National Cancer Society understanding effects of cancer.
The American Lung Association supports all diseases that effect the lungs, including cancer,
tuberculosis and many other diseases.
National Multiple Sclerosis Society - Multiple Sclerosis is a debilitating illness and affect many
different people in multiple ways.  Click
here  for additional information regarding the National
Multiple Sclerosis Society as well as ways to help inform your legislators to increase funding for
Multiple Sclerosis research.  (It only takes five minutes)
Color Of Change/True Majority Action - Join Color Of Change and stay in the loop regarding the
welfare of America.
Mr. Michael Moore

When asked who was one American that I admired most, I must say, that there are plenty, but one
of my favorites and my hero, is the author of “Stupid White Men.”
PhotoLinks is a good place to visit if you are in search of a photographer.
Mr. Moore is ALWAYS on the job
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Favorable Links
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Families USA is the Voice For Health Care consumers.
Patients Like Me is a useful site for MS, ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) and/or Parkinson’s Disease.
Denver Real Estate
As one who DEMANDS quality service, I vote for Joan Cox as one of the BEST customer service
providers in the State of Colorado.  For all of your Denver Real Estate needs, visit Joan Cox's site
ACORN Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now
Visit  ACORN's website and locate Foreclosure Information and other helpful information.
Additional ACORN link
Washington Watch with Roland Martin - an engaging show about politics and everything in
Black America Web – everything for and about us.
National Action Network – promotes modern civil rights, which includes the fight for social justice
and decency for all people regardless of race, religion, national origin, and gender.
Measure the Movement – Various organizations, advocacy groups and individual activists held
accountable to stimulate and encourage the Black community.
PolitiFact - For the undistorted FACTS, ALWAYS consider a source that is unbiased.  My Dad
always told me it's okay to watch and listen to the news pundits, but it’s MORE important to check
the facts!