While I attempt to spread joyous news and be amiable, it is often difficult.  I was so sure that this
would be one of those times, however I am wrong.

This very serious matter needs immediate attention.

It is unfortunate that so many, too many, fail or refuse to watch news reports.  Whether it is
religious reasons, lack of time or loss of interest, one might find of interest what the new laws the
government has forced upon us.  We must pay attention, as we will not have any idea what they
have in store for us.

While I am so sure that many are troubled with unemployment being an all-time high since 1953
and increasing oil prices since the days of slick Willie, some people may feel a need to find and
adhere to other distractions.  Many worried folk not knowing if they will have a place to lay their
head or when they will be able to eat their next meal.  Many have tried to do something with their
time and make use of current resources.  Whatever they might be.  Notwithstanding, some are still
deciding if food and other necessities are more important than having medication or a roof over
their heads.  As for desires, well, they are outdated and have hence become outdated; forget about
it here in one of the richest Countries on this planet. (At least for now.)

When I first became eliminated from the workforce, I spent many hours watching FoxNews
Network, CNN, MSNBC, and many other worldwide news stations.  I read the newspaper from
front to back as well as the small local free newspapers left outside the door of small retailers.  
While I am so sure I was being informed about the world around me, I was becoming inundated
with politics, crime, and the like.  I had ceased paying attention to the things that I enjoyed most.

    Almost demented with the plethora of information
    flooding my surroundings, I had considered admitting
    myself to the nearest mental health institution.  I tell ya, I
    was just so sick and affixed with it, that it became
    apparent to my family that I had become neglectful a.k.a.
    partially or totally insane.  I began to imagine what the
    tight white jackets would feel like.  Heck, you have to
    admit (both women and men), no matter what color of
    clothing you wear, white goes with everything.

    Well, suddenly I assumed that I had good news.  Wait, let
    me say that before hurricane Katrina, I finally realized
    my obsession to current events and slowly ceased my
    manic craze, but with Web Pointer MD saved in my
    favorites and Dr. Kevorkian’s number in speed dial.

Yes, I continued to watch the local news two to three times a day and kept informed by daily
news articles, however within reason and with
www.biologicalunhappiness.com at my fingertips.

With all earnestness, I could not tear myself away from the television while I watched with
sadness, fear, and disbelief while the catastrophic event destroyed and took so (too) many lives.
Keeba's Commentary
         I Need My Music!
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I must have my peace and music seems to do it for me.

    At one moment, I began to watch sitcoms.  Whew!  That was more than
    I could take.  I enjoyed re-runs of All in the Family and Sanford and Son,
    and of course, Everybody Hates Chris is still a must see, I had to put an
    end to all of the others-new and old.  One afternoon, I received a call
    from a friend of a relative, and wham!  I became inspired again.

    One evening, I was pecking at the keys on my keyboard and I felt it was
    time to hear the jams from my favorite musician’s strum.  I finally
    unwrapped a box that I had received some time ago.  I knew what was
    inside - my new office-stereo.  I performed my ritual when I received
    new things that came with an Owners Manual; I tossed aside the
    wrapping and Owner Manuals and turned it on.  (The Owners Manual
    remained intact and will remain until I actually need it.  It is a must that it
    stay in the factory shipped wrapper until removal is necessary.  See the
    way I see it is that when I finally do read it, - a year or more from now –
    I will discover new things.  And walla, it’s just as new as the first day I
    opened the box a year prior!)

With the reference book close to the wastebasket, I plugged in my new stereo.  I played with the CD thingy (no wonder I
needed a new one), touched all the questionable buttons and then started turning the knobs.  Finally, I tuned into one of
my favorite radio stations and noticed something that has not occurred in such a long, long time.  (Wow, just the little
things amaze me.)   THEY WERE NOT TALKING!

Nope, no talking nor commercials but continuous jams.  I was groovin and a movin.  I was on to something.  They called
Jammin 92.5, whereas I think they should have considered something more fitting like, continuous jams or
something ‘nother.  (I am so sure if I gave it more thought, I would have come up with a catchier moniker.)  Now, I
know, you might say, she is some over-weight broad who has nothing else to do but waste time watching television or
listening to music 24/7, but you are wrong.  When able and not stuffing my face, I hit the treadmill or ski machine and
when I do, I would listen to the continuous jams from my Walkman.

I am not an advertiser for any musician or radio station, but just desired to spread good news; something I think would
help ease some folks from the day to day drab of painful political news.

Well, this release has changed.

As I said, I just wanted to spread some good news or share something that I had embarked upon and was delighted to
pass on.  For all I know, the good news I wanted to pass on may not have been new to many.  However, like a used car
or any used item passed on to me, it may be used, but I was not the previous owner, hence, it would be new to me.

Nevertheless, I have listened to this radio station for years – at work, in the car.  However, I was always limited with
time; I had a job with clients who did not share my taste in music and my manager was not too kind when I walked the
office with headphones attached to my head.  Thinking back on those dark days, I suppose it may have had something to
do with the time someone accidentally pulled the fire alarm and I failed to notice the panic of 100-plus employees.  And,
as far as the car. Well, tell me this, how much time can one spend in a car?  I can eat and drink (non-alcoholic beverages,
of course) and even get a little freaky inside my car, but then again, I cannot sleep in it.  I mean at least I’m not forced to
do so as of yet.

While I wanted to relay good news, I have awful news.  The radio station once known as
Jammin 92.5, is gone; it is no
more.  This disappointment came at a surprise, as I had no idea that the change was coming.  I was conflicted and sad.

    I learned about the transition yesterday morning while performing my
    morning ritual: feed the dog, take the dog out, feed the fish and see if any
    fish need to be taken out.  Wash my hands, wipe the kitchen counter, go
    to the bathroom and check my look in the mirror. (Yep, it's me.)  Turn on
    the shower and the shower-radio, grab my shower-mat, loofah bar, and
    wait…  Uh huh, something is new here.  Should I have saved that
    Owners Manual or, should I have not listened to my 17 therapists?  The
    radio was doing some sort of count down.  What the heck!  I did as I was
    told when the announcer told me "not to stare at my radio."  By the time I
    finished showering, the count down thingy had come to an end and the
    announcer proclaimed that 92.5 was the new radio station for "Country
    Willie 92.5."  What?!?!?
I quickly dried my not so corpulent not so J-Lo body, applied lotion, dressed in my drab, and went into my bedroom.  I
turned on the amp and searched and searched for my radio station but to my displeasure, it could not be found.  Later that
day, I made a call or two and sent emails to family and friends inquiring about my station but no one seemed to know - or
care.  (I believe they were spending time with their co-workers or not inside a vehicle.)

Today, I opened an email with the title,
What Happened to 92.5FM?  I read, and I read.  (frown)  The radio station is
gone.  After reading the article, hmmm, I did not perceive any obvious reasons, so I am not so sure as to why I am being
forced to tune into FoxNews, yet again.

    While considering a call to the good Dr., I thought about the changes the
    station had made when Gloria Neal was added to "The Morning Show."  
    It was a comforting that an African American was attached to Old
    School music played by mostly African Americans.  Now, don’t get me
    wrong, as certainly I enjoyed the former, popular DJ Neal replaced, but
    just that it made sense or was easy to grasp.
(No irony there)  It was a different twist to the range of listeners.

I suppose, this release has made a round trip.  As stated in the beginning, people are stressed and stretched about the
economy and their lack of means to know the definition of economy.  While money certainly is not everything, it certainly
helps, and at times like these, it seems so prevalent that there is a lack of it.

Well now, the good news is this: Those who love country music well, they have a new station for b-boop'in and line
dancin.  Don’t get me wrong as I’m considerably eclectic when it comes to music.  I love, love Johnny Cash!  I know the
words to "
Folsom Prison Blues" and "Ring of Fire" by heart.  Additionally, I would not know what I would do without
Willie Nelson's "
On the Road Again" and "To All The Girls I've Loved Before."  Oh and I have to admit, I enjoy
George Straight's songs just because he's painfully handsome.  That reminds me of Randy Travis' "
I'm Gonna Love You
."  However I have a preference, and "Country Willie 92.5" was not what I had in mind.

The good news for me, well, as for me, wellllll, look on the bright side: white goes with everything and reasonably poises
well against my pale skin.  In addition, due to my own struggling surplus, I may be forced to live in my car WITHOUT a
radio but with "
Fuzzy Math."