"Civil rights activist Fannie Lou Hamer made famous the phrase, “I’m sick and tired of getting sick and tired.
For me, I’m sick and tired of Democrats having power and being unwilling to use it.
I’ve always respected Republicans when they had power because they were willing to use it and maybe apologize later.
Today, President Barack Obama walked into the White House briefing room, and took some questions, and one of them
revolved around recess appointments.
He has witnessed Republicans block many of his appointments, and now he says he made it clear to them that he will
“consider” appointing some when the U.S. Senate goes into recess.
One senator, as you all are aware, had put a hold on every single nominee that we had put forward due to a
dispute over a couple of earmarks in his state,
” President Obama said. “In our meeting, I asked the congressional
leadership to put a stop to these holds in which nominees for critical jobs are denied a vote for months. Surely we
can set aside partisanship and do what’s traditionally been done to confirm these nominations. If the Senate does
not act — and I made this very clear — if the Senate does not act to confirm these nominees, I will consider
making several recess appointments during the upcoming recess, because we can’t afford to allow politics to
stand in the way of a well-functioning government.

This is where the president needs to show his toughness and just do it. Forget the threats. The actions of Sen. Richard
Shelby (R-Ala.) and other Republican obstructionists will continue if President Obama allows them to run roughshod over
him. When you’re the top dog, you do what you have to do to govern. And allowing Republican senators to continue to
deny your appointments is nonsense.
And if all of them choose to support a filibuster, then you take it to the American people and show them as being
obstructionists. You put them on blast and you get your grassroots movement fired up to stand up and do something. The
political right used their base to go after Dems who blocked appointments to the federal bench and other positions. So
why not be just as aggressive?
If there are members of your own party who stand in the way, such as Sen. Ben Nelson (D-Neb.), then you also put
them on blast and you make them pay for acting so foolishly.
This president got rolled by the Senate over healthcare. His team made some boneheaded mistakes, and now they are
paying for it. Continuing to play footsie with them will only get him into more trouble. He should set a deadline to have his
folks confirmed. If not, appoint them all during the recess and go on about your business.
His critics keep blasting him for Chicago-style politics. So, fine. Channel your inner Al Capone and go gangsta against
your foes and let ‘em know that if they aren’t with you, they are against you, and will pay the price."
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Roland Martin said
Roland Martin says…
I could never be a Republican, but you are right when you said you have to respect them as they stick together no matter
how foul or evil their Party’s actions.

What is up with the Democrats?  Why cant they stick together?  Why WON’T they???  Do they not realize that their
seats are in jeopardy?  

Why is it that these politicians take the job, but refuse to perform and work in the best interest of The People?  
Furthermore, why don’t The People stand up and DEMAND that their government work for them?

Mr. Martin, I am tired of being sick and tired!!!!

I will continue to vote – until the day I die – but these politicians really get on my last nerve!
Posted Wednesday, February 10, 2010
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Time for Obama to go gangsta against GOP; make recess appointments
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In response to Roland Martin's comments, I openly respond as follows:

I have been an avid voter for at least 22-plus years.  Originally, I was not an Obama supporter nor
was I rooting for Hillary, however since Obama was the ONLY viable candidate, I gladly cast my
vote [for him.]

I am an avid voter because my parents could not wait for me to reach voting age; forcing me to
register to vote.  Although I continued to vote no matter whom the candidate was, it was not until
years later that I finally got what they were trying to instill me.  My parents have since past on
from this life, but would be so upset with me if they ever knew the menacing thoughts I have had
pertaining to my government.  (Yes, I know I just contradicted myself.)

Anyway, I have actually uttered the words to my political-brother-thru-the-law that I was going to
cease voting.  I would NEVER stop voting, because I could not afford the thought of letting my
parents down.  It is just a threat.  (smile)

Mr. Martin, like most, I am sick and tired of being sick and tired of the idle threats from President
Obama.  I do not need him to follow through for me, I NEED him to follow through and continue
to work hard for The People.

It is SO evident that Republicans are not willing to support The People, as they seem to dread the
thought of working with and for a Black man.  

Yes, I said it!!!  I believe it all comes down to the color of President Barack Hussein Obama’s
dark skin.  

If the Republicans were ever interested in doing what is best for The People, they would have
done so way before President Obama became a Senator and now a household name.  

When President Obama addressed the GOP on their own turf, it seemed as if he were scolding
them; as if he had to teach them how to behave morally and ethically.  It was as if he had to train
the Republicans how to play together, but when the show was over, all they did was return to their
lying, cheating, sneaky, deceitful ways.

It is not only sad, but pathetic!

President Obama knows the Republicans will never act in the best interest of The People, and I
agree with you 100%; he needs to get tough and do what he has to do.  

When it comes down to it, ALL of them will face re-election problems - both the Democrats and
the Republicans.  Because when you think about it, how many people will be willing to support the
Democrats when they are not able to pass anything?...within their own Party?  They do not have
the guts or as Representative Alan Grayson said, "
grow some balls."  And for the Republicans,
voters might feel they are not worthy if they are not willing to support the leader of the Country –
especially when it is in the best interest of the Country.
From Mr. Roland Martin