Oh, I remember The 23rd of December.

I remember when
I was young and there wasn’t
a care in the world.

I remember
I was young and carefree
I thought nobody was sad
No, not even me.

Oh, I remember The 23rd of December

I remember when
the days seemed brighter, clearer
The sun shined on everything
Far and near
Brighter then today.
But somehow
back then it seemed clear
That today would not be even so drear.

Oh I remember
The 23rd of December

My brother, two years older
We would experience
With a chem lab just to see
What would explode
And what could be the possibility.

Fun and laughter filled our days
As hours passed would be spent in different ways
My dolls kings and queens;
Even in High School
I could never reveal that Barbie still ruled.
(Froggy and I Proved)

The days filled with few friends,
Church and family
With confusion
The time would come for decisions
What to do with dysfunction.
Date and relate
Sorrow today or tomorrow
Staying up
Late in the day, I would awake
To see what else was left for me to partake

Oh, 1 remember
The 23rd of December

Six other siblings older and set
I have to go back and get the facts
Facts of the truth
Before the traps

Oh, but I can remember
The 23rd of December

A family of seven
Parents teachings before heaven
Scores of chores
Never ending to the end of day
That was the way it was
Cause they were teachings for today
There couldn’t be any other way.

Though many thought harsh
There was no other way
Without procrastination
For them to prepare us for the future
Preparation today.

Trouble would never find us near
As the word of our parents we held dear.
Every where we went
We carried it with us.

Lot’s of love but mostly fear
No one spared the fan-belt on the derriere
You see,
Not even me,
The youngest spared.
Yes, we feared God as we were taught to do
But Smity’s rules superceded
Might be cruel
But, Smity's rules ruled!
Never teaching
Fail is to prevail
But trouble could lead to jail.

Nope, no one spared
But all cared
For Mills dedication and Buffalo's will
I never know how I faced that shield
With Paboy's consistency
Skinny’s cleverness.
I would never learn how to digest
Brossel sprouts, carrots and beets
Washed down with dad's RC’s
Cola's of Pepsi
we often would sneak.

Ah, yes,
I remember
The 23rd of December

Toys, food galore
Who could ask for anything more?
Smity's ways rough and tough
To each other we had to prove
We had had enough.
Pepsi, snicker bars
Only one would be behind bars
Above all in juvenile hall.

Yes, I remember,
The 23rd of December

Childish ways we depart and grow
Adults would beat from a different drum
A new generation would come.

Some reproach for non-authenticity
Some blame for poverty
Some reproach for intoxication
Some reproach for inflation
Some reproach dysfunction
But a new generation would learn to function

Oh, I remember
The 23rd of December

Often three jobs at a time
Hard work;
Feeding a family of nine
Wasting nothing, not even a button.
Electricity, food including cotton.

Oh yea! ...I remember
The 23rd of December

I appreciate what was given me.
I appreciate the good times.
And even today, the lashings.
I could be like my former chums;
Dead, pregnant and/or a bum
I had a choice to make
Leave the nest and par-take
And remember
with wisdom
The 23rd of December

I am older now;
These problems I face are mine.
I can’t be reproached for the lost time.

I am on my journey now
I’m thankful for the stolen plow.
I’m movin’ on now;
Moved on from the place I cherished
My home.
Now, here I am with one of my own.

The 23rd of December)

I look back on those days
Glad I had them
As I’ve changed in so many ways.
Glad for my parents who are now gone.
They are being robed and crowned
For all the good deeds they have done.
Watching over their seeds from their new home.

See, they did their jobs
Jobs well done
I don’t believe anyone could have done better.
Because of them, I am able to weather
Any storm put in my way.
I’m thankful for their teachings each and everyday.
They didn’t allow me to get away with nothing.
I’m glad too (smile)
They’ve instilled so many good things in their children
And now those good deeds have been passed on.
They did the best they could
and succeeded.
They brought us up as the way they should.
They have won!

The 23rd of December)

Unlike most leaders who were feared,
They were both very well loved.
They taught us responsibility, respect and God above.
No apology is needed to the Master above,
But Smitty’s rules superceded His
As that is what he was put here to do
The mission he was to pursue
Was completed and accomplished well done.
Because of them, all has ran the race and won.

(Still, Remember
The 23rd of December)

I can't remember!
The 23rd of December

It was a time that came quick.
The year was 1966!
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Remembering The 23rd Of December
Remembering the 23rd of December
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