So who is winning?  The funeral homes that build the additional caskets?  
    The florist?  For those with money invested in the invasion in Iraq and
    war in Afghanistan, are winning for sure.  Our government barely takes
    care of our wounded soldiers, so who is winning, the pharmaceutical
    companies?  The terrorist eagerly bury their dead, while the U.S.’
    mother’s and families go on for years in pain and regret.  Who’s winning,
    the physiatrists?  The big-wigs invested in wars.

    Should Obama close the doors and turn off all the lights, pack up and go
    home?  Yes!

It is okay not to claim victory in the longest war.  Basically, it is okay to say we lost while the enemy moves from base to
base; increasing their army – only to kill more of our children.  Costing the U.S. not only financially, but lives.

    Previously, Vice President Biden said that by 2011, we would be pulling
    out a mass amount of troops, but on July 18th, he said just a few
    thousand.  That should be a clue that things are not going so well.

    What constitutes a win and at what price?  

    I did not support former President Bush starting the invasion in Iraq and
    the war in Afghanistan.  And what I said then, is what I’ll say now: No
    President should be allowed to send U.S. troops to war if they themselves
    have not be in live combat.  And that goes for Barack Obama too.

I will not support Obama’s reasons for continuing this war.  I do not care if it is “politically unpopular” for him to pull out
our troops; it’s uncommon for me to support something that does not make any sense - to ME.  As that "something" leads
to innocent  deaths and a lifetime of lingering pain.

    We believe that we can push “them” out of Afghanistan, but they will
    only push back even harder in another area – and unfortunately, that area
    may be the result of more terrorist bloodshed on American soil.

    If Obama believes we are helping Afghanistan to develop secure forces,
    he is wrong.

    If Obama believe we will be able to outnumber “them”, he is wrong.

    Yes, there are risks in war, but give them a reason, but since there is no
    ending to this bloodbath, Obama is wrong.

If Obama believe this makes us safer, again, I think he is wrong.

*Older men declare war, but it is the youth that must fight and die. ~Herbert Hoover
*The military don't start wars. Politicians start wars. ~William Westmoreland
I am your enemy and my whole intent is to kill you.
You have more men than I do, but I can send only one of my men to kill thousands of your men.
I send one more of my men – just one – and again, I kill thousands of yours.  I can send one of my men at a time and
slowly but surely wipe out more of your men and it’s easy to do.  Why?  Because my men are more than willing to die as
they have a desire to see Allah whereas your men are in no rush to see their Creator.  I believe in my cause as I have
convinced leaders of other Nations to support my aspirations and because these leaders have people who are suffering
they are more than willing to shelter me from you.  No matter what price.  If I pay them or make promises – whether
sincere or deceitful – they will supply aid and allow me to hide from you  - dwelling in their Country.  Oh and make no
mistake, I will reside in your Country too.  Although you come to the place where I reside and I am everywhere, you
cannot find me, but I am here.  I am to your left, your right.  I am bellow in the belly of the earth.  I am above you
masking in the mountains.  But again, you will not see me.  While you are in Afghanistan, look around you and tell me
what do you see.  You see locals, but who are they?  Yes there are men there, but do you see women and children?  
Very few.  You see men, but am I one of them?  You do not know, but I do and I see you and while I prepare my next
retreat.  I was in my glory when you assumed that one of the Afghanistan soldiers would return to your base and bring
aid to your troops.  Did you actually think that these Afghans were actually a part of the Afghan National Civil Order
Police?  (ANCOP)  Do you think all of them are there to help you?   Only I know and remember that the Wanat tragedy
was not an isolated event.
I am wiping out more and more of your men – while at the same time, I am increasing followers and my base.  
You see you have been fooled into believing that the locals will help you find me, but they will not because they need me.  
And my need is plain and simple: to kill you.
You have more men.
My men are
willing to die.
My base increases.
Your allies see no end to the bloodshed and see no reason to send more of their innocent children to die.  Me and mine?  
Well …you know Allah and the whole bit.
I win because I will never stop.
You win because you keep sending your children to die.  We do not die.  I will setup in Yemen, Pakistan and wherever
leaders of the regions will house me.  You keep pushing me back, but I am getting stronger.  Because I have nothing to
lose and you have everything to lose, my only advice to you is you had better try to kill all the locals before they kill you.  
Wherever you go, we will follow.
I will never stop because I never tire.  I will keep it coming but will you get tired of your
children dying in this endless war?  I will get tired when you get tired, but until then, we might
rearrange if you do something, but until then, we will keep it coming.
Keeba's Commentary
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Obama is Wrong
            Obama Is Wrong
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Published Sunday, April 18, 2010
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Those that know me, are full aware that I am now an Obama supporter.  For those that do not
know, in the beginning, he was not who I hoped to gain the presidential nomination for the
Democrat Party; I was rooting for another candidate besides him and/or Hilary Clinton.  However,
when it narrowed down between Obama and McCain, I saw no other choice but to happily and
eagerly cast my ballot for Barack Obama while hoping and praying that The People would agree
and vote similarly.

Then and now, I believe President Obama is the best man for the worst job.  I shudder to think of
having John McCain and Sarah Palin lead this Nation.  (sigh!)

Nonetheless, I support Barack Obama.  I never thought he was the Messiah, the Savior or any
other Supreme Being.  He is just a man- a human being.  A human being just like you, me and
every other living man/woman walking this earth and just like anyone else, he will make mistakes.  
The previous president said, “It’s a hard job…it’s hard work” and there is no doubt in my mind
that he was correct.

Again, I never thought or considered Obama anything but a man.  And instead of viewing him as
something “so Divine” or God-like, I did actually view him as the Prophet Moses.  Uh huh.  And
those people who eagerly supported him and then actually voted for him and now leaving him, well
I can see them parallel to the Children of Israel.  They forgot his first message to them and now
they are out wondering around in the desert; lost.  They want the man who said he would lead
them to the land of milk and honey.  Oops, but they forgot his discourse and now they are looking
to seek their own course all the while, making it not only worse on him, but themselves.  Because
of their desire to have him solve all problems today, they blame him because they forgot.  They
blame him because their own personal predicaments cannot be solved today.  He never not once
say that he could do anything on this day, but request their patience as it will take more than four

The People voted for Barack Obama.  I voted for Barack Obama.  The People - myself included -
will not always agree with the choices Obama makes, but we do not have to throw him under the
bus while demanding more and more right now, today.  Yes, we need jobs.  Yes, we need to end
the ongoing foreclosure crisis.  Oh and yes, we need BP and Barack Obama [to] not only cleanup
the oil spill, but to actually stop the leak!  Right now!  Today!  And I believe if Obama was the
Messiah the waters would be clean and clear, the animals would stop dying, businesses would stop
losing money and the people would be able to go about the yearly fishing ritual.  But, he’s not.  He’
s a man; a human being just like you, me and everyone else.

Is Obama perfect?  Of course not!  Only the Messiah is.

While Obama has made mistakes with the bailout, overall I believe he is doing a good job.  I
believe he’s a smart man; at least he has more intelligence than I do.  However, also in my humble
opinion, he was not so insightful when General Stanley A. McChrystal felt a need to complain to
Rolling Stones about the pentagon’s bureaucracy.  I do not know if Obama felt pressured to do
something now – right away or what.  Perhaps he felt a need to show The People
‘I’m on top of
this…I know what to do…I know what I’m doing.’
 But I wonder, did he?  

Did Obama do the right thing?  Perhaps his advisors directed him to fire McChrystal and/or,
perhaps, just perhaps it was his own arrogance that led him to take those actions.  I don’t know.  
But, I cannot help but wonder if McChrystal’s actions should have been Obama’s wakeup-call.

    I will not comment on what McChrystal said and his
    actions, but I certainly will say that there was no reason
    to hire General David Petraeus.  Hired for what?  To do
    what?  To lead our children and loved ones into an
    endless war – risking their lives, their limbs, their minds or
    worse, slaughter?  Nope, I believe Obama should have
    FINALLY woke up and said,What the heck are
    we…oops, I mean, what the heck am I
    doing…directing our military men and women to fight
    a ghost?

    The United States of America has no business in Iraq
    and certainly should not be in Afghanistan.  What are we
    fighting for?  What does America hope to gain?  We will
AFGHANISTAN!  Not today, not tomorrow, next year…NEVER!!!

How do you fight something you cannot see?  How do you
kill someone you cannot see?

    Before Obama became president, I watched how
    Bush and leader of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai
    interacted with one another.  And although I was
    troubled by Bush’s actions, I was even more
    troubled by Karzai’s.  No, at that time, Karzai
    never said anything that made me question him,
    but it was often what he did not say.  A large
    percentage of the Afghanis are bilingual.  I would
    watch Karzai as Bush spoke – paying careful
    attention to his demeanor and I uttered, 'there’s
    something wrong about him….something just is not
    As the months came and went, there was always news about Afghanistan with
    snippets of Karzai, and still, I questioned his loyalty to Bush and more and more, my
    concerns about our soldiers increased.  I told my brother – a retired military officer, -
    my spouse, friends, associates – anyone who would listen, that Karzai could not be
    trusted.  And then, after approximately 485 days after Obama is in office, Karzai
    threatens to "quit the political process with us and join the Taliban."  Humph!  I
    certainly was not surprised.  Some say it was due to some fraudulent voting allegations,
    but please!  Why say it if ya didn’t mean it?  I never thought Karzai was with America
    and her allies.

    While talking to my retired military brother, I mentioned that we will never win in Iraq
    and/or Afghanistan, and he asked, "What constitutes a win?"  Well, that is a good

    I have heard several reasons as to why the Taliban “Students” exists, but that is neither
here nor there.  Okay so whatever.  The problem is that they are terrorist.  Their goal
is to terrorize us and anyone that does not believe or agree with their radical ideas.  For me - plain and simple - they are
risky radicals.

No matter my opinion of them, they will always exist – today, tomorrow, and next year and most likely, even after I leave
this earth.  We will never beat them.  Nevertheless, what constitutes a win?  Well, in their mind, they are winning and
although I do not support some of their radical ideas, I believe they are too.

Let’s just play a game of make believe:
Cpl. Pruitt Rainey, 22
Former Pakistan leader, Pervez Musharraf with Afghanistan leader, Karzai
Sgt. Israel Garcia, 24
Cpl. Jason Bogar, 25