Whipped Body Frosting
4, 8 oz. - $6.00, $10.00

Whipped Body Frosting is a royal treatment for all skin types.  It has a soft, fluffy
texture that absorbs quickly and completely leaves your skin silky soft.  Never leaving a
greasy residue and lasts all day.

*Available in a variety of designer scents.
Love Lyn Products
Whipped Body Frosting
Lotions & Creams
4, 8, 16 oz. - $6.00, $10.00, $14.00

Goats Milk Lotions and Creams are rich, thick and long lasting and capable of
moisturizing the driest skin - typically your feet, elbows and knees.  Equal to a pomade or
ointment but much better than any usual cream while leaving behind a wonderful pleasing
scent of your choosing.  

*Available in a variety of designer fragrances.
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Lotions & Creams
Love, Lyn Gourmet Bath & Body Product Overview
Bubble Bath
8, 16 oz. - $8.00, $12.00

Moisturizing Bubble Bath is a great treatment at the end of a long day.  Enjoy soaking
in mounds of satisfying bubbles while the added moisture soothes your skin.  Because
Love, Lyn’s Bubble Bath is SLS Free; it will not dry or irritate your skin and is great for
those looking for a 100% natural product, free of sulfates.  Moisturizing Bubble Bath SLS
Free is great for the kids too and the beautiful playful bottles are reusable which means
less landfill waste.  (
Click HERE for new exciting fun scents just for kids.)

*Available in all skin safe scents as well as unscented.
Moisturizing Bubble Bath - SLS Free
Goat's Milk Soap
Shea Butter & Silk Protein
6 oz. - $5.00

Goat’s Milk Soap, Shea Butter & Silk Protein Bar Soaps helps nourish your skin
while specially made with Mother Natures greatest contributions to much softer, healthier
and beautiful skin.

*Available scented and wonderfully unscented.
Variety Soaps
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Love, Lyn
Gourmet Bath & Body Products
Foaming Foot Bath
4, 8 oz. - $6.00, $10.00

Yogurt and Buttermilk Foot Bath is a gentle way to relieve tired and aching feet. It is
designed to soften and nourish the skin and aid in skin renewal. The Foaming Foot Bath
removes impurities from the skin, helps relieve stress, melts away tension and soothes
aching muscles and pains.

*Available scented and wonderfully unscented.
Foaming Foot Bath
Fresh Air
4, 8 oz. - $4.00, $6.00

If you like Febreeze, you will love Love Lyn's Fresh Air.  Spray away bad smells
and odors in seconds.
Fresh Air does not cover up odors it eliminates them.  Fresh Air encapsulates the malodors
and renders them odorless.  Neutralizes pet odors, cigarette smoke, cooking and bathroom
odors.  Also freshens and deodorizes linens, towels and clothing.
Perfect for use at home, the farm, hotel rooms or any space you want to instantly
neutralize bad odors.

*Available unscented but can be customized with your favorite fragrance upon request.
Fresh Air Spray
Purrs and Paws - Love My Pet
Luxury Pet Shampoo
8, 16 oz. - $8.00, $13.00

Purrs and Paws proves that we love animals and some of our adorable pets enjoy baths
but many pet shampoos on the commercial market dry out their skin; causing scratching
skin irritation.  Because my pets are my babies, I wanted and needed a pet shampoo that
was safe enough to use on human babies.  I had dry skin and so did my dog and that is
when I developed my own bath and bodyline.  This shampoo is gentle on the skin, creates
a nice foam and contains a conditioning lotion that would reduce the scratching that usually
accompanies dry skin.  
It is also SLS Free!  (Hurray)!!!  Julie, my Terrier-Shepherd and
Dashe, her cousin, a red, longhaired Dachshund both love and approve of this shampoo.
Available unscented but can be customized with pet safe fragrances upon request.
  • Purrs and Paws: Especially formulated for dogs
    A refreshing medley that combines mandarin orange, tangy lemon and tart lime with
    nuances of fresh flowers, soothing musk and sheer woods.
  • Pooch Smooch: Especially formulated for dogs
    All of your furry friends will love this melody of sweet melon and crisp cucumber
    accented by hints of orange slices, violet petals, and fresh lily.
  • Precious Puppy: Especially formulated for dogs
    This playful fragrance combines pink grapefruit, orange and lime as top notes. Pink
    jasmine blossoms, rose petals and a fruity fusion of apricot.  Cherry and ripe plum
    rounds out this fragrance.
  • Pretty Kitty: Especially formulated for cats
    An invigorating blend of fresh kiwi, strawberry and peach.  Anjou pear and spring
    flowers round off this scent.

*Available unscented but can be customized with your favorite fragrance upon request.
And remember, it is SLS free!
Pet Shampoo
Pet Shampoo for Cats
Pet Shampoo for Dogs
Extra Gentle Facial Cleanser
6 oz. - $8.00

Love Lyn created this Extra Gentle Facial Cleanser as she wanted a no-nonsense
facial cleanser
that did everything it needs to do: gently cleanse your skin with
over-drying and without leaving a greasy residue.
Love Lyn has personally tried all the name brand over the counter cleansers and was not
satisfied with any of them so creating a Gentle Facial Cleanser was the only option.
You have to feel this product.  This Extra Gentle Facial Cleanser is especially formulated
not to irritate the eyes and it is great for removing makeup.  It is SLS free so you want get
tons of bubble on your face.  Instead, you will get a smooth liquid gel that gently cleans
your face, leaving it feeling soft and smooth as well as thoroughly cleansed.
Extra Gentle Facial Cleanser is colorless and virtually odorless and has very simple
ingredients.  It starts with a glycerin base and contains six gentle ingredients.  One
ingredient is Vitamin C, which is an excellent antioxidant and is a building block for
collagen in skin and collagen is what keeps your skin young and supple.
Extra Gentle Facial Cleanser is unscented or can be scented with Sweet Orange Essential
Oil or White Grapefruit Essential Oil per your request.  Some people requested Lavender
Essential Oil for fragrance and its astringent properties.
Extra Gentle Facial Cleanser is KOSHER and SLS Free!

*Available unscented but can be customized with your favorite fragrance upon request.
Extra Gentle Facial Cleanser
Leave-in Conditioner
4, 8 oz. - $11.00, $19.00

This Leave-in Hair Conditioner is one of the top leave-in conditioners that promotes
growth, nourishes and volumizes needy hair.
After suffering hair loss, clients have declared that this leave-in condition grew their hair
and left it soft and manageable.
This great smelling leave-in conditioner contains natural ingredients that advances healthy
hair growth providing the treatment of vitamins your hair needs.  It contains a variety of
ingredients including tea tree and Argan oil.