Okay, I told those on the "Daily Crazies" list that I was sick and upset and hurt and all those other
emotional feelings, when it came to the first Presidential Debate.  However, after taking time to
reflect and seeking relevancy, I believe I have solved my self-created enigma.

Okay, Obama is just another man like anyone else.  He suffered a brain fart and got stuck.  And
what I mean by stuck, is that his head was already foggy and overloaded with campaigning as well
as running the nation, keeping track of terrorist, and a bunch load of other stuff not excluding
dealing with a change in altitude.  No matter the given reasons and/or excuses, I still believe that
before his arrival in front of that podium, he was ready.  Ready like Freddie.  He was in the words
of one of his old supporters, "fired up and ready to go."  But with all that previously mentioned
stuff, I have to believe that he was just plain stuck; discombobulated.

First of all, I did not watch the entire debate when it aired, however it was on here in my office,
and with the television behind me, I often took short glances to see what the candidates looked
like.  To me, former Massachusetts' governor Mitt Romney seemed rested and prepared while
President Barack Obama appeared tired and sleepy.  I thought he must have needed some rest.

Anyway, I did not want to watch the debate as I knew Man would want to watch it later.  I do not
know about most people, but re-runs of any political event isn't that exciting as it would be
watching something such as "
Big", or the Griswolds or even "As Good as it Gets."  Each of which,
I have watched repeatedly.

While infrequently listening and sometimes watching the first presidential debate, I would often
take quick glances to see their faces.  Romney looked eagerly excited while Obama appeared
casually polite and artlessly inadmissible.  I would then turn away when I was tried of watching, as
there were moment when I felt my dreams were slipping away and admittedly, was disappointed.  
Sometime during the debate, I left my hard-chair and went upstairs, but I could still hear it and the
more I listened, the more I felt…

    When Man finally arrived, I told him what I
    thought of the debate.  Although I do not like
    telling people the end of a story, I felt compelled to
    spill my rant.  I mean, why not?  It is not as if I
    was ruining a good story with a sweet and cheery
    ending.  This certainly was not the case.  Besides,
    I wanted to save him from wasting his time and
    experiencing the disgust himself.  That is what I
    am here for right? …to stand in front of him and
    ease the pain?

In my opinion, President Obama messed up during the debate.  Sure his numbers remained the
same, but Romney took some potential numbers Obama could have gained. ...a massive win to
reelection.  (I like winning big.)  Additionally, Obama allowed the Republicans to capture the ears
of easy prey.  Again, at this time, I am assuming Romney's number increased because people had
not been listening to him while he was on his campaign trail.

During this first debate, I believe Obama did not help us at all.  He still has my vote, but he did not
do the job I was so sure he could or would do.  Yeah, yeah, yeah I know the "angry black man
syndrome" and all that.  Blah, blah, blah!  At the time, I did not want to hear that.  I have seen and
still have some of his pictures where he appeared heated.  Additionally, I have heard some of his
haughty speeches, so again, it was a disappointment.

    Alternatively, it could have been the altitude as
    some have said.  It's not like we Coloradoans have
    not heard it before, but I thought he should have
    remembered what it was like when he gave his
    speech at the DNC - while here in Denver.  
    Perhaps he has enough on his plate.  He is not
    God - wrestling a gazillion ideas and issues.  He is
    only human so it is easy to forget.  Please, I often
    forget what I have eaten for breakfast, so it does
    happen.  But, at the time - in my small mind, his
    people should have known and/or remembered.
            First Presidential Debate, 2012
First Presidential Debate
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I think I seek tranquillity quicker than most, in this case, I was the one who carried out rants both quietly and aloud.  But,
Man?  Well, he was more rational and more reserved - coming up with reasons as to why Obama behaved this way
and/or that.  Man was calm, and at one point, he said, "
Obama is just waiting."

Waiting for what?"  I hammered.  Man said he thought Obama was feeling him out.  Perhaps.

    I dislike discord.  I leave when people are arguing or even if I THINK
    someone is going to have hurt feelings.  I just do not like it as I hate
    feeling uncertain and uncomfortable.  I spend a lot of time praying as I
    have found it brings me peace, so in this situation, there was not anything
    else to do but call upon God.

    First, I prayed for myself.  (Uh huh, I am just that selfish.  I said I was a
    praying person - never have I denied my hypocrisy.)  I prayed that anger
    and disappointment would go away and then I prayed for The People, and
    ultimately those who make decisions for The People.  Immediately, I felt
    better and thankfully, the monster lowered its ugly head.

    Without a lobotomy or blue, green or purple fuzzy pills, I feel better.
    Yes, I am back.  Now, I know I need not cloud my delicate yet
    beautifully-touched brain with silly political debris, but after my daily
    rituals, I enjoy watching my favorites:
"News Nation w/Tamron Hall", "Politics Nation w/Al Sharpton" as well as "The Fox Report w/Shep Smith."

I am back, as I am indeed my father's child.  And as he often said, "
That's just how it is."  Like my Dad, I like knowing
what is going on.  I do not like the discomfort it brings, but only I can stop it and only God can make me feel better.  I
have daily and nightly rituals and I watch politics too.  I promote one and allow other family members to exalt the other.  I
know where my place is, as well as where and to whom my heart belongs.

Notwithstanding, I will continue my tranquil comments.

As of this week, the
Bureau of Labor Statistics said that unemployment in Michigan is below the national average.  
just recently, they reported that the unemployment rate for our nation is 7.8%.  That would seem like good
news for all of us, but now the Republicans are accusing Obama of "fixing" and/or manipulating the unemployment
numbers.  If it were that easy, then EVERY president could have done it.

Over the years, people have said that the job's number proves that people are either working or not looking for work.  So,
is that what every other president has done?  …even former president Bill Clinton? …"fix the numbers."  If Clinton was
able to manipulate the numbers so well, than that might prove their theory that the numbers are "fixed".  So, Clinton won
reelection based on his outstanding job numbers, right?

If they were going to "fix the numbers", would they not have fixed it even more in their favor?  If the BLS were that
easily swayed - or if the numbers from the BLS could be easily fixed, then why not keep Americans fooled and keep
telling us that the unemployment record is… let's say,  3.5?  I mean honestly.  I do not get the BLS report.  Seriously, I do
not.  I never understood it.  I did not understand it when Clinton or Bush was in office and I do not understand it now.  I
mean, if someone could, please advise as to how they calculate those numbers if ...when Bush was in office and a news
report said the numbers were this, then the Left said it was because people had stopped looking for work.  Now that
Obama is President and the numbers come out each month, the Right said it is because people stopped looking for work.  
So, just how DOES the BLS calculate those numbers - accurately?

The Wall Street Journal, owned by Rupert Murdoch, polled Americans and tallied the following:
  • October 2011 - 21% of Americans believed the economy was improving
  • July 2012 - 27% of Americans believed the economy was improving
  • August 2012 - 36% Americans believed the economy was improving
  • September 2012 - 42% Americans believed the economy was improving
  • October 2012 - 44% Americans believed the economy was improving

Now that says something about President Obama but will the majority vote for him?  I suppose I could ask, will the
majority have the
rightful opportunity to vote, but that's another story and I must digress.  Anyway, Obama works his
butt off and then is blamed for being a socialist.  By the way, I am a
socialist and proud of it.

Some news pundits believe that Mitt Romney is disowning his "47% remark" because his Party is telling him to do it.  I
say that too and the fact that he saw his numbers improve after the first presidential debate.  He saw the warm reception
(his numbers improved) after he told The People that he wants to "help the poor."  And well, they bought it.  He pulled the
old trick of the TV in the box.  He sells them a car knowing that it is a lemon.  But sadly, they won't know the box only
has a fake television top but the rest is filed with heavy bricks.  They will get that car half way down the block, it will
break down and when they try to return it, it will be too late.  They will be suckered.

Romney spent the last 42 months appealing to conservatives and now he wants to spend the rest of his campaign
appealing to the moderates.  According to former RNC chair, Michael Steele, 'that's how it works.'  Well, actually Mr.
Steele said, "You know how the game is played.  Don’t act like this is something new."

    During the debates, Romney said he would repeal ObamaCare, and then
    later said his own plan would cover those with preexisting conditions.  
    When Obama reminded him that his (Romney's) plan would not cover
    preexisting conditions, Romney then said it would not.  However, the next
    day, while on the campaign trail, Romney told his supporters that his plan
    WOULD cover preexisting conditions.  Again, Obama's people reminded
    him that it would not and Romney agreed.  It has been going back and
    forth like this for months - on almost everything Romney has said.  It is as
    if what Romney says on the campaign trail - in front of his supporters -
    does not count, as he will say something different during the debate
    and/or in interviews.  Only millions of Americans watched the presidential
    debate while only a few hundred of folks hear what he says on his
    campaign trail.

Lies?  Hmmm.  The GOP says that they are not lies but it is strategy.  Okay, uh huh.  Strategic?  Perhaps, but one thing I
do know, is that it is deceptive.

The sad thing about Romney saying 'never mind about what I said about my healthcare plan covering preexisting
conditions' is that not enough people heard him make that correction as it was said AFTER the debate.  …after 67 million
people heard Romney's "new" plans.  Alternatively, I have to give Romney credit, as at least he did not fib or say never
mind about the fact that his healthcare is indeed a voucher plan.

Had Romney continued to talk during the first presidential debate, he would have said he wanted everyone to be on
welfare or some type of government assistance, as he was throwing out anything and everything to sway voters.  
Anything to get the vote, right?

During the debate, Romney said, "
I'm not looking for a 5 trillion dollar tax cut. What I said was that I would not put
in place a tax cut that would add to the deficit.
"  During his many months on the campaign trail, Romney said that he
would not reduce tax for high income Americans.  But during the first debate, he said he "wants to reduce taxes for all
Americans."   In February 2012, Romney said he was a "severely conservative governor."  What does that mean?

Romney really does have Americans fooled, as his numbers improved after the debate.  But wait,
does he have them
fooled?  Lets look at something here.  Perhaps he does not have them fooled.  Perhaps the issue I should consider is that
not everyone watches political news on a regular basis.  Perhaps there are many people who do not care to listen to the
political junk day in and day out.  Perhaps the newly surveyed have witnessed a new Romney - something they never
heard him say before the debate, and they have not heard his speeches before.  I dislike the idea of anyone being
hoodwinked, so I will try to be optimistic - at least in this case. ?

When the "47" remark was heard on the video the following day, Romney did not say he was sorry for the remark, but
only that he did not 'state it elegantly'.  He firmly stood behind what he was caught saying.  However, on Monday,
October 1st, he said that he "…wanted to be the president for all Americans."  Oh and later, on Friday, October 5th, he
finally said he was sorry.  But it's what they must do, well that is according to representative Phil Gingrey, chairman,
GOP Doctors caucus.

Mr. Gingrey told CNN:

Please wait while I put on my surprise "WHAAAA!" face.  Wait, so this is not a lie?  Not even an evil lie?  Not
deception?  A political strategy that ALL politicians use?

    Okay, I may not believe everything I am told, but I REALLY do believe Mr. Gingrey.  
    HONESTLY, I DO!  This sounds like politics as usual.  Although I am not a fan of
    former Arkansas governor, Mike Huckabee, but he approved of lying to receive votes.  
    When question that he was knowingly deceiving folks, he replied, "…whatever it takes
    to win."  Huckabee is not only a longtime politician, but he is also an ordained Southern
    Baptist minister.  See why I leave that to the others to promote?  It is not that I cannot
    talk about religion, it is just that I will not with certain people.  (Again, I know my place.)

    Romney will come to the Center if it means a win.  Whatever it takes to win.  Again,
    HUMPH!  Where is the integrity?  No values?  No principles?  You can change just
    like that?  No sincerity? Michael Steele said, "That's how this game is played."  
    Anything to garner votes right?

    Anyway, lying, cheating and stealing is the norm.  Status quo.  Wow, what a life.  
    Hmmm.  Why not?  Why not go to a place where you can live off The People's dime,
    retire and then CONTINUE to live the rest of your days off the people's dime?
Lie, cheat and steal, whatever it takes, as it is indeed either a lie and/or a good strategic maneuver.  Whatever you wanna
call it, but I call it a sweet (NOT) place where the corruption is clean.  In the words of Leroy Brown, "What that


I do not know about anyone else, but I cannot sleep at night if I KNOWINGLY pull the wool over people's eyes...just so
that they will favor me.  I just cannot do that, as I am not built or programmed that way.

Like it or lump it.

Willard Mitt Romney is not who I think should be the commander and chief of these divided states.

I just do not have any confidence in a man who says to fix the economy, is to 'sit back and allow it to fix itself.'  That he
"…wouldn’t have to do nothing."  Romney has said, "I don’t have a tax cut that's 4.8 trillion…I'm not going to cut taxes
on the rich." However, if he actually claims to have a sound plan to fix the economy, he would have to be as Jon Stewart
says a wizard.  In regards to healthcare, Romney has said, "I do not have a Medicare voucher plan", but according to
almost every analysis I have read, it is just that.

ALSO SEE: Mother Jones' Video of Mitt Romney

I have no confidence in a person who says that the way to fix the animosity between Israel and Palestinians is to "kick
the ball down the field and hope that ultimately, somehow, something will happen and resolve it."  He said he 'doesn’t see
a way to bring peace in the region' - at all.

Romney said his economic plan looked like this:
  • 4.8 trillion dollar deduction in revenue
  • 20% rate deduction of the Bush tax cuts
  • end the estate tax
  • cut the corporate tax rate from 35 to 25%

    Although the economist and anyone with a High School diploma, knew it
    did not add up Romney continued to bash Obama for his economic plans.  
    While on the contrary, that is not what he had been saying all along.  It is
    not at all what he had been saying during his campaign but a total
    opposite.  He knew that he could lie quicker than the average person
    could fact-check his statements, and consequently, he knew that during
    the debate - with millions of Americans watching - he could say anything
    to try and convince voters.  'Cause he knew the plug was about to be
    pulled with a straight-line reading on his campaign.  It was dying and

I have no confidence in a person who cannot admit that he has no plan to solve issues regarding our adversaries, or how
to keep our allies pleased.  Even more so, instead of complimenting Obama for the actions he has taken to keep this
nation safer, or complimenting him for his foreign relations, he steals some of Obama's ideas.  (Hey!  Doesn’t that sound
familiar when it was Obama vs. McCain?)  As former president Bill Clinton said during his DNC speech, "
You got to
give one thing: It takes some brass to attack a guy for doing what you did.

It is laughable that just recently someone called into one of the news pundits and said they were tired of people calling
Romney a liar.  The caller went on to say that he too was a Mormon and that "
Mormons don't lie."  Again, I leave the
reverent to those who feel a need to persuade others.

I know it is the norm for politicians to say anything - even fib - to garner votes.  Additionally, repeatedly over the years it
has been reported that people cheat on their taxes but the case against Romney's tax invasion is huge and very costly.  If
Romney continues to evade this tax invasion issue, I will always wonder what type of financial mess he will put on this
nation.  If millionaires like him continue cheating the IRS, it will never get better for the little guy.

I have voted for Republicans, but after this, I honestly do not think I ever will do so again.  No, it is not because it is their
normal strategy of lying, as most politicians fib, but because they have
revealed their hate.  I was okay when just small
fragments were exposed, but when Obama became President of these divided states, it has gotten even worse.

They have no intentions in helping the American people - none at all.  Instead of helping The People find work, they have
diligently worked to put President Obama out of work.  Remember that was their "number-one priority; to make sure
Obama wouldn’t be reelected.

They want to cut taxes for high-income Americans even more than President Bush did, do away with financial
regulations designed to prevent another financial and increase defense spending over a decade $2 trillion although the
Pentagon said they do not need it.  They want to help their rich supporters while making enormous cuts in the rest of the
budget, especially programs that help the middle class and poor children.  And although President Obama has provided
help with student loans, healthcare, earned income credit and child credit programs, the Republicans want to continue
raising taxes for middle class with cuts to millionaires and drag us into more wars.

I was  not born when FDR was president,
but it is obvious to me that the Republican Party hasn't changed much.

It's surly and ugly.  Uh huh, but in the case of President Barack Obama, it is only uglier.  Who can say it better than two
White Southerners?

One said:

While another just said:

The reason why President Obama did not do the job that he and others expected was that he was put in a MUCH
unforeseen jam.  Not only did he have to deal with keeping his habitual calm composure during the debate; concealing
what some deem as the "angry black man syndrome, but he had to adjust.  Yes, that's right.  He adjusted his first weeks
or months (I forgot which) in office when he took the blame for security-breach fly-overs.  He adjusted and took the
blame when his own Party did not support him.  And, he took the blame and adjusted when he was blamed for strict guns
gun laws are more lax under his presidency than any other.

    President Obama blamed himself for performing terribly at the debate, but
    I think he was wrong.  I do not think he can take the blame this time.  
    Yeah, yeah, he is always cool, calm and collective under the most trying
    conditions/situations, but how does one debate a stranger?  A complete
    stranger you just met - who has just told you their plans for the first time?  
    How do you debate that?  I believe Obama is poised, but the Willard Mitt
    Romney most of us avid news watchers know, did not show up at the
    first presidential debate.  Nope, that was someone who looked like
    Romney and had the same pitched-tone voice as Romney, but it was not
    the same Romney from the campaign trail.

    Before the debate, Obama was prepared.  He had previously studied as
    he would if he were to take a test, but when he got into the examination
    room, the questions were not the same.  It was as if someone had
    switched the test on him.
He was supposed to investigate the production of each vegetable worldwide, and that is exactly what he did: investigate
the yielding of each.  But during the exam, he was asked to name the number of sides in a hexagon multiplied by the
number of sides in a pentagon as well as, how much water filled the earth during the last 1,000 rain storms.  That
comparison is exactly what Romney was: a big difference between night and day.

I do not always side with Barack Obama.  In fact, he was not my first choice for president.  Furthermore, I have not and
will not give him a pass as I have never given any of his predecessors a pass.  Ain't gonna happen.  But in this case,
President Obama was hoodwinked.

Of course, Mitt Romney won the debate as he outwitted Obama as well as he strategically deceived those who just
newly gave him their support.

Way to go Mitt?

Mitt Romney can lie quicker than anyone can fact-check, but it will not matter as he will have changed his mind before
he's back on the campaign trail.
"…of course it's because Obama is black.  There's no other way to see it. …I've witnessed this
before and that's exactly what it is."
"Now, there’s something I’ve noticed lately. You probably have, too. And it’s this. Maybe just
because I grew up in a different time, but though I often disagree with Republicans, I actually
never learned to hate them the way the far right that now controls their party seems to hate our
president and a lot of other Democrats."
"The Republican - the conservative candidate in the primary is always gonna lean right and
...and come back to the center for the general...the opposite for the democrat. Uh That's all
you're seeing here. It's ..it's very typical. We strong conservatives understand that. So this is
campaign strategy."
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