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Image B:
This beautiful blanket is a must have
with matching pillows; remarkable
that the pillow it self is triangle
Image A:
Something to keep you warm through
those long winter nights: one of the
thickest personal blankets I have
ever felt.
Image C:
An easy throw with beautiful colors
Image D:
This is a beautiful crafted throw.  
Click on the image to see for yourself
Image D1:
A close-up of image D
Image E:
A work of art is the only way to
describe this throw with personally
handcrafted trim
Image F:
Check out this reversible blanket.  I
don't know how she did it, but this
blanket has the same pattern on
each side.
Image F1:
An amazing blanket; same style with
different colors
Baby Blankets & Other Necessary Accessories
Image G1:
Another view of only one of my
Image G:
One of my personal favorites: A
baby blanket with an elegant pattern
of stitches
Image G2:
I just LOVE this!
Image H:
Keep baby stylish  with this
sweater with matching cap and
Image J:
This ensemble is carefully designed
Image I:
Baby shoes! Awww!
Babies should have the option of
wearing delicately made, open-toe
Image M:
Keep baby stylish and warm in this
thick sweater with matching cap
and shoes
Image K:
Do you need matching cap and
shoes, or just shoes?  Either or, she
is capable of designing it all
Image L:
Need I say more?  Baby would look
great in this stylish sweater
Image N:
More winter matching ensembles
~ Nathan is the talented artist of this masterpiece ~
© 1962-2012
All items on this page are the sole property of Helen with the talented works of her grandson, Nathan.  
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