A legend too quick.
A legend too late.
A legend stands now;
A legend stands before the Master's gate.

A legend in my heart.
A legend who had a bumpy start
A legend who could not depart
His ways, but...
A legend who was my tart-

My legend from the beginning
My legend for my evening.
Our legend through thick and thin;
A sweet legend.

A legend of old
The only legend I knew
A legend for my life,
So I thought
Until his departure.

His head in his hand,
As he often would.
Make plans for life;
Where a Black man stood.

Strict, mean loving and caring,
Vague, bleak, giving and sharing.
My legend is described as human.
From the beginning to the end.

Good-bye my sweet love,
I shall see you again soon.
Once again, our sweet love,
When THE feet cross the moon.
Author's Comments on "Legend"
This was written especially for my dad. It describes him to the tee. Although he was a stern, harsh man, he was well loved and is still
truly missed. Riding in the car and instead of breaking down with pain of his departure, I elaborated on the goodness of his life and
what he stood for. I never bragged about anything in my life, but I will do so now and say that he was my “Legend.” I learned so
much. I’m thankful I’m able to decipher the good from the bad and decorate on what he tried so hard to instill in me.
(Thanks Lisa, for your comments)

From the book of anthology #18
“Keeba Kornered and Kaptured
in Captivity”
© Keeba Smith  (04/1999)
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From the pages of Keeba Kornered & Kaptured in Kaptivity
  • Awesome! !!! He is missed!
    When we gonna kick it?
    Sunday, December 11, 2011 4:29 AM
    You are so right!…he is missed and will always be known as one of the greats!
    Give me a call, Dom-Nick!
    I miss and love you VERY much!!!!