Helping Children
For more than a decade, Robert and Rosalie has committed themselves to helping disadvantage children in the
Philippines by providing them with educational materials, help with school registrations, lunch meals and
clothing.  When resources and funds are limited, they would seek charitable organizations to help achieve their
goals in assisting as many children as possible.  When times were the toughest, they would forgo their own
needs to provide necessities.

Through their hard work and dedication, Robert and Rosalie have founded a charity called “Helping Children”
and consequently setup a
Go Fund Me account to help raise funds.

Helping Children is organized for charitable activities and purposes.  The mission is to empower and assist
needy children by any means necessary in the underdeveloped country of the Philippines in the region of
Mindanao.  The organization strives to provide a service to help reduce family hardships while moving towards
fulfilling and improved quality of life, as well as assist in achieving personal and professional independence by
identifying and alleviating barriers for families with emphasis on education.

Please visit
Helping Children’s Go Fund Me page and while watching their video, make note of the
appreciation and needs of the region.

Helping Children greatly appreciates any help you can provide.

Thank you!