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My Write to Remember
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I started writing poetry in Junior High School but could not figure out why and perhaps still do not.  Nonetheless, I find it
brings me peace of mind while I share a piece - a note or even two.  Through my writing, I have found comfort and a
voice to speak out to those who may listen.  I have no idea what ears that I might reach or hearts that I may or may not
touch, but am nettled about the things that happen in this here life... I just write about the things that I can and can not see
and the things around me.  I write my opinions, which may or may not be of interest to some but again, it gives me a
chance to get on my soapbox.

While I began writing in Junior High, I wrote my first novel in 1994, “Yellow Rose” and have written ever since.  My love
for writing novels, novelettes, poems and now a screenplay, has never escaped me during the hardest of times.  (I
actually enjoyed/enjoy writing my autobiography, A Spirit In The Dark.)

Under my string, () my novels and novelettes include, "A Spirit in the Dark", "Shades of Bright Pale", "A Big Girl Now"
among several others.  Currently, "Shades of Bright Pale" appears to be my baby as I have continued to fine-tune it while
dealing with fluctuating muses.  Nonetheless, “Keeba Kornered and Kaptured in Kaptivity” will be ongoing, as volume 2
seems to be never ending but hopefully will find its way to the market in the near future.  As for the rest of my
compositions, they lye dormant on the coffee table in the family room, which are being read and critiqued by family and
friends.  (For some reason, most of them really enjoy "The Worker.")

When not writing, speaking at open-mic, adhering to my new publisher, seeking a producer for my screenplay, taking care
of my dog and enjoying my new hobby as a photographer, my attention is drawn in truth regarding political issues.  (I just
know there is precision…)


It was not until 1996 when I lost something that I found much to be excited about - something much more invigorating and
meaningful. God is good, all the time.

My life is not so interesting that it could fill a book or books, however, I have written my biography just for me; to give me
clarity; something I needed.  I have been through some different kinds of situations, motivations, and realizations and all
that good stuff.  Spiritually, I am one with both ends of the spectrum, and everything in between.  I suppose that makes a
complete circle; finishing the realm-kind of how the beginning and the end are connected - allowing my thoughts to move
forward.  My thoughts are continuously revolving, and spinning... even when I am leaping I often attract extreme
elements into my life...

I tend not to jump in on religious/spiritual arguments...  Seems to be truly worthless... and since judging is one of
humanity's biggest problems, I can see how religion has divided into so many 'sub-sections' over the course of time.

I once read that division is the best way to conquer...  Over time, I have learned that my expression is best revealed
though poetry, and my literary style and rhetoric.  Oh, and also, by the complete sound of silence! 

Only He knows what is good for me and so be it; I shall leave it all to Him. ---I have found total peace with my Lord God
and have taken a look inside.  From that self-examination, I have found vision and all I can say is, 'Thank you Jesus for
the sacrifice You gave just for me.  Me, someone who was not worthy.'
No new news to report as of now.  But wait, let me just put in this quick note.

For so many years, I had prayed for patience, but as time went on and there were notable
changes, I began to pray for peace.  The peace came gradually, yet quickly and I am forever
grateful to Him and will always be mindful of where my entire blessing comes.  With this
newfound peace, many will presume that cynicism followed.  In contrast, I know better, as I
often refer to a quote by
Dr. Carl Jung, who once said, "Your vision will only become clear
only when you look into your heart. - Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside,
"  I will never profess to know all, but have noticed that when I took that step back
and looked inside, the vision was forever clear.  Moreover, I now have precision.

I have been described as cynical and/or pessimistic; however,
I regard myself as a realist - a
practical person.  I do not fight, unless I am pushed - pushed to do more to enhance any given
burdensome condition.  At which point, then it is time to take the gloves off and fight City
Hall with full force and determination.  I am never angry until I see an injustice; which are
plenty.  No need to fight unless you can win the battle as well as the war.  Alternatively, at
least let it be known what exactly the fight was for.

I really enjoy learning about technology.  (Technology changes).  As a child, everything was
interesting, but now that I am suppose to be an adult things are still interesting but technology
is the greatest.  (Have things changed much?)

I will if I must, apologize, but after 30 plus years, I find that only a very few of the populace
are enlightening - the conclusion is that we are all just a bunch of mortals walking the earth
abiding time.  As my dear dad use to say, "That’s just how it is."


I do not waste time with too many non-voters.  In my opinion, non-voters are menials; people
who stand without meaning and contend to waste time with much success.


As a child, I never knew the sacrifices my parents faced while they intimated and provided
for my siblings and I.  Though they always hinted that they were lacking this and/or that, I
can honestly say that we were never hungry, cold, or homeless but just the opposite.  My
parents where just that, real parents who took time to teach us right from wrong.  They
taught us to love and appreciate those in our lives and to be strong individuals.  As the
youngest of seven, I reminisce on the times all of us shared while growing up.  Before the
passing of both my parents, I am so glad I got the chance to express to them how I felt and
my deepest gratitude of their love, value and foundation of respect and responsibility.

It is and it is not because of them who I am as well as it is and is not because of them who I
am not; God has gave them to me (not me them), and I have strength.

My Dad was a

My Mother is best described in
Waiting For A Miracle

This is the life I shared with my family.