Preferred Partners
    Brief History of some of our Preferred Partners
Welcome all new and repeat customers and investors.  You have entered our commerce working site.  
Here you will find a group of individuals we have selectively linked with in promoting businesses and
opportunity for enhancement of our community.

The Davis Decree is a multi Company consisting of and geared towards businesses minded relations -
Business relations with community and  those with marketing skills and ideas.  The services you find
here are in correlation with various entities and serious entrepreneurs.

Here you will find groups of business-minded people who are putting their art and ability to work.  
Although the majority of the information you see here is of the possession of  
Davis Digital Designs and
compositions from
Keeba Kaptured & Kornered in Kaptivity, we have listed a few other
business-minded people who have posted their current business as well as their ideas for growth and
opportunities. Even more so, they are not just in business, but are actually
doing business with repetitive

Currently, we are on the move and are taking steps in reaching our goals through hard work and
dedication.  Our latest venture has gone as far as putting our efforts into retaining a franchise in
McDonald's.  Although we are not quite there yet, our dreams have not been shattered, but keeping an
open mind for other business prospects and opportunities.  In the mean time and in between time, all of
us are looking into additional ventures that will enhance (enrich) our empire.

This is a family oriented site based on the surroundings in Colorado.  We hope you enjoy your visit as
well as find the information helpful, inspiring and interesting.

Please take time to explore, and be sure to contact each individual for further information.

We hope you enjoy your stay and please come back to find new information of our ventures.

God bless!
Helen has been working since 1958 as both a housewife and a design artist of knitting, crochet, latch hook and other sculpted

Helen’s designs are rare with double knitted blankets, baby sweaters with matching boots, hats and gloves.  Some of her best
designs include:
  • toddler shoes with open toes
  • an over-sized toaster oven cover to hide non-removable stains
  • a blanket with a unique design on one side and a totally different design on the other; producing a thick and warm winter
    blanket that is large enough to cover a queen size bed.

Over the years, she has woven chair and ottoman covers, a beautiful design to cover an entire couch and personalized
sweaters with matching hat and scarf.

A few examples of Helen’s unique designs are posted
    Among many talents, Rhonda is trying her hand at catering mass events, which include, but not limited to
    weddings, large parties, corporate events, and social functions.  Can she do it?  Well, she has already
    proven her talent when she creatively designed a cake for 200 plus people.  Her customers were in awe
    of the flowers and various decorations she applied.  Rhonda has catered a few events with plenty of
    repeat customers.  She is very capable in providing you with delicious meals while she prepares for her
    scheduled wedding event in September.

In addition, Rhonda is demonstrating some of her hair designs with her huge clientele of repetitive customers.  Her latest
fashionable and designer hairstyles are shared and worn by many of her pleased customers.  This young lady has proven to
have plenty of untapped talent while designing hair, applying wig pieces, weaves, hair extensions, inner weave locks and
crochet, braids, micro and mini-braids, cornrows and simply the press-n-curl.  

So, if you're looking for a cater for your next event or just looking forward to looking good for your next event, contact Rhonda
to provide you with great quality, commendable service.  Rhonda has been in the business for the last 10 years and is very
marketable as a licensed CNA and Home Care Provider.

Some of her recent examples are posted
E-Mail Rhonda
    What does Mr. Davis enjoy most?  Staying active.

    Mr. Davis is the jack of all trades and without him, these pages would not exist.  He  is awake before
    dawn; up and at em and is easily spotted taking care of business.  When not working full-time and taking
    care of his family, he is exploring business opportunities while enjoying one of many hobbies.

    His hobbies include but are not limited to his first love of "working on cars."  And because his passion
    continues to grow, he must show his true appreciation for his teacher, Mr. V. Crews for not keeping
    scheduled appointments to fix his cars.

Simply put, Mr. Davis says,
"Without V, I wouldn't have a clue as to how to change a flat tire on my car.  I would not
know how to change the oil, put in struts, electrical cords, install new brakes and pads, and many more things that I
didn't know that was required to keep my vehicles working properly.  So with that, thanks again V!  You taught me to
reply on myself and because of your failed loyalty, I have saved a bunch of money and now I don't have to wait on
you any longer."

Okay, so there you have it.  Mr. Davis waits on no man.  He is a timely person and if he is paying you for a service, he
expects quality work and therefore strives to give his clients and business partners his very best.

Mr. Davis is a busy man, helping his parents while at the same time working on Davis Digital Designs.

Mr. Davis' goals are simple:
  1. Provide a quality service each and every time
  2. Never give up on goals
  3. Although goals may vary, attempt all things while you have the chance
  4. Take advantage of each opportunity - Do not miss ANY opportunity
  5. Remember that you’re only young for a limited amount of time, so enjoy and make the most of all hours of the day
  6. Do not waste time staying idle knowing that there is always something to do

Currently at Davis Digital Designs, we are proud to offer the following services:
  • GRAPHIC & PRINT DESIGN: Allow us to custom design your business letterhead, envelopes, business cards,
    invoices, business reports and proposals. Davis Digital Designs will help your logos stand out and shine against your
  • VIDEOGRAPHY SERVICES: At Davis Digital Design, we offer services for weddings, bar/bat Mitzvahs, parties,
    celebrations (Anniversary, Birthday, Bridal Showers, Christenings, Communions, Engagement, Graduation (personal),
  • PHOTO DVD MONTAGES: Here is a little about this wonderful service... We are proud to offer this cutting-edge,
    next-generation digital technology product. We have embraced this technology and will transform your pictures and/or
    videos into Photo and Video DVD's. Our Photo DVD's include up to 300-500 of your favorite and memorable images in
    a rich, full-color "movie." Photos are scanned, cropped and color-balanced specifically for the television screen. Music
    of your choice is added to enhance your "slide show" experience. DVD's will play in most DVD player or home
    computer with a DVD readable drive.
  • PHOTO EDITING: Davis Digital Designs have proven time and time again to turn your old photos into a work of art
    that will enhance your photos; turning them into a product of newness. Print just one or may to share with family and
    friends. Edit for additions or deletions. Either or, we provide the quality you're looking for at a comparable price.
  • OTHER SERVICES: Davis Digital Designs uses the latest equipment in computer software to perform create photo
    editing, freelance banners, business cards, brochures, newsletters, contracts, deposition summaries, resumes', use of
    standard will templates, graphics, mass mailings, and document processing and general correspondence.

If after viewing our portfolio, client response letter and some of our photographs and you like what you see, please feel free to
contact us via
email or telephone at
For now, my talents are limited to the following:

  • Notary
    My license is up to date and I am willing to travel to your home or place of business.
  • Photography
    At each event, I am equipped to photograph with both digital and still lens in addition, digital and analog video cameras.
  • Data Processing & Writing
    A very basic procedure and knowledge of data entry which includes resumes, graphs and wills. Currently, my writing
    and editing skills are limited to writing a close friend's biography and my own personal creative writing with only a few
    poems published.
  • Grant Writing
    Currently, my experience in this area is very limited, as none of my proposals has been accepted as of this date.
  • Web Design
    Although my experience in this area is temporarily limited - as I have only created this web site with moderate
    experience in Web Companion and Macromedia Studio (Dreamweaver, Fireworks, and Flash), I know within time, I will
    be a pro and hopefully will be expressed in the upcoming months. My latest creations are HERE and HERE.
Mr. Morgan is a modest insurance provider who does not push nor implore, but provides honest, informative information for all
of your insurance needs.  With years of experience in the Insurance Industry, he truly understands and cares about the
insurance needs of his clients in the areas of Personal (Auto, Home, Life) and Business (General Liability, Property, Auto,
Workman's Comp).

Customers will benefit from superior customer service and cost effective quality services.  His vision statement is as follows:
  • Remain in the forefront in providing health care solutions by continually researching options and trends that will best fit
    his clients.
  • Maintain a high standard of customer service with the focus on quality and accountability.
  • Maintain and ensure a quality provider network utilizing stringent credentials and contracting practices.
  • Provide services in a manner that is accurate, efficient and timely.
  • Utilize advances in technology to provide superior customer service.
  • Embrace a personal approach and commitment to meeting the needs of his repeat clients.
  • Maintain an active role in the local community through participation in community activities and support of community
    service organizations.

With insurance rates constantly on the rise, it would be smart to get the most comparable rate ever by contacting
Mr. Morgan  
for a quote today.
Mr. Davis
Davis Designs
Helen's Unique Designs
H. Morgan
    With years of experience with nature's ingredients, Love Lyn's products are created remarkably
    and carefully designed especially for you.

    Love Lyn’s products are the spa-therapy that you have been seeking and your body will love.

    Love Lyn Gourmet Bath & Body products are 100% pure, while introducing a healthy, invigorating
    line of skin care, bath, and body products that are packed with organic fruits, antioxidants, vitamins,
    and nourishing natural ingredients.  Love Lyn components are never watered down with fillers or
    polluted with toxic chemicals but created naturally from nature's ingredients.  Most importantly,
    they are affordable!

Lyn's variety of products:
  • Bath Lotions
  • Bath Oils
  • Body Washes
  • Bubbling Bath Powders
  • Epsom Bath Salts
  • Herbal Bath Salts
  • Milk Baths
  • Scented Soaps
  • Scrubs
  • Roll-On's
  • Perfumes
  • Specifically designed scented sprays

HERE to view Love Lyn Gourmet Bath & Body products
Email Love Lyn and place your order today!
Love, Lyn Gourmet Bath & Body Products
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