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Section 1.............................................................................................About Our Services

Section 2............................................................Equipment Explanation of Use & Reliability

Section 3....................What YOU should know & look for when choosing your photographer

Section 4...............................................................Looking for a Professional Photographer
                                                                                       includes a "must do" list for your Wedding Photographer

Section 5......................................................................................................Our Services
      includes Graphic & Print Design, Photo DVD Montages, Videography Services & Photo Editing

Section 6...........................................................................................Our Promise to YOU

Section 7.............................................................................................Outline Information

Section 8...........................................................................................................Price List

Section 9............................................................................Additional Services to Consider

Section 10..........................................................................................................Appendix
Section One

On-line Portfolio

For more than 20 plus years, we have been captivated by the art of Photography and Videography but only have exposed
our creativity and capability over the last few.    As inexperienced photographers, we aim to provide and deliver the finest
quality of service possible while working towards the needs and desires of my clients. The two most popular styles we use
in photography are "photo-journalistic" and "portrait."  Also, most commonly referred to as casual and posed.

By viewing some of the examples, you will note a photo-journalistic approach; usually shots that are not planned, and
because of this they are usually casual.  Some of these styles of photos have been used in journalism (newspapers,
magazines, etc.) photography.  The shots taken are often spontaneous motion shots as well.

The portrait style photograph is both posed and formal shots as well as casual shots.  Generally, when this style is used, we
will take more posed shots than casual because our experience has shown that more clients are interested in these photo
styles and shots.  If you are interested in more of the casual shots, they are always available for your view and purchase,
but should be noted that due to lighting, position and motion of spontaneous shots, there may be less to choose from than
expected.  Example: out of 200 casual shots, only 50-100 may produce quality pictures while the remaining may be a
complete loss or of less quality.  For examples of casual and "non-subject" photos, please view not only what you see here
on this site, but our complete portfolio as well.

The third style of photography we use is our ability to edit pre-made photographs (photos that were taken by a previous
photographer but edited for our client's likeness.)

Because our photography has gone beyond just being a personal project and hobbyist, we have tested the market and have
priced our work accordingly.

After viewing our portfolio, you may wish to seek and interview other very experienced photographers with portfolios and
references.  If you consider what we have to offer is in accordance to your needs, please feel free to give us a call.

Thank you, for considering us!
Equipment Explanation of Use and Reliability

We use the following equipment:
  • Canon EOS Rebel T2
    One of the best SLR cameras and highly recommended by professional photographers. It is the fastest continuous
    shooting speed in its class at 10 frames per second in a One Shot AF. A still film camera made of three basic
    elements: an optical element (the lens), a chemical element (the film), and a mechanical element (the camera body
    itself). The only ruse to photography is calibrating and combining these elements in such a way that they record a
    crisp, recognizable image which this camera has proven to provide.
  • Panatex TC-5000D
    Another one of our best SLR 35mm cameras. Great quality marvels to boasts an impressive array of features for
    astonishing image clarity and performance. With advanced processing technology for high-definition images rich in
    gradation and saturation. Interchangeability of a wide selection of existing lenses for quick and accurate focus.

Digital Cameras
  • Digital Kodak 3.2 ES
    One of our favorites and chosen before any of our other digital cameras. More commonly used with its reliable
    modish resolution; 4x optical zoom plus 4x advanced digital zoom, 2.2" high-resolution indoor/outdoor display,
    SD/MMC card expansion slot and Video mode with audio. It has proven repeatedly to capture sharp detail with the
    Kodak Retinar-aspheric all-glass optical zoom lens.  It creates vibrant, unbelievable quality (prints up to 20x30".)
  • Canon PowerShot a85
    Most popular used digital camera. Its high performance offers a higher level creativity and renders every shot in
    unstinting detail.  It is specially designed with highly advanced features like Special Scene Modes beyond imagination.

***Only some of our digital-camera photos are printed in-house as we are careful to preserve our client's products and
consider what is best recommended for best quality. When using digital cameras and images, most photographers these days
spend at least part of their time working with images on computers. For some of us, it has largely replaced the darkroom,
while exploring the possibilities of manipulating images that the computer can offer.
***We approach working with images very much from the viewpoint as a photographer making use of detailed and quality
images for our clients.

Digital may make life easier.  A few of their pros and cons:
 simple intuitive interface (despite what some people say)
 effortless operation for common actions
 useful simple definition of common sets of actions
 industry standard (used by many other photographers)
 includes standard ICC/ICM colour management
 wide range of publications (print and web) dealing with its use including good online tutorials
 many plug-in programs to add functionality
 makes better use of second processor and large amounts of memory than most software
 expensive and time consuming of basic programming and printing
 very expensive plug-ins
 poor (slow) handling of image data for large images

  • HP PhotoSmart 8100 Series
    Prints true-to-life photos in 6-ink color or up 4800-optimized dpi* color printing that resist fading for generations.
    Capability to print from memory cards, the HP Photo Proof Sheet, or from PictBridge-enabled cameras. Prints 4x6
    inch photos as fast as 27 seconds, 5x7 inch photos as fast as 34 seconds and crisp, everyday black text and color
    graphics in up to 20 PPM. Prints photos from select camera telephones or other Bluetooth wireless technology
    devices, and print frame-by-frame sequences right from digital camera video clips. More liberty to include the
    flexibility of printed photos with or without borders on standard sizes of photo papers.
  • HP 1210 Series
    Used to edit and provide excellent quality printouts of pre-edited photos. This quality printer is our favorable All-in-
    One combining printing, scanning, and copying. Provides true-to-life photo-quality results with up to 4800 x 1200-
    optimized-dpi color printing and fast printing and copying speeds up to 15 pages per minute in black, and up to 10 in
    color. It is capable for easy enlargements and scanning photos, documents, and books - even 3-D objects.
  • HP 700 Series
    Used to edit and provide excellent quality printouts of pre-edited photos. Provides flexibility, dependability produces -
    photo-quality color photos. Used for its great photo resolution and clarity - providing laser-like black print quality and
    outstanding color photos and graphics.  Prints on a wide variety of media and paper types and sizes, labels, envelopes,
    transparencies, plain and specialty papers from 4 x 6 to 8.5 x 14, plus manual two sided printing.
  • HP 540 DeskJet
    Used to provide invoices and other stationary services. This is our main printer for in-house prints and sample work.
    The documents in our portfolio are examples of its quality of use.  Its network-capable color office printer for DOS
    Windows and OS/2 environments. Holds 200 plus 20 lb. paper and allows postscript plain paper drop-on-demand
    thermal inkjet.  Enhanced HP with Color Smart Enhancement technology (MEt) allows most large complex files to
    print within a stable base.

In house, we use the following software to provide you the best quality of photography and videography services:
  • Adobe PhotoShop 6 &7
  • CanonCam ArcSoft Suite
  • HP Image Zone
  • Canon Photo Record
  • Macromedia (Flash & Fireworks)
  • Movie Editor
  • Photo Stitch
  • RAW Image Task
  • Zoom Browser EX
  • Remote Capture
  • Print Shop and ICE 5.0
  • Print Master
  • Veo Master Photography & Video Works
  • Personal use of equipment to provide quality service:

Depending on the needs of our clients, we normally shoot with a Canon EOS Rebel T2 and/or, Digital Kodak 3.2 ES.  Color
as well as black & white film of various film speeds.  (The speed for our great SLR camera is 400.)  When using digital
cameras, the photos are scanned and in some cases, the brightness and contrast are adjusted using PhotoShop and Photo
Stitch.  We have yet to develop our own photos and prints outside of a digital environment.

Please feel free to
email us with any questions and/or comments.
What YOU, the client should know

Before you give up any money or sign any contract with ANY photographer with your hard-earned money, please consider
the following:

  • Camera Types:  There are two basic types of cameras that wedding photographers use, 35mm and medium format.  
    There is some contention, even among professional photographers as to, which is best.  The 35mm cameras will give
    you a slightly grainier appearance if the photo is enlarged than the medium format will.  Unless you plan on very large
    enlargements, the only one that will notice this graininess is your photographer.

  • Film - A Return to Black and White:  Film comes in color or black and white.  Color is the most popular choice in
    wedding photography, but black and white is gaining a foothold.  Black and white film demonstrates a more artistic
    looking photograph no matter whether the preference is portrait or photo-journalistic style.  It also lasts longer than
    color film.  Color is the most versatile of the two.  Color pictures presents itself with a more accurate portrayal of a
    wedding.  They can be made into black and white prints, but will not last as long as black and white pictures from
    black & white film. Photographers who use the photo-journalistic style are more apt to use black and white film.  The
    choice is usually made based in each individual and their tastes.

  • Speed of film:  Another consideration is the speed of the film.  Most photographers will already have a standard that
    they use in certain situations, and the client will not be concerned about the film speed.  When using a "hobbyist"
    photographer, a discussion about film speed should occur.  Since most hobbyist photographers use a 35mm camera,
    (if not noted before hand) the focus will generally be on 100, 200 or 400 speed film.
  • 100 speed is best in strong sunlight and is the least grainy of the three.
  • 200 speed is the middle ground and often used for partial sun or partial shade.  
  • 400 speed works well in low light.  
  • 400 speed is the most commonly used for wedding photography (by hobbyist's) because it can be used for indoor
    shots or outdoor shots.

  • Your Personal Photographer:  Wedding photographers have a reputation for being high strung and haughty.  Not all
    wedding photographers are this way, but some are.  Most couples are looking for a photographer that takes great
    pictures, but is also sociable while doing so, allowing the couple to relax and be at ease while taking their wedding
    pictures.  The best time to find out what personality your photographer has is in the interview.  Ask pointed questions
    and gauge his/her reactions.  If you feel as if the photographer is putting on an act for your benefit, he/she probably
    is.  Trust your instincts!  Ask for references and then follow up on them.  Make sure to ask about the photographer's
    personality.  If the couple feels comfortable with the photographer and vice versa, it will show in the pictures.

The Perfect Portfolio - Beware:  Finally, always look through a photographer's portfolio.  In the case of a hobbyist
photographer, look through albums of pictures that he/she has taken.  These photographs will probably be the best that the
photographer has taken, (or they would not make it into the portfolio) but should give you an indication of what to expect.  
Look for photographs where subjects are slightly out of focus, where attention is drawn away from the subject, colors are
muted or too strong (lighting), streaks in pictures and so on.  If you find any of these things, it is likely that the pictures of
your wedding day will contain some if not all of these same elements.
Looking for a Wedding Photographer?
Consider the "Wedding Photo Checklist":  

After you have decided on the style of wedding photography that you prefer, you will need to choose which shots you would
like taken.  This inclusive guide of 175 shots and poses should help you in that decision.  Included are shots and poses which
apply no matter the setting as well as shots and poses that are specific to a particular setting.  Many of these shots can be
formal or casual.  Make sure to allow the photographer plenty of time to take all of the shots that you would like taken.  In
order to make it easier, the following list should be given to your photographer:

Prior to the Wedding
_______Engagement photo for newspaper
_______Formal engagement photo
_______Casual engagement photo

Prior to the Ceremony
_______Bride dressing with help of Mother
_______Bride dressing with help of attendants
_______Bride alone, full body shot
_______Bride looking into full-length mirror
_______Bride alone, 3/4 view
_______Bride alone, head and shoulders shot
_______Bride looking into mirror, head and shoulders shot
_______Groom dressing with help of Father
_______Groom dressing with help of attendants
_______Groom alone, full body shot
_______Groom looking into full-length mirror
_______Groom alone, 3/4 view
_______Groom alone, head and shoulders shot
_______Groom looking into mirror, head and shoulders shot
_______Maid/Matron of Honor placing garter on bride
_______Mother adjusting Bride's veil
_______Bride showing something new, something borrowed and something blue
_______Bride with each of her attendants
_______Groom with each of his attendants
_______Bride with Maid/Matron/Man of Honor
_______Groom with Best Man/Maid
_______Bride with Flower Girl/s
_______Groom with Ring-Bearer
_______Bride and Groom with entire wedding party
_______Bride with mother
_______Bride with father
_______Bride with mother and father
_______Bride with grandparents
_______Groom with mother
_______Groom with father
_______Groom with grandparents
_______Father kissing Bride
_______Mother kissing Groom
_______Bride pinning boutonniere on Father
_______Groom pinning boutonniere on Father
_______Bride putting corsage on Mother
_______Groom putting corsage on Mother
_______Bride placing penny/sixpence in her shoe
_______Groom shining his shoes
_______Bride giving ring to Maid/Matron/Man of Honor
_______Groom giving ring to Best Man/Maid
_______Bride profile
_______Groom profile
_______Bride looking out the window
_______Groom looking out the window
_______Individual portrait of each person in wedding party
_______Bride giving bouquets/boutonnieres to her attendants
_______Groom giving bouquets/boutonnieres to his attendants
_______Bride in mirror, finishing touches
_______Groom in mirror, finishing touches
_______Bride leaving for wedding
_______Groom leaving for wedding
_______Mother and father waving at Bride
_______Mother and father waving at groom
_______Mother and/or Father of Bride wiping tears
_______Mother and/or Father of Groom wiping tears
_______Bride arriving at ceremony site
_______Groom arriving at ceremony site
_______Best Man/Maid wiping Groom's brow
_______Maid/Matron/Man of Honor wiping Bride's brow
_______Best Man/Maid pulling Groom into church/site
_______Maid/Matron/Man of Honor pulling Bride into church/site
_______Picture of Bride entering church/site
_______Picture of Groom entering church/site
_______Picture of church/site

Ceremony Photos
_______Usher/Groomsmen seating Mother and/or Father of Bride
_______Usher/Groomsmen seating Mother and Father of Groom
_______Usher/Groomsmen seating Bride's Grandparents
_______Usher/Groomsmen seating Groom's grandparents
_______Photo of Musician/s(Organist, Soloist, etc.)
_______Photo of Officiant
_______Groom and his attendants waiting for the bride to walk down the aisle
_______Bride with her attendants and Escort, about to enter
_______Flower girl and ring bearer coming down aisle
_______Bridesmaids/ Groomsmen coming down the aisle
_______Maid/Matron/Man of Honor coming down the aisle
_______Bride walking down the aisle with Escort
_______Back view (train) of Bride walking down the aisle
_______Photo of moment that Bride and Groom meet at altar
_______Photo of entire wedding party at altar
_______Close-up of Bride, Groom and Officiant
_______Photo of wedding from distance (back of church/site)
_______Mother of Groom and Mother of Bride lighting unity candle
_______Bride and Groom lighting unity candle
_______Medallion ceremony
_______Hands ceremony
_______Additional Ceremonies(Communion, etc.)
_______Groom placing ring on Bride's finger
_______Bride placing ring on Groom's finger
_______First kiss as man and wife
_______Receiving line
_______Guests throwing rice/birdseed
_______Guest blowing bubbles
_______Couple leaving for reception
_______Parents of couple leaving for reception
_______Grandparents of couple leaving for reception
_______Special guests leaving for reception

The Reception and After
_______Photo of Reception site, exterior
_______Photo of Reception site, interior
_______Photo of Wedding cake
_______Photo of Bride's cake
_______Photo of Groom's cake
_______Photo of Buffet/Food table
_______Photo of Head Table
_______Bride and Groom slicing cake
_______Bride feeding cake to Groom
_______Groom feeding cake to Bride
_______Couple feeding cake to each other
_______Couple toasting each other
_______Witnesses signing marriage license
_______Food/Punch servers
_______Reception decorations
_______The Couple's first dance
_______Groom dancing with Mother
_______Bride dancing with Father
_______Groom dancing with mother-in-law
_______Bride dancing with father-in-law
_______Attendants' dancing
_______Parents' of Couple dancing
_______Misc. Guests dancing
_______Bouquet toss
_______Groom taking garter off Bride
_______Garter toss
_______Girl/Woman catching bouquet
_______Boy/Man catching garter
_______Boy/Man putting Garter on Girl/Woman
_______Best Man's toast
_______Other Attendants' toasts
_______Toasts from Parents' of couple
_______Photo of entertainment (DJ, Musician, etc.)
_______Food being served/eaten
_______Bride mingling with guests
_______Groom mingling with guests
_______Bride and Groom mingling with guests
_______Bride with her Parents
_______Groom with his Parents
_______Bride and Groom with both sets of Parents
_______Groom, Father, Grandfather, Son (generations photo)
_______Bride, Mother, Grandmother, Daughter (generations photo)
_______Bride and Groom with both sets of Grandparents
_______Bride and Groom with various Guests
_______Bride and Groom with special Guests
_______Candid photos of Bride and Groom
_______Candid photos of Guests
_______Apron/Money dance
_______Release of butterflies
_______Release of birds
_______Bubble-blowing shots
_______Petal throwing shots
_______Birdseed/Rice throwing shots
_______College friends
_______Work Associates
_______Close-up of Groom's hand (ring) under Bride's hand(ring)
_______Outdoor Couple poses
_______Decorating of "Get-away" car
_______Couple kissing
_______Photo of Invitation and Bouquet
_______Photo of bow tie, Invitation and Boutonniere
_______Gift table
_______Couple opening gifts
_______Bride and Groom saying goodbye to guests
_______Couple kissing/hugging Parent's
_______Bride and Groom walking to decorated car
_______Couple waving to guests
_______Couple getting into decorated car
_______Couple leaving in car
_______Couple getting on plane for Honeymoon
_______Reception site. cleaning up
_______Bride's father with empty pockets
_______Mothers' carrying gifts to car
_______Groom's mother kissing photo of Groom
_______Bride's mother kissing photo of Bride
_______Other Photos:
Our Services

...providing unbeatable professional and personal services to serve you, your needs, your desires and your budget!

Service Details from our digital designs

We mostly photograph and video Special Events, Family and Social Gatherings, Weddings and Engagements.

Here are just a few of our additional services:
  • Graphic and Print Design
  • Videography Services
  • Photo DVD Montages
  • Photo Editing

  • Prints can be your choice of black & white, traditional or choice package
  • Prints will typically be available for you within two weeks of the session

No matter what photography setting you chose, you can expect:
  • Our best quality of service
  • On time scheduled service unless events occur beyond our control
  • All of our photo sessions to be for an unlimited amount of time and pictures when using our digital cameras
  • A CD with all the digital images we take within a week after the session
    (A CD of all SLR photos is available at $70 per hour)

  • A non-refundable deposit of 50% is due at time of booking to reserve your date
  • The remaining payment is due no later than two weeks before the wedding or event.
  • Your deposit reserves your date and package price
  • Shipping charges will be applied when and where applicable
  • We are available for travel throughout the State of Colorado.  There is no mileage costs for locations within 50 miles
    round-trip from Denver to the surrounding Counties.  Each additional mile will be 20 cents.

***Prices include tax. Prices are subject to change at any time, with or without notice. The only price that is final is that
which is listed on your contract. The contracted rate may also vary, due to unexpected or event day circumstance.
***Overtime charges, travel fees and other similar charges will be billed immediately after your event and will be
handwritten on your contract.  
***ALL final products are presented in DVD format unless otherwise requested.
***VHS pricing available by request.

Your satisfaction is our priority. If there is something that we can do for you, do not hesitate to ask.  If you would like to
meet with us, just contact us for a scheduled date.

    A brief description of our Graphic & Print Design service
    Let us custom design that special "look" for your Company. From a simple name with an elegant typeface to a
    modern graphic look and everything in between, we will design a look for your business you will love.

    Letterhead and envelopes, business cards, invoices, business reports and proposals and more are only a call away.
    We also design much more, including: flyers and mailers; custom-made menus for bars, restaurants and pizza places;
    beautiful brochures for travel agencies, boutiques and other businesses; tickets for raffles, plays, concerts and more;
    programs for plays, concerts, recitals and more, and more!

  • Weddings
  • Mitzvahs
  • Celebrations

    So much attention is paid to the selection of the perfect setting and caterer, finding the appropriate entertainment,
    picking a memorable theme, decorating the room…and, in a few hours, all those things are gone.

    You will remember less than 25% of what happened. Moreover, as the host or guest of honor, you will likely not
    participate in much of the happenings. You will be busy talking with your guests, as it should be.  How would you like
    your memories of this event preserved?  Photos are a nice freeze frame of various moments of the day; but video is
    the only complete representation of the sights, sounds and emotions of any once-in-a-lifetime event.

    Quality is not is priceless!  We take pride in the quality of our work! Our videographers maintain the
    years in experience shooting everything from sporting events and dance recitals to commercials, graduations and
    more. These adventures give them the knowledge and experience needed to produce a final product you will be sure
    to love.  We are only satisfied when you are smiling as you watch your event video!  We also have night and
    weekend appointments, by request, to fit your busy schedule.
    All of our services include a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your needs and desires.

***Prices include tax. Prices are subject to change at any time, with or without notice. The only price that is final is that
which is listed on your contract. The contracted rate may also vary, however, due to unexpected or event day
circumstances. Overtime charges, travel fees and other similar charges will be billed immediately after event, as noted on
contract.  ALL final products are presented in DVD format unless otherwise requested. VHS pricing available by request.

Is your daughter getting married? Are YOU getting married?  Do you have a dance recital, baseball tournament or piano
recital you would like to share and remember for years to come?  Would you like that important business presentation
recorded to DVD for your other offices, staff or clients?  Is there some special event you want to capture forever? If you
answered yes to any of these questions, you will want to further check out our services.

There are also many other daily events taking place – from birthdays to graduations, engagements to anniversaries, sporting
events, dance recitals, gymnastic competitions and more – these too are memories you want to remember always.  We can
help your band “get noticed” or take your Company to the next level. Video depositions, real estate videos, video résumés
and more – we are here for you!  View all of our other videography services, and do not hesitate to contact us with any
questions or projects you may have.

Our videography services and packages offer everything needed to capture your special event forever.  You can contact us
to assist with any questions you may have, or offer our professional opinion on what might best suit your needs. If you
prefer, you can fill out our client-contact form for more information - it's that easy!!!

Your wedding is the biggest day of your life – a once-in-a-lifetime event. Let us first say, "Congratulations!" You're engaged
and planning the wedding you have dreamed about since you were young. You have a million things to worry about and pay
for – a gown, a reception, a honeymoon – choosing a videographer doesn't have to be another.
We are here to help.

Let our professional photographers and videographers capture the best moments of your special day and create a memory
you will cherish forever. We take a personal approach by working with you before, during, and after your event. This
ensures a video that reflects both your personality and individual style.

We will capture your wedding with the latest digital media equipment and offer you special editing services that can make
your wedding video look like a Hollywood Movie! All packages, EXCEPT “Ceremony Only” package, include wedding
ceremony memories, middle sequence with music and reception highlights (as listed in our package description). All features
are optional and can be eliminated if the couple so desires.  We offer many exciting wedding packages to choose from, as
well as "a la carte" services, designed for every couple, and budget, in mind - to capture your special day and memories

*In the event of the closing of our services or there is a loss of power, theft or any act beyond our control, this guarantee is
no longer valid. However, we make every effort to contact you with your footage.

Wedding Coverage consists of full coverage for an unlimited amount of time and pictures.  Pictures will be given to you on a
CD within a week after the ceremony at our lowest price of $300.

For an Additional Fee:
Be sure to discuss any added features you may desire such as a “love story."  The "love story" includes an interview
segment, with the bride to be and her fiancé discussing how you met and fell in love, or a “growing up” photo montage
showing images of you - the couple - from childhood until the present day.

For the ultimate way to witness time and time again the most momentous day in your child’s life, turn to us. We will produce
not just a video, but a treasured heirloom for your family’s legacy.  A Bar/Bat Mitzvah is an incredibly important milestone
in a child's life. It marks the culmination of years of Hebrew schooling and a child’s transition into an adult, fully responsible
to God for becoming a better person. Reading from the Torah, before family and friends, is an accomplishment and honor
filled with emotion and excitement. Let us capture the true meaning of this day. We will spend hours on the editing process
to assure no detail is overlooked.  With our services, you’ll always remember the twinkle in Grandpa's eye as he recites the
motzee over the challah and Grandma hugging her grandchild as she gets to light her candle. Your child will see the pride
Mom and Dad have on this day and as they toast their (child's) accomplishment. Relive the pure joy on the Bar/Bat
Mitzvah's face as the child is being raised to the ceiling on a chair during the Hora.  We aim to create a Bar/Bat Mitzvah
movie that genuinely appeals to both parents and the children.  We make them fun and upbeat where appropriate, but
maintain the sanctity and reverence for the ceremony and rich Jewish traditions.

(Anniversary, Birthday, Bridal Showers, Christenings, Communions, Engagement, Graduation (personal), etc.)

Weddings are not the only “memorable event” in one’s life. A couple’s anniversary, especially a Silver, Golden or even 10th
is a time to remember. A DVD of the special day is sure to be treasured not only by the couple, but also by the children and
grandchildren as well. What a special way for a young child to learn about and/or remember their grandparents. Want to
remember your child’s “Sweet 16” and not have to worry about getting “Uncle Joe” to videotape it? Call us. Bridal showers
are great! It is truly the beginning of a couple’s life “together.” Why not preserve the memory or grab the events of the day
– it is so nice for the husband to be able to sit down afterward and see the special gifts received from loved ones.
Christenings, communions, confirmations, graduations…they happen only one. Let us capture the memories to be shared
time and time again…forever!

We also service businesses and Companies
(Video Brochures, Corporate Work, Training Videos, Video Résumés, etc.)
We offer cost-effective corporate videos for area businesses and organizations, including training, promotional / marketing
and business presentation videos. Put your company a step ahead – create a custom designed promotional DVD.  Our
professional videography services can help you produce a video that highlights your company's strengths and commitment to
excellence. Videos can be used in the office, on the road, at tradeshows and even sent to potential customers who have
responded to a free video offer from your company – imagine, a qualified lead and a perfect sales pitch to send. With
today's economy and travel restrictions, using video is a powerful way to extend the knowledge and talent of your best
trainers to others. Save time, travel, per diem, insurance and lost productivity by training with video technologies. Also
offering personal impressive video résumés.

We also produce Legal Videos
If a witness is important enough to be called to appear at trial but he/she can not attend, the next best alternative is a video
deposition. No other media offers the ability to effectively present the testimony of an unavailable witness. The Judge and
jury are able to listen to the witness him/herself, not a substitute playing the part of the witness. They are able to hear the
inflections and see how the witness expresses him/herself. Let our professional videography team produce a high quality,
professional court deposition video for any of these legal categories: Deposition; Pre-trial Examination; Accident
Reconstruction; Day-in-the-life Video Documentary; Inspection; Settlement Documentary and more.

(Dance, Piano, Baton, Gymnastics, Fashion Shows, etc.)
We are proud to capture your school’s Performing/Fine Arts recital. Whether it is a dance recital, gymnastics competition,
special performance, or any other type of show, recital, competition, or performance, we are here to capture the special time

Allow us to capture your upcoming performance or show.
We will transform your Dance Recitals, Gymnastics Performances/Competitions, Piano Recitals, Fashion Shows, and more
for a masterpiece you, your student's, their parents, and everyone else will treasure and love!

Real estate agents can take advantage of our professionally produced "Listing," "FSBO" (for sale by owner) and "VHT"
(video home tour) videos. Videos can include tours and photos of the home, details of the property, pricing and more.
Increase your marketing reach and show potential clients your level of commitment by providing customized videos on DVD
(or VHS, if preferred). Let us show you how wonderful these videos can be.

School Events, Non-Sporting Events, Plays, Graduations, Proms, etc.
We are happy to transform your school event into a memorable masterpiece. Whatever the event, we’re here to help you
out – the school play, Spring music concert, “Sprit” week, graduation – look to us to capture the moments students will
treasure long after they’ve finished school. We also offer a very nice touch to add to graduations – we will do interviews
with graduates and teachers and/or add senior photos, high school memories and more. Prom videos can include interviews
and photos as well.

(Non-Sporting Events)
Some of the most memorable times of our lives are those spent in school. Help your students, friends, parents and/or
classmates remember those times always.
We will capture forever your Plays, Concerts, Proms, Graduations, and more.  We will turn it into a masterpiece everyone
will treasure and love!

"School Event" Pricing:
Base payment of $250, includes one DVD.
Additional DVD copies are only $20 each.
Less than minimum orders carry an additional fee of $100.
Included features:
  • A videographer for four hours (total hours).
  • Opening sequence, with music, listing event details (school name, event name, and date/time/place).
  • Basic closing sequence of your choice (if desired).
  • Hollywood-style chapters (on DVD).
  • Basic effects/transitions.
  • Additional fees/options:
  • Long event requiring two DVD’s of event – additional $20 per copy.
  • Microphone Interviews - $100.00 (A great price for a wonderful feature!).
  • Photo Montages (all photos together at beginning or end of video) – ONLY $5.00 per photo (Special school price for
    proms and graduations ONLY – other events will be charged at the rate listed in our "a la carte" section.).
  • PhotoMontages (with text overlay – e.g. student’s or couple’s name) – ONLY $5.00 per photo.
  • Travel/distance charges and overtime hours, as well as any other features, such as custom effects, are charged as
    listed in "a la carte" section.
  • "Starring" or "Cast" feature, at beginning or end of DVD, listing all students/people - $1.00 per name for first 50
    names, each additional name is only $0.50 - a nice way to remember EVERYONE!

We have created complete video sports packages for schools and local youth organizations. We specialize in budget-friendly
video sport production, highlighting your team's games or season. We can personally videotape your games or, if you prefer,
use parent videos (final production quality does depend on the quality of these videos) to get the highlights needed to
preserve your sports memories.

Let us
(1) videotape individual or select games, or even an entire season, to use for the sports video;
(2) create highlight tapes from videos taped by us, parents or the high school coaches tapes;
(3) include your photographs and digital photos;
(4) add player's baby and growing-up photos, for a nice touch on the sports video production;
(5) create recruiting tapes for college athletic coaches and schools (with statistics included). If you would like to put together
a highlight tape of your sports program (whether school or community), you have come to the right place. We will work with
you to edit together a memorable video with high-quality special effects and titles. We will also duplicate as many copies as
you like, with a special library case with photos and text, if desired.

Create a video that will become one of the most valued family heirlooms – create a “Life Story.”  Allow us to interview a
family member (or members) and combine their story (stories) with photos and music to create an interesting and
entertaining documentary on the life of that family member and/or the family. We help individuals and families articulate
their history on video, allowing “ordinary” people tell their life stories. All too often children do not get to know their
grandparents. They did not get the chance to be told memorable stories and life experiences. By having a "Life Story"
created, you can show your children and their children what their ancestors looked like, sounded like and experienced in
their lives. Let the wisdom of generations be passed down. Everyone's life has a story and your loved ones will cherish
yours. What is your story? Let us help you document your life story for your children and grandchildren. Give your family
the gift of knowledge of the past.

    Here is a little information about this wonderful service:
    We are proud to offer this cutting-edge, next-generation digital technology product. We have embraced this
    technology and will transform your pictures and/or videos into Photo and Video DVD's.

    Our Photo DVD's include up to 50-100 of your favorite and memorable images in a rich, full-color "movie." Photos
    are scanned, cropped, and color-balanced specifically for the television screen. Music of your choice is added to
    enhance your "slideshow" experience. DVD's will play in most DVD player or home computer with a DVD readable

    This is the first of a series on image manipulation, which will start - after an introduction to Adobe PhotoShop and
    other image editing software - by looking at scanning images and optimizing the photos obtained.

    A main navigational menu will greet you when the DVD is launched. From there, you can enjoy your childhood,
    vacation, wedding, or other special photos in slideshow format. Some other great "Movie" ideas: Recitals;
    Hunting/Fishing/Sportsmen Memories; Athletic/Sports Highlights; School Events and more. Photo DVD Montages
    make wonderful and thoughtful gifts for Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's/Father's Day, Birthdays, Graduations,
    Anniversaries, Weddings or any other special occasion.

The fees for such events are as follows:
  • Base payment of $275, includes one DVD.
  • Additional DVD copies are only $20 each.
  • Less than minimum orders carry an additional fee of $100.
  • Fees include:
  • A videographer for four hours (total hours).
  • Opening sequence, with music, listing event details (school/organization name, show title, and date/time/place).
  • Title overlay for each number in performance, listing basic details (song title, group name, and special
  • Closing credits, with music, listing essential people, (and/or other basic details).
  • Hollywood-style chapters (on DVD).
  • Basic effects/transitions.
Additional fees/options:
  • Long performance requiring two DVD’s of event – additional $5.00 per copy.
  • Travel/distance charges and overtime hours, as well as any other features, such as custom effects, are charged as
    listed in "a la carte" section.
  • "Starring" or "Cast" feature, at beginning or end of DVD, listing all performers – $1.00 per name for first 50 names,
    each additional name is only $0.50 – a really nice feature that makes the performers feel special.

*In the event of the closing of our services or there is a loss of power, theft or any act beyond our control, this guarantee is
no longer valid. However, we make every effort to contact you with your footage.
We need YOU the client.  Be sure to let us know is there is something you need, but do not currently see here. We will be
glad to make a personalized package for you.  

We are working towards the ability to provide you with a display of the pictures for you before we leave.

Thank you for considering and taking a closer look at our services.




Thank you,


Price List

See our detailed price list  HERE
Outline Information

    We are a Denver, Colorado based production partnership specializing in Photography and Videography Services,
    Editing, Graphic and Print Design, Photo DVD Montages and more.  It costs nothing to explore our services, and the
    first consultation is always free.

A Note On Payments:
    We accept cash, money orders and cashier's checks.
    At this time, credit cards are not accepted.  (We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.)
    (Click Here for additional information)
*Sorry, but personal checks are not accepted for business services.

Contact Information:
J Davis,  Owner and Operator

For financial matters, questions regarding payments or to arrange to make a payment, please contact  
C Davis.

Thank you for your time and consideration,
J Davis,
Owner and Operator
Additional Services to Consider

Providing 20 samples of our work

Retain our Professional Services By The Hour & By The Roll Of Film!
1st Hour: $65. / 2nd Hour: $50. / 3rd Hour: $35. / $25. Each Hour Thereafter
Each Roll Of Film Exposed: $25. ( guarantee of eight (8 ) color photos per-roll )

Photographer's Services For 2-Hours = $115.00
40 - 50 Color Photographs (5-Rolls Of Film) = $65.00
Total Charge = $180.00 (Plus Appropriate Taxes)

Photographer's Services For 3-Hours = $150.00
80 - 100 Color Photographs (10-Rolls Of Film) = $125.00
Total Charge = $275.00 (Plus Appropriate Taxes)

Photographer's Services For 4-Hours = $175.00
120 - 150 Color Photographs (15-Rolls Of Film) = $185.00
Total Charge = $360.00 (Plus Appropriate Taxes)
YOU may retain our services for as short, or for as long, as YOU want and need us.  YOU may decide upon how many
Color Wedding Photographs that YOU personally want and need.  Everything will be priced to your specifications and

Provided by J Davis
Closing and our personal THANK YOU!

Feel free to browse our site, but because we have been busy with new and repeat clients, we have only been able to post a
selected few of our portfolio.  However, we are more than happy to share our entire portfolio for your viewing pleasure.

Contact us and we will be more than happy to schedule an appointment to view over 500 client photos.

Thank you,

J Davis
owner and operator
Voice 720-231-9486
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