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Posted, Tuesday, July 1, 2014; filed under Polly's Perspective and Commentary
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The Continuing Saga of Spotty:
The Dog That Has it All
Guess what?   My dog Spotty is getting a
Premier tub for his house!  Well, pending what
happens after the sales rep comes out and
determines Spotty's needs, he just may receive
so much more!

What is it with sales calls to people that have
passed the age of 55?  Is there a magic flag that
pops up notifying them that we- the fifty-five
plus'ers won some imaginary lottery and now
have tons of money to spend on stuff we do not
want or need?  How come all of a sudden, I
need an alarm system when I managed for
years without one?  Why all of a sudden, do I
need a new roof?  Do not get me wrong I want
to keep the place up, but when I check out, I
think my kids will put a roof on the house if they
think it needs one.
Why do I need a supplemental warranty for my car?  What is wrong with the one I have now?  
Won't the guys where I take my car now fix the problem whenever there is something wrong take
my cash?

What is it about passing that magic milestone that tells suppliers of unnecessary goods that they
have found a fountain of wealth?  Do they not know that the baby boomers are broke and they are
working at Mickey D's to pay for their prescriptions and co-pays?  They have less money at
retirement than their parents did!

I am not surprised that seniors get Alzheimer's.  Heck, we spend so much time trying to get rid of
unwanted calls that we forget to answer the telephone period.

I am so tired of telling would-be suppliers no, so tired of phone calls reminding me of an
appointment that I never made to buy/install/test/determine/estimate/repair/upgrade their
goods/services/warranties for stuff I never needed, never owned, never dreamed of, or never even
knew existed.

And what about Spotty?  He gets tired too.  He has had more company reps to come and
determine his needs for his home than you can imagine.  I think he should be given a special
doggie treat.  He can kick in his brand new Premier walk in bathtub, which doubles as a sauna,
and relax.  Lucky dog!

Polly Elliott-Lanz
Polly's Perspective