• New Hands!
    Zion Harvey told a CNN affiliate "I just want to say this: Never give up on
    your dreams.  It will come true."
    Zion underwent a 10-hour surgery to have two new hands attached.  He is the
    first child to receive a double hand transplant.
    "When I was 2, I had to get my hands cut off because I was sick," Zion
    simply stated.
    Pre-surgery video shows Zion strumming a mandolin, playing foosball, scrolling
    through an iPad's offerings and playfully covering his younger sister’s eyes with
    the stubs of his wrists.
    As for the bullies who made fun of him, he frankly states "They don’t mean to
    say mean things to me, but it just slips out.  Somebody says something to
    me, and I just figure it slipped out and they didn’t mean to say it.  
    Everybody has their own way of thinking."
    Zion's family is grateful to the Gift of Life Donor Program, a regional organ
    procurement organization.
    More on Zion's story can be found here.
    As of now, there has not been word of how one can help with expenses
    however, the Gift of Life Donor Program eagerly accepts donations.

  • Mail carrier, Ron Lynch helps young boy to get books to read.
    "He told me his wish is to have books to read," Lynch wrote in his Facebook
    post on July 24.  "Please share and let's get him tons of reading material!
    Most kids his age wants electronics. It's great to see his desire, and you
    should have seen him beam when I said I could help."
    The rest of the story is here.

  • Some condescending folks in some of our Cities have pushed some of our
    government officials to make it illegal to be homeless.  Okay perhaps not illegal
    to be homeless but definitely illegal for a homeless person to be homeless in
    It was nice to hear there was a campaign to help the homeless.  Their needs
    seemed simple and no more costly then the other projects in the works.  They
    just simply wanted a Homeless Bill of Rights to include the following:
    1. The right to move freely and sleep in public spaces without discrimination
    2. The right to sleep in a parked vehicle
    3. The right to eat and exchange food in public
    4. The right to obtain legal counsel
    5. The right to access hygiene facilities 24/7
    6. The right to use the defense of necessity in any criminal prosecution.
    Sadly Colorado's HB 1264 did not pass.

TML> SIteTest1

It is such a shame that so many of us actually believed we lived in a democracy but failed to realize the coninued/ongoing rule of the oligarchy.

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I give no one a pass.  I do not care the color
of your skin or the position you may have,
you will NEVER receive a pass or any excuse
for your actions from me.  NEVER!  Not
now, not ever!  
Our united states
government officials Will Pass On The
american People
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No new news to report as of now.  But wait,
let me just put in this quick note:  For so
many years, I had prayed for patience, but as
time went on and there were changes to make
record of and I began to pray for peace.  The
peace came gradually, yet quickly and I am
forever grateful to Him and will always be
mindful of where my entire blessing comes.  
With this newfound peace, many will
presume that cynicism followed.  In contrast,
I know better. I often refer to a quote from  
Mr. Carl Jung, “Your vision...
while working alongside the creator of Davis
Designs.  With equipment always in tow,
there is an advantage to improve personal A
love for photography but shots varies
projects, while capturing the best-targeted
images.  Enjoying a variety of poses -
journalistic style included; catering to client's
needs.  New and continuous clients, receive a
mixture of more than 500 digital photos and
approximately 70 still-lens photos with
negatives.  With their selection, they are
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Alternatively, I was wrong!
...experiences with the police in Colorado.  
From what I can remember, there was the
time when I was either driving to or coming
from work, and I was driving near Curtis
Park when I noticed a policeman giving this
guy a ticket. While I was watching someone
get a ticket...
My Health Care Reform Plan
Just like most Politicians, and others, I am so
egotistical, that I felt I could write a health
care reform bill better than any Democrat or
Poor Obama, I always saw him as an
intelligent man that could see the forest
before the trees. But… When the Dems
first began pushing healthcare reform, I kept
watching the opponents and I could not help
but to think that they are a bunch of dumb
protesters. Now do not get me wrong, I could
have easily...
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Nothing Is What It Seems
Thoughts of what happened before and on
Tuesday, September 11, 2001.  I cannot
imagine nothing could cause the beams to go
down on 9/11.  I thank God...
Trayvon Martin was killed or murdered.  I
know some of my Black brothers and sisters
felt that they already knew Zimmerman
murdered Martin, but I wanted to know the
facts or at least learn some of the particulars
before giving an opinion.  Although the jury
of six women will decide this case, I wanted
to know the facts and felt a need to decide for
myself if Zimmerman was innocent or
guilty.  As I said, I did not know, but now I
at least have some of the facts about what
happened that night,
Sunday, February 26,
Bernie Sanders Blackout:
It is obvious that the mainstream media
agrees with the Denver National Committee
about taking turns in being president, so
they, (the mainstream media) has decided
that Bernie Sanders did not deserve much
coverage.  Well that is not fair, as the people
deserve to hear from each candidate.
For all those that do not know but want to
know about Bernie Sanders, this is for you!
    It took a few Bernie TV videos for me to change from Hillary to Bernie and the more I listened to Hillary, the more I
    was certain...  Thank you, and goodbye!
    I am a registered Independent.
    The Political Notes page has not been updated.
Polly's Perspective
Political Notes
Sometimes opinions stink!
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Love Lyn, Gourmet Bath & Body
    "Something to Think About" Many of us have a daily fixed crack diet and think we do our body good, but we do
    not.  We are lying to ourselves and purposefully ignoring God's wants in exchange for our own wants.  I am talking
    about the daily dose of...
Your Daily Bread
  • Family & Friends
Family & Friends
    The Jobs Page has been updated.  Please let us know if you have a listing to add.
Employment Opportunities
    Jamberry Nails is a new and creative way to design your nails, and Sarah Ann is the consultant to make sure you get
    the right color and styles that you need and desire.  Order your Jamberry Nails today and have stylish finger and
    toenails for any upcoming event or occasion.
Jamberry Nails
Dear Democrat Party,

My parents taught me the importance of voting so I have been avidly voting since

For decades, I have supported the Democrat Party because they seem to speak the
language of the working class and poor.  However, as time passes, it is getting harder
and harder to decide between a Democrat and Republican candidate, as both seem to
make careers out of being just a politician and not public servants.

Us voters are just regular everyday working class citizens.  We go to work each day,
feed our families, abide by the law; doing everything, we are supposed to do.  However
as each day, month and year passes, it is getting harder and harder for us to achieve
our responsibilities.  Yes, we are aware that we must work hard, but we are also
aware that the policies set by politicians often make our lives difficult.  Our politicians
have a huge impact on our lives and depending on their actions, it can hinder our

It seemed as though the Democrats wanted to set good policies while closely playing
the hand they were dealt while working with their Republican colleagues.  However, it
seems that the Democrat Party is swinging more and more to the Right; conservatism.  
Today, it is getting harder and harder for us every day working class folks and it seems
as though neither the Democrats nor Republicans care.

I am convinced that neither Party cares, because if they did, they would stop making
life harder for us.  Most are clueless that the majority of us working class people do not
earn $85,000 a year.  Most are clueless and do not know how much a gallon of milk
costs, a needed medical prescription, electricity, water etc.  Assuredly they have no
idea that milk, bread and cheese have increased in price but have less content.

If they do know these things, it is because they asked someone on their staff.  
Someone had to tell them.  Now, I am not naïve to believe that someone such as
Bernie Sanders is the only politician that knows this, but he was the only presidential
candidate talking about it.  He was the only presidential candidate that talked about
income inequality; issues that us average citizens contend with on a daily basis.  (He
talked about issues that concern us, the average voter.)

You choose Hillary Clinton to be the Democrat nominee but I will not vote for her, as
she is not progressive and she certainly is not a public servant.  She will not fight for us
- the consumer, the middle class, the working class, the working poor.

For decades, we have had a plethora of politicians tell us what they "think" we need or
what they "think" we should know.

We are tired of typical political lip service.

We are tired of business as usual, a system that only works for the selective few and
the establishment.

We have grown overly tired of status quo; a vote for status quo is just that.  If status
quo worked, then millions more voters would support it but it is obvious that it is not
hence the reason Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump received so much support.  
Personally, I knew I would never vote for Trump, but many people are just to put an
end to status quo/business as usual.

Us voters are tired of our politicians embracing status quo and them pushing it on us as
if it is the only option.  We know it is not.

We have always had a challenge on our hands and repeatedly the voters have asked
that you stand with us.

As a Coloradoian and longtime Democrat supporter, I am tired of asking you for your
support.  I am tired of hoping status quo would end.  I am overly tired of hoping that
you will step up and take the challenge.  I now know that you do not have the courage,
as you are the establishment and cannot work with us and fight for us.

For decades, I have sent correspondence begging and pleading for you to reform but
instead you have asked us voters to bend and bend and bend.  I am now fully aware
that you do not intend to end the greed and corruption but instead you will continue to
embrace it, as it has become the norm.

We have had a decades-long relationship but it is not working so I am saying goodbye
to the mental instability and abuse.


C Davis, former Democrat supporter & contributor
Open Letter to the Democrat Party

People have been toeing the line, keeping their head down, sticking to their Party, and
apathetically accepting lies, corruption and lesser of two evils for way too long.  In case
we have all forgotten, this is America.  We are supposed to stand for equality,
opportunity and justice for all.  Does anyone remember?  Can anyone see that actually
in existence any more?  Doesn’t that bother you?  Do you really think it will just fix it
self if you do what you are told, if you sit down and shut up?

We are trying to change the way things are.  We are doing our best to get away from
the status quo because it has not been working for us.

Mr. Anderson
Open Letter to the Democrat Party
No Vote!  As for The People not supporting
their own rights by voting, I know I need to
kill off a few of these people inside my head.
Democratic Socialist:
The United States of America has Medicare,
Social Security, United States Military,
Education, Infrastructure and many other
socialist programs.
Unfortunately, some people either have
forgotten or do not know that America is
already a socialist Country; Bernie is not the
socialist that people think he is.  He is not a
socialist but instead, …
TML> SIteTest1

No one said Bernie was perfect; far from it but we are waiting for him or someone better than he is. Anyone else just wonít do!

Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they've been given than to explore the
power they have to change it.
Impossible is not a fact.  It's an opinion.
Impossible is not a declaration.  It's a dare.
Impossible is potential.
Impossible is temporary.
Impossible is nothing.

The Greatest
Jill Stein:
I wanted Jill to win and that is why I voted
for her. It was not a "protest vote" but
instead a vote for the person I
wanted to
win.  I have never voted for someone that I
did not want to win.  I did not want Bush to
win so I did not vote for him just as I did not
want Romney to win so I did not vote for
him either.
Thankfully, Racism No Longer Exist
Without a doubt, racism is a major sore for
Obama’s Presidency, as the disrespect
towards this president is unlike any I have
seen in my lifetime.  The contempt is rapid:
    Helping Children is organized for charitable activities and purposes.  The mission is to empower and assist needy
    children by any means necessary in the underdeveloped country of the Philippines.
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