Polly's Perspective
When I hit 55, people were always asking me,
Soooo when are you gonna retire?"

I could hang out with my other retired old lady
friends and go to lunch regularly.  We swap
pictures of our grand kids, brag about the little
genius in our families, talk about life, death and
other topics that concern the ladies.  Okay, that
kills about 3-4 hours twice a week.

What about all the other days?  What do I do
before lunch?  After lunch?  Church on
Saturday.  Maybe go to one of their churches
on Sunday.  But what about the rest of the
days?  I could join a senior group and take a
bus tour of the Royal Gorge.  Grandmommy
used to do that every year.  Maybe I could go to
the hot air balloon festival in New Mexico in
October.  I could even take the senior shuttle to
Las Vegas and hope to hit the big one and see
a show.  I wonder if Wayne Newton is still
Then it hit me!  Not in a dream like great ideas often do, but from my dining room table, it spoke to
me.  I would become a techno geek!  On my dining table is a little lime green box that contains a
little purple box called ROKU.

What is ROKU?  ROKU is supposed to be the source of my TV entertainment like dish or cable.  
You take the ROKU box with a modem, router and a computer and you hook all that up together
and it streamlines television programs and movies into your TV.  Streamline?  
Streamline.  Trust
me, it is not the latest diet aid.  Anyway, I bought the ROKU box about a month ago.  I had some
help setting it up.  Then I waited.  Nothing.  Now this is where the me becoming more techno savvy
and doing something in the retirement phase of my life comes in: I would learn and understand all
the new tech stuff that no one past the sixth grade is supposed to understand.

When I was learning the new software for my job I was assured
and promised that my brain would
literally explode into a million pieces.  It did not, and I still have my job.  So my brain must have
understood something.  Surely, if I can learn the new system at work, I can master installing
ROKU.  I have the equipment, the manual and a tried and true brain.  Let's see if I, Polly, the
upcoming techno geek can end the TV drought in my home!

PS: If I get the TV to come onto my been-without-a-picture flat screen and there are no pending
funeral services for me, I will have the ladies over for lunch and we will watch the soaps together.  
If all does not go well, I will tell Wayne ya'll said to say hey.  I wonder if he still sings "Danke

Polly Elliott-Lanz
Polly's Perspective
Polly has spent her entire life writing and has since become a freelancer.  She now writes about a variety of topics, from dining and
entertainment to pets and travel.  When not writing, she studies linguistics.
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Soooo, When Are You Going To Retire?