Monday, October 1, 2012
  • Outside a Mitt Romney campaign in Denver, Colorado
  • At least half of them appear guilty or ashamed for being there; as if they've been "caught on camera."

Wednesday, October 3, 2012
  • Today is Al Sharpton's birthday.
  • How many people remember this line from an old Colorado radio host, "Who's the rev?"  I just love and appreciate my
    Al Sharpton!  Much love!

Thursday, October 4, 2012
  • As of today, President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama have been married for 20 years.
  • Wow, what a day to celebrate their anniversary.

Monday, October 8, 2012
  • Paul Ryan gets testy and ends interview

Close to this date: October 10, 2012
  • Some how Google's search engine has a quirk in it that when people type in the words, "completely wrong," they are hit
    with a number of images of Mitt Romney.  This is the story:

Thursday, October 18, 2012
  • It was reported today that on Wednesday, June 6, 2012, Mitt Romney held a conference call with right-wing business
    owners of the National Federation of Independent Business.  The slogan of the NFIB is: "The voice of small business."  
    The recording resurfaced this week on a website of "In these times" magazine.  It is a recording of Romney giving
    advice to the bosses and his voice is recorded as saying: (26:46)

  • What I found interesting was his attitude towards EPA and regulations. (19:34)
  • It should be noted that before Citizen's United, employers could not force their employees to participate nor donate to a
    particular Party.  But now, there is no protection for workers.  Although they cannot force you to give money, they can
    force you to appear at political conventions.  Additional, there is no law that says an employer cannot use high-pressed
    tactics when making political decisions.
  • Paul Ryan fakes photo-op - acting as if he is helping a shelter or feeding poor people.
    Because of Ryan's deception, at the Youngstown, Ohio charity, donors
    have gotten angry and has decided not to give any more.
    Brian J. Antal, president of the Mahoning County St. Vincent De Paul
    Society, confirmed that donors have begun an exodus in
    protest over Ryan's embarrassment.  The monetary losses have been
    big.  "It appears to be a substantial amount," Antal said.  "You can
    rest assured there has been a substantial backlash."

Monday, October 22, 2012
  • It was reported that just days ago, Tagg Romney told a radio talk show host that he wanted to hit Obama for calling his
    dad a liar.  During the night of the last debate, Monday, October 22, he apologized to Obama.
  • During the debate last night, Conservative news pundit, Ann Coulter referred to President Obama as a "retard."  While
    wtaching the debate, She twitted, "I highly approve of Romney's decision to be kind and gentle to the retard."
  • Ohio Senator Nina Turner verified that the story about Tagg Romney's (Mitt Romney's son) does in fact have
    ownership in Ohio's voting machines.  She was on the Ed Show tonight and just before the commercial, Ed asked her
    about it.  She said that the name of the Company is Heart Inner-Civics and that Tagg Romney does in fact has ties to it
    and although concerned, she said they "have people on the ground" looking into this.
  • Voters Face Shenanigans at the Polls - 2012
   Ohio:  President Obama is not listed first on the ballot but is mentioned only after two other candidates
   Philadelphia:  Although the voter ID law was denied in Philadelphia, today, Monday, October 22, 2012 they are
  running ads that say that voters must have a voter ID
   Florida, Dade Country:  A man said he has been living in the same house for the past 36 years and was sent a
  letter telling him to verify his address, age etc

October 2012 - Actual Post Date Unknown

Thursday, October 25, 2012
  • GOP's Benghazi Smoking Gun Goes Up in Smoke  All based on fake emails that a right-winger generated by
    information on both Facebook and Twitter.  It's a good thing we can believe everything on the internet.  Ha!  I can only
    hope that no one bases my political notes on facts but instead, takes the time to verify them first!
  • While I can appreciate some of the news pundits on MSNBC, CNN, CBS, The Washington Post, New York Times,
    Politico, Huffington Post and the like, I have found that sometimes the writer purposefully mislead the reader, and
    unfortunately, the read takes the information as factual.  As Ronald Reagan once said, "Trust, but verify."
  • While on his campaign trail in Ohio, Mitt Romney said that he read somewhere that the Jeep is thinking about moving all
    auto manufacturing to China.  However it is not true.  They are moving some business overseas, but that is only half the
    story.  What Romney will not do to win the Presidency?  SHAME!!!!

  • UPDATE:  Thankfully, GM and Chrysler has made a public announcement debunking Romney's LIE, but there's so
    many of them. (SMH!)

  • Four-star General and former U.S. Secretary of State, Colin Powell, endorses President Obama.
  • Did I miss the public endorsement from Oprah Winfrey?

  • Video of Obama while traveling on the campaign trail:

  • Commercial Video made by auto workers regarding their livelihoods:

  • Video "Every Vote Counts" with Dr. Maya Angelo, Aisha Tyler and Lynn Whitfield

Friday, October 26, 2012
  • Although it is not enough, the economy is making another slow and steady comeback.
  • Since the recovery from the Great Recession began in June 2009, the U.S. economy has grown at the slowest rate of
    any recovery in the post-World War II period. And economists think growth will remain sluggish at least through the
    first half of 2013. Some analysts believe the economy will start to pick up in the second half of next year.
  • The economy grew at an annual rate of 2 percent during the third quarter of 2012, federal researchers said Friday,
    handing President Barack Obama better than expected economic news in the final Gross Domestic Product report to
    come out before the election.  Additional information can be found HERE.
  • Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson told Ed Schultz that his Party - the Republican Party - is filled with racists, and that John
    Sanunu was wrong in saying that Colin Powell only endorsed Obama because he's Black.  He said that the Republicans
    in his Party, want to get rid of President Obama.  He said it has nothing to do with his confidence, or his ability, but the
    color of his skin.  Lawrence Wilkerson is the Colonel and former chief of staff to United States Secretary of State Colin

  • President Obama's campaign is out with an eyebrow-raising new ad targeting young voters in which Lena Dunham, the
    creator of the HBO hit series 'Girls,' compares her first voting experience to losing her virginity.
  • 'Your first time shouldn’t be with just anybody,' Dunham, 26, says in the ad. 'You want to do it with a great guy.'
  • Dunham goes on to explain that 'your first time' should be with 'someone who really cares about and understands
    women; A guy who cares whether you get health insurance and specifically whether you get birth control.'
  • Some people were upset by the ad, most notably Conservatives.  While I thought the ad was funny and interesting, I did
  • find it creative.

  • Ripped from the Huffignton Post:

Tuesday, October 30, 2012
    Actually REALLY interesting.  I was surprised that Quentin Tarantino
    supports Obama.  I was floored.  Alternatively, I have
    never heard of No Doubt, but as an one who is eclectic when it comes
    to music, I feel it is my duty to listen to their music and pass it on to my
    Oh and as a Trekkie, I must be sure to pass on the information about
    Leonard Nimoy to my Trekkie brother, Rob.  (Do not forget the Vulcan
    salute:  "Live long and prosper!")
    Although I watch Revenge, I do not recall Amber Valletta.  Hmmm.

  • As per Ohio Senator Nina Turner, "Jeep is investing 500 million into the State of Ohio."

Wednesday, October 31, 2012
  • This is a VERY interesting video as it tells a lot about the Republican Party and how they dislike The People who suffer
    catastrophic events.  If ANYONE continues to support them, I know they either:
  • a.) believes catastrophic events are the fault of the victim
  • b.) believes it is easy to come up with millions and/or billions of dollars in a weeks time, or
  • c.) believes catastrophic events are a myth and will never happen to them.

  • UPDATE: below is an update as posted by Mother Jones, CNN and the Huffington Post:
  • During a CNN debate at the height of the GOP primary, Mitt Romney was asked, in the context of the Joplin disaster
    and FEMA's cash crunch, whether the agency should be shuttered so that states can individually take over responsibility
    for disaster response.
  • "Absolutely," he said. "Every time you have an occasion to take something from the federal government and send
    it back to the states, that's the right direction. And if you can go even further, and send it back to the private
    sector, that's even better. Instead of thinking, in the federal budget, what we should cut, we should ask the
    opposite question, what should we keep?"
  • "Including disaster relief, though?" debate moderator John King asked Romney.
  • "We cannot -- we cannot afford to do those things without jeopardizing the future for our kids," Romney
    replied. "It is simply immoral, in my view, for us to continue to rack up larger and larger debts and pass them
    on to our kids, knowing full well that we'll all be dead and gone before it's paid off. It makes no sense at all."
  • In a 2012 report on Rep. Paul Ryan's "Path to Prosperity" road-map (which Romney has said is similar to his own), the
    nonpartisan Center on Budget and Policy Priorities noted that, due to the severe cuts to non-entitlement, non-defense
    spending, the costs for things like emergency management would have to be passed on to the states—which, with just a
    few exceptions, are currently in an even tighter financial bind than Washington.
  • "FEMA also helps states and local governments repair or replace public facilities and infrastructure, which
    often is not insured," the CBPP report explained. "This form of discretionary federal aid would be subject to cuts
    under the Ryan budget. If it were scaled back substantially, states and localities would need to bear a larger
    share of the costs of disaster response and recovery, or attempt to make do with less during difficult times."

  • As my nephew used to say, "Happy Hallowink!"  Don't-cha ch just LOVE this picture?

  • (I'm sure it is OBVIOUS that all of us at supports President Barack Obama.  As for me, personally, I will
    NEVER EVER NEVER EVER NEVER EVER, vote for another Republican for the rest of my life!)
Monday, September 17, 2012
  • Money Central reported today, that the stock market has doubled since the stimulus.  It is obvious President Obama has
    done a very good job:
     5 million private sector jobs have been created since 2009
     GDP has been growing since 2009
     Americans net worth is up $10 trillion dollars since 2009
     Both Auto and Retail sales are up, along with Home sales
     Under President Obama, Bin Laden is dead and GM is alive
  • I predict that unemployment will only decrease with Barack Obama as President.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012
  • What's so interesting about Mitt Romney's comments, is that there will be a LOT of people who will think he's not
    talking about them; those same people that make less than $50,000.  For those people, they will immediately say,
    "Forget the facts, I've already made up my mind."
  • It is just too bad that Romney does not desire to run the entire country, but only 10% of it - HIS PEOPLE and people of
    his ilk.  Not everyone lives on welfare.  Additionally, some of the poor didn’t sit back on their butts and willingly decided
    to be down and out, but are in their current situation due to no fault of their own.  Yes, there are some welfare
    recipients waiting year after year, generation after generation for government assistance, but some need it temporarily
    and are a shame to be on it.  What about the children?  What about the disabled?  What about senior citizens?  I
    suppose it does not matter as long you are not one of them and needs help.  If you make less than $50,000 a year, do
    not fret, as Romney is not worried about the poor.  It seems to me, that those people do not exist in his world.  If
    President Obama is the "welfare president" then count me in, as I fit into his class more so than Romney's.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012
  • According to Forbes, the richest people in America are getting richer.  For the past year, they have made an increase of
    $1.7 billion.
  • Under Bush, the Republicans had control of the house and the senate for all but two years. Total control. During that
    time they started a war they could not finish, they increased the debt and created the Bush tax cuts.
  • Mother Jones releases five video recordings of Mitt Romney speaking at a fundraiser:

  • Regarding the videos above, I have to agree with Andrew Riggio, who on Tuesday September 18, 2012, stated the

Thursday, September 20, 2012
     Republicans blocked a Jobs Bill that will help employ veterans.  The Bill included $1 billion over 5 years to help get
    jobs for our veterans in federal land and both the fire and police department.  The Bill began as a Bill with several
    Republican sponsors and it did not add to the national debt.  However, majority of the Republicans blocked the Bill.
    A Few More Facts:
  • Currently the unemployment rate for veterans is 10.9%
  • Every 80 minutes a veteran attempts suicide
  • The proposed Jobs Bill would have helped employ 720,000 vets.

     When the hidden video of Mitt Romney first aired, you can hear him saying that he would have been better off if he
    were Mexican so that he too could take advantage of America.
     When the hidden video of Mitt Romney first aired, you can hear him talking about negatively about Mexicans.  
    Today, he tried to clean it up during the Univision Q&A, but he STILL messed up by calling them "illegal aliens."  They
    are NOT illegal aliens, but instead "Undocumented Workers."
     When the hidden video of Mitt Romney first aired, you can hear him saying that people on welfare abusing welfare.  
    But today, after he finally realized that his parents were on welfare, he said that everyone needs help…and said that his
    Dad was on welfare.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012
  • Today, Reuters reports:

  • After Republicans investigated voter fraud in both Colorado in Florida, they found numbers that amounted to less than
    one-tenth of one percent of all registered voters in either State.
  • I thought this was so hilarious: a clip from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Friday, September 28, 2012
  • In the months before the 2004 presidential election, a firm called Sproul & Associates launched voter registration drives
    in at least eight states, most of them swing states.  The group--run by Nathan Sproul, former head of the Arizona
    Christian Coalition and the Arizona Republican Party--had been hired by the Republican National Committee.
  • Sproul got into a bit of trouble last fall when, in certain States, it came out that the firm was playing dirty tricks in order
    to suppress the Democratic vote: concealing their partisan agenda, tricking Democrats into registering as Republicans,
    surreptitiously re-registering Democrats and Independents as Republicans, and shredding Democratic registration forms.
  • The scandal got a moderate amount of local coverage in some states--and then the election was over. Now anyone who
  • brought up Nathan Sproul, or any of the other massive crimes and improprieties committed on or prior to Election Day,
    was shrugged off as a dealer in "conspiracy theory."
  • Ohio Secretary of State John Husted, a Republican, has fired two Democrats from a county board of elections because
    they voted to extend early-voting hours.
  • In a letter released Tuesday, Husted notified Thomas Ritchie Sr. of Dayton and Dennis Lieberman of Clayton they
    were being fired from the Montgomery County Board of Elections. He said they "knowingly and willfully violated Ohio
    election law" when they voted to extend early-voting hours on weekends in their county, in contravention of Husted's
    order to cut back on early-voting hours for the November election.

  • Murray Energy Miners forced to give up their pay to attend a "mandatory" Mitt Romney rally
    I seen this on the Ed Show, and noted that it has been all over the net;
    covered by most media news except for one: Fox News.
    The rally was held in Beallsville, Ohio, thick with miners from the
    Century coal mine, owned by Murray Energy, a major donor to
    Republican causes. Within days of the rally, Murray employees
    contacted a nearby morning talk radio host, David Blomquist, to say
    they were forced to attend the August 14 event at the mine.
    Murray closed the mine the day of the rally, saying it was necessary for
    security and safety, then docked miners their pay for those hours.
  • Asked by WWVA radio’s Blomquist about the allegations, Murray Chief Operating Officer Robert Moore said,
    somewhat confusingly, “Attendance was mandatory but no one was forced to attend the event.
  • WHAT?!?!??!?!  Click HERE and listen to the interview.  It is a 20-minute interview, but make note of the 6:06
  • I've said it once, and I'll say it again, is it ANY wonder why unemployment remains so high.
June 2012
  • Republican Wisconsin U.S. Senate candidate Eric Hovde said that the press should stop writing sob stories about poor
  • people.

Actual Post Date is unknown: June 2012
  • Is it any wonder the Republican-led Congress will not cooperate with President Obama?  The following comments were
    made about and against President Barack Obama by our government officials and others:
     During the presidential campaign, former president Bill Clinton also called Obama's run for the White House as
    "the biggest fairy tale I've ever seen." (2008)
     Buck Burnette, the Texas Longhorn lineman Buck Burnette was booted from the university's football team
    after posting as his Facebook status, as quoted by NCAA Football Fanhouse, "all the hunters gather up, we
    have a #$ &er in the whitehouse." (November 2008)
     Chaffey Community Republican Women, Federated, a California women's GOP group, put out a newsletter
    with an image of "Obama Bucks" – food stamps with Obama's head on a donkey surrounded by fried chicken,
    watermelon and ribs. (October 2008)
     Former Florida GOP Leader and former chairman of the Hillsborough County Republican Party, David Storck
    forwarded an e-mai written by GOP volunteer Ron Whitley that said, "I see carloads of black Obama
    supporters coming from the inner city to cast their votes for Obama. This is their chance to get a black
    president and they seem to care little that he is at minimum, socialist, and probably Marxist in his core
    beliefs. After all, he is black — no experience or accomplishments — but he is black." (October 2008)
     Virginia GOP Leader Bobby May, then treasurer of the Buchanan County Republican Party, wrote a column
    for the Virginia Voice shortly before Obama's election questioning whether Obama would change the American
    flag to include the Islamic symbol or divert more aid to Africa so "the Obama family there can skim enough to
    allow them to free their goats and live the American Dream." (October 2008)
     As Obama's presidential bid heated up in April 2008, U.S. Rep. Geoff Davis (R-Kentucky) said, "That boy's
    finger does not need to be on the button," according to a blog in the Lexington Herald-Leader, referring to the
    country's nuclear arsenal. (April 2008)
     The one-time Democratic vice presidential candidate, Geraldine Ferraro made headlines while working on
    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's presidential bid for saying Obama's candidacy wouldn't have been so
    successful if he weren't black. "If Obama was a white man, he would not be in this position," Ferraro told
    reporters. She left the Clinton campaign shortly after. (March 2008)
     Settling down to watch the annual showing of "A Charlie Brown Christmas," Mayor Russ Wiseman (Arlington,
    Tenn.) was irked to find the Christmas favorite had been pre-empted by Obama's speech announcing efforts to
    send more troops to Afghanistan. He took to Facebook, lashing out at Obama for being a "Muslim president."
    "Try to convince me that wasn't done on purpose," Wiseman posted, according to the Memphis Commercial
    Appeal.  "Ask the man if he believes that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and he will give you a 10 minute
    dissertation (sic) about it .w.hen the answer should simply be 'yes.'" (December 2009)
     U.S. Rep. Lynn Jenkins, (R-Kan.) congresswoman raised eyebrows when she told a public forum
    "Republicans are struggling right now to find the great white hope." (August 2009)
     Dr. David McKalip, a Florida neurosurgeon and healthcare reform opponent sent out an e-mail containing an
    image of Obama as an African witch doctor, dressed in a loin cloth and with a bone through his nose. Underneath
    the picture were the words "Obama Care: Coming Soon to a Clinic Near You." (July 2009)
     Glenn Beck, former host of "Fox and Friends" said the president was racist. While discussing the arrest of
    black Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr., Beck said Obama had repeatedly shown that he is "a guy who
    has a deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture. I don't know what it is." When it was noted
    that Obama's administration was largely white, Beck continued, "I'm not saying he doesn't like white people,
    I'm saying he has a problem. This guy is, I believe, a racist." (July 2009)
     The Merced Sun-Star newspaper revealed that Atwater, California Councilman Gary Frago sent several
    racist emails, including a comparison between Barack Obama and O.J. Simpson and a crack about Michelle
    Obama posing in National Geographic. (July 2009)
     Rusty DePass, the longtime South Carolina GOP activist responded to a Facebook post about an escaped
    gorilla at the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia when he wrote, "I'm sure it's just one of Michelle's ancestors –
    probably harmless." He later confirmed that he was referring to First Lady Michelle Obama. "I am as sorry as
    I can be if I offended anyone," he said. "The comment was clearly in jest." (June 2009)
     Tennessee State GOP Staffer Sherri Goforth, the legislative aid for Republican State Sen. Diane Black was
    reprimanded for forwarding an e-mail image showing all the presidential portraits, with Barack Obama appearing
    only as a set of white eyes on a black background. She later told the online publication
    that she only felt bad about sending it to the wrong list of people. (June 2009)
     Marilyn Davenport, an elected official in the Republican Party of Orange County, California, circulated an
    email depicting Obama and his parents as chimps, she initially defended the image as "political satire." (2009)
     GOP activist Mike Green, the South Carolina businessman, whose communications company worked on the
    gubernatorial campaign of U.S. Rep. J. Gresham Barrett, was caught by the Indigo Journal tweeting, "I just
    heard Obama was going to impose a 40% tax on aspirin because it's white and it works." (June 2009)
     Rush Limbaugh, the conservative radio host has been cited for a series of remarks that liberal Media Matters
    for America has concluded are racially charged statements. Among them, are Limbaugh saying in June Obama
    was "behaving like an African colonial despot" and calling Obama an "angry black guy" a month later. Early
    on in Obama's White House bid, Limbaugh was flamed for playing "Barack, the Magic Negro" to the tune of
    "Puff the Magic Dragon" on his show. (June 2009)
     Texas GOP Leader Diann Jones and vice president of the Collin County Republican Party in Texas, forwarded
    an e-mail to area Republican clubs calling a state-sponsored firearm tax "another terrific idea from the black
    house and its minions." (May 2009)
     Sean Delonas, the cartoonist caused a firestorm after his cartoon appeared in the New York Post depicting
    two police officers, one with a smoking gun, standing over a dead chimpanzee with the words, "They'll have to
    find someone else to write the next stimulus bill." The cartoonist was inspired by the mauling of a Connecticut
    woman by a pet chimp which was shot and killed by police officers. (February 2009)
     One of several high-profile politicians to merit a mention in the controversial book "Game Change," Harry
    Reid, a Democrat and longtime Obama ally, was cited in the book for describing the president before his election
    as a "'light-skinned' African American, 'with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one.'" (January
     Mike Parry, then a GOP Senate candidate, was found to have scrubbed several tweets from his Twitter
    account, including one that described Obama as a "power hungry arrogant black man." Neither Parry nor his
    campaign manager returned calls or e-mail seeking comment, but later said, "My opinion is that our president
    is arrogant and angry. The fact is that he is a black man." (January 2010)
     As Chris Matthews, host of MSNBC's "Hardball with Chris Matthews" reflected on Obama State of the Union
    address, he dropped the line, "I forgot he was black for an hour," while discussing the apparent lack of racial
    overtones during the speech. Later, Matthews tried to clarify his comments on "The Rachel Maddow Show" by
    explaining that he was delighted to see race had no place in the State of the Union address after growing up in a
    country divided by race. "It wasn't even in the room tonight," he said. (January 2010)
     Pat Buchannan refers to President Obama as "boy." (August 2011)
     Representative Doug Lamborn (R-CO) said dealing with President Obama in the debt ceiling negotiations was
    "like touching a tar baby". (August 2011)
     Pat Buchanan responded to Al Sharpton's comment regarding tax cuts: “Please don’t throw me under the
    briar patch!” The term Briar Patch, is a saying typically meant to indicate reverse psychology that happens to
    come from “Uncle Remus and Legends of the Old Plantation” fable that gave us the term “tar baby”. (The terms
    “Br’er Rabbi” and "tar baby" seem to be more common now that Barack Obama is leading this Nation.) (2012)
     Newt Gingrich has reported several times that Obama is pretending to be "normal" but actually seems to be
    engaged in "Kenyan, anti-colonial behavior". "Following a Kenyan, anti-colonial worldview." Gingrich has also
    asked, "What if [Obama] is so outside our comprehension, that only if you understand Kenyan, anti-
    colonial behavior, can you begin to piece together [his actions]?" Another quote from Gingrich about
    President Obama, "This is a person who is fundamentally out of touch with how the world works, who
    happened to have played a wonderful con, as a result of which he is now president." He goes on to say, "I
    think he worked very hard at being a person who is normal, reasonable, moderate, bipartisan,
    transparent, accommodating -- none of which was true," Gingrich continues. "In the Alinksy tradition, he
    was being the person he needed to be in order to achieve the position he needed to achieve . . . He was
    authentically dishonest." (Date Unknown)
     During the healthcare reform debates, the Tea Party and Republicans accused the President Obama of
    "stealing white Americans’ money to pay for his homies health insurance." (Date Unknown)
     When President Obama instructed the DEA to back off medical marijuana users, the chatter was that he was
    repaying the “bros” in the ghetto for their votes. (Date Unknown)
     Former President Bill Clinton was one of many politicians called out in Mark Halperin and John Heilemann's
    new book "Game Change." In the book, they said Clinton caught flak from Obama's campaign for reportedly
    telling the late Sen. Ted Kennedy of Obama, "A few years ago, this guy would have been getting us coffee."
    (Date Unknown)
  • Racism is endemic in these divided states to the point where some feel as though they must "tolerate" another's race.  I
    do not believe there is a simple solution in solving racism within these divided states, but a good start would be if we
    seriously looked into making equality normal and not something to legislate or force on anyone.  No one - including the
    government or schools - can teach tolerance when the law does not treat every american equally.
  • Without a doubt, racism is a major sore for Obama’s Presidency, as the disrespect towards this president is unlike any I
    have seen in my lifetime.  The contempt and disrespect is rapid:
     Within a day of the president taking office, Mitch McConnell stated that Republicans
    highest priority was making President Obama a one term president. (2008)
     South Carolina Republican Rep. Joe Wilson yelled, "You lie" during the State of the Union
    address. (2009)
     Wisconsin Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner said first lady Michelle Obama "has a large posterior,"
    a comment critics called racist and sexist. (2010)
     During the summer Tea Party rallies, there was a plethora of derogatory and racially
    tinged signs. (2010)
     Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer was seen wagging her finger at Obama while on a Phoenix
    airport tarmac during his visit there. (2012)

  • We cannot teach our children to "tolerate" another and play nice, when our own government officials have shown they
    have lost their morals:


  • Am I playing the race card?  It seems obvious to me what is going on: They will do anything and everything to Block
    The Vote.
  • The more President Obama accomplishes, the more opposition he receives from the Republican Party.  I honesty
    believe he would have achieved more than what he already has had it not been for the consistent buffeting. From the
    very beginning of his Presidency, the Republicans said "their goal" was to make him a "one-term President"; they win
    while the rest of the Nation suffers.  The more President Obama accomplishes, the more opposition he receives from
    the Republican Party.
Friday, July 20, 2012
  • Before President Obama took office, America had already lost 4.4 million jobs, and according to some historians, it was
    "the worse in generations."
  • Due to convenient and/or inconvenient amnesia, some people have forgotten what Obama said BEFORE he took
    office.  He said and I quote, "those jobs are gone…most of them will never come back."  I'm just saying.
  • Republicans never wanted to help America heal and progress economically.  Instead, every thing Obama proposed, they
    said NO.
  • Pennsylvania is suppressing the vote and now the ACLU has filed a law suite.

2012 - Actual Date Unknown
  • Obama went to Utah to campaign.  A day later, Mitt Romney arrived in Utah and campaigned in a closed industrial
    plant.  While there, Romney said that the "plant was closed due to Obama's failed presidency."  However, the owner of
    the plant came forward and said that it was not true.  Instead, the owner said that his plant closed down "when Bush
    was president."
2012 - Actual Date Unknown
  • Mitt Romney
  • Supported de-funding Planned Parenthood
  • Supported Person-hood Amendment
  • Supported the Blunt Amendment aka the Contraceptive Mandate although he had no idea what it was
  • Would not say if he would have signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Act Pay
  • Said Obama wasted money going after Osama bin Ladin
  • Mitt Romney's aid said that the auto industry worked because Obama followed Romney's economic ideas
    however, Romney had previously stated that Obama should have let the auto industry fail.
  • Romney wants to end Dodd/Frank financial reforms so the rich will continue to receive tax breaks.  And
    because of this, the five biggest banks have given Romney more money than any of the other Republican
    presidential candidates.

2012 - Actual Date Unknown
  • In Virginia, Romney and his wife Ann were surrounded by a bunch of women. The women own the business and are
    thriving greatly. Should the all-women Company be thanking Obama for the financial success of their Company?
  • It has been 147 years since slavery was abolished.  Also, Blacks have only had the right to vote for 47 years.
  • A news reporter said, "The biggest threat to Obama is not Mitt Romney or anyone in the Republican Party. Instead, it's
    Black people not showing up to vote on Election Day."
TML> SIteTest1

It is such a shame Obama cannot receive the respect he RIGHTFULLY deserves. Oh, God, please [continue] to bless these divided states.

Thursday, November 1, 2012
  • As a true die-hard Obama supporter, I cannot lie and say that I have always enjoyed listening to the sound of his voice.  
    However, when I did think I was tired of hearing him, I would slap myself and say, "It certainly is better hearing him
    instead of that inexpressible George W. Bush."  Over the past 3 1/2 years, I have watched Obama make many
    television appearances to keep the american people informed.  And that was the difference between him and Bush;
    Obama kept us informed while Bush kept us in the dark.  Thankfully, we did not hear from Bush too much and when
    we did, we had to guess what he was talking about, but with Obama, we know.
  • Due to his reelection, President Obama has had to make several speeches and many of them sounded repetitive [to
    me].  Today, just when I thought I should attend his next campaign rally and beg to speak for him, he makes the
    following speech.

  • Today, Thursday, November 01, 2012, I MUST say that this is the BEST SPEECH EVER!  (Nope, Obama does not
    need me to speak for him as he knocked out the park!)
  • Obama is on fire!
  • It was reported that former president George Bush is in the Cayman Islands giving a speech on how to invest in
    Cayman Island accounts.
  • Reports from the 1-866-MY-Vote1 regarding voting problems:
         Florida tricky voting: A woman said that she is an EX felon and all of her voting rights has been restored.
        However, when she went to vote, they said her voting rights have been taken away due to her felony.  Before Rich
        Scott, this wasn’t a problem but now that he's governor, things have changed.  For ex-felons, it takes five years on a
        nonviolent crime to appeal to the clemency board to have your voting rights restored.  For a violent crime, it is 7
        years.  The people at 1-866-My-Vote1 suggests that people in this situation, to call the Secretary of State in Florida
        and tell them your situation.
         Louisiana: A young girl said she has not received her voter registration card.  This young lady has the legal right
        to vote.  The people at the 1866-my-vote1 hotline suggests that in a case like this, it is best to call and stay on the
        line with the Secretary of State as well as call 1-866-MY-Vote1 for instructions on voting by provisional ballot.
         Ohio: An older man called 1-866-My-Vote1 and reported that Ohio's Secretary of State Jon Husted is in a
        commercial TV ad telling people they can cast their ballot via telephone.  THIS IS NOT TRUE!  It has been
        reported that this LIE is going on in Virginia and Indiana. Indiana is under investigation.
         Florida: It has been reported that the lines are extremely long.
  • People should program the 1-866-My-Vote1 into your cell phone so that you can have it handy when you go to vote.  
    People NEED to call 1-866-698-6831 if they have ANY trouble voting and/or report problems others may have or
    notable issues.
  • In regards to voting, the news reports:
         More than 21 million americans have voted either in person or by absentee ballot.
         Iowa: You do NOT need a photo ID to vote.
         Wisconsin: You do NOT need a photo ID to vote.
         It has been reported that there are voter suppression tactics going on in Florida and Pennsylvania.
         Although the voter ID law in Pennsylvania was struck down, State-sponsored ads are still telling residents they
         have to show ID.
         Seniors in Florida, Indiana, and Virginia are getting phone calls falsely claiming that they can vote by phone.
         Voters in Florida are receiving fake letters saying that their citizenship is being investigated.

Friday, November 2, 2012
  • Although this was printed sometime in January 2009, I did not find it until today:
  • Andrew M. Manis is associate professor of history at Macon State College in Georgia and wrote this for an editorial in
    the Macon Telegraph. Andrew M. Manis: "When Are WE Going to Get Over It?"
  • By ireporttwo | Posted January 7, 2009 | Louisiana

  • I do not know Professor Andrew M. Manis, but I must say that his statements and point of view is very interesting and
    profound.  Most notably, I can truly appreciate this portion of his VERY sensible view:
    How long until we white people will stop insisting that blacks exercise personal responsibility, build strong
    families,educate themselves enough to edit the Harvard Law Review, and work hard enough to become
    President of the United States, only to threaten to assassinate them when they do?

  • Secret Service Visits IE Home After Obama Effigy Hung From Noose
  • Secret service agents were seen exiting the home of an Inland Empire resident, who neighbors said hung an effigy of
    President Obama from a noose outside as a Halloween decoration. Jeff Nguyen reports.
  • I refuse to post the picture, but you can view the story HERE.

  • More proof that Romney is losing it:

  • VERY questionable character, which he has NONE!  Just sad and SHAMEFUL!

  • Greg Palast: "Mitt Romney's Bailout Bonanza: How He Made Millions From The Rescue of Detroit"

  • New "Secretary of Explains Stuff", President Bill

  • What the LGBT Community has to say about President Obama

  • Jane Lynch, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Billie Jean King, George Takei, Wanda Sykes, Zachary Quinto, and Chaz Bono
    share why they're supporting President Obama and why Mitt Romney isn't the choice for them.
  • You are in denial if you think that everyone in your family is heterosexual; like my family, everyone has a family
    member or two who is either gay or lesbian.  Even perhaps bisexual or transgender.
  • Whether you believe in gay marriage or not, you have to agree that everyone deserves to live their life in peace and
    happiness without government intrusion.  It is all about rights and we should encourage democracy, not hinder it!  The
    people in other Countries are watching us, and as much as we say we want to change them, it reveals more of our own
  • We enjoy watching the people in this video yet they do not deserve the same tranquil life "straight" people enjoy?  

  • Mr. President, it is funny that you said that:

  • The amusing thing about those that will not vote for President Obama is that most if not all of the things he is fighting
    for, are some of the same things Republicans previously supported.  Before, Obama they were for it, but during Obama,
    they are against it.  Somehow, I just know I am looking at this wrong.
  • This may be over the heads of the young as well as the uninformed, but as an old political junkie, I KNOW:
  •         Clinton decreased defense spending and Republicans approved.
  •         Redistribution of wealth is something that worked under Clinton and Republicans backed him.
  •         Both Parties are to blame for massive spending.
  •         It is funny, because I KNOW for a Fact that George W. Bush bowed while in China.
  •         President Obama NEVER apologized to our enemies.
  •         Israel is not without blame, and Obama certainly did not betray "BB".
  •         Obamacare was originally Orin Hatch's plan.
  •         Bush ALSO cozied-up to both Hamid Karzai and Pervez Musharraf. (With proper research, you would
  •        KNOW that neither Afghanistan nor Pakistan are NOT great collaborators with America.)
  • I STILL watch a few Fox News programs, but MSNBC and The Lehrer Report are my political news sources of
    choice.  However, from time to time, even I know when it is time to tune them out and tune into NPR.  Additionally,
    there are times when I just rely on my local news stations and newspapers.
  • If Ronald Reagan or George Herbert Walker Bush were running today, they would LOSE!  They would not have a
    snowball's chance with today's Republican Party.
  • The Republican Party that we used to know is no more.  But devote Republicans should not be sad as they did nothing
    wrong.  In fact, your diehard Republicans should actually be mad, as the Republican Party left their lifelong supporters
    12 years ago.

  • "Romney's three plans to seal the election."  No, I did not say STEAL.  The article's read was "seal."

  • I do not have to read the article to know Mit's plans:
1.) Continue inconveniencing more Democrat voters
2.) Have son, Tagg Romney to invest in ADDITIONAL voting machines
3.) Have pollsters to put voting ballots in trunk of car

  • This is HILARIOUS!

  • Although this story was created on November 1st, I did not find it until today.  And although I read it, I am just too
    sleepy to actually understand what it means.  It certainly does not tell me anything new, as I already know that most, if
    not all of them aren't playing with a full deck.
  • Errant Gingrich Email: 'Obama Is Going to Win'
  • By SARAH PARNASS | ABC News – Thu, Nov 1, 2012

  • The full story is HERE

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sunday, November 4, 2012
  • I received this from the Black List Pub:

  • When following the link, the following was displayed:

  • Included is the following story:

Monday, November 5, 2012
  • While listening to the TJMS, I heard this story: "Absentee ballots found in a gutter."  Because I agree with the late
    Ronald Reagan who said, "trust but verify," I searched for the story and found at least 10 sites that tells me this story is
  • Sad that america's hypocrisy is revealed for the world to see.
  • California couple finds absentee ballots in the gutter
  • The following sites have reported on this story.

  • Obama tells us to get out and VOTE!

  • Although this was reported Friday, November 2nd, I did not see it until today:
  • Take a look at this pro-Mitt Romney button being sold at his rally at State Fair Park
  • Seen being sold at Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s rally on Friday, November 2 at State Fair Park:

  • It has been reported that the people in Florida stayed in line until 11:00PM last night Sunday, November 04, 2012
  • Why the 2012 election is the closest in recent history.  The story is printed HERE, but I say that something is wrong:
  • There is something wrong when people in Florida are standing in line overnight in some counties and waiting to vote until
    after 11PM in other counties.
  • There is something wrong when there are reports of supreme court decisions regarding voting rights in Ohio, Florida and
    Pennsylvania trying to suppress voters.
  • There is something wrong when the news report findings of ballots found in gutters.
  • There is something wrong when someone like Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted tells voters that they are able to vote
    via the telephone.
  • There is something wrong when this is the most expensive campaign in U.S. history.
  • There is something wrong when the GOP shows so much loyalty to Grover Nordquist.
  • There is something wrong when the GOP REFUSES to allow The People to decide whom they want for president.
  • (Blocking the vote is their idea of a fair election.)
  • There is something wrong when the GOP declares their number one priority is making President Obama a one-term
  • Yes, this election IS indeed close as it takes all of these tactics and more to compete against President Barack Obama.
  • The Republican Party hates President Obama more than they love this country; a country they claim to love.
  • Without all the shenanigans, President Obama would win by a landslide.

  • While listening to the TJMS, they mentioned two important thoughts regarding pollsters:
  • One, the polls do not include those who no longer have landline - house phones but only have cell phones.
  • Two, they do not necessarily include first time voters.
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Thursday, June 30, 2011
  • MSNBC senior political analyst Mark Halperin was
    suspended on Thursday by the cable network after he
    called President Obama “a dick” on a popular morning
    show and then quickly apologized.
  • I thought he was a kind of a dick yesterday,
    Halperin, who also is an editor at large for Time, said on
    “Morning Joe,” referring to the president’s conduct
    during his press conference.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

2012 - Actual Date Unknown
  • Mitt Romney believes we should still be in Iraq and we
    should not be in Afghanistan.

2012 - Actual Date Unknown
  • Right after the death of Osama bin Ladin:
  • In a 60 Minutes interview, Defense Secretary Robert
    Gates said he has been in Washington for three
    decades and he said, "...this was the gustiest call he
    has ever seen from any other President."

2012 - Actual Date Unknown
  • Newt Gingrich said and some Republicans agreed that
    President Obama is the "food stamp President."  
    However according the National Census Bureau, more
    people where added to the food stamp/welfare program
    under George W. Bush.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012
  • A news report made sure to acknowledge that Ann
    Romney's blouse cost $900 retail
  • Mitt Romney said he would cut the Affordable Care Act
  • Mitt Romney supports the invasive ultra sound Bill prior
    to abortion (My doctor isn't smart enough to know what
    type of care I need???  The government knows better
    with the inner vaginal ultra sound???)
  • Romney said that Obama is over-publicizing the death
    of Osama bin Ladin.  He also said he would not have
    gone into Pakistan in search of bin Ladin, as it was too
  • Famous horror and fictional writer Stephen King said,
    "Tax me for *uck sake.  It's only fair."

Actual Post Date Unknown:
  • I have no idea when I located this picture, but felt a
    definite need to post it.  Why?  Because we like it!
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Bible Stuff from Rob
Since the Word of God began
to be preached to the
gentiles, men have tried to
guide the ship or path that
Christians should take or
what laws they should obey.
No matter who they claim to
be, men have come and gone
from this world, many
claiming to be working in the
name of God and few
actually working for God.  
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Body Products
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Lyn, but carefully designed
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Alternatively, I was wrong!
My experiences with the
police in Colorado is
somewhat memorable. From
what I can remember, there
was the time when I was
either driving to or coming
from work, and I was
driving near Curtis Park
when I noticed a policeman
giving this guy a ticket.
While I was watching
someone else get a ticket, I
rolled-stopped through a
stop sign, and before I knew
it, there were red and blue
lights coming up from
behind me. What made me
think that there would only
be one officer in that area, is
beyond me. The Curtis Park
area was known for some
type of criminal activity, so
I should have been aware.
Keeba's Health Care
Reform Plan
Just like most Politicians,
Community Leaders and
Activists, I am so egotistical,
that I felt I could write a
healthcare reform bill better
than any Democrat or
Here’s mine...
Poor Obama
I always deemed him to be
an intelligent man that
could see the forest before
the trees. But… hmmm.  I
feel differently.  He’s not
as smart as I thought he
When the Dems first began
pushing healthcare reform, I
kept watching the
opponents and I could not
help but to think that they
are a bunch of dumb
protesters. Now don’t get
me wrong, I could have
easily been one of them.
Yes, I could have. I say that
because 99% of them do not
have a clue what they’re
1-866-698-6831 - Rocking the Vote
Bellow is just my political notes that where jotted down over the past few weeks.
Keeba's Political Notes, where everything is factual - containing the good, the bad and the ugly no matter the Party.
However, as Ronald Reagan once said, "Trust, but verify."
The Democrats Get A Swift
As for the People not
supporting their own rights
by voting, I need to kill off a
few of these people inside my
Our united states
government officials Will
Pass…On The american
give no one a pass.  I do not
care the color of your skin or
the position you may have,
you will NEVER receive a
pass or any excuse for your
actions from me.  NEVER!  
Not now, not ever!
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MORE!  Come and check it
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Democrats Need To Get
Off Their Behinds!
As I listen to the news and
read the newspapers, I have
many complaints against the
Democrats. I’m tired of
them.  But make no mistake,
I will always vote. Yeah,
yeah, I’m tired of all of
them, but I keep casting my
ballot.  Yada, yada, yada!  
My complaints continue.  I
really dislike them for not
have the guts to stand up
against their opponents.  
Often times, they sicken me
and often wonder if it's time
to kick both them and the
Republicans out as neither
seem to do much to make
sure that happens. Ugh!
Click Here & Register To Vote - TODAY!!!
Six years after its collapse, economists believe the housing market has turned a corner.  Two separate reports on
Tuesday showed that home prices rose in July, though the gains were not as strong as the previous month. That
follows recent data that home resales and ground-breaking on new properties rose in August, while business
sentiment among homebuilders hit a more than six-year high this month.
To the amusement of Mitt Romney's critics, a Google Image search for the phrase "completely wrong" on Wednesday
returned a page nearly full of images of the Republican presidential candidate.
A Google spokesman said
the gallery of photos is the unintentional result of normal Google analytics, which produce
images associated with popular phrases in news headlines and search terms, and not the result of any effort to skew
the results.
In this case, Google's algorithms picked up on news coverage of Romney saying last week he was "completely
wrong" when he made controversial statements last spring that 47% of Americans were "victims" and dependent on
government. Romney took some political heat for the original comments, which were captured by a hidden camera at
a private fundraiser in May and made public last month.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Although the story was released on
Thursday, October 25, 2012,
this video was not created until
Friday, October 26th.
Recording 1 of 5
Recording 2 of 5
Recording 4 of 5
Recording 3 of 5
Recording 5 of 5
"I hope you make it very clear to your employers… uh what you believe is in the best interest of… of your
enterprise and therefore their job and their future …ah in the upcoming elections.  And whether you agree
with me or with President Obama or… or whatever your political view, I hope … I hope you pass those along
to your employees.  Nothing illegal (light chuckle) about what you believe is best for the business.   Uh
because I think that will figure into their… their election decision.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Slate magazine, whose staff are "unabashed fans" of the "ascendant auteur" and her "adorable" campaign ad, noted
Dunham was born on May 13, 1986, making her 18 years old in 2004. That means she was of legal voting age
when John Kerry faced George W. Bush in the election that year.
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Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Original publish date of this video
is unknown.
Original air-date of this story is unknown but
this video was created
Monday, October 8, 2012
Paul Ryan sat down for an interview on Monday with ABC 12 in Flint, Michigan, and things didn't go quite as
planned. In the clip, which was removed from ABC 12's website but captured and posted by BuzzFeed, the station's
reporter asks Ryan, "Does this country have a gun problem?' The GOP vice presidential candidate responds that "this
country has a crime problem." When the reporter asks for clarification, Ryan explains that "good, strong gun laws"
are currently on the books, "but we have to make sure we enforce our laws."
He goes on to clarify: "We have lots of laws that aren't being properly enforced. We need to make sure we enforce
these laws. But the best thing to help prevent violent crime in the inner cities is to bring opportunity in the inner cities,
is to help people get out of poverty in the inner cities, is to help teach people good discipline, good character. That is
civil society. That's what charities, and civic groups, and churches do to help one another make sure that they can
realize the value in one another."
ABC 12's reporter then offers a somewhat odd retort, asking, "And you can do all that by cutting taxes? By...with a
big tax cut?"
"Those are your words, not mine," answers Ryan. A voice off-screen then implies that the interview is over, telling
the reporter, "thank you very much, Sir."
Ryan then abruptly stands up and removes his microphone, immediately ending the interview and telling the reporter,
"That was kind of strange. You're trying to stuff words in people's mouths?"
Brendan Buck, a spokesman for Ryan, provided the following statement to BuzzFeed regarding the interview: "The
reporter knew he was already well over the allotted time for the interview when he decided to ask a weird question
relating gun violence to tax cuts. Ryan responded as anyone would in such a strange situation. When you do nearly
200 interviews in a couple months, eventually you're going to see a local reporter embarrass himself."
The Wisconsin congressman's reaction to the "strange" moment aligns with his previously stated belief that the media
has "inherent" bias. Earlier this month, he told Fox News' Chris Wallace that "as a conservative, I've long believed
and long felt that there's an inherent media bias. And I think anybody with objectivity would believe that that's the
case." He also stated that he and his running mate Mitt Romney "expected" media bias going into the campaign.
February 1981
During Romney’s tenure as a Marriott director, the
company repeatedly utilized complex tax-avoidance
maneuvers, prompting at least two tangles with the
Internal Revenue Service, records show. In 1994,
while he headed the audit committee, Marriott used a
tax shelter known to attorneys by its nickname: “Son
of BOSS.”
A federal appeals court invalidated the maneuver in a
2009 ruling, siding with the U.S. Department of
Justice, which called Marriott’s transaction and
attempted tax benefits “fictitious,” “artificial,”
“spectral,” an “illusion” and a “scheme.” Marriott had
argued the plan predated government efforts to close
such shelters.
"Mother Jones Romney Video Won't Change Anything"  - In the video he insults Mexicans, people facing financial
hardship, Hispanic Americans, black Americans, and basically anyone receiving public assistance (even though we
pay taxes and are, despite Romney's hate for the word, entitled to something we paid for). That's not the worst part
of the situation, though.
Average Americans who are Romney fans probably won't waver from supporting him, though. The right wing draws
strong support from the very biases Romney expressed in his video. Conservative pundits may well commend
Romney for sticking to his core principles even when he thought nobody was watching.
Lower-class and middle-class Republicans have been so thoroughly hoodwinked that when Romney dumps on the
citizenry their reaction will be to support him. That, in the end, is the tragedy.
June 2012, Pennsylvania House Majority Leader Mike Turzai said that a recent voter ID law
passed in his state "
would allow Governor Romney to win Pennsylvania."  He included this
statement in a list of his party's accomplishments, which critics of the legislation—including a
Pennsylvania state senator—say unintentionally revealed the true intentions behind the law.  "
Second Amendment?  The Castle Doctrine, it's done.  First pro-life legislation -- abortion
facility regulations - in 22 years, done.  Voter ID, which is gonna allow Governor Romney to
win the state of Pennsylvania, done.
A spokesperson for General Motors told the Detroit Free Press that the ad was, more or less, crass and misleading.
We've clearly entered some parallel universe during these last few days,” GM spokesman Greg Martin said.
“No amount of campaign politics at its cynical worst will diminish our record of creating jobs in the U.S. and
repatriating profits back to this country.

The day before, meanwhile, Chrysler Group LLC CEO Sergio Marchionne
penned a letter to the Detroit News
insisting that there was no validity to the idea that the company was shipping Jeep production overseas. Instead, he
noted, the company was looking to open new factories in China to meet increasing demand there.
February 1981: Barack Obama (pictured on
the right) delivered his first public.

The clip above was flagged by HuffPost blogger, Eric Zuesse.
Vullcan salute: Live long and prosper!
TML> SIteTest1

I love having my say, and I'm sure you do too. Make sure you vote!

Disclaimer: All credit is given to each news source and is not purposefully ignored; in fact it is our hope to name ALL sources as it not only gives them credit but to note creditability of named source.
When Are WE Going to Get Over It?

For much of the last forty years, ever since America "fixed" its race problem in the Civil Rights and Voting Rights
Acts, we white people have been impatient with African Americans who continued to blame race for their
difficulties. Often we have heard whites ask, "When are African Americans finally going to get over it?

Now I want to ask:
"When are we White Americans going to get over our ridiculous obsession with skin color?
Recent reports that "Election Spurs Hundreds' of Race Threats, Crimes" should frighten and infuriate every one of
us. Having grown up in "Bombingham," Alabama in the 1960s, I remember overhearing an avalanche of comments
about what many white classmates and their parents wanted to do to John and Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther
Eventually, as you may recall, in all three cases, someone decided to do more than "
talk the talk."
Since our recent presidential election, to our eternal shame we are once again hearing the same reprehensible talk I
remember from my boyhood.
We white people have controlled political life in the disunited colonies and United States for some 400 years on this

Conservative whites have been in power 28 of the last 40 years. Even during the eight Clinton years, conservatives
in Congress blocked most of his agenda and pulled him to the right. Yet never in that period did I read any headlines
suggesting that anyone was calling for the assassinations of presidents Nixon, Ford, Reagan, or either of the Bushes.
Criticize them, yes.
Call for their impeachment, perhaps. But there were no bounties on their heads. And even when someone did try to
kill Ronald Reagan, the perpetrator was non-political mental case who wanted merely to impress Jody Foster.
But elect a liberal who happens to be
Black and we're back in the sixties again. At this point in our history, we
should be proud that we've proven what conservatives are always saying -- that in America anything is possible,
EVEN electing a black man as president.
But instead we now hear that school children from Maine to California are talking about wanting to "

Fighting the urge to throw up, I can only ask, "
How long?"
How long before we white people realize we can't make our nation, much less the whole world, look like us?
How long until we white people can - once and for all - get over this hell-conceived preoccupation with skin color?
How long until we white people get over the demonic conviction that white skin makes us superior?
How long before we white people get over our bitter resentments about being demoted to the status of equality with
How long before we get over our expectations that we should be at the head of the line merely because of our white
How long until we white people end our silence and call out our peers when they share the latest racist jokes in the
privacy of our white-only conversations?
I believe in free speech, but how long until we white people start making racist loudmouths as socially uncomfortable
as we do flag burners?
How long until we white people will stop insisting that blacks exercise personal responsibility, build strong families,
educate themselves enough to edit the Harvard Law Review, and work hard enough to become President of the
United States, only to threaten to assassinate them when they do?
How long before we start "living out the true meaning" of our creeds, both civil and religious, that all men and women
are created equal and that "
red and yellow, black and white" all are precious in God's sight?

Until this past
November 4, I didn't believe this country would ever elect an African American to the presidency. I
still don't believe I'll live long enough to see us white people get over our racism problem.
But here's my
three-point plan:
First, everyday that Barack Obama lives in the White House that Black Slaves Built, I'm going to pray that God
(and the
Secret Service) will protect him and his family from us white people.
Second, I'm going to report to the FBI any white person I overhear saying, in seriousness or in jest, anything of a
threatening nature about President Obama.
Third, I'm going to pray to live long enough to see America surprise the world once again, when white people can
in spirit and in truth" sing of our damnable color prejudice,
We HAVE overcome."
It takes a
Village to protect our President!!!
Romney's path: Win indies, stoke base, no errors
By KASIE HUNT | Associated Press – 3 hrs ago

WASHINGTON (AP) — Mitt Romney's plan for victory boils down to this: Convince independent voters he'll
change Washington, stoke Republican enthusiasm and avoid unforced errors.
The Republican nominee's path to reaching the necessary 270 electoral votes cuts straight through Rust Belt states.
He must stop President Barack Obama from sweeping Ohio, Iowa and Wisconsin — or win Democratic-tilting
Pennsylvania, where he's making a last-ditch effort while prevailing in most other competitive states.
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Thursday, November 1, 2012 8:54 PM
The email, titled "What's really at stake this Tuesday ..." came from Gingrich Marketplace and went out to people
who'd given their contact information to the Gingrich campaign when the former speaker of the House was still in the
presidential race. Bygone candidates, such as Gingrich and Herman Cain, regularly rent out their email address lists
to advertisers.
Stansberry & Associates is run by Porter Stansberry, who in 2003 was the subject of
an SEC lawsuit in which the
court found he participated in an online newsletter scheme that defrauded investors out of $1 million. Stansberry was
ordered to pay $120,000 in damages.
September 2012
President Obama Mocked As A Runaway Slave?
Pro-Romney Cartoon in Fox News Mogul's Tabloid Might As Well Have Been Signed By The KKK Imperial Wizard
SEE ATTACHMENT FOR PHOTOS Cartoon recently published by New York Post - [
Click to Enlarge]

Nationwide (October 31, 2012) -- Fox News mogul Rupert Murdoch's New York Post published last week what
some are calling the most profoundly disrespectful and racist cartoon ever about President Obama. The cartoon
depicts an angry white man on horseback (Mitt Romney) chasing down a terrified skinny black man fleeing on foot
(President Obama) - and the Romney figure is aiming an assault rifle and attached bayonet at the Obama figure's

"The cartoon clearly evokes an image from the Old South of an overseer or slave catcher chasing down a runaway
slave," says a report by two interpreters of code language and political cartoons at

"Don't believe the Post if they claim this is just payback satire on the President's quip about horses and bayonets that
exposed Romney's ignorance of defense issues," said Dennis King, one of the authors of the report, referring to the
final Presidential campaign debate on Oct. 22.

"This goes way, way beyond satire. For one thing, Obama's quip didn't refer to assault rifles or to using horses to
chase down black people. The dog whistle in this cartoon is so loud that anyone can hear it if they aren't in deep

The report said that the Post cartoon was an example of "the knee-jerk hatred of Obama by so many Republicans
[that] goes back to group fantasies of the Rebellious Slave, or in this case of the uppity educated n___, who must be
put back in his place."

The cartoonist, Sean Delonas, was accused of racism in 2009 when one of his cartoons depicted a rabid chimpanzee
dying on a sidewalk after being shot by New York cops. The caption strongly implied that the chimp was meant to
represent President Obama. The Post said it was sorry people were offended, but never fully apologized. (Both
cartoons are included with the report.)

Mr. King is a journalist who has written extensively on coded forms of bigotry. His co-author of the report, Geraldine
Pauling, is an independent scholar and long-time member of the International Psychohistorical Association, which is
noted for its analyses of political cartoons.
This Cartoon is as bad as the Gorilla Cartoon
Notice in Both Racist Cartoons Obama is in trouble because some white man has a gun. Black people in general
should Boycott the post because of their long entrenched racism
President Obama as a runaway slave?
Pro-Romney cartoon in New York Post might as well have been signed by the KKK Imperial Wizard
  • 2012 Presidential Race
  • President Obama is either tied or winning in the following swing States:
    Colorado
    Florida
    Minnesota
    Nevada
    Ohio
    Pennsylvania
    Virginia
    Wisconsin

  • President Obama was playing defense in these 3 States:
    Michigan
    Pennsylvania
    Minnesota

  • Romney is working on these States:
    Michigan
    Pennsylvania
    Minnesota
  • If Romney wins either of these e States, he could win

  • Obama is winning in Iowa, Ohio and Wisconsin.  If he wins in these 3 States, he will win by having 271 electoral votes

  • As of the day of this tally, the electoral votes are 237 Obama and 191 Romney.

  • Even if Romney wins the other battleground States, the electoral will be 271 Obama and 267 Romney.

  • As of 12:58PM, Tuesday, November 6, 2012, these are the percentage numbers:
  • (I know I'm missing some States, but this is all I could write down and/or remember.)
    Alabama:  Obama 37 - Romney 58
    Alaska:  favors Romney, no percentages given
    Arizona:  Obama 44 - Romney 52
    Arkansas:  Obama 35 - Romney 60
    California:  Obama 56 - Romney 39
    North Carolina:  Obama 47 - Romney 49
    South Carolina:  Obama 43 - Romney 52
    Colorado:  Obama 49 - Romney 47
    Connecticut:  Obama 54 - Romney 41
    Florida:  Obama 48 - Romney 48
    North Dakota:  Obama 41 - Romney 54
    South Dakota:  Obama 43 - Romney 53
    Hawaii:  Obama 62 - Romney 33
    Idaho:  Obama 30 - Romney 65
    Illinois:  Obama 57 - Romney 37
    Indiana:  Obama 42 - Romney 53
    Iowa:  Obama 49 - Romney 46
    Kansas:  Romney, no percentages given
    Kentucky:  Obama 39 - Romney 56
    Louisiana:  Obama 37 - Romney 58
    Maine:  Obama 53 - Romney 42
    Maryland:  Obama 58 - Romney 37
    Massachusetts:  Obama 57 - Romney 39
    Michigan:  Obama 51 - Romney 44
    Minnesota:  Obama 51 - Romney 44
    Mississippi:  Romney, no percentages given
    Missouri:  Obama 43 - Romney 52
    Montana:  Obama 44 - Romney 51
    Nebraska:  Obama 41 - Romney 54
    Nevada:  Obama 50 - Romney 47
    New Mexico:  Obama 51 - Romney 43
    New York:  Obama 60 - Romney 36
    Ohio:  Obama 49 - Romney 46
    Oklahoma:  Obama 32 - Romney 63
    Oregon:  Obama 50 - Romney 45
    Pennsylvania:  Obama 50 - Romney 44
    Texas:  Obama 39 - Romney 56
    Utah:  Obama 26 - Romney 70
    Virginia:  Obama 48 - Romney 47
    West Virginia:  Obama 39 - Romney 56
    Washington:  Obama 54 - Romney 41
    Wisconsin:  Obama 50 - Romney 46
    Wyoming:  Romney, no percentages given
These are just SOME of the voting problems that have been reported:

(1-866-my vote 1 is receiving three calls every second)

 Florida Miami
Long lines.
Some people have been there since 6:30AM this morning.  This report came in at 3:40PM.  That is NINE HOURS OF
Machines are down

 Dade County
Having absentee ballot issues, so people are taking them to the board of elections

 Ohio and Virginia
People are having problems with absentee ballots
People are being told that they are not registered

 Toledo Ohio
Did not open on time

 Virginia
A machine changed votes to Romney from Obama

 Ohio Kihoga Sugar heights
Two out of the six machines malfunctioned

 State mentioned but I didn’t hear it and/or they were talking too fast.  Anyway...
No power at one voting precinct

 State mentioned but I didn’t hear it and/or they were talking too fast.  Anyway...
No election judge and no one is allowed to vote

 Ohio
More than 130,000 votes missing

 Florida
People are being told they are not allowed to vote

 Florida
If you were a registered voter prior to 2008, it does not apply to you when it comes to voter-matching

 State mentioned but I did not hear it and/or they were talking too fast.  Anyway...
The lines are long. Some people have been in line from 5:30AM till 8:30AM

 Ohio
Voters were given blue pens to fill in their ballots, but they are supposed to be black

 Virginia
There is an orange Democrat button (on the machine???  I'm not sure what this means)

 State mentioned but I did not hear it and/or they were talking too fast.  Anyway...
There is no signature line on the ballot

 Texas City Texas
Galveston TX is having voter problems

 Florida Miami
Machines down

 Georgia
 West Oklahoma
One machine down

 South Carolina
3 machines down

 State mentioned but I did not hear it and/or they were talking too fast.  Anyway...
Polls not open
People were told machines are down

 Ohio
Machines down

 Ohio
Machines down
Paper ballots are now being used

 Ohio (Miami county ???????)
People were told that the voting people are not accepting ballots

 Maryland
Having troubles with machines

 State mentioned but I did not hear it and/or they were talking too fast.  Anyway…
Delayed openings

 Lawyers and NAACP is monitoring these problems and activities.  People from MSNBC are there too.

 Pittsburgh
Democrats sent a letter to the department of justice to make sure there isn't anyone at the poll intimidating minorities and
not allowing them to vote

 Ohio
Problems with absentee ballots and they are telling people they aren't registered to vote

 Pennsylvania
People are being told they must have a government photo ID. But this is not true
(Call 1-866-My-Vote1)

 Florida
Still having problems with long lines
Being told they aren't registered to vote
(Call 1-866-My-Vote1)

 New York and New Jersey
If you are not able to vote, remember that Governors Cuomo and Christie said that you could vote at any county or
If you do not have anything that shows your original address (IE, phone, cable, electricity or water bill) verifying your
displacement, there are vouchers to sign to say that you are displaced

 Cleveland Ohio, Florida and Virginia
People are being told that they can vote online or via the telephone

 Powel Ohio
A young Black boy was out canvassing in a influential neighborhood trying to get out the vote and he was ultimately
seized and searched by police.  One officer had his hand on his gun and the youngster was detained until other workers
came to verify the boy's credentials

 Ohio
President Obama is not listed first on the ballot but is mentioned only after two other candidates

 Philadelphia
Although the voter ID law was denied in Philadelphia, today, Monday, October 22, 2012 Republicans are running
commercial ads that say that voters must have a voter ID

 Florida, Dade County
A man said he has been living in the same house for the past 36 years, but was sent a letter telling him to verify his
address, age etc
This is the end of the Political Notes on this page.  To read more, click HERE