Nothing is what it seems
I can't imagine nothing could cause the beams
To go down on 9/11.
I thank God in heaven
It wasn't me or my loved ones there -
To face such trauma…
To watch a plane fly so freely in the air
Into a building;
Causing such damage and turmoil.
I can only imagine what was the cause
So many blamed the Muslims
Who believe in Allah.

He who does not understand history
Is bound to repeat it self, but
Was this contempt, greed or wealth?

Nothing is what it seems
Oh what a terrible dream

But I am awake watching in fear
Awaking late
Thinking of my dying mother I held dear.

This day she went to sleep
Dear Lord, her soul He will keep.
From that day forward
It would be remembered
2001, the 11th of September

Sometimes through my own greed
Often times praying to God to heed
And keep my mother here.
Sometimes glad she did not awake
To know my heart ached
For this world I did not know
From what will allow me to continue to grow.
All of my dreams were just that,
Dreams I would combat.
This day forward only God knows I enjoy to remember
The 23rd of December
However, I would not embrace to remember
The 11th of September

Nothing is what it seems
Was it Osama’s dream
(or our very own)
For us to spend millions
And kill over 1,000 American humans
Or our own government at work
Shoving their own dirt
On the American sheep
(can I use drones?)
Who believe anything.
Oh, America... please God keep
Us safe; watching us from being taken
For thinking as we should
On our own instead of being petrified old wood.
I'd believe if I could,
We are the god of the world
When it comes to our beliefs
Should I remain a sheep?

Nothing is what it seems
I still hold on to my dreams

Osama from Afghanistan?
Will we ever find the man?
Who if found, will be held responsible
For an insensible plan.
But is it all that impossible
A man who went to congress for money?
Now that is plausible.
His term had just began.
How inconceivable
But perhaps believable
He appears
Like a deer...
Scared… caught in the lights.
Stop this plight!
And allow us to live our dreams
‘Cause nothing is what it seems.

He peers like an idiot
Please quit
That's just it!
He peers!
Stop and allow our fears
To cease
What about the peace?
Plausible it was our own to cause this terrible thing
Reminder to self: in America, freedom rings.

Possibly, it was an act
To know the seat was stolen is a fact.
The faithful train need to be trained
The economy is in trouble
Mess around and hit a triple double.
(watch out Korea, Iran and Iraq).
Things like this has happened before
How soon we forgot.
Here again history is repeating itself
But put those dusty books away you don't need em'
Return them to the shelf

Who can gamble our fate
So boldly and go to Kuwait?
We stand to see our own demise
It's no surprise.
They call it liberty
The government has decided without evidence
That Iraq is guilty.

Comply or take the ride?
Have we forgotten the war in Afghanistan
Or have we just scrapped the plan?
Aren't we spreading ourselves a bit just too thin?
Picking fights
The size of a small country but will we win.
The battle or loose the war?
Remind me once again
Just what are we fighting for?
Peace and liberty
For you or me?
I didn't ask for the fight.
Don't I have a right
To say no?
is me
Asked where is my patriotism
My national loyalism.

Nothing is what it seems
This is not my All-American dream

Osama, he just like most had a momma
Has taught him right from wrong
At least he sings his own or new song
And split.
Are we even equipped
Looking for him or check ourselves
Sheep or just simple ol’ elves?
Call it what you like or the way you see it
I don't want to be
The one to tell the children no food, medicine or a place to stay.
Woe is to him that says
"Pro" anything.
Eyes are wet
Writing letters to the president
Asking him not to bet
Or stake our lives on something that isn't a sure thing yet.


Medicine is not available to me or yours
But to those who come ashore
Medicine is readily available if you have the money.
Now, isn't that funny,
Work hard all your life
Never expecting anything more only to face such strife?
But asking do I dare take treat
Or have a roof over my head for another week.

Nothing is what it seems
They have shattered all my hopes and dreams

Working harder, voting too
Following all the rules.
Told I’m lucky
Born in a system that is the best there is.
Who’s to say there could have been a better one in the Africans
Of Africa my forefathers were born
To make a way of life
Until the slave snatchers did swarm/sworn.
Ironing boards, light filaments, type writing machines, pens too
The advanced printing press and automatic gearshift to name a few;
Invented by AA’s but hated by the KK
For the color of my skin
They don’t know unless they know where we've been
Or where we may have stayed.
We could have built a better place
We could have stayed and you'd never see our face.
History is repeating itself
Keep your own wealth
For the wealth of the wicked is stored up for the wise
[America] it is not a surprise to see your own demise.

Nothing is what it seems
Kill all of our dreams
Nothing is what it seems!

I’m not a radical,
Fundamentalist or thief;
I just have my own beliefs.
(Nothing is what it seems.)
I will keep quiet as I wait,
To see America's fate.
I hope I’m not here
As I fear
Because of my beliefs;
As I say, “Nothing is what it seems."
I’ve tried so hard to fulfill my own dreams.
Though tired, I’m not lazy or onus,
Just need to figure out a way;
As I build my own safe haven; a place to stay.

This is not a message of hostility or hate,
Just when the horrible day comes; so soon when we face our fate.
I do not hold resentment, disrespect or contempt,
But I, the writer of this,
wishes to remain exempt…

just nameless
Nothing Is What It Seems
Author's commentsMy time is limited with my dear mother.

My television is always on.  Fox News and CNN seem to be my news critic of choice.  While I cleaned the kitchen, I watched and
listened to Colin Powell’s speech regarding the U.S.'s potential invasion of Iraq and the involvement with the UN.  While I listened,
pain and anguish filled my heart, for my mother, my family and this Nation; the world.  

Confusion lead to fear.  
With little else to do, I wrote,
“Nothing is What it Seems.” September 12, 2001
©Keeba Smith

From the book of anthology,
"Keeba Kornered & Kaptured in Captivity." #71
Nothing Is What It Seems
©All contents Copyright ( or other copyright holders. All rights reserved.
This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed for any commercial purpose.

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Keeba Smith is a published writer and desired screenplay artist.  She is the author of “Shades of Bright Pale,” and many
other unacquainted writings. Please visit to find out more about Keeba Smith, read additional critiques and
her unpublished autobiography,
“Spirit in the Dark.”
© 2001
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