of the Health Care Reform Bill; why it was not included
and who was paid what.
For me, it is important to remember that the new "socialized" approach to health care reform in the USA will be administered by
private insurance companies, not the government.  Claims of socialism are being made because the new legislation includes
subsidies to families earning less than $88,000 a year to help them pay insurance premiums.  The claims continue because it ends
the use of draconian insurance practices worthy of disciples of Attila the Hun and was passed by the Democrats but
implemented by a Black man.  

Democrats may lose a few more congressional seats than they would have in November, but I am not so sure Republicans are
on solid ground on this issue either.  Only time will tell.  If people realize that this legislation helps them and does not cost them
extra money (most of us make a lot less than $250K) I would not be surprised if Republicans have to start running for cover on
this issue.  No wonder they fought it based on the fact a Black man pushing it forward and its constitutionality and/or  lack

I wonder what opponents are going to tell people who are suddenly able to get health insurance because the government is
providing subsidies to make it affordable to them.  What will they say to those who are no longer excluded because of preexisting
conditions or because they have contracted a chronic illness that are expensive to treat?  Or to those who no longer have to
worry about losing insurance coverage when they lose or change jobs?   Uh huh, whatever!  In ten years or less, we will not hear
anyone complaining about the makings of this health care system.

If an avid voter views this as a loss to America, then they do not have a heart and would rather support the enemy and not their
very own fellow American.  The Democrats have always been for and about The People: a woman’s right to vote, moving
forward the civil rights movement, social security, Medicare, furthering the discussion on global warming, and now health care
reform.  Once again, these are exciting times.

I have health insurance and enough medical bills to last a lifetime. I truly hate the thought of paying increased premiums, but even
more, I hate the thought of anyone suffering needlessly.

We pay for Iraqis to have health insurance – the same people that the previous administration said was partially responsible for
9/11 and was on the verge of attacking us with the WMD’s we gave them – why we would not pay for Americans to have
health insurance?  Oh wait, we ALREADY pay for Americans to have health insurance and now, the government is going to
help us pay that bill.

All I can say is that it’s about darn time that the government steps up and helps the American people. However, it’s too bad that
the vampires can’t see the truth staring them in the face.

The greatest thing about today, is that I have lived to witness two very memorable historic events:
  1. A Black taking the presidential oath of the United States of America
  2. The passing of the long and hard-debated Health Care Reform Bill

Yes, today, I witnessed history and I am as happy as a clam.  

With only 2% of the population being effected and I – like the majority of Americans – will no longer be forced to pay subsidized
health care for those that did not have health care BEFORE TODAY!  What a savings!  And oh what a thrill!

Oh and Michelle, our First Lady: I hope she does not get too excited and comfortable as it's not over and she will be forced to
face a few more sleepless nights.  Yep, until the fix is in and over, and as I said, it will not be over for a while.  
HOWEVERRRRRRRRR, I hope she makes Barry take her out or have a celebration just for HER!

However, at least we have today:
Sunday, March 21, 2010 when the new Health Care Reform Bill was passed by the Democrats and
President, Barack Hussein Obama!
  • I’ve been reading yr blogs for a while and ive noticed that u are very opinoated. I think that it’s a lil onesided but
    what makes me write now is that i noticed that this entry says that it was pubslished on Sunday march 21st but it
    wasn’t. I seen this blog on SATURDAY not Sunday like u said. Either u r inside news or have a crystal ball. How did
    u no they would pass this bill. And do u like it?
    Peter Headan
    (Thursday, March 25, 2010)

    Mr. Headan,
    Yes, you are correct in your observation that I posted my commentary about the passing of the Health Care
    Reform Bill prior to its passing through Congress.  In fact, I began to write my commentary on Friday, March
    19, 2010 at 11:52AM and after a few minor changes, posted it on Saturday, March 20th – a day before it
    was passed [through Congress.]
    No, I do not work for a news network nor do I own a crystal ball.  I only speculated that Health Care Reform
    would pass and so I wrote/created the entry prior to knowing its fate, however, I was prepared to write a
    retraction if it did not.  I was just hoping that it would....I honestly cannot give a viable answer as to why I
    fudged the publishing date.
    Often times, I am away from my computer for days or without the ability to write my thoughts [down].  What I’
    m trying to say is that I come up with thoughts – no matter how crazy or thoughtless they may or may not be
    – and go with that particular idea - at that time.
    Yes, I understand I may be wrong, but in this case, I’m glad to know I wasn’t.
    Thanks for your comments.
    P.S. You are more than welcome to comment on any of my other opinions.  Oh and yes, I am VERY
    opinionated…and perhaps a tad one-sided. LOL!
    (Thursday, March 25, 2010)

    LOL! You don’t have to call me Mr Headan. Peter is just fine. I like reading what u post I just don’t
    have time to leave a comment. Maybe u can post something less serious like u did when u wrote
    about ur experence with yur hairdresser.
    Anyway I like reading wht u write but it’s to serious sometimes. Take some time to enjoy life.
    Peter Headan
    (Thursday, March 25, 2010)

    Hello PETER! (smile)
    Thanks again for e-mailing me…I truly appreciate it.
    I will make a serious effort to write or think of something more lighthearted, but honestly, I write
    what’s going on now or how I’m feeling.  (I’m surrounded by a bunch of information that pertains
    to politics and/or whatever is happening in the news.)
    Oh and yes, I appreciate the passing of Health Care Reform because it saves lives and lowers
    the risk of those who might lose their jobs.  Additionally, I seriously tried to give two sides of the
    story when it pertains to health care, but if you consider what’s opposed verses what is
    supported, there really isn’t much of a viable argument.  It just makes ME.
    (Friday, March 26, 2010)