Wednesday, August 6, 2014
  • In order to avoid paying American taxes, Walgreen's was considering moving their
    headquarters to Europe.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014
  • Michigan freshman Rep. Kerry Bentivolio Tuesday became the third GOP House
    member to lose re-nomination after he was handily defeated in the state's 11th District
    Republican primary by attorney David Trott.
  • With 60 percent of precincts reporting, Trott led Bentivolio, 66 percent to 34 percent,
    according to The Associated Press.
    Bentivolio - the colorful and at-times-peculiar reindeer rancher and Santa Claus
    impersonator who was only elected in 2012 after then-Rep. Thaddeus McCotter was
    kicked off the ballot - quickly earned the distrust of the GOP establishment in the
    House by voting against many of the party's initiatives.  As a result, the U.S. Chamber
    of Commerce endorsed Trott, and 2012 presidential nominee Mitt Romney
    campaigned twice for the challenger.
  • Kansas GOP Rep. Mike Pompeo easily defeated the man he succeeded in Congress,
    former Rep. Todd Tiahrt, in the Republican primary in the State's 4th Congressional
    Pompeo spent big and had the support of the Club for Growth and the political action
    committee of Koch Industries.
  • Michigan Rep. Justin Amash defeated businessman Brian Ellis in the State's 3rd
    Congressional District GOP primary. The libertarian-leaning Amash led Ellis, 55
    percent to 45 percent, with 56 percent of precincts reporting, according to The
    Associated Press, which called the race.
    Ellis earned the endorsements of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and some members
    of Congress, including House Intelligence Committee Chairman and fellow
    Michigander Mike Rogers.  However, he struggled to raise money from outside
    contributors - pouring at least $1 million of his funds into his campaign.  Amash had the
    backing of the Club for Growth, which spent more than a half-million on the race, in
    addition to bundled contributions for the incumbent.
    The seat leans Republican in the general election; Amash was reelected with 53
    percent of the vote in 2012.
  • Senator Pat Roberts defeated Tea Party challenger Milton Wolf in the Kansas Senate
    GOP primary.
    Roberts fended off attacks from Wolf and his allies over his long tenure in
    Washington; Roberts has served in Congress since 1980 and served as a congressional
    aide for years.  He also faced challenges about his residency: The Senator rents out
    the Dodge City, Kansas, home he owns and said he stays with a supporter when he
    visits the State.  Alternatively, Wolf's campaign sputtered just weeks after the
    residency report, when it was revealed that the candidate, a radiologist, had posted X-
    rays of deceased patients on a social-networking site, along with crude and morbid
  • Two-star general Major General Harold Greene, deputy commander of the Combined
    Security Transition Command-Afghanistan was killed in Kabul when an Afghan
    soldier opened fire at a base.  Fifteen other troops were injured.
    Greene, 55, was an Army engineer, commissioned in 1980 after graduating from
    Rensselaer Polytechnic.  He held a variety of engineer and support jobs in the Army
    before deploying to Afghanistan this year.  Earlier, he had been a top deputy to the
    Army's acquisitions chief in the Pentagon.

Monday, September 22, 2014
  • We are at war!  They do not want to call it "war" but that is what it is!  President
    Obama put a spin on the words so instead of calling it "war" "war" instead, he said,
    "We not get dragged into a ground war."  But, war is war and the air strikes and the
    deployment of our service men and women says that we are at war.  Forget the words
    "execute counter-terrorism campaign" and/or "the law of war", we are at war.
    The Republicans are definitely happy - for now, as they will certainly find a way to say
    how wrong President Obama is later.  But for now, they are happy, as they have
    never met a war they did not like and deeply appreciate.
    Now only if our government officials would put this much energy into the poor or
    shrinking middle class, then I might see a reason for our endless wars.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014
  • There is another terrorist group for us to contend.  As of today, the Khorasan Group
    has as much as 100 members.  It has been reported that they are the extension of
    Osama bin Ladin.  Sounds familiar.
  • Today, the news reported that 70% of all arms going into the Middle East come from
    the united states of america!  Hmm, that makes me wonder who is started this great
    idea of market sharing.  I bet they did not consider that our troops will be shot at by
    their own government's weapons.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014
  • It was confirmed that intelligence reports showed the terror group Khorasan was the
    reason uncharged cell phones, laptops and other electronic devices were not allowed
    on U.S. bound flights.  That change was made in July.  Its members were
    “constructing and testing improvised explosive devices,” one official said.

Date Unknown
  • I am not sure when Bill Maher said this, but I found it interesting.
Wednesday, October 1, 2014

  • I was late leaving the house yesterday, as I was caught up watching Congress' hearing with the director of the Secret
    Service, Julia Pierson tell why there are so many incidents where people have gotten inside the White House.  Ms.
    Pierson said that the secret service is short some 200 employees due to the sequester cuts, and they may be the case.  
    However, there is no excuse to allow an intruder to go un-apprehended.  And what about the armed contractor that was
    on the elevator with the President?
    In my opinion, Ms. Pierson and those that were on the grounds at the White House
    should have been fired immediately!  I thought her appointment was due to the
    prostitution scandal with male secret service men, but she is no better.  At one time,
    Ms. Pierson said that they were trying to "measure the danger."  What tha
    what?!?!?!  There is an intruder yet she is measuring the danger?!?!?  Please, I am
    not as important as a president, but the front and side doors have four locks and are
    locked 24/7.  My other four locks on the back and back side doors are locked 24/7.  
    In addition, my gate has a sliding lock, a latch and is padlocked!  At one time, my
    brother-in-law said that my house is locked up like Fort Knox and as a fire chief, he
    asked what were my escape plans in case of a fire.
    Nonetheless, one Congressman told Ms. Pierson that it was one intruder but that there were a more than one secret
    service agent.  He told her that they had one shot and they failed!
    I know if it were me, I know they would have fired my butt!
  • Republicans are feverishly working to repeal the Voting Rights Act of 1965.  How sad that a free Country want to take
    us back in history instead of moving forward.  They should be encouraging us to vote, not making it harder.  There was
    1 case of voter fraud so what is the big deal?
    In Australia, it is illegal not to vote.  When officials learn that a person has not voted, they track the person down and
    demand a viable reason for not voting.  If the person does not have a practicable reason, they are fined.  Why do we
    not have that here in the united states of america?  Why not encourage democracy?  Oh I know, it is to suppress the
    vote so that Republicans can retain power.
  • The Center for Disease Control officials said that an individual who had traveled recently in Liberia has been diagnosed
    with Ebola in Dallas, the first case ever diagnosed in the U.S.
    The individual, who was not identified by gender or nationality, sought care Sunday at Texas Health Presbyterian
    Hospital in Dallas.  The person had left Liberia on Sept. 19 without any symptoms of the virus officials said.  Signs of
    infection first surfaced on Sept. 24, the CDC said at a news briefing Tuesday evening.
    I think they should limit flights from certain Countries.  Some may disagree, but we have to get in front of this virus in
    hopes to keep it from spreading to more individuals.

Thursday, October 02, 2014
  • It was reported that Secret Service Director Julia Pierson has resigned.
  • Some are wondering if the Dallas man who traveled from Liberia to the united states, was originally turned away from
    the hospital because he did not have insurance.  It was not until he was taken to the emergency room via ambulance did
    the hospital agree to treat him.

Friday, October 03, 2014
  • Today, the Labor Department reported that the economy added 248,000 jobs in September while the unemployment rate
    fell to 5.9 percent.  Analysts had expected job growth of about 215,000, according to a Bloomberg survey of economists.

Monday, October 06, 2014
  • House Speaker, John Boehner had always revealed his allegiance to his Party but had previously stated that he would
    never agree with a gay lifestyle.  However, in defiance of several conservative groups, it has been announced that he
    will be going to California to raise money for openly gay Republican candidate Carl DeMaio.  Boehner will also go to
    Massachusetts to support openly gay Richard Tisei.
    Speaker Boehner and Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell have also publicly supported Senate hopeful Monica
    Wehby, who supports gay marriage.
    Several conservative groups have condemned Republicans that support gay candidates.
    In December, Boehner said that their Party needed to embrace gays, women and minorities due to the 2012 election.  
    Supposedly, from here on out, the Republican Party's decisions will no longer be based on race, gender or sexual
  • New York civil rights attorney Sanford Rubenstein has been accused of rape.
    On Sunday, NYPD searched Rubenstein's upper East side home in search of an object that the attorney allegedly used
    to penetrate a woman after Rev. Al Sharpton's 60th birthday party last Wednesday.  WABC reports that the accuser is
    a female executive who works at Sharpton's National Action Network.
    That version of events, in which the pair had consensual sex, conflicted with one presented by a police source, who said
    the 42-year-old victim awoke from a booze-filled haze to find she was having sex with the 70-year-old lawyer
    Ironically, Rubenstein is representing the families of NYPD abuse victims Eric Garner and Sandra Amezquita.
    The Daily News quoted an unnamed police source that said, "Everyone in [NYPD headquarters] could not be
    happier about [the investigation into the allegations against Rubenstein]."

Wednesday, October 08, 2014
  • After being admitted to a Dallas hospital on September 11, 2014, Liberian national Thomas Eric Duncan died in an
    isolation ward after 11 days.
    Duncan was the first person diagnosed with Ebola in the United States, and now there are questions about the quality of
    care he received, and the government.  The government has ordered five airports to start screening passengers from
    West Africa for fever.
    Because nearly 4,000 people have died from Ebola in three impoverished countries outside of West Africa, the case has
    stirred attention and concern that someone with Ebola had been able to fly into the United States from Liberia.
    The White House said extra screening for fever would be carried out for arriving passengers from West Africa.  The
    screening will start at New York's John F. Kennedy airport from the weekend, and later be used at Newark Liberty,
    Washington Dulles, Chicago O'Hare and Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta.
    When Duncan arrive in the U.S. from Liberia, he did not have a fever when he was screen at the airport in capital,
    Monrovia.  While there, Duncan completed a questionnaire saying he had not been in contact with anyone infected with
    Liberian officials stated that Duncan lied on the questionnaire and had indeed been in contact with a pregnant woman
    who later died.
    The hospital will follow the Center for Disease Control when dealing with Duncan's remains.  After enclosing the body
    in two bags and disinfect the bags and will be ultimately be cremated.  No one is to handle the body without protective
    gear prior to cremation.
    Mr. Thomas Eric Duncan was 45 years old.

Monday, October 13, 2014
  • Center for Disease Control Director Tom Frieden said the infection of a nurse who treated the nation's first Ebola case
    changes extensively how public health officials must approach control efforts.
    "We have to rethink how we address Ebola control, because even a single infection is unacceptable," he said.
    Frieden said the nurse at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas is "clinically stable."  An expanded CDC team
    continues to investigate how she became sick despite wearing full protective gear.  Frieden suggested that a critical
    moment might have been as she took off her gown, face shield and other equipment.  He stressed that a "breach in
    protocol" occurred was not necessarily because of an error by the health care worker or the hospital.
    Frieden said that among the four dozen Dallas residents being monitored for Ebola symptoms - because of direct or
    indirect contact with the "index case," meaning Liberian national Thomas Duncan - all remain healthy.

Thursday, October 16, 2014
  • Although it is suspect if a travel ban would stop the spread of Ebola, President Barack Obama said he is open to travel
    bans.  He also said that it might be necessary to appoint a czar to oversee his administration's response to the Ebola
    Following a two-hour meeting with top advisers President Obama said, "It may be appropriate for me to appoint an
    additional person."  He said that the additional person would "make sure we're crossing all the t's and dotting all the
    i's" in the long run.
    He also said, he does not have a "philosophical objection" to a travel ban but does not see it as the best way to fight
    Ebola.  "A travel ban is less effective than the measures we are currently implementing," he said.
    Based on expert advice thus far, Obama said he has determined that he a "flat-out travel ban is not the way to go."

Friday, October 17, 2014
  • The White House has announced that President Barack Obama has chosen Ron Klain to serve as his administration's
    Ebola response coordinator.
    Klain was chief of staff to Vice President Joe Biden from 2009 to 2011 and served in the same position under Vice
    President Al Gore.  He was also an essential member of the team that helped Obama prepare for presidential debates.  
    He is currently president of Case Holdings, former AOL chairman Steve Case's holding company, and general counsel
    of investment firm Revolution.

Saturday, October 18, 2014
  • The Supreme Court has announced in an unusual Saturday morning order that Texas will be allowed to enforce its new
    voter ID law in next month's election.
    The Obama administration and civil rights groups requests were abandoned and the justices declined to reinforce a court
    order against the law granted last week by a district court judge but lifted Tuesday by the 5th Circuit U.S. Court of
    The court’s order was an interim move addressing emergency applications filed Wednesday, and a trial judge’s ruling
    striking down the law will still be appealed.  Nevertheless, the Supreme Court's action set the ground rules in Texas for
    the current election.  Early voting in Texas starts Monday, which helps explain the court’s rush to issue the order as
    soon as Justice Ginsburg had finished her dissent.  The law was determined in 2011 and requires voters seeking to cast
    their ballots at the polls to present photo identification like a Texas driver’s or gun license, a military ID or a passport.
    This action will prevent more than 600,000 registered Texas voters from voting in person.
    Justice Ginsburg noted that  "A sharply disproportionate percentage of those voters are African-American or
    Hispanic."  She added that "racial discrimination in elections in Texas is no mere historical artifact."
    She noted that Texas would not accept several forms of ID that Wisconsin did, including "a photo ID from an in-State
    four-year college and one from a federally recognized Indian tribe."  On October 9, 2014, the Supreme Court refused to
    let Wisconsin use its voter ID law in the current election.
    Texans who lack a required form of identification cannot easily obtain it, Justice Ginsburg wrote. "More than 400,000
    eligible voters face round-trip travel times of three hours or more to the nearest" government office issuing Ids.  They
    must generally present a certified birth certificate.
    Birth certificates ordinarily cost $22 but the State offers them costing $2 to $3 for election purposes.  However, that
    fact is unknown to most residents.
    "Even at $2, the toll is at odds with this court’s precedent," she wrote, citing a 1966 decision striking down Virginia’s
    poll tax.

Friday, October 24, 2014
  • It has been reported that former White House counsel Kathy Ruemmler has withdrawn herself from consideration to be
    the attorney general nominee.
    It is reported that her reason for not accepting the nomination was due to Republicans ongoing witch-hunt against the
    Obama administration and her previous advice she had given President Obama.
    Some of the issues that may arise include Ruemmler's report that there was no evidence that the White House
    intervened in Solyndra's loan guarantee to benefit a campaign donor.  Her report stated that the Republican's claim that
    the White House acted improperly or illegally with the energy company was false.
    Republicans claimed that the appointments of Richard Cordray as the director of Consumer Financial Bureau and others
    were an abuse of power but Ruemmler found that the appointments were valid when the Senate held pro-forma
    Ruemmler was involved when the Republicans claimed that the Affordable Care Act was illegal.  She fought to prove
    that it was.
    During negotiations over John Brennan’s confirmation as CIA director, Ruemmler decided that the House and Senate
    intelligence panels could review the e-mails about different drafts of the Benghazi talking points without letting them
    take copies.  Later, the emails were released after weeks of controversy over their content.
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Alternatively, I was wrong!
My experiences with the
police in Colorado is
somewhat memorable. From
what I can remember, there
was the time when I was
either driving to or coming
from work, and I was driving
near Curtis Park when I
noticed a policeman giving
this guy a ticket. While I was
watching someone else get a
ticket, I rolled-stopped
through a stop sign, and
before I knew it, there were
red and blue lights coming up
from behind me. What made
me think that there would
only be one officer in that
area, is beyond me. The
Curtis Park area was known
for some type of criminal
activity, so I should have
been aware.
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Keeba's Health Care
Reform Plan
Just like most Politicians,
Community Leaders and
Activists, I am so egotistical,
that I felt I could write a
healthcare reform bill better
than any Democrat or
Here’s mine...
Poor Obama
I always deemed him to be
an intelligent man that
could see the forest before
the trees. But… hmmm.  I
feel differently.  He’s not
as smart as I thought he
When the Dems first began
pushing healthcare reform, I
kept watching the opponents
and I could not help but to
think that they are a bunch
of dumb protesters. Now
don’t get me wrong, I could
have easily been one of them.
Yes, I could have. I say that
because 99% of them do not
have a clue what they’re
Bellow is just my political notes that where jotted down over the past few weeks.
Keeba's Politics Page, where everything is factual - containing the good, the bad and the ugly no matter the Party.
However, as Ronald Reagan once said, "Trust, but verify."
The Democrats Get A
Swift Kick
As for the People not
supporting their own rights
by voting, I need to kill off a
few of these people inside
my head.
Our united states
government officials Will
Pass…On The american
I give no one a pass.  I do
not care the color of your
skin or the position you
may have, you will NEVER
receive a pass or any excuse
for your actions from me.  
NEVER!  Not now, not ever!
Democrats Need To Get
Off Their Behinds!
As I listen to the news and
read the newspapers, I have
many complaints against the
Democrats. I’m tired of
them.  But make no mistake,
I will always vote. Yeah,
yeah, I’m tired of all of them,
but I keep casting my ballot.  
Yada, yada, yada!  My
complaints continue.  I really
dislike them for not have the
guts to stand up against their
opponents.  Often times,
they sicken me and often
wonder if it's time to kick
both them and the
Republicans out as neither
seem to do much to make
sure that happens. Ugh!
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It is such a shame President Obama cannot receive the respect he RIGHTFULLY deserves. Oh, God, please [continue] to bless these divided states.

Julia Pierson
Wednesday, November 05, 2014
  • Election outcome:
     Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper, a Democrat, has been reelected, fending off GOP challenger Bob Beauprez.
     Governor Peter Shumlin, the chairman of the Democratic Governors Association, was running just narrowly ahead of
    Republican Scott Milne, 47 percent to 45 percent.  Going into Tuesday's elections, Democrats held more than 2 to 1
    advantages over Republicans in both state legislative chambers
     Republican Greg Abbott has won the governor's race in Texas, defeating Democrat Wendy Davis.
     Democrat Gina Raimondo has won the Rhode Island governor's race, defeating Republican Allan Fung.
     Republican Scott Walker has been reelected governor of Wisconsin, defeating Democrat Mary Burke.
     Republican Tom Foley has conceded the Connecticut governor's race to incumbent Democrat Dannel Malloy.
     Republican Bruce Rauner has won the Illinois governor's race, ousting incumbent Democrat Pat Quinn.
     Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal, a Republican, has been reelected, earning more than 50 percent of the vote to avoid a
    runoff and defeat Democratic challenger Jason Carter.
     Republican Gov. Paul LePage of Maine has been reelected, defeating Democrat Michael Michaud and independent
    Eliot Cutler.
     Democrat Paul Davis has conceded the Kansas governor's race to Republican incumbent Sam Brownback.
     Republican Larry Hogan has won the governor's race in Maryland, defeating Democratic Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown.
     Republican Charlie Baker has won the Massachusetts governor's race, defeating Democrat Martha Coakley.
     Republican Rick Snyder has been reelected governor of Michigan, fending off a challenge from Democrat Mark
     Republican incumbent Rick Scott has been reelected governor of Florida, defeating Democrat Charlie Crist.
     Democrat Tom Wolf has won the Pennsylvania governor's race, toppling incumbent Republican Gov. Tom Corbett.
     Democrat Muriel Bowser has won the Washington, D.C., mayor's race, fending off independent candidates David
    Catania and Carol Schwartz.
     Democrat Gwen Graham has won the House race for Florida's 2nd District, toppling incumbent GOP Rep. Steve
     Republican Rep. Mike Coffman has been reelected to his House seat in Colorado's 6th District, defeating Democrat
    Andrew Romanoff.
     Republican Rep. Michael Grimm has been reelected to his House seat in New York's 11th District, defeating
    Democratic challenger Domenic Recchia.
     Republican Barbara Comstock has won the House seat in Virginia's 10th District, defeating Democrat John Foust.
     Republican Evan Jenkins has won the race for the House in West Virginia's 3rd District, ousting longtime incumbent
    Democratic Rep. Nick Rahall.
     Democrat Sean Eldridge has conceded the race for the House seat in New York's 19th District to incumbent
    Republican Rep. Chris Gibson.
     Republican Shelley Moore Capito has won the Senate race in West Virginia, defeating Democrat Natalie Tennant.
     Republican Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the Senate minority leader, has been reelected to the Senate, defeating
    Democratic challenger Alison Lundergan Grimes.
     Democrat Michelle Nunn has conceded the Georgia Senate race to Republican David Perdue.
     Republican Rep. Tom Cotton has won the Arkansas Senate race, defeating incumbent Democrat Mark Pryor.
     Republican Steve Daines has won the Senate race in Montana, defeating Democrat Amanda Curtis.
     Republican Mike Rounds has won the South Dakota Senate race, defeating Democrat Rick Weiland and independent
    Larry Pressler.
     Republican Joni Ernst has won the Iowa Senate race, defeating Democrat Bruce Braley.
     Republican Pat Roberts has retained his Senate seat from Kansas, holding off a challenge from independent
    candidate Greg Orman.
     Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen has been reelected to the Senate from New Hampshire, holding off Republican
    challenger Scott Brown.
     Republican Rep. Cory Gardner has won the Colorado Senate race, toppling incumbent Democrat Mark Udall.
     Democratic Senator Al Franken has been reelected to the Senate, fending off a challenge from Republican Mike
     Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu and her Republican challenger Bill Cassidy have advanced to a Dec. 6 runoff in
    the Louisiana Senate race.
     Republicans have won control of the Senate, picking up the sixth seat they needed to retake the chamber from
    Democrats with a win in North Carolina's Senate race, where Republican Thom Tillis ousted incumbent Kay Hagan.

Friday, November 07, 2014
  • The Washington Post has reported that President Obama has sent a secret letter to Iran in hopes to have their help with
    ISIS.  The Obama Administration has not addressed the letter that was sent to a known terrorist Country.
  • October's job report shows that 214,000 has been added and the unemployment rate has dipped to 5.8%.
  • Computers of Home Depot have been hacked and now the hackers have customer's email addresses.