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Among many talents, Rhonda is trying her hand at catering mass events, which include, but not
limited to weddings, large parties, corporate events, and social functions.  Can she do it?  Well,
she has already proven her talent when she creatively designed a cake for 200 plus people.  Her
customers were in awe of the flowers and various decorations she applied.  Rhonda has catered a
few events with plenty of repeat customers.  She is very capable in providing you with delicious
meals while she prepares for her scheduled wedding event in September.

In addition, Rhonda is demonstrating some of her hair designs with her huge clientele of repetitive
customers.  Her latest fashionable and designer hairstyles are shared and worn by many of her
pleased customers.  This young lady has proven to have plenty of untapped talent while designing
hair, applying wig pieces, weaves, hair extensions, inner weave locks and crochet, braids, micro
and mini-braids, cornrows and simply the press-n-curl.  

So, if you're looking for a cater for your next event or just looking forward to looking good for
your next event, contact Rhonda to provide you with great quality, commendable service.  Rhonda
has been in the business for the last 10 years and is very marketable as a licensed CNA and Home
Care Provider.

RHONDA.  Some of her recent examples are posted  HERE
Professional Catering Setup
Had I not seen it with my own
two eyes, I would have said this
was brought in by someone
other than Rhonda.  
HOWEVER, she did it all and
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