I had a huge desire to work for myself or just do more while exploring a new hobby.  Furthermore, I wanted to make sure that
although this new hobby may be expensive, tiring and trying, that I find total peace, comfort and enjoyment.  So, accordingly, I
went out and purchased photography equipment, which included additional cameras, another video camcorder, additional photo
editing software, some new hardware, portfolio stuff and tripods along with some other miscellaneous items that may or may
not be needed or even used.  For the last 10 years, I have been trying my hand at videography and photography.  Although
inexperienced, all of my previous clients are very pleased and have become repeat customers - them telling their friends, those
friends telling their friends and so on and so on.  

My desires and goals varied, but one thing is certain, I had to at least attempt all things now while given the opportunity to do
so.  Just remember that only 1 hour and 40 minutes belong to us anyway = 70 years.  All too often we sit back in our proposed
golden years and say,
"Shouda couda wouda."  As for me, I plan to do all I can while I can when I can.  Besides, if it doesn’t
pan out, there is always someone out there looking for equipment to purchase.  But, on a positive note, I am certainly putting
my best efforts into all that I attempt to conquer.  
("I can accept failure. Everyone fails at something. But I can't accept not
~M. Jordan~)

Although the McDonalds franchise did not work in our favor, I continue to count the days when I'm FULLY retired and able to
dedicate more time with not only my ongoing hobbies, but other ventures as well.  Stay tuned, as there is certainly more to
come.  And now, I'm off to relish in another one of my favorite hobbies: tinkering with one of my vehicles and afterwards,
enjoy some time with my friend of 40 years.

I'm good!
Click HERE to view some of our Entrepreneurial Partners

    Here you will find a group of individuals we have selectively linked with in promoting businesses and
    opportunity for enhancement of our community.

    The Davis Decree is a multi Company consisting of and geared towards businesses minded relations -
    Business relations with community and  those with marketing skills and ideas.  The services you find here are
    in correlation with various entities and serious entrepreneurs.

    Here you will find groups of business-minded people who are putting their art and ability to work.  Although
    the majority of the information you see here is the possession of Davis Digital Designs and compositions from
    Keeba, we have listed a few other business-minded people who have posted their current business as well as
    their ideas for growth and opportunities.  Even more so, they are not just in business, but are actually doing
    business with repetitive clients.
J Davis launched Davis Digital Designs© in May 1999 after facing a difficult time in finding a reliable
and professional photographer.  Initially, his vision was to merely provide personalized customer
service, but to serve his deserving customers he knew that he would have to go beyond his original
scope of quality service, hence he expounded on reliability and professionalism while at the same
time, focusing on affordability.  His goal has always been to render the type of service he too would
expect and consequently, forced him to give his clients more.  As his business grew, so did his
desires to improve Davis Digital Designs©.  After hiring and re-training additional photographers,
Davis Digital Designs© has a strong desire to expand its services in building quality websites and
hence is gaining knowledge and learning the ins and outs of website building.  Currently, Davis Digital
Designs© is only at the beginning stages of learning Dream-Weaver and other website building tools.
Accordingly, Davis Digital Designs© is only able to develop simple websites for the mom and pop
businesses who have not been able to afford the high costs of having an Internet presence for their
businesses, organizations and/or churches.

In its tenth (10th) year of doing business, Davis Digital Designs© has consistently provided reliable,
professional, affordable and quality Photographs and in the past year working to build its clientele in
Internet Services.  The website services offered, include the design and creation of websites, domain
name registration, website hosting, Internet Marketing and website maintenance.  Davis Digital
Designs© is also able to provide minimal desktop publishing and secretarial services to include
brochures, business cards, stationery design and typing/word-processing services.  While Davis
Digital Designs© is constantly working to broaden its services, currently all printing is out-sourced.
Currently, we are proud to offer the following services:
  • GRAPHIC & PRINT DESIGN: Allow us to custom design your business letterhead, envelopes, business cards,
    invoices, business reports and proposals.  Davis Digital Designs will help your logos stand out and shine against your
  • VIDEOGRAPHY SERVICES: At Davis Digital Design, we offer services for weddings, bar/bat Mitzvahs, parties,
    celebrations (Anniversary, Birthday, Bridal Showers, Christenings, Communions, Engagement, Graduation (personal),
  • PHOTO DVD MONTAGES: Here is a little about this wonderful service... We are proud to offer this cutting-edge,
    next-generation digital technology product. We have embraced this technology and will transform your pictures
    and/or videos into Photo and Video DVD's. Our Photo DVD's include up to 300-500 of your favorite and memorable
    images in a rich, full-color "movie." Photos are scanned, cropped and color-balanced specifically for the television
    screen. Music of your choice is added to enhance your "slide show" experience. DVD's will play in most DVD
    player or home computer with a DVD readable drive.
  • PHOTO EDITING: Davis Digital Designs have proven time and time again to turn your old photos into a work of art
    that will enhance your photos; turning them into a product of newness.  Print just one or may to share with family and
    friends.  Edit them for additions or deletions.  Either or, we provide the quality you're looking for at a comparable
  • OTHER SERVICES: Davis Digital Designs uses the latest equipment in computer software to perform create photo
    editing, freelance banners, business cards, brochures, newsletters, contracts, deposition summaries, resumes', use of
    standard will templates, graphics, mass mailings, and document processing and general correspondence.

If after viewing our
portfolio,  client response letter and some of our photographs and you like what you see, please feel
free to contact us via
email or telephone at 720-231-9486
Preferred Partners
Davis Digital Designs
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