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Evan Bayh
             Tax Day - 2010
Published Thursday, April 15, 2010
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Taxes have and always will benefit our government.  That’s why it’s there; there’s no
escaping it.  Consequently, I have always hated it and chances are, I always will.  Other than
going to jail, what can I do about it?  Absolutely nothing.  As the old adage goes, two things are
always a constant: death and taxes - no one can escape neither.

It seems with every tax day, several idiots with a microphone jumps up and yell about increased
taxes.  As if all the commotion is going to change anything.

Of course, I respect anyone for making their voice heard, but this year of tax day screamers are
out of their stupid minds.  Yep, it’s the tea badgers; again!  And yes, they want to blame President
Obama, AGAIN!  I believe often times, we just want to be heard, and again, I respect that, but I
will never support distorted facts.

The facts are that since President Barack took office, our federal income taxes are lower than the
past 50 years.  (Compared to other States, Colorado is the 3rd lowest.)
According to the impartial Associated Press, congress cut individual federal taxes for this year by about $173 billion
shortly AFTER President Obama took office.  Associated Press also states “Americans pay less taxes this year despite
Tax Day rhetoric.”

The fact is, you are going to pay taxes.  That’s just how it is.  Even if you’re Brooke Shields, Julio Cesar Chavez, Sinbad
a politician, singer, and/or champion boxer, the man is coming for you.

We can scream at our television when Obama is making another of his many speeches.  The fact is, we have that right.  
No one hears us right?  Well, I’m not so sure they don’t, but again, that’s just another one of my many conspiracies.    
The fact is, President Obama created only a few tax credits such as ...
  1. “Making Work Pay” tax credit
  2. Increase in the earned income tax credit
  3. Increased eligibility for the refundable portion of child credit
  4. American opportunity education tax credit
  5. First-time home buyer credit
  6. Temporary suspension of taxation of unemployment benefits
  7. Tax credit for energy-efficient improvements to existing homes
  8. Sales tax deduction for vehicle purchases
  9. Premium credits for COBRA continuation coverage for unemployed workers
  10. Economic recovery credits to recipients of Social Security, SSI, Railroad Retirement and Veterans disability
    compensation benefits
  11. Computers as qualified education expenses in 529 Education Plans
  12. Plug in electric drive vehicle credit
  13. Tax parity for transit benefits
  14. Health coverage tax credit expansion
  15. Extension of enhanced small business expensing
  16. 5-year carry-back of net operating losses for small businesses
  17. Extension of bonus depreciation
  18. Exclusion of 75% of small business capital gains from taxes
  19. Temporary small business estimated tax payment relief
  20. Temporary reduction of S Corporation built-in gains holding period from 10 years to 7 years
  21. Advanced energy investment credit
  22. Tax credits for alternative refueling property
  23. Work opportunity tax credits for hiring unemployed veterans and disconnected youth
  24. Delayed recognition of certain cancellation of debt income
  25. Election to accelerate recognition of historic AMT/R&D credits

As I said, there are only a few and I am almost sure that any other government officials could do better, but have they?  
Will they?  I mean, honestly, there are tax credits if you work, tax credit if you
don’t work.  There are tax credits if you buy a house or tax credits if you make that house energy efficient.  Tax credits
for education, small businesses, and tax credits for small businesses that hire Vets.  In addition, there are even tax credits
if you buy a car or even if you buy an electric car.  Yep, all these few little ol' measly tax breaks all thanks to President

Now, most people that know me, are aware that I am the first to point out President Obama’s mistakes as well as the
first to eagerly give him kudos when he does what I assume is the right thing for our Country.  I don’t know if he did the
right thing when cutting some of the space programs, but at this moment, I say it’s good.  Additionally, I wholeheartedly
believe he did the right thing by cutting our missile defense.  In my opinion, we must lead by example, because we will
NEVER smoke out the taliban and/or al qaeda.  At least not in my lifetime, but I love to be proven wrong.  (My ego is not
that far in advance and certainly will not be bruised.)  But, I digress.

    The facts remain and you can either thank Obama and/or God, but you cannot ignore
    the truth.  The facts remain that 95% of Americans received a tax cut thanks to
    President Obama.

    The Tea Party folks can hold false signs about Ronald Reagan's tax incentives if they
    want, but the fact is, President Obama’s proposed spending of taxes are lower than
    Reagan’s were in his first year in office.  The fact is, it certainly did not help the nation
    when Reagan lowered taxes in his first year in office but continued to raise them
    thereafter [in the following years.]

    Yes, the Tea Party folks cannot ignore the fact that for middle class American families,
    federal taxes is at or near their lowest level in decades.

    Another fact: The massive economic recovery package enacted last year included
    approximately $300 billion in tax cuts over 10 years.

Fact: approximately, $232 billion was in tax cuts for individuals.

When I hear these facts being distorted, I reflect on the following:
  • Hate for the truth
  • Distorted facts/blatant lies
  • Laziness to search for the truth
  • Manipulation of those who are weak minded
  • Simple minds that wickedly and eager seek animosity
  • Hate for the Democrats
  • Hate for the first Black African American president [Barack Obama]
(motivation begins for them when there's a Black man leading the free world)

It's Tax Day
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