Yesterday, I missed the entire 7-hour Health Care Summit with President Barack Obama and
members of Congress but luckily, I was able to catch tidbits on
Hardball.  On the part or parts I
did see, I did not need to take notes as I will never forget but was reminded again just how
separated from the people some of our government officials really are.  

My jaw dropped when Eric Cantor told the President that if people really wanted health care, then
all they had to do was just buy it.  Luckily, I was able to pick my jaw back up when the President
reminded Mr. Cantor that people work.  He said,
“Some of them even work two jobs and still
can’t afford it.”
 The President again reminded Mr. Cantor that while Congressional leaders
make $176,000 a year, the average person cannot afford to just “pill off a few dollars” as if it’s
nothing.  The President said people make a choice of what they need verses what they can afford
and that many people need health care but forgo it because of the lack of affordability.  

I agree with the President that people will realize their need for health care when it’s too late.  
…when they’re seriously ill.  The President said that on average, a person makes $40,000 per year
and perhaps he is correct.  However, in MY world of averages, that salary is way too small as I
know too many teachers, restaurant cooks and blue-collar men and women whose salaries are not
that general.  Yes, I'm aware it depends on location...

Another comment I will NEVER forget, is the one made by New York Congresswoman Louise
Slaughter mentions that one of her constituents is so broke that she can’t afford her own dentures
so now she is forced to wear her dead sister’s teeth!  Congresswoman Slaughter stated how
uncomfortable it was for the woman to wear her dead sister’s dentures, because they did not fit!  
“Do you believe that in America that's where we would be?” asked Congresswoman Slaughter.

No, Congresswoman, no I certainly did not.

When Republican Sen. Lamar Alexander debated the President whether our insurance premiums
would increase, it made me wonder if either of their statements were factual, so I checked online
and visited the
Congressional Budget Office.  (CBO)  I certainly had no idea what CBO meant.   I
mean, I have heard our government officials say CBO and I only assumed it had something to do
with the budget, but I did not put two and two together and fully understand it until now.  (DUH!)

Anyway, after visiting their website, today, I read that they “
cannot provide a cost estimate for
the proposal without additional detail, and, even if such detail were provided, analyzing the
proposal would be a time-consuming process that could not be completed this week.

So, I guess I will just have to wait, as that is one of my concerns.  (Our premiums have been
increasing each year for the past 7½ years.)  However, if every single American is offered some
sort of health care, my concerns would be little or none.  Both my spouse and I have health care
insurance and together, totals a little more than $8,000 per year.  I wonder, on an "average," how
many people can afford that along with prescription costs.
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Healthcare Summit
            Health Care Summit  2010
Posted Friday, February 26, 2010
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I could care less if the person who is reading this, or my Mother-in-law, my spouse, his siblings nor my own family and
retinue of relatives, have the best health care insurance in the world.  I really do not.  In fact, I do not believe that either
of us, myself included, deserves the best health care insurance in the world.  No, I really don’t as I do not believe we are
deserving of the best health care.  However, what we
DO deserve is to receive the exact same health care as our
government of more than 535 officials currently have.  We deserve that and if not, then we deserve and
the exact same health care insurance as former vice president Dick Cheney.  Cheney is no longer an active government
official, he is the former VP and that makes him one of us now.

I am not a bleeding heart liberal!  I am just merely asking for what is fair for the American People.  Oh and speaking of
Mr. Cheney, I cannot help but cite one of my favorite journalists who said that the average person would not be able to
keep their health insurance if they were 69 years old and had 5 heart attacks.  (
Heart attack, myocardial infarction (MI)
or angina.)

The only thing I was able to take away from this Healthcare Summit, was that it forced me to learn more about the CBO
and what they do not have or currently know.  Other than that, I already knew how the majority of Republicans would
respond.  I already knew that John “Orange” Boehner would say scrap the bill and start all over as he was already
"Mr. President, this one is too long."
"Mr. President, this one is too short."  

The only bill that will be just right for Boehner, is the one that scraps the entire plan - the same plan that "generally"
allows The People to continue to suffer.  I mean honestly, as long as
he’s not suffering, than who cares, right?

Oh how could a Party be so impudent, bad, foul-mouthed, ugly, dirty and devious!  SIGH!!!  (Sounds a lot like the original
story of Goldielocks and the three bears.)

Personally, I was agitated when the President hugged senator Tom Coburn, but I guess Obama still has to play nice while
moving on about The People’s business.  However, it did make me wonder.  It made me wonder if the President will
actually work in the best interest of The People.  

Now, don’t get me wrong, as I’m not abandoning our President.  Yes, I often change my mind and often contradict
myself – I’m not a politician - but let me explain.

First of all, I do not know if the President’s health care bill is in the best interest of The People, however, I believe and
feel that his heart and mind is in the right place.  I don’t crunch numbers nor am I certain of the average cost to insure all
Americans, so I can only guess that it would be a substantial obligation on this Country.  However, I KNOW for sure and
am FULLY aware that the way the health care is currently, it is hurting and unjustly killing innocent Americans.

    Harry Reid said that it is factual that there are over 45,000 Americans
    dying every year due to lack of health insurance.  (That's 1,000
    Americans per week and that is just way too many!)  Senator Reid also
    quoted facts about bankruptcy and that of the 750,000 bankruptcy claims
    filed, 70% of those were due to health care costs.  

    Secondly, I still cannot know for sure if the stimulus package is working
    for all of America.  However, I have heard with my very own ears that it
    has and is currently working for Florida Republican governor Charlie Crist
    as well California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.  So it  IS working
    for all those two-faced Republicans who publicly accept those large
    checks yet deviously reports to Fox News that it’s not.

    Lastly, I wonder why, if the President truly wanted his bills passed, he
    continues to pussyfoot around with crazy obstructions from some
Republicans.  I wonder why he has not gone with the Reconciliation Vote and/or Nuclear Option.  

I truly wonder if the President actually believes Boehner, McConnell, Grassley, McCain, Enzi or any of the obstructionist
when they tease that they desire bi-partisanship and is willing to work with him.  As an outsider – an average American -
I could see that some Republicans were not sincere months ago.

It has to get better and I believe it will, but I will be devastated if the President keeps putting off his plans and not pass
anything.  I will be even more devastated if he does not win re-election.

    Perhaps, and I certainly will not be surprised if I'm missing something, but
    I believe ALL of them belong in the "penalty box."

    I know that it’s not a perfect Country and by what others tell me who
    have lived in any other Country other than Barbados, it is the best system
    there is.

    I found it baffling that in Arizona, 40 of the 90 legislatures have voted that
    Obama must produce his “real” birth certificate if wants to be on the
    ballot for re-election.  The vote has passed the House committee already.

    I know we will always have the likes of Republican Steve King of Iowa
    who compares Mexicans to cattle and Obama to al Al Qaeda and
    furthermore, believes that slavery was good for building America.  He
    will never support SCHIP, yet enjoys the thought of dog and cock fighting.

Additionally, we will always have the Trent Franks of the world who said:
Far more of the African American community is being devastated by the policies today being devastated by the
policies during slavery.  How much better off we were during slavery…you know, because of the abortion and

Between King and Franks, I just do not know who is worse.  However, I do know that it is disgusting as well as upsetting.

It is too bad we do not have more
Anthony Wiener’s and/or Alan Grayson’s and that makes me even MORE disgusted!  
…because Democrats REFUSE to stand up for us – The American People.  

I watched as California Senator Barbara Boxer thanked Rachel Maddow for pointing out the truth between both the
Democrat and Republican Parties - no matter which body was being supported.  However, I have to wonder if Senator
Boxer has shown that she too has the chutzpah to stand against those that want to impede on The People’s rights.

Oh and yes, it
is a right to have affordable health care as it is written in the Declaration of Independence.  
Notwithstanding, it is up to The People to make sure it is enforced.  We should be firing all of them!...make a stand!  And
with all this nonsense of taking back our Country, we The People should be doing just that: Taking back OUR Country
from these greedy political procurers.

watching and listening to these videos, I am skeptical that anything was accomplished during this 7-hour sit-down.  
It was certainly a free trip for them, food, drink etc., all the while, I wasted my time.  Of course, no one forced me to
watch but as usual, I’m a gluten for punishment.

While our government officials enjoy basking in luxuries of having a job, health care and other delicacies, The People
suffer.  Either pass a healthcare bill that will aid and assist all Americans, or
use MINE, which is comparable – in my
own uneducated opinion – to Medicare.