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    Dr. Jill Stein
Jill Stein
Posted Saturday, October 1, 2016
Updated Sunday, October 23, 2016
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This entry was posted Saturday, October 1, 2016
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Keeba’s Commentary and Race to the White House updates.
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    People have asked what made me consider a
    Third Party while being a Democrat since
    eligibility.  The short answer is Bernie Sanders.

    Had Bernie not run for president, I would have
    believed that the Democrat Party was the best I
    could do but after they rigged the primaries, I
    realized they are no different then the Republicans
    are.  (Source: DNCLeaks)

    I am hopeful voters will see through the Democrat
    and Republican's deceit and that it is long overdue
    for a Third Party.  At the same time, it is painful to
    see voters constantly being misled and so
    accepting of Hillary's lies and Donald's lunacy.
Likewise, I am almost amazed that the mainstream media continues to push both Hillary and
Trump down our throats as if they are the only two people in the race.  The Democrats are just as
malicious as the Republicans are and I am tired of both of them!

I want Jill to win and that is why I am voting for her.  It's not a protest vote but instead a vote for
the person I want to win.  I have never voted for someone that I did not want to win.  I did not
want Bush to win so I did not vote for him just as I did not want Romney to win so I did not vote
for him either.  (A wasted vote is voting for someone that you do not want to win.)

Jill scares the establishment just as Bernie did.

I am with Jill, as I am tired of business as usual; I am happily rejecting the lesser of the two evils
while fighting for the greater good.

I am glad us Blacks are voting but hopeful it is not for business as usual.  Change is not repeatedly
voting for the same thing. #StopTheInsanity

People continue to complain about the Democrats and Republican's greed and corruption, yet they
continue to vote for the Democrats and Republican's greed and corruption.  Sounds like insanity to
me: expecting something different while doing nothing different.  Well, I wanted something
different so I voted differently.

I am still trying to figure out who is worse Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.  Actually, Clinton is
Trump in a pantsuit.  I am going to continue to fight for the Green Party's Jill Stein, as she is the
only progressive running for president.  The rest are a just a bunch of money hungry folks in
search of more power.

Jill Ellen Stein:
Jill Stein is a resident of Lexington, Massachusetts and vied for the governor's seat and is running as a Third
Party Independent

    I just heard about Jill Ellen Stein entering the race.  I am not surprised that there is a Third Party,
    because there always is.  I just have not heard anything about any of them in the news lately.  Odd
    that my spouse just mentioned the Green Party but I did not say anything, as I had not heard about
    anyone entering the race.

    Because she will hardly be on television, I will have to do my own research.

I am going to dread doing research.  Not because the Third Party never wins, but because I like hearing from the
candidates themselves and not some opinion of someone with an agenda.

October 2015:
    Stein said she is running because both the Republican and Democrat Parties have not been beneficial to the people.

    She said that our Civil Liberties are attacked by both Parties and that is why "people have really moved" from a
    two-party system and are now ready to explore alternatives.

    She said people stayed home in 2014 and that proved to her that the Democrats did not serve America well.  She
    said they did not vote because the "Democrats have really lost momentum."

    "They've really lost their engine and, you know, it really makes it clear that if we're gonna give people a
    reason to come to the polls, we have to get out there and let them know that they actually have a choice,"
    Stein added.

    She went on to say, "We've really hit the wall on the economy, on jobs, on the climate, on student debt, on
    the crisis in the African-American community, the crisis of police violence.  People aren't going to sit there
    and invest their hopes in exactly the Parties that have gotten us in this mess, so it's a very exciting time."

    I like what Stein had to say but I think she sounds a lot like Sanders who is an Independent.

    For the Third Party to receive any notice, then they would have to do more to be heard.  For instance, they would
    have to have more grassroots that drive community politics.  Then, they will have the money to run for local
    elections.  Then, they will make a proud name for themselves.  Then, they will become well known and receive the
    votes they need to go higher and run for president.

    It seems as though the Third Party has not done enough to build a solid base.

    Alternatively, it does not help that the Third Party is not able to participate in the debates.  Additionally, it would
    help if they were able to participate in the States that have primaries.

    Until all of those things come into fruition, I do not believe that a Third Party will have a serious chance of winning
    a presidential nomination.

    When Ross Perot ran for president in 1992, he led the polls with 39% versus 31% for Bush and 25% for Clinton.  
    In the 1992 election, Perot did not receive any electoral college votes but faired well in the popular vote by
    receiving approximately 19,741,065 votes.  Only Theodore Roosevelt received that many votes in 1912.  His
    supporters were able to get him on the ballot in all fifty States.

    The Third Party will have to do more to receive traction.
Jill Stein
Of course, I can post Dr. Jill Stein's stance on the issue but here is a quick recap.
  • Citizens United:
    The Green Party is not poisoned by money so they have not taken corporate or lobbyist money.

  • Clean Energy:
    Jill wants to end our dependency on fossil fuel with an achievable clean energy platform.

  • Education:
    Jill says, "We need affordable education without students crushing in debt."

  • Fracking:
    Jill opposes the use of fracking and coal.  Says we can rely on wind, solar, and other forms of energy generation in
    just 14 years with substantial investment of money and labor in the program.

  • Green New Deal:
    Jill proposes a creation of 20 million jobs in the energy sector and move toward 100 percent reliance on renewable
    energy by 2030.

  • Healthcare:
    Jill supports a Medicare-For-All plan.

  • Military:
    Jill is staunchly pacifistic and wants to cut the military budget by 50 percent or more and close up most or all of the
    United State's bases around the world.  She believes we should rely on cutting off funding to terrorist organizations,
    stop the drone strikes (which Clinton supports), and stop intervening militarily, which only makes us unsafer.  Jill says,
    "After spending trillions in Iraq and Afghanistan, we've gotten failed states, mass refugee migrations & worse
    terrorist threats."  She goes on to say, "We need a Peace Offensive in the Middle East to cut off weapons and
    funding to terrorist militias."

  • Racism:
    Jill connects mass incarceration to the history of racism against Black people in the United States going back to the
    time of slavery.  She says mass incarceration is what the politicians considered "War on Drugs".

    Jill's platform addresses mass incarceration of Blacks and the history of racism against Black people going back to
    the time of slavery.  She says mass incarceration is what the politicians considers "War on Drugs".  Additionally, she
    wants to de-militarize our police.

  • Vaccines:
    Jill never said she was anti-science but simply encouraged people to study what was inside the medicines in
    vaccines.  When the Center for Disease Control and the Food and Drug Administration refuses/cannot supply the
    most pertinent information about vaccine contents everyone should question it.  Again, she is not against it but to

    Her book does not say she is anti-vaccine but gives note about toxic meds that affect children.

  • War/Foreign Policies:
    Jill believes that it is insane to think that dropping bombs will stop wars or keep others from wanting to start even
    more wars.
Dr. Jill Stein
Some people have said that Third Parties sway the elections in a way that favors Republicans.  Likewise, some have said
that votes for a Third Party sways elections in favor of Democrats.  Well, I say, balderdash!

Third Party did not just start today.  They ran before and during Barack Obama's candidacy.  (He won twice!)  Besides,
there are numerous
presidential candidates.

Competition is good but it makes me wonder what the Democrats and Republican afraid of.  There are numerous reports
that say 60% of Americans believe we need a new major party.  They want change because we need a league that
represents the voters not the political Party not someone that represents the donors.  With only a Two-Party system, it shuts
out voters.

We must stop voting for status quo and seek other options.  Greens and Libertarians along with many other Parties have
always run.

Debunking The Myth:
Some people should research the repeatedly debunked myth:
And even if people insist on believing the myth, it makes no sense to keep voting for something that does not work.  Why
would anyone vote to keep the same broken system in place?  Why vote when you know things will never change.  That is
impractical.  I would rather vote for a losing Third Party, as at least it is a start - a starting point to build more power.  As Jill
says, we must move society forward; not leave it stagnant.  It is about moving forward for us as well as the generations to
Jill says...
Donald's idiotic calls for a border wall and banning Muslim immigrants make it apparent what he will do. Clinton’s record
of supporting war and imperialism, as well as her craven connections to Wall Street, make it obvious what she would do.
In fact...

They’re creating a climate of fear - and apparently, it’s working. According to a recent article in Time Magazine, 52% of
the women they surveyed are in fear because of the choices presented in this election.

The establishment parties are pushing the fear message as far as they can, also saying that you can’t afford to waste
your vote on me.

But it’s a false narrative.

The real narrative here, the fearful truth, is what will happen if as a nation, we’re faced with a Clinton or Trump Presidency.

Both of these candidates pose the greatest danger to America and the world than any other candidates we've seen in
recent history. Here are the TOP 5 DISASTERS I believe we’re headed for if either of these corporate candidates are

  •  A continuation of the disastrous Middle East colonial policy that is producing a refugee crisis, breeding
    terrorists, and leading us toward nuclear war with Russia.
  •  Continued military overspending while millions of Americans live in poverty.
  •  Runaway climate change and widespread environmental contamination from oil and gas fracking operations,
    that both Trump and Clinton support and promote.
  •  Predatory financial institutions being allowed to continue making the top 1% richer while 68% of Americans say
    their lives are harder and,
  •  A global free-trade regime that will end American workers’ jobs and encourage virtual slavery (sweatshops)
    abroad (TPP).

We must stop the madness. When it comes to Hillary, as my friend Dr. Cornel West says, we cannot allow this hawk,
this imperialist to be elected. And when it comes to Trump, as Michelle Obama said this week, we can’t endure him
another minute, much less four years.
The following are notes taken while following all the 2016 presidential candidates: