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Created Thursday, July 30, 2015 and posted Friday, July 31, 2015; filed under Commentary.
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The All-Important Confederate!

The confederate flag.  No matter its origins, is
currently of great concern for people across
America.  I have chatted with many playing the
devil's advocate in my quest to extract the most
deepest of feelings regarding this issue.  For
that I thank you for sharing the passion
displayed while helping me to understand your
beliefs and your feelings.

Many news publications reported the anger over
the removal of the flag at the Columbia, South
Carolina Statehouse.  This event has sparked
outrage and in some cases violence by
confederate flag-loving supporters.  The
confederate flag issue has even influenced TV
Land's decision not to add reruns of "The Dukes
of Hazard" to its television line-up.

Funny, we all thought this show was great.  We
thought Mattlock was great too!

We watched with no problem while the Dukes
were working hard to outsmart Boss Hogg in
one of his crooked schemes and speeding away
from his cohort Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane in
the General Lee.  Likewise, we gladly and
joyfully watched while Mattlock was defending
innocent clients - both Black and White - in an
Atlanta courtroom adorned with the confederate
Little boys of all colors wanted the General Lee toy car to play with.  Middle-aged ladies Black and
White loved Mattlock and waited with anticipation for him to save his clients.  We loved those
shows then and we love them now.  

Many Black folk think it is cool to say the N-word.  They sing about it.  They rap about it.  It has
been explained to me over and over why it is okay.  The most insulting reason for any American of
color is the excuse, "We made it a positive word by saying "nigga".  Well, let me ask you, how
many of you will let a White person call you "nigga" and be fine with it?

What am I babbling on about?  What is my point here?

First, let me state facts anyone can find in the simplest research.

The confederate flag was made to show where the Southern soldiers were located so they would
not shoot one of their own during the Civil War.  (Remember, all Americans carried the American
flag into war).

It was presented to Jefferson Davis at a rally to support his presidential bid for the confederate
states.  Whatever the reason the flag was made, the confederacy no longer existed at the end of
the Civil War.  It is the USA.  Period.

So when you see anything from the war: money, flags, uniforms, et cetera they are collector
items!  They are museum pieces!  Relics!

Now there was a group of folks (still in existence today), that decided that they were not gonna let
Yankees change their ways.  So they rode around in the night wearing pillowcases and sheets,
waving that confederate flag and burning crosses.  This same group I have told you time and time
again?  They are not too bright.

More importantly, while you were arguing over the confederate flag the Supreme Court has
decided to take another look at affirmative action in colleges and universities.

As of this writing, the Supreme Court is reconsidering the use of race in admissions at the
University of Texas at Austin.  This change will effect all colleges and universities.

Oh well, we can raise our kids to hope and dream for colleges they may not get in.  But at least
they can call each other nigga.  And argue over a flag that represents nothing but an ugly past.

By the way, did you know that Mattlock went to Harvard?  No wonder he is so able to defend his

The klan insist it is their flag.  It ain't!  But none-the-less, Black Americans feel the racism of the
past and the painful reminders of a long history of slavery.   I get that.  But what I do not get is how
you can take the most derogatory term you will ever be called, make songs about it, call each
other "N-" and then expect to get respect.

Black folk, African American, people of color, other, you need to stop focusing on the flag, no
matter the evils it represents.  It is touted by the not-so-bright folks I keep telling you about.

They run through the streets even today spewing their hatred and calling us niggers and niggas.

Y'all go ahead and complain and argue about that flag.  I am going to hope and pray the Supreme
Court comes to the right decision.  In the meantime, I'm gonna enjoy a nice tall glass of iced tea
with heavy lemon and watch Mattlock.  I sure hope he wins this case.

Polly Elliott-Lanz
"Polly's Perspective"