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Posted Tuesday, March 31, 2015; filed under Commentary.
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Let's Say Good bye to the Dearly Departed‏
My husband and I went to dinner the other night
for his birthday.  The food was great, the server
was polite and the service was up to par as
usual.  Naturally, I was picking up the tab.

When the server brought over the ticket, I did
what anyone else does- look at the bill and
reach for a credit card to pay for it.  I retrieved
my wallet.  No problem.  I noted there was no
pen in the service book so I stuck my hand in
my purse to find one.  What my hand came out
with was a dark blue, smeary, oozy mess that
made me mumble, "Rats!"  Now I realize to most
women that this would be no big deal.  You
simply toss the old bag and buy a new one!  
But, no, that is not how MY MIND works.
For me this means that I will have to go on a purse hunt.  I will have to spend around twenty dollars
from my emergency household cash.  Rats, again!  For those that know me well, they will tell you I
have carried the same purse for years.  In my mind, a purse is no more than the equivalent of a
backpack.  Only you do not carry notebooks, textbooks, etc.  You carry a cell phone, wallet,
tissues, makeup and whatever else we women feel is important to have with us.  And if that woman
has been married for some time, she has an item or two that her husband is always asking for.

This leaky pen means that I will have to spend money on a purse!  A woman backpack.  A dollar is
a dollar to most folks, but for me a dollar is five dollars if I can stretch it that far.  But I digress.  
This is neither the time nor place to go into how the human mind works.  Nor is it the time or place
to go into how cheap I am.

Back to my ink smeared hand.  I am wondering if I can wash the purse and keep using it.  No, no,
no. That would give it a weird and sickly shape and people would more than likely wonder if I was
drunk, homeless, or stupid.  I will have to get in my car, use my gas to drive to my hubby's favorite
store and spend my precious time to find the right purse.  When I find it, I will have to double
check that it is the right purse.  I will have to look it over and over to be sure it will last a lifetime.  I
will buy two purses exactly alike so that I have a backup.  Okay.  I have accepted the fact and will
get a new purse.  So let's just say goodbye to the dearly departed old bag.

On a lighter note, I still have the same wallet.  The coin pouch has packing tape across the
bottom.  Maybe while I am out shopping I will buy a wallet.  Just in case.

Polly Elliott-Lanz
Polly's Perspective