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Posted Friday, May 1, 2015; filed under Commentary.
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Just In Case...
You Decide
Just in case ANY family, friend, co-worker,
classmate, bff of Tracy's baby sister's, etc or
the other young men in my life have decided to
become a member or remain in the lockup
system, then lend me your ear!

Now before I start, let me be clear that I will not
go into a big speech about how you should get
your shit together and do something positive
with your life.  I will not even go into how your
children are wasting their lives because you are
not showing them a better way to live.

I just want you to read this story about a woman
that continues to pay for her crime over and
over and over again.  Let it be known that she
has paid/served her time for her crime, it is a
crime that she committed twenty-five years ago
yet she continues to pay for it.
The woman's story is printed here.

The young men I am thinking of are not as educated as this woman is.  The young men I am
thinking of commit the same stupid pointless crimes repeatedly.  When I say "pointless," I mean
you think that you are getting ahead and the money you think you made was eaten up in bail
bonds, legal fees, jail time, etc.

Calculate the money you made for the time you served and you do not even make a TENTH of the
proposed minimum wage!  Now ask yourself, is this what you want for your life?  Is this what you
want for your son/daughter's life?  Just sayin' you should think about this before you do something
to be locked up or re-locked up.

read the story and make up your mind - today!

PS:  I know there are times you might think, "
I'm poor", or, "I don't have a chance", or...
Believe it or not a brighter future IS possible.  But, YOUR future requires you to do something on
your part.  The possibilities are endless.  Decide for yourself.

Now, before I get off my soapbox, it would be great if you would look at this
last link and then take
charge of your future and point your child's future in the right direction.

I wish you well.

Polly Elliott-Lanz
"Polly's Perspective"