1.) Papa Murphy’s Pizza:  I am not apt to try new things so I was surprised when introduced to another pizza joint other
than Pizza Hut and/or Dominos.
Papa Murphy’s 5-Meat Stuffed Pizza and Papa Murphy’s Favorite, are the best items on their menu so far.
2.) I have only visited two
Ruby Tuesday’s restaurants – one in North East Denver and the other in Aurora – and both
are nice and clean family restaurants.  There are pros and cons while eating at Ruby Tuesday.  The pro is that their menu
is always changing but the con is that sometimes your favorite dishes are removed from the list.   Alternatively, it allows
you to choose other delicious meals from their menu.
The Village Inn is another family restaurant with some great tasting meals on the menu.  However, with the ever
increasing problems with the economy, the Village Inn has increased their costs while decreasing their meal portions.  We
can only hope and pray that when the economy gets better, that the Village Inn will return to the nice outing it used to be
with family oriented values.

Electronics & Home Products:
Uniden Telephones:  We do not have children, but our Uniden telephone has been through a lot and has sustained
water and being dropped.   It is expensive but very much worth the buy.  We have had it for more than 10 years.
2.) Kodak EasyShare Digital Camera:  It is not too pricey as far as digital cameras and takes great quality pictures with
many features.
3.) HP Computers: This product has made the list for me as I have 4 HP computers and all but one is performing as
expected.  The lost-child HP computer is still operable, but struggling yet serves a purpose while storing my large pictures.
4.) Sanyo (VCR): I purchased my Sanyo over 20 years ago; it served its purpose.  However, when the remote took a turn
for the worse, I finally had to put it and me out of its misery about a year or two ago.
5.) DirecTV: I consider myself a very reasonable person, but after a messy installation of satellite TV and the ever rising
costs of Cable, I certainly recommend Directv.  I find it to be the best and affordable service in the area.  The installation
was professional and their customer service was exceptional.
I have had regular Cable TV and Dish Network.  Regular Cable was way too expensive, while Dish Network charged
less but with less channels.  In addition, their installation was sloppy!
6.) Realtor: When I purchased my home, all I can say is that I wished I had Ms. Joan Cox at Metro Brokers/Priority
Properties, Inc. as my realtor.  She is professional and again, has exception customer service; she tends to her clients and
proposed new clients.  She will do everything to earn your business.  To me, that is a huge plus in my book as I cannot
seem to find business-minded people.
It is one thing to be
IN business, but a different story to be DOING business, and that is certainly what you will find in
Ms. Cox.
7.) Home Depot: My former sister in-law congratulated me when I first purchased my first home.  However, one thing
stuck in mind when she said, “
You’ll never have any money.”  Well, she was right to a certain magnitude, but when we
made repairs, we purchased all of our supplies from Home Depot.  Home Depot is well known throughout the Country,
but the store in Aurora, CO has excellent customer service skills and has everything we need all in one store.
However, it should be known that when our lawn sprinkler pipe busted, we noticed that the ones purchased at Home
Depot always busted.  We have always blown out the system and carefully covered the pipes with insulation.  However,
the one from Lowes did not.  After purchasing the pipe from Lowes, we never had any more problems.  We told our in-
laws and they too have not had any more problems [after purchasing from Lowes.
(Other than the lawn sprinkler pipe, I have not had much experience with Lowes. pays to shop around.)
Consumer Products
All though these products are our recommendations, we are in no way advertising for any
Company nor will we take any responsibilities for the outcome after you have tried any of the
products listed.  
Again, the products that we have recommended are only based on our opinions and we are in not
in the business of advertising or promoting but merely listing what products that have worked
best for us.  

(Please note that your use of any of these products might result in a different outcome.  
In which case, you might consider contacting the product's manufacturer.)
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Best Nail Care:
When I was a girly-girl, I used to pay for manicures and pedicures, but for various reasons, I
stopped the ritual.  Anyway, I hated when my fingernail polish chipped or thinned out at the tip
of the nail.   While I have not tried the tips on dipping my fingernails in vinegar prior to painting
my nails, I have found a product that actually promotes nail growth.  I know everyone has seen
the commercials for
Nutra Nail Growth.  I use it and it really does work.
Vinegar tip:
Paint your nails and keep the polish from chipping.  This frugal trick will make your nail polish
last longer.  Dip your nails in vinegar (white or apple cider), and allow them to dry.  Paint as
usual.  This works because the vinegar removes the natural oils from the surface of your nails,
so that the polish adheres to your nails instead of the oils.

Best Places to Shop:
Sam’s Club is always recommended, however the more you pay towards your balance, the
more they will increase your credit which almost forces you to buy more - a never-ending cycle.
2.) Home Depot has the best customer service.
3.) Arc is worth shopping for all type of clothing wear and cheap household fillers.
4.) Target and/or Kmart are the best places to shop for food and clothes.  (I grudgingly mention
Wal-Mart, as I have vowed only to shop there when needed items cannot be found at my local
grocer, Target and/or K-Mart.  I truly dislike Wal-Mart (Wally Mart or as the cartoon refers to
it, Ball Mart), but it is third to the others.  The jeans at Wal-Mart are NOT worth the buy, even
if you are a size 5, they almost always tear in the pockets.)
5.) The Good Will is a nice place to shop for house wares and causal clothes.

Best Acne Products:
The Body Shop is famous for their products but the Blemish lotions and products are the
best and are highly recommended.  Unfortunately, The Body Shop is no longer in the State of
Colorado, but is easy to order via the net and/or with their customer service representatives.
Clean & Clear has great products that are easily sold over the counter.  Clean & Clear
Invisible Blemish Remover
is a plus and is recommended for those stubborn dark spots that just
do not seem to see to go away.  The only downside is that it can sometimes over dry the
effected area but fear not because...
3.) L’oreal’s Hydrafresh Toner and/or...
Nivea Visage’s Moisturizing Toner.  Both are great treatments to erase those dry spots.  
After use of these two products, they leave a beautifully glowing complexion.  
(None of these products were used at the exact same time or as combination acne

Hair Care & Treatments:
1.) I have tried almost all of the
Doo Gro products and I am truly pleased with each of them.  
One thing I really like is their tingly shampoo!
2.) If you have an itchy scalp and after trying multiple shampoos and conditioners, you might
want to find relief in
Sulfur Hair Treatment.  The smell is not always pleasant to some,
however, my spouse says it smells of perfume, either or, it is worth the relief.  (Sulfur8 is
available at most pharmacies.)
Best and Worst

We have noted many commercials that advertise products that promise their ability to do this
and/or that; prompting us to purchase them, but we are tired of the consumer wasting their
hard-earned money.

Our opinion, is that the following products are good and worth the bucks:
Keeba's Commentary
Posted Wednesday, October 17, 2012
Edited Thursday, October 17, 2013
Filed under
The best and worst products
The following products and services that we would NEVER recommend anyone to buy or use.  

 A Affordable Painting, Inc:  If you see them coming, RUN!  If you need to view their work, come and look at my
home and see for yourself.

 Sun Laundry Detergent:  Plain and simple, it DOES not work.  Yes there are a lot of store-brand washing detergents
that actually work, but this is not one of them.  Instead, purchase Sam’s store-brand bulk detergent; it works each and
every time.

Proactive Acne Solution:  I have tried this product and was not impressed with the results.  Another downside to
ordering Proactive, is that they automatically list you as an ongoing paying member while they continue to send their
products every few months along with an added bill to your credit card.

 Sears Products: Do not purchase any electronic or home appliance from Sears.  They talk a good game, but their
products are unreliable and their customer service reps are the worst! (I must say that my washer and dryer have
survived for more than 5 years but I cannot say that about my 1-year-old furnace!)

 Green Valley Association’s Management Companies:  As of today, none of them have been able to live up to MY
expectations.  I suppose I can only presume that they can do better for my money.

 Microwave Cleaner: I have NOT purchased the product to clean your microwave, as it just seems as if it would be a
waste of money.  When cleaning a friends microwave, I just simply filled a small finger bowl with water and placed it
inside the microwave with a towel.  After a few seconds, I opened the microwave and easily wiped away the gunk.  
Cost?  A few seconds.
Products We Do NOT Recommend
Please note our disclaimer at the bottom of the this page
BEFORE heeding our recommendations
Recommended Products
Body Lotions:
1.) Perhaps a bit biased, but I love the sweet scents of
Love Lyn’s body lotions.  The lotions removes the dry skin
problems that many of us suffer throughout the winter
months and leaves the skin soft and smooth.
The products are not expensive and come nicely packaged for gift-giving.  It is worth the buy and honestly removes the
dry skin problems that many of us suffer throughout the winter months.
Jergens Lotion cost a tad more than some lotions, but it aids for those with really dry skin.  (Try buying in bulk at
3.) Kroger (store brand) lotion is handy for those who cannot afford the higher price of Jergens.

Soap Products:
Love Lyn sales the sweetest scents of soaps and can be carefully designed to your scent of preference.
Ivory Soap: While growing up, we were not able to afford the expensive soaps and Ivory was always our first
choice.   As the years pass, I have found that Ivory soap is still my first choice, as it keeps my body clean and fresh.  All
these years, and Ivory is still performing at an affordable price.  
("Ivory, The name you trust.")  
Lever Soap: There are some people who do not care for many of the scented soaps because it makes their skin itch.  
Yes we have used all of
Love Lyn’s Bath and Body Products and we are ware that most people do not have easy access
to some of these items.  When purchasing scented soaps, we rely on Lever.  Lever is best purchased in bulk at Sam’s

Tooth Paste:
Crest:  While growing up, my family was not able to afford the expensive brand toothpaste.  Back then Crest was #1
and still is today; it is a trusted and affordable product.  When used as recommended, it keeps the cavities away.  (I have
not tried all of Crest’s products and would never recommend any whitening solution.).
2.) My spouse solely relies on