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General Elections 2014
             November's Midterm Elections - 2014
Posted Thursday, July 17, 2014
Edited Wednesday, October 22, 2014
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Keeba’s Commentary.
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For Governor, I will vote for John Hickenlooper as I know that he is the best person for the job.  Why should he not
continue working in his current job to make sure that Colorado's unemployment rate continues to decline?  Besides, as a
Democrat, Hickenlooper favors people such as my family and friends: the working yet struggling middleclass.

I was surprised that some people did not know that Governors control how much residents pay for gasoline, food and
health care.  They have more control then that, but at least those are at least three of the things that seem to be on
people's mind and matter most.  Likewise, it seems as though employment opportunities are important to most people as

Job Growth
Under John Hickenlooper, I know for a fact that job growth has greatly increased because there are a number of unfilled
positions just floating around for almost a year and businesses are having a difficult time in filling them.  Under his belt, he
can proudly state that more new businesses are creating jobs and economic growth.

Health Care
Also under his belt, is that he can proudly state that he was quick to put up Colorado Connect website so that people will
be able to have better access to affordable health care.  Along with that, the Medicare expansion is readily available and
more affordable for our senior citizens and those that our disabled.  (I know I would certainly hate to live in a State that
did not support the Health Care along with Medicare and Medicaid expansion.  I mean, honestly who could afford the
additional cost on already expensive health care.  Oh and remember, it was the Republican Party that favored Paul
Ryan's budget plan, and it certainly DID NOT favor senior citizens but would have them paying more for health care.  
Notably, it was Kentucky Democrat Governor Steve Beshear that greatly supported and embraced the Affordable Care
Act and once the people saw how lucky they were to have affordable health care, most said, "
Oh wow! …This Kentucky
Connect is much better than ObamaCare.
"  All I could do was sigh as Kentucky Connect IS ObamaCare.  Sad that so
many Ketuckians did not know.

Even more so, it is just as sad that not enough people are aware that most - if not all - Democrat Governors support the
Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. ObamaCare), which means that health care will be more affordable.

It is my hope and prayer that Hickenlooper wins the race, as it is because of him, that Colorado is able to enjoy full
access to the new Affordable Care Act.  I cannot imagine what it would be like if Beauprez wins.  How is he going to
explain to the people of Colorado that their health care cost are going to increase?  How can anyone explain that the one
thing they were able to enjoy and appreciate is now going to be taken away?

Thankfully, I have not had to use the AFA/ObamaCare/Colorado Connect, but if so, then I would want to have full
access.  I wonder if the voters are aware that with Beauprez, they will lose this benefit and ultimately, their health care
costs will increase.  He has
ALREADY made a public announcement against ObamaCare.

Gun Control & The Death Penalty
Hickenlooper has had wavering opinions on gun control and faced criticism when he granted apparent convicted killer
Nathan Dunlap, an indefinite stay of execution.

During a special election in September 2013, two Colorado politicians lost their seats due to their stance on gun control.  
Both Senator Angela Giron of Pueblo and Senator John Morse of Colorado Springs were replaced by Republicans due to
their positions on gun control.  Both Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg of New York and the National Rifle Association leant
their support.  Both the Democrat Party and Republican Party spent a lot of money and campaigned ferociously to pander
to gun-control advocates and the National Rifle Association.

However, voters should have made note that the two defeated seats to Republicans, does not repeal Colorado's gun laws
or change partisan control of the General Assembly.  In addition, the new laws require background checks for private gun
sales and limit ammunition magazines to 15 rounds.  So, the Republican voters were not so smart, as nothing will change.

Thankfully, I live in a different County and as a responsible owner of several guns, no one has tried to take them away.

Although I do not appreciate the added lanes on the freeway and the road construction tying up traffic, the roads are
being fixed and new ones are being built.

Housing Market
Colorado's housing market is only slightly improving, but compared to other States, it is making great strides.

The job market is much better than predicted, as inclined people are able to pick and choose jobs at will.  In fact, I have
seen multiple "help wanted signs" posted repeatedly.  Currently, employers in Aurora and Denver are anxiously waiting to
fill openings.

Hickenlooper has spent a lifetime working for Coloradans.  He has a long history of advocating for the rights of working
people.  When he was Denver's mayor, he supported workers to form a Union.  Before entering politics, he owned and
operated his own restaurant, so he knows what workers go through and what they need to survive on a livable wage.

Hickenlooper is Growing Colorado's economy and Creating Jobs
Under Hickenlooper, the State unemployment rate is at its lowest since 2008 and Colorado has moved from 40th in job
creation in 2010 to 4th in 2013.  He also signed the "
Keep Jobs in Colorado Bill", which required public works projects to
hire Colorado workers.

He urged State contractors to curb outsourcing, as well as established new standards to promote the use of domestic iron
and steel projects like those that the products produced in Pueblo.

Floods & Fires
We have and sadly, will continue to deal with floods and fires, and Governor Hickenlooper is handling them in direct swift

During the floods and wildfires, he supported raises for the heroes who helped Colorado recover from the floods and
wildfires.  He required new contractors on City projects to keep existing workers and expanded collective bargaining
rights for Fire Fighters.

I believe that Hickenlooper will continue to protect the rights of Colorado by standing up for our families.  He has already
promoted and succeeded in growing our economy and lowering the unemployment rate.  By continuing in his current
position, he will continue to compete for jobs as well as continue to bring new business opportunities.

In short
Hickenlooper supports gay rights and a woman's right to choose.  He believes in climate change but supported fracking in
Colorado.  He does not think there should be any cuts in Medicare or Social Security.

Hickenlooper's contender, Bob Beauprez said that he would "stick to the conservative's values" and after viewing his
voting record on, it is obvious that what he says is true.  Of course, I am not sure if he is referring to the
Republican Party or The Tea Party, because in my opinion, they are one and the same.

Some time during 2010, Beauprez became a strong supporter of the Tea Party and began raising money for them.  He
said that he joined allegiance with the Tea Party so that he could help defeat the Affordable Care Act/ObamaCare.

I can only imagine how those that appreciate the AFA/ObamaCare will feel when they learn that something that they use
and benefit from, will be taken away.

Although I do not appreciate anyone playing the "race card" or the use of race as a way to pander to folks, it should be
noted that in 2006, Beauprez said in an interview broadcast on public radio's "Colorado Matters" program, "
I've seen
numbers as high as 70 percent - maybe even more - in the African-American community that I think is just
"  It should also be noted that after a public backlash, three days later, he apologized.

I was wrong about the statistic I quoted in a recent interview with Colorado Public Radio, and I apologize to the
African-American community and anyone else who was offended,
" Beauprez said.  "I should have verified the
statistic before repeating it.

Sadly, he was right about the rate being higher, but had he provided the correct statistics at the time he made the
statement, he may not have had to apologize.  Alternatively, perhaps since it is such a touchy subject for so many people,
perhaps he should not have said anything at all.

Nonetheless, if Beauprez plans to continue to "stick to his conservative values," then voters should count on the following:
  • Cuts in Medicare
  • Cuts in Social Security
  • Raising taxes on seniors receiving social security
  • Cutting the Affordable Care Act
  • No ideal for women's health but cuts to programs that benefit women
  • Tax cuts for the rich or tax cuts for the 99%
  • Cuts to military spending
  • Growing or slowing the deficit
  • Corporate welfare spending
  • Jobs sent over seas and its benefits
  • Cuts to government subsidies and the number of recipients who receive government assistance
  • No ideas on stimulus money and how it is spent
  • Cuts to Education
  • Cuts to programs that implement job growth and decreases unemployment

Beauprez's voting record:
  • Voted to suspend the rules and pass a bill that outlines several protocols that abortion providers must follow before
    performing an abortion on a fetus/unborn child that is 20 or more weeks into development.
  • Voted to pass a bill that grants state and local officials inherent authority to investigate, identify, apprehend, arrest,
    detain, or transfer undocumented immigrants to Federal custody as well as clarifies specific litigation issues.
  • Voted to pass bill that amends the Employee Retirement Income Security Act and the Internal Revenue Code to
    make requirements to fully establish how much employers and employees must contribute to their pension plans.
    (Click HERE for complete voting record)

Gay Rights
Beauprez does not support gay rights.  Moreover, he only supports stem-cell research if it does not include the use of
human embryos.  Furthermore, as a devoted Republican/Tea Party, his tenure as State Party chairman, he tried to
redistrict Counties so that more Republican candidates would be elected in Colorado.  However, the Republican Party lost
control of the Colorado State Senate for the first time in four decades while Beauprez was chairman.

As a devout Catholic, he opposes abortion except when a woman's life is endangered, but not in cases of rape and
incest.  However, he opposes person-hood, which defines an unborn child as a human with legal rights, which would
effectively ban abortions.

It is my personal belief that a victim of rape or incest should not be forced to have her rapist's baby and Beauprez's view
threatens women's freedoms.

In 2013, Beauprez had the audacity to compare abortion to the shootings in Sandy Hook and Aurora!  Beauprez wrote in
the post "Reconciling Roe v. Wade." , "America appropriately agonized after the loss of innocent life in Newtown,
Connecticut, and Aurora, Colorado. Mothers, fathers, citizens and leaders are still struggling to reconcile those and other
tragedies.  As a society, we also need to reconcile the tragedies involving the people we never meet, with the faces we
cannot see, that happen every day."

As a person who will always stick to conservative values", Beauprez does not believe in climate change not does he feel
that we need to change our views on energy.

Beauprez said he would wage political war with those who would put regulatory shackles on the oil and gas industry.

Hickenlooper's Worst Points
I must note that I honestly feel as though Hickenlooper sold Colorado out when it pertains to fracking!  I would be lying if
I said that I am satisfied with Hickenlooper for brokering such a dangerous deal.

However, if John Hickenlooper's only failures are granting Nathan Dunlap an indefinite stay of execution, having a timid
stance on gun control and agreeing to open Colorado lands to fracking, then he is not such a bad choice.

Between John Hickenlooper and Bob, Beauprez, then Hickenlooper certainly has my vote.
Yes, it is that time again and it is time for you to get off your buns and make sure your
government officials are working in
your best interest.

Because so many people have said that they hardly or ever vote during the midterm elections but
only vote during presidential elections, I always get upset because
none of America's presidents
have ever had as much power as Congress.  They never have and they
never will!  Of course,
could change, but that would take an act of Congress and Congress would NEVER do that,
as that would mean that they would vote to strip themselves of their own power.  Now,
out of power is just senseless.

Nonetheless, it is the midterms and it is time for
you to act....NOW!

Because the voting laws differ from State to State, click HERE to check the voting laws in your
State.  However, the voting laws for the State of Colorado is as follows:

Voter Rights Facts: Colorado - Here is what you need to know if you are planning to vote in
Colorado in 2014:

  • All voters who vote at the polls must provide identification.  Below is a list of acceptable
    IDs.  If any form of identification listed below shows your address, that address must be in
    the state of Colorado to be valid. Acceptable IDs include: (*)
  • A valid Colorado driver’s license;
  • A valid identification card issued by the Department of Revenue;
  • A valid U.S. passport;
  • A valid employee identification card with a photograph of the voter issued by any branch,
    department, agency or entity of the U.S. government or of Colorado, or by any county,
    municipality, board, authority or other political subdivision of Colorado;
  • A valid pilot’s license issued by the Federal Aviation Administration or other authorized
    agency of the United States;
  • A valid U.S. military identification card with a photograph of the voter;
  • A copy of a current utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck or other
    government document that shows the voter’s name and address.
For example:
  • A cable bill or telephone bill;
  • Documentation from a public institution of higher education in Colorado containing at least
    the name, date of birth and legal residence address of the student voter;
  • A paycheck from a government institution or private company;
  • A Certificate of Degree of Indian or Alaskan Native Blood; or
  • A valid identification card issued by a federally recognized tribal government certifying
    tribal membership. (*)
  • A valid Medicare or Medicaid card issued by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid
    Services (formerly the U.S. Health Care Financing Administration);
  • A certified copy of a U.S. birth certificate issued in the United States;
  • Certified documentation of naturalization; or
  • A valid student identification card with a photograph of the voter issued by an institute of
    higher education in Colorado.
A Colorado ID is available at no cost to those who are eligible.  For more information, please
contact the Colorado Department of Revenue Division of Motor Vehicles at 303-205-5940 or go

You may register to vote online or via written registration.
To register online, you must have a Colorado driver’s license or ID card issued by the Colorado
Department of Revenue.  Visit to get
started on an online voter registration application.

To register using the paper form, you must have a Colorado driver’s license, an ID card issued by
the Colorado Department of Revenue, the last four digits of your Social Security number or an
acceptable ID.  The paper form is available at:
us/pubs/elections/vote/VoterRegFormEnglish.pdf. (*)

Deadlines: (*)
  • You may submit an application through the mail, a voter registration agency, a local driver’s
    license examination facility, or a voter registration drive no later than 22 days before an
  • You may register through through the 8th day before the
  • You may register to vote by appearing in-person at a voter service and polling center
    through Election Day.
  • You may change or withdraw your party affiliation no later than 29 days before the election.

To find your polling place, call 303-894-2200, ext. 6307, or visit

If you are voting by mail for the first time, you must include a photocopy of acceptable ID.

Your county clerk and recorder must receive your application to vote by mail no later than the
close of business on the seventh day before the election.  If you mail your application, make sure
to allow time for delivery.  If you want to pick up your mail-in ballot, you may pick it up at your
county clerk and recorders no later than the Friday before the election.

Mail-in ballots must be received by the county clerk and recorder no later than 7 p.m. on Election
Day.  Voters are encouraged to drop off ballots at designated drop-off sites or mail their ballots in
time to be received by the county clerk before the polls close.  Postmarks do not count; ballots
must be in the hands of the county clerk by 7 p.m. on Election Day to be counted.

If you fail to receive a ballot or make a mistake, damage or lose your mail-in ballot, you may
request replacement mail-in ballot from your county clerk.  You also may go to the polls and vote a
provisional ballot.  The provisional ballot will be counted if you properly complete the provisional
ballot envelope and do not return your mail-in ballot.

For more information on voting, call the Colorado Secretary of State Elections and Voting Division
at 303-894-2200, ext. 6307, or go to (*)
Get Off Your Butt & Vote!
Governor John Hickenlooper vs. Bob Beauprez
Andrew Romanoff is a candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in 2014, running to represent Colorado's sixth
congressional district.

Andrew Romanoff is sparring with Mike Coffman and sadly, Coffman's people are using an old 2010 Denver Post article
that made negative remarks against Romanoff who at the time, was running against former Denver Public Schools
superintendent, Michael Bennet.  (By the way, I was very disappointed in both the Denver Post and President Obama for
touching my primaries.  They did not know Michael Bennet the way us DPS folks do, and they had no right to assume
that they did.  Look what happened right after Bennet took his place in the Senate.  He proved that he had no intentions in
serving the will of the people, just as he did when he was DPS's superintendent.)

Anyway, Coffman's ad is misleading, as it leads people to believe that the Denver Post does not support Romanoff and
that they have negative feelings towards him.  In short, Coffman's statement is misleading.

In Romanoff's ad, it states what most people should already know; Coffman supports Paul Ryan's budget, which consist
of privatizing Medicare and modifying Medicaid by turning it into a "block grant" program for States.

So, if elected, Coffman will vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act without a replacement.  He will modify Medicaid by
turning it into a "block grant" program for States.  He will privatize Medicare by shifting it from an entitlement program to
a voucher-style program and new retirees would be given the option to stay on traditional Medicare or transfer to
choosing among competing plans.  The new system would also gradually increase the retirement age.

Military Cuts
In 2011, Coffman proposed a half billion dollars in cuts to military programs such as education reimbursements, the
Selective Service and the military's health plan, TRICARE.

Romanoff favors a woman's choice to choose, whereas Coffman impudently feels that a woman does not know what she
needs and feels as though the government has the right to make that choice for her.

Health Care
After reviewing the Affordable Care Act, Romanoff has stated that he supports it.  Coffman does not support the AFA.

Keystone Pipeline
Romanoff has stated that he is unsure about the Keystone Pipeline, as the State Department has not provided a complete
a review.  Coffman supports the Pipeline without considering the dangers it can cause to the water and private property.

Doubling Senior's Property Taxes
Because I really wanted to know if any of Romanoff's actions doubled seniors' property taxes, I did a little digging and
found that his vote stopped an exemption from property taxes.  Originally, he did not cast a vote to increase the tax rate
for seniors but in 2003, he joined in with the Republican majority and voted for the measure because there was a budget

During any budget crisis, it has been known that Colorado's politicians - both Democrats and Republicans - vote on
property tax exemptions to keep the government running and many times, seniors are affected.  So, we can denounce
Romanoff for his actions but likewise, we would have to
censure all our politicians - both Democrats and Republicans.

Romanoff's Worst Point
In the past, Romanoff has shown support to a legislation that would deny basic government services to individuals who
were not able to immediately prove they were legal residents.
Mike Coffman vs. Andrew Romanoff
Although I have been told that this year, the ballot will contain several Amendments and Propositions to vote, I have only
heard of the following:
  • Amendment 67 - Abortion
    Recognizes unborn children as persons in the Colorado Criminal Code and Colorado Wrongful Death Act.
  • Amendment 68 - Gambling
    Establishes a K-12 fund to be funded by expanded limited gaming at horserace tracks.
  • Proposition 104 - Government Accountability
    Requires open school board meetings for collective bargaining negotiations.
  • Proposition 105 - Business Regulation
    Mandates labeling of certain foodstuffs that contain genetically modified organisms.

Amendment 67:
    As of today and for the rest of my life, I will not vote in favor to give my rights away.  Accordingly, I will not vote
    for Amendment 67, as I do not like the idea of anyone (especially our government) to decide if a woman should or
    should not have an abortion.  It is the women's body and only she deserves that right.
    For all those that say that abortions are against God's will, I hear you, but I still do not believe this Country has the
    right to decide whether the woman is going to heaven or hell based on her decision.  It is not only her body, but it is
    her life and only she can answer for the sin - not you or anyone else.
    What if a woman is desperate?  What happens then?  Will she do anything and everything - including risking her
    own life - to abort the child?  As I said, it is her body and it should be her right.  When will men stop making
    decisions for women and our bodies?
    I appreciate the idea and law that allows a woman to leave her unwanted baby at a emergency room hospital and
    fire departments, because if not, the child would die.  Likewise, if a woman does not want to deliver a baby, then
    she should have a legal right and choice, not anyone but her.  Again, it is her body!
    Males should be against Amendment 67 as well, as their one night of sexual activity could mean a lifetime of pain
    that both he and the female did not want to commit to.  Amendment 67 not only takes away the right of the woman
    to choose but the takes way the right from the man as well.  Oh and let us not even talk about rape or incest
    because if most Republicans have their way, the woman would have to deliver that child too.
    It is a woman's body and it should always be a woman's right to choose.

Amendment 68:
    Amendment 68 affects two Counties, as Arapahoe County already has horseracing.  However, what about the
    other two?  How will the land/property owners feel and be affected? What about the surrounding properties?  
    More importantly, who will protect the horses?  (We have all read and heard the reports of multiple mistreatment
    and abuse of horses during horseracing.)
    I have heard the ads for and against the Amendment, but those that are for it says that it will benefit schools, but I
    have been paying attention to such claims since 1991.  For the last twenty-two years, the claim has been false and
    I truly doubt it will be any different now.
    I will vote no for Proposition 68, not because I believe we have enough gambling in Colorado, but because there
    needs to be further review.  Those that proposed 68 have not considered how additional gambling sights will affect
    Blackhawk and Central City.
    Oh and speaking of Blackhawk and Central City.  Where is the money the community colleges were supposed to
    receive?  As I said, nothing has changed but a bunch of smoke.
    Last year, Colorado voted against a school referendum and should do so again.

Proposition 104:
    At first, I wrote that I was unsure about how I would vote for Proposition 104.  Although I was thinking that
    "collective bargaining" automatically meant Union, I now understand that it has a lot to do with how teachers are
    paid and how each district is affected, so yes, it has something to do with Unions.  It pertains to negotiations and
    labor contracts.  I am a DPS'er.
    After reading Proposition 104, I understand that a vote in favor will actually help the school board members to
    relieve some stress.  A vote for Proposition 104 will give the public more say as to how money is spent.  Why
    should the school board members be stuck with such a complicated task all by themselves when they have the
    opportunity to seek help from the interested public?

Proposition 105:
    I do not favor Proposition 105 because I seriously and without doubt, believe it is a waste of money.  Most of the
    products that should be labeled GMO will not be labeled because there will not be enough monitors to police it.  
    We do not have enough people to monitor and police welfare fraud, property permits, school zones and known
    pedophiles.  No one monitors known sexual predators that are supposed to register as sex offenders and no one
    monitors this so-called and ongoing war on drugs.  Please, no one monitors police corruption, so I know no one is
    going to monitor the labeling of GMO foods.
    Please, I have seen more than one news report where once the food leaves the farm it is separated and
    mislabeled.  For example, both Joe's Farm and Jane's Farm sale their large juicy delicious apples to ABC Grocer.  
    However, after the apples are loaded, there is no telling what happens to those apples.  Joe's Farm has big red
    apples just as those from Jane's Farm, but if those apples from Jane's crate is not as full as Joe's, then the apples
    from another unknown farm is thrown into Jane's crate so that the batch is equally full.  However, ABC Grocer is
    not just selling apples from Jane's Farm and/or Joe's Farm but from another local unknown farmer as well, but the
    consumer does not know that because all they see is labeled apples that reads "Jane's Farm".  Therefore, there is
    no way to determine where the apples actually come from and because of that, it would be useless to label it.  
    What if Jane's Farms is from genetically modified organisms but the unknown local farm is not, what happens
    then?  How should it be labeled?  Should it be labeled partially GMO, fully GMO or not labeled at all?
    The latest argument against GMO labeling made a valuable point when they said that the cost will ultimately cost
    consumers but that is not the reason I am against it.  Instead, I shout that the USDA and FDA have been letting
    consumers down for years!  Do voters actually think they are going to be able to police products that are supposed
    to be GMO labeled?
    Because I have been paying attention to previous actions of the USDA and FDA, I see no reason to give them
    more responsibility when they cannot handle their current responsibility.  As they say, "Follow the money."
Amendments & Propositions
Between Senator Mark Udall and his opponent Cory Gardner, there is a vast difference between the two.

Senator Udall will continue to fight off shoring and outsourcing of American jobs.  While Gardner favors tax breaks for
large corporations that ship America jobs overseas.  He favors huge tax giveaways to the ultra rich instead of creating
policies that recognize the importance of improving the needs of the working people.

Udall defends against shipping American jobs overseas.  If the Trans-Pacific Partnership is passed, it will be the most
damaging trade agreement in a long line of bad trade deals.  The TPP is NAFTA on steroids!  It would encourage
corporations to move more U. S. jobs abroad to exploit cheap labor, which would ultimately continue to stagnate U.S.

Despite its sweeping policies, the TPP negotiations have been shrouded in secrecy, but Udall has been fighting to ensure
no trade deal that ships jobs overseas will be Fast Tracked without a full congressional debate.

Although the U.S. Constitution gives Congress authority to set trade policies, Udall demands the TPP be openly debated.  
He repeatedly has raised the issue and demanded that Congress be granted full access to the content of the agreement,
which has been partially written by 600 corporate advisors, with no input from labor or consumer advocacy groups.

Fast Tracking would limit congressional debate on the deal and prohibit amendments to the legislation that would
implement TPP.  Doing so, would allow corporations and TPP supporters to hide the devastating effects this agreement
would have on the Colorado, the environment health care and food safety.

Senior Citizens
Over the years, Republicans have tried on several occasions to privatize and slash the benefits that seniors have rightfully
earned.  However, Udall has spent the bulk of his time fighting to make sure that does not happen.

Health Care
Udall has publicly stated that he supports the AFA, as it stops insurance companies’ stranglehold on American families as
well as bans insurers from discriminating against Coloradans with pre-existing conditions.  In addition, it stops insurance
companies from canceling plans just because a family member gets sick.

Udall has introduced a Constitutional Amendment that requires the federal government to balance its budget every year.  
In addition, he has led the successful effort to ban congressional earmarks, which reduces wasteful government spending.

Equal & Fair Pay
While Gardner supported his Party to stop the Lilly Ledbetter Act, Udall fought hard and helped pass the Lilly Ledbetter
Fair Pay Act and proudly supports the Paycheck Fairness Act to ensure that women receive equal pay for equal work.

In addition, Udall fights for women to have access to contraception and family planning services.  Although he is in a
tough battle with his Republican colleagues, he vows to continue to stand up for a woman’s right to choose.

Abortion Rights
Gardner wants our government to have the say on contraception for women.  He has no idea how to treat women as he
is against hospitals to inform survivors of a sexual assault of the availability of emergency contraception.  He has co-
sponsored a Federal Bill "personhood" bill, which aims to ban some forms of contraception and all abortion, even for rape.

In my opinion, he is against women and that rape is not necessarily rape when a woman is raped.
Senator Mark Udall vs. Cory Gardner
Governor John Hickenlooper vs. Bob Beauprez
Andrew Romanoff vs. Mike Coffman
Senator Mark Udall vs. Cory Gardner
Amendments & Propositions
Nevertheless, I am ready for the upcoming midterm election in November 2014.  Still, I am surprised as well as
disappointed and upset that so many people that refuse to vote in the in the general elections but only vote during
presidential elections!  What sense does that make since no president has ever had the power to do anything?  Not one
president!  Congress has and will ALWAYS have the power.  Of course, that could or would change IF Congress voted
against not having the power, but that would mean they would vote to take away the power from themselves, and
commonsense tells you that they would NEVER do that!  Vote against yourself so that you no longer have power?!  
NEVER!  So, why not vote and make a decision for the person or persons who actually have the power?

Okay, I guess I have made my feelings known more then once, so, I digress.  Anyway, as the races for Governor, Senate
and Congressional Representative, I already have my paper in hand and am ready to make my choices.
Now some may say that I opted for only Democrat candidates, but at least I weighed the pros and cons of each
candidate.  I went as far as provided the good and the bad of both the Democrat candidate and the Republican
candidate.  However, there is a reason to my madness.

Before President Obama was president, I have been known to vote for either a Democrat or Republican.  However,
since he has taken the helm of these divided States, the Republican Party has lost me as a viable supporter.  Either for
life, or until they change back to the Republican Party I used to know.  The Party I knew before George W. Bush was
likeable because they were reasonable.  Today, there is not enough money in the world to make me change how I feel
about the Party.  I do not hate it, as hate is such a strong word.  However, I strongly dislike it because it has proven to me
that they do not like poor people, struggle middleclass people, businesses that favor the will and right of The People,
homosexuality and pro-Choice.  Did I mention that the Party has proven a strong disdain for working poor and the
struggling middleclass that work two and three jobs just to keep their head above water?  In short, the Party has proven
that all that nonsense about love and loyalty of Country, is a bunch of hogwash!  The Party can expect me to return when
they change because I certainly am not.

Until the Republican Party changes, the Democrat Party will always have my vote.  No, I have never been on welfare or
public assistance or whatever it is called these days, but the Democrat Party will certainly help me if I should ever need
it.  What type of person would turn away someone in need?

Besides, why would I ever vote for a Republican again, when the majority of them want to strip me of my RIGHT to
vote?!  Also, they
shutdown the government and delayed raising the debt ceiling.  These actions hurt working families!  
Their actions also hurt the secret service, which helps protect the president.  (They would not have pulled such stunts if a
Republican were president.)

Some of us avid political news watchers already know, but just in case, I thought I might inform/remind some people of
the following:
  • The Democrats supports Peace
  • The Democrats supports Progress
  • The Democrats supports Prosperity
  • The Democrats supports Civil Rights
  • The Democrats supports Social Security
  • The Democrats supports The Environment
  • The Democrats supports Working Families
  • The Democrats supports Equality for ALL People
  • The Democrats supports Women Rights to Choose
  • The Democrats supports Decreased Unemployment
  • The Democrats supports and Cares About The People
  • Democrats do not favor War
  • Democrats do not favor Deficits
  • Democrats do not favor Big Oil
  • Democrats do not favor Recession
  • Democrats do not favor Less Gun Laws
  • Democrats do not favor Tax Cuts for Millionaires

Nevertheless, I am ready for the upcoming midterm election in November 2014.  Still, I am surprised as well as
disappointed and upset that so many people that refuse to vote in the in the general elections but only vote during
presidential elections!  What sense does that make since no president has ever had the power to do anything?  Not one
president!  Congress has and will ALWAYS have the power.  Of course, that could or would change IF Congress voted
against not having the power, but that would mean they would vote to take away the power from themselves, and
commonsense tells you that they would NEVER do that!  Vote against yourself so that you no longer have power?!  
NEVER!  So, why not vote and make a decision for the person or persons who actually have the power?

Okay, I guess I have made my feelings known more then once, so, I digress.  Anyway, as the races for Governor, Senate
and Congressional Representative, I already have my paper in hand and am ready to make my choices.
Reasons for my Decisions
A man without a vote is a man without protection.
There are 22 judges on the ballot and so far, I have only reviewed 14 and out of the 14, I have picked one that should not
be retained.  I choose not to retain this one particular judge out of concern to those who may appear before her.

Nonetheless, the following judges received my "yes" vote:
  • Boatright
  • Marquez
  • Fox
  • Loeb
  • Egelhoff
  • Eliff
  • Jones
  • Madden
  • McGahey
  • Starrs
  • Vallejos
  • Leith
  • Barajas
  • Breese
  • Campbell
  • Mangnall
These four were in the book but not on my ballot
  • Gonzales
  • Walzl
  • Wood
  • Hayes
All others, I voted no.

I hope people are taking the time to review each judge, as one never knows when they may find themselves in front of
one.  It is a long tedious read, but better safe than sorry.

Please note that not just criminal judges are up for review so it pays to review each of them separately and their actions.
Judges: Retained or Renounced
    Admittedly, I have no idea who Barbara Deadwyler is, but the lady at the
    Udall office told me that I should vote for her.

    District 7 State Rep
    Although I know very well who Angela Williams is, she is definitely not
    my first choice.  However, I have been taught that is best to go with the
    devil I do know instead of the one I do not.
    In the beginning, I favored her but she has proven that she is just like any
    other politician.  Had there been an open space for a "write in" candidate,
    I would have thrown my name in there.

Congress District 1
Without a doubt, Diana DeGette will ALWAYS receive my vote and financial support as she has PROVEN that she
financially supports me.

Secretary of State
I have seen Joe Neguse's commercial but I think I read too much into.  (I think too much.)  Nonetheless, while at the
Udall office, I saw his poster and then researched him online and it was enough for me to give him my vote.
Prayerfully, he will win, as I certainly do not like the idea of having my voting rights stripped away from me.

State Treasury
Admittedly, I had no idea that Betsy Markey was on the ballot!  But without a doubt, she definitely receives my vote.

Attorney General
Admittedly, I did not know Don Quick but have seen his commercial.
Rest of my Ballot
Sample Ballot