It is sad and disappointing that Tavis Smiley and Al Sharpton are not getting along.  This is another
indication of proof that Blacks will not stop fighting one another, and cannot come together as we
should.  It is just another example of, ‘I am better than you and I will do whatever it takes to
remove or overpower you at all costs.’

I used to appreciate both of these Black men, but now I can only highly admire just one.

When Tavis - after 12 years – resigned from the
Tom Joyner Morning Show, I knew something
was wrong.  Oh, and then him being fired and/or voluntarily resigning from BET?

In Smiley's autobiography
What I know for Sure he said that he did not speak to his mother for
two years when she told him he had to step down from his class president position due to his
declining grades.  Wow!  That says a lot about a person, or does it?  What type of person takes
that stance against their own Mother?

Parents can have a tendency to make their children angry, sad, disappointed and even feel
unloved, but in Smiley's case, his mother and stepfather provided unconditional love and support.   
The third of ten children born in Mississippi, Smiley said that although his family was poor, they
never had much of what they wanted nor was ever hungry.  It sounds as though he and I had
similar families.  There was seven of us.  Both of my parents were born and raised in the South
and moved to other/better non-Southern States.  While raising us, they made us go to church and
forced us to embrace education.  They loved us, disciplined us and provided life's necessities, but I
suppose that is were our similarities differ.

While growing up with my parents, we not only feared them more than God, but we respected
them.  They were the leaders and instructors of our lives.  We respected them, and in every
situation, their power superceded everyone else's - sometimes even God's.  As children, we knew
that love and respect went hand in hand, along with love, respect and fear.  We obeyed them;
knowing they had the last word.  I want to say that Smiley was different and brave, but the only
word that truly comes to mind, is stupid and selfish.

Now, do not get me wrong, I am not attacking Tavis Smiley, but am wondering why does his
actions seem more self-serving than those of the self-promoting Al Sharpton.  Why did he see a
need to publicly call out Al Sharpton without calling Mr. Sharpton first?!  It seems as though
Smiley was seeking some much needed attention that he had recently lost.  And yes, Sharpton
called Smiley on his public rant, and I believe he should have, but both must act accordingly in the
best interest of The People.  All of us are accountable, not just President Barack Obama, but
media guru, Tavis Smiley and community activist, Al Sharpton.  However, I am accountable for
me just as everyone is accountable for their individual selves.  We are accountable for, as my
mother used to say, acting out, showing out, or better yet, acting a fool.

The beef between Smiley and Sharpton is the same crabs in the barrel syndrome.  Sadly, this
complex only hurts us.  Sadly, it does not allow us to face the reality of what is true and that truth
is that Blacks are down and out because we hate one another.  The reality and truth is, we are
jealous and envious towards one another.  And the truth is, Whites do not have to do much to hurt
us, as we have been very busy as well as successfully hell-bent on hurting ourselves.
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Smiley vs. Sharpton
       Tavis Smiley vs. Al Sharpton
    We should have stopped blaming White people for all our shortcomings a
    long time ago because a long time ago, we were busy trying to prove to
    one another just how great and important we were. We were too busy
    competing against one another while we should have been uniting and
    fighting the struggle – TOGETHER!

    A long time ago, when Whites began favoring and trusting lighter skinned
    Blacks over darker skinned Blacks, the lighter toned Blacks ran with that
    White-self-induced influence and began the rage towards dark skinned

It is just silly and dumb because Whites have other lighter skinned Blacks on their side – fighting "darky."  My own
may God rest his soul, was a bigot and like it or not, I am my father’s child.  However, I must believe and have proven
that I have evolved.

The lighter skinned Blacks are hating on the darker Blacks and the Whites hate us all.  I hate to say it, but in that sense,
us Blacks are the idiots!

All of us Blacks have to work harder and fight harder against injustices and racism, why would we want to fight so hard
amongst and against one another when that only makes the battle that much harder?  In a sense, we are in the same fight
but we are not the enemy.  What sense does it make?  I, myself was so dense about my experience with the bigotry from
my own Black people, that I failed to realize I was a victim.  

I had no idea what was going on when a sista (a Black African American woman) was being unfairly mean and deceitful
towards me.  I never lied to her, cheated her, gossiped about her or anything.  Instead, in the beginning of our relationship,
we laughed, shared jokes, ideas, and all that other stuff and I assumed we were enjoying one another’s friendships.  I
assumed we were sistas united.  I honestly believed I was being "cool" and sincere while hanging out with another sista –
a Black woman just like me!  I assumed we were sistas as one, however all that "assuming" got me no place and painfully
realized that I was wrong.

    I did not realize it at first, but it was my sister who pointed it out to me
    when this sista was mean to another sista.  For a time, I wondered what
    was wrong, but then it was revealed to me: it was the light skinned being
    pitted against the dark skin Black African Americans.  It is truly sad that
    two, seemingly and fairly brown-chocolate-mocha colored sistas not
    getting along because of the distaste of each others skin.  What?  We
    both have the same color of skin tones!  It took a darker skinned sista to
    point that out to me.  (Shaking my head.)  I felt stupidity-silly and
    dumbfounded when I found myself  a victim of a Black person who chose
    not to accept me because of the color of our matching skin tones.

We fight one another and it has gotten us nowhere fast and it will be the same thing with Al Sharpton and Tavis Smiley;
they will both fail to reach their desired goals and agendas.

I was not reluctant towards Al Sharpton for the Tawny Brawley, no in fact, I felt sorry for him getting caught in a
situation that he failed to fully investigate.  Certainly it was his fault just as well as it was not, but he should have known
better.  However, at that time, I did presumably see him as self-promoting and not doing enough to serve the Black
community.  Back then, I did not know Al Sharpton that well as I did not follow his actions; not being aware of his
motives.  The only thing I knew about him was through news outlets, but when Al Sharpton ran for president, things
transformed [for me.]  My views of him were different when he ran in 2004 and by the 2008 presidential campaign, I fell
in love with his ideas.  Yes, perhaps they were just speeches and I was keenly aware of that, but if you watched, listened
and paid careful attention to the debates, he was the ONLY one who stuck to and
with the issues.  Forget Hillary Clinton  
because I want to support a woman.  Forget John Edwards because I think he just might be best for The People.  Oh and
definitely, forget Barack Obama because of the color of his skin as it is good to support one of us – another Black
African American.  I never considered either of those factors.  I wanted the best person to win, and at that time, I really
and truly felt it was Al Sharpton.

    I knew Sharpton did not have a snowball’s chance, but I was cheering for
    him because so many things he said during the debates were legitimate.  
    Al Sharpton, a Black man who seemed to love The People, not the idea
    of being the first Black president.  He certainly did not appear nor sound
    self-serving, but genuinely sincere.

    Al Sharpton is like most Black leaders, egotistical.  Tavis Smiley is
    arrogant just as well.  Both have made mistakes, but they are human.
However, Smiley's persona appears to be self-hatred with a determined desire to beat up a Black man; a Black man that
is president of the United States.  One would think that President Barack Obama has enough problems with
Whites, and Smiley's actions only brings additional obstacles.

In my opinion, Sharpton wants to apply aid to the Black man that has the most wounds and in return, Sharpton hopes to
receive some accolades for his hard work.  (Who does not want to feel important, but on top of that, receive praise for
their labor while assisting another?)

Whether Tavis Smiley or Al Sharpton were the president of the Untied States, I would be hard on either of them if they
did not devote themselves to my needs.  Notwithstanding, I would also praise them for their hard work, dedication and
attentiveness to the needs of The People.

I would hold each of them accountable, but if I could help either of them achieve their goals in the best interest of The
People, I would be there.  I would not by any means, feel a need to consider or compromise my ego, but supply aid where
best needed.

I would want to help the cause, not give
some Wites more of a reason to attack another brotha – whether that brotha or
Black Brother be light skinned toned or darker skinned, he would first and foremost, have my support.

    We have not heard from Tavis Smiley in awhile.  Yes, I catch his show
    on TV from time to time,… but WAIT!!!!!!!  Even then, during THAT
    particular show, he was attacking president Obama while sitting with
    Michael Moore!  And I will say, that during that November 30, 2009
    episode, it was Michael Moore – a WHITE man - who was supporting
    President Barack Obama, while Smiley happily sat and belittled him.


Anyway as I was saying before I rudely interrupted myself, I had long forgotten Smiley, but it seems as though he is
deviously searching for some attention.  Perhaps he's trying to replace or catchup or find that same love he lost during
those two years when he CHOOSE not to speak to his mother.  How peculiar that he would finally return to the TJMS to
promote his Black symposium but only to bring with him his aggression towards other Blacks.

    I have written my scorn about President Obama’s actions as well, but I
    would never stand against nor ridicule everything he does and says.  
    When Smiley was on the radio, the only nice thing he could say about
    Obama was that he glad he won.  Since then…  I always wondered if
    Smiley resigned from the TJMS due to the aversion he received from the
    listeners as the majority of them truly disliked the things he said about
    President Obama.  (Seems like someone needs a hug.)

    I have to wonder if Smiley just hates another Black man doing something
    better or anything successful he himself has not yet achieved.  Perhaps
    he hates to feel superior of other Blacks.  I wonder if it is his ego and
    loathing of other Blacks is so great that he cannot stand that a Black man
is the president of the Country he resides.  And worse, a Country that voted in the first Black man - all with the support
of a great majority of Whites.

I have to wonder, does he just hate himself and other Blacks that much.  Oh the pain!

When I return in my next life, I am going to ask to be RICH
and White and then I will say, "You Black people are your
own worst enemy.
"  I will be able to use the same racial epithets and choice words when I say, "I do not have to do
anything to ya because you aggressively seek to do it to yourselves.  My work here is done.

In the words of the beaten-down-by-whitey, Mr. Rodney Glen King, but filled with great desire and continuance to see
the hope, "
Can’t we all just get along?"  Oh, the pain!

    Mr. Smiley and Mr. Sharpton need to join forces and supply aid to the wounded
    while helping The People and with that help, comes along support for President
    Obama.   In the end, everyone wins.  For just a brief moment, both Smiley and
    Sharpton need to put their egos aside and help The People.  Smiley can boast
    that he helped The People of Black America and Sharpton can proudly boast
    that he stood for and by The People.

    We must stand together and help each other through the pain.  No matter how
    hard the fight may be or the wounds we might suffer, we must unite; no matter
    how hard and laborious.

    And at the end of the day, we can just hug ourselves and say what a great job
    we have done.  We may even twist our arms by patting ourselves on the back,
    but another Brotha or Sista will observe the other's pain and will reach out and
    help the other all while massaging away our egos; building a stronger Black

We cannot afford to tear each other down as the consequences are too detrimental.  We have children to lead and
because of our love for them, we must end this vicious cycle and stop being stupid, selfish as well as self-absorbed,
irritating, deceitful and callous.

Honestly, this is not a moment of make-believe, but is my hope and within that hope is a test of our courage without losing
heart or one another’s trust and assistance.  We must remember and realize that we need one another.  Yes, there will
always be obstacles, but we do not have to be that obstacle and burden - especially towards each other.

Everyone wants, needs and enjoys receiving praise and acknowledgement for doing good deeds, but we cannot always
count on that from non-Black Americans, so we need to turn to and support one another.

We can no longer fight each other but remember the struggle during the Civil Rights Movement and that the ongoing long-
lasting fight and struggle remains: the fight of racism of non-Black America....not ourselves.

A house divided against itself cannot stand."

There are moments in our lives that make and sets the course of who we are going to be.  Sometimes they are
little subtle moments, and sometimes they are big moments we never saw coming.  No one asks his or her life to
change but it does; it is what you do afterwards that count.  And at that very moment, we find out who you really
" ~Anonymous
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