I was told that I appeared sad
Perhaps even mad
But oh no, my dear loved one
Sitting there
Close but not in the nearest chair
I’m not sad. Perhaps cynical to a fault
But don’t hesitate to include me
Me sitting here in this old vault.
Not unfriendly
But just the opposite
Sitting here thinking of all my composites
I’ve made in this here life
Not wanting to cause any strife
But learning;
Hopefully teaching
Not sure as of yet
I put in some so I guess the same I will get
Perhaps contumacious
Oh ok, a little stubborn.

Just taking in this life I was born in
Sitting here with painted fingernails
My tan skin hoping to prevail.
Not lazy or onus
Not even looking for a bonus
That I didn’t deserve
But just working harder and trying to preserve
Something good;
Left for the new
Not those who wish to remain old petrified wood
Oh, you see
I have lost a lot of sleep
Worrying about all of you.
Not just my friends and family,
But yes, you too
All of you!
I am piqued the rulers didn’t care enough
They don’t care if you face such unwrought
Please don’t get me wrong
This is not just another song
Or dance to pass the blame
Just be aware that some of us know their game.

I once was baffled
But now I just have to laugh
Yes, I’m humorous
Always looking for a good laugh
Almost sarcastic
Even facetious
There is humor in everything
You must laugh at what this life brings
And not be sad or mad.
But get over it.
And find something to lighten your day.
Trust in the Master of the universe
The smile will appear again across your face

I’m gonna go now.
Seclude myself in my safe haven.
Again, it’s another fault
To hide away in my safe vault.
Here, just like many others, there is a television set.
But I can certainly bet, there’s not a lot of this going on:
Jerry Springer, CNN, Fox News, Al Bundy, All in the Family or Sanford and Son.
Yes, I’m eclectic in my choice
But with this select, I find (my) voice
I have company!
Heee heee!
Gonna go listen to my music
With that I’m just as preclusive
So, with nothing more to do but hope and pray
These thoughts came to me one day
While trying to describe whom I was,
or am not.

With nothing more to do but hope and pray,
these thoughts came to me one day.  
If you decide to spread this around
I hope I am found;
Remember me…
If they come for me…
These are my thoughts to keep…
as I refused to participate with the rest of the sheep.
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This Is Keeba
Author's Comments...
Once, perhaps twice, but no more, I was asked who was the real me, Keeba Smith.  Well, this describes me to a tee.  So, like it or not,
I can not deviate from any other plan nor put on a façade.  This is me from beginning to end.
The end

Keeba Captured #34
© Keeba Smith
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Keeba Smith is a published writer and desired screenplay artist.  She is the author of “Shades of Bright Pale,” and many
other unacquainted writings. Please visit  
www.Keeba.org to find out more about Keeba Smith, read additional critiques and
her unpublished autobiography,
“Spirit in the Dark.”
© 1993
  • "This is keeba" has broaden some since my last look, this a good thing, to what I consider already a masterpeice!
    This could be published easily if it hasn't already? You are a prolific writer.
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This is Keeba