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Open Letter To Barack Obama
                Open Letter to President Barack Obama
Published Monday, March 8, 2010
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Dear President
Barack Obama,

I heard you.  I heard you several times that you want health care for every single American.  I’ve
heard you!  America has heard you, now do us a favor and do something about it.  

If you have the votes, then pass the Health Care Reform Bill through reconciliation, if you do not
have the votes, then move on to more pressing issues.  

Look, I voted for you.  Well, actually, I didn’t vote for you, but instead, voted for The People to
have jobs that pays the bills.  I voted for fair wages and lower interest rates as well as lower
gasoline prices.  I also voted to lower the deficit.  I voted for better education for America’s
children, lower grocer prices and ultimately, I voted for change for the American people.  So Sir,
as you can see, I did not vote for you but for my family and me.

Mr. President, please give us a break and stop trying to resale a useful product that has been on
the shelf for some time now.  I do not believe its spoiled or tainted, but just overwhelming to hear it
repeatedly over the airwaves.  Yes, I could turn off my television, but I dread the thought of
missing something that might be valuable.  

I cannot speak for the majority of Americans, but personally, I believe you are beating a dead
horse; there’s nothing more you can say and/or do about the Health Care Reform Bill.

We/I appreciate your fight and dedication, but now is the time to move on.

During your campaign, you made several promises and I believe you have kept all that were
imaginable.  However, due to my selfishness, personally, I am glad that you have done the
  • Forcing the credit card Companies to change their procedures which protects consumers
  • Making the American people more aware that the Republicans are playing games
  • Extending unemployment benefits
  • Opening the ban on stem cell research
  • Froze salary increases within the administration
  • Ended the thought of America being the world leader
  • Expand hate crime status
  • Implement a permanent tax cut of $500 for individuals and $1,000 for families
  • Enact a 90-day foreclosure moratorium for homeowners who are making good faith efforts
    to pay their mortgages as well as create new criminal penalties for mortgage fraud.
Mr. President, you have done a lot of work since you have been in office, but I am beginning to believe you need some
hot issues to explore and I would like to list them in order of importance to ME.

They are…
  1. Consult and seek advice from former president Bill Clinton.
  2. Create jobs.
  3. Create a $5,000 stimulus package for all Americans whose salaries is less than $90,000.
  4. Create a Bill that pays mortgage notes for all Americans whose salaries is less than $90,000
  5. Create programs that help homeless people.
  6. Bring our troops home from Afghanistan.  Yes, cut and run out of Afghanistan and Iraq, and accept defeat.
  7. Make sure ALL military soldiers are greatly cared for; namely financially.  Additionally, create a taskforce to
    insure all military soldiers are properly housed and fed with the opportunities to receive free and/or discount meals.  
    In short, that they are treated in the same manner as movie stars and pro sport players.
  8. Write a Bill that forces companies such as AIG to be more fiscally responsible and return tax dollars to the
    American people.
  9. Create a Bill that wipes away all medical debt from those that were unemployed as well as those that were forced
    into disability through no fault of their own.
  10. Create a job bank for disabled people to work from home, include creating jobs within your administration.
  11. Allow taxpayers to receive a reimbursement of all State and City taxes, which would include all purchases such as
    grocery stores, retail markets, etc.
  12. Create a bill or go back to the days before Ronald Reagan  was in office and allow taxpayers to deduct interest
    paid to credit card companies.
  13. Stop allowing salary increases in Congress and the House.
  14. Stop Congress and the Senate from using unnecessary expansions and sale their expensive chairs and put the
    money towards the deficit.
  15. Investigate George W. Bush, Richard B. "Dick" Cheney and Donald H. Rumsfeld in a war crimes tribunal for their
    actions in Iraq.
  16. Demand a real investigation into the 9/11 attack.
  17. Stop giving The People the allusion that you are gullible to believe that there will ever be bi-partisanship with the
    likes of John Boehner, Orin Hatch, Chuck Grassley and/or Mitch McConnell.  
  18. Create an immigration control policy.
  19. Create a gold commodity to back or replace federal reserve notes.

Mr. President, please leave your fax machine open, as I am so sure I will have more items to add to the list.

CB "
Keeba" Smith-Davis
I came upon your site by accident and after reading a few things it seems as though you are really hard on Obama. Someone said you were one sided but to me it seems as though you feel you have to point out all his mistakes. Yes, you have some good things to say about the brotha but at the same time youre really hard on him too. You are hard on the rebliKKKans too so thatís a good thing. (Can you leave my name out of this?)
March 28, 2010 8:48 PM