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Sequester Defined
         Sequester Defined
Posted Friday, March 1, 2013
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I used to be an avid political watcher but lately, I have come to my senses and have tried
(VERY HARD) to reduce my few brain cells to such agony.  Now, I only halfway listen to
Politics Nation and from time to time, I might catch
News Nation.  Also, if my husband insists, I
will watch
Andrea Mitchell Reports, Jansing & Co., Alex Wagner and his favorite, The Ed
Show.  One would think I would put myself out of myself-created misery and just leave the
room, but I have repeatedly proven that I am a glutton for punishment.

I can only allow myself to read and enjoy newspaper articles.  However, I will NEVER give up
watching the ONLY legitimate political news guy and that is my all-time favorite "
The Daily
Show."  If anyone is looking for accurate and impartial news, tune in, as Jon Stewart does not
play favorites.

Notwithstanding, I cannot help but hear about this Sequester-Monster thingy and how everyone
should run into hiding.  With the plethora of news covering this Sequester Monster, I am
surprised anyone is able to peak out from their safe haven and figure it all out.

While only receiving tidbits of information, I could only guess what the Sequester Monster was,
so I took to the web and thanks to the following, I was able to gathering a little understanding.

So with that said, this is what I believe to be true.  However, as the late Ronald Reagan once
said, "
Trust, but verify."
President Barack Obama's news briefing regarding the Sequester
The Creation of The Sequester Monster:

    The idea of sequestration dates back to 1985, when Ronald Reagan's
    defense budget produced a deficit.  Ultimately, a Bill titled Gramm-
    Ruddman-Hollings Act was passed.  The Act/Bill was designed to reduce
    the deficit and the Treasury Department would withhold funding if certain
    conditions were not met.

    The Bill went through several changes throughout the years.  In 1987, a
    new Bill was created with another repeal in 1990, after which, it was
    hardly mentioned until 2013 when the Republican-controlled congress
    declined to raise the debt ceiling.  They would not budge until President
    Obama agreed to their idea of a deficit reduction.

In their proposed plan, the Republicans insisted on the following:
  • Cuts be made immediately
  • Create a committee that would propose future cuts
  • Immediate notification if the committee failed to agree on future cuts

With these stipulations, President Obama must have looked through the archives and ultimately pulled out the old
sequester.  I can only believe he did this as a way to ensure that everything the unreliable Republicans proposed, would
ultimately lead them to do the right thing for the sake of The People.  (Obviously, he was wrong.)

After the "super-committee" was in place, they proposed a future 1.5 trillion in deficit reduction, and it was hoped that
everyone on both sides would agree that immediate cuts in defense and domestic spending would begin on January 1,
2013.  However, on November 21, 2011, the
super-committee announced the following:

Here we go a sequestering!
With $1.2 trillion in deficit reduction over 10 years, it is problematic when reducing spending leads to a reduction in the
national debt's interest.  In addition, all cuts are across the board; nothing will be untouched or cut.  Defense will be cut
7.9%, Medicare will be cut 2% and other programs will be cut by 5.8%

Funds will be reduced from domestic and defense, and Medicare recipients who expect reimbursements, will see a
reduction of 2%.  Although physicians' rates may remain the same, they will only receive 98 cents on the dollar.

HERE for "How the Across-the-Board Cuts in the Budget Control Act Will Work"

These cuts are to last for the remainder of 2013 and afterwards, a new Congress can hopefully put a stop to this
foolishness, as cutting spending is not going to help the economy.

Depending on each State, the sequester will effect the following:
  • Increase in unemployment
  • Reduction in Head-Start programs
  • Loss of teachers
  • Life saving exams such as mammograms and HIV tests
  • Environmental problems (I.E., higher risk of damage from wildfires)

    Although President Obama has issued proposals, the Republican-
    controlled Congress will not budge, as they have vowed to never accept
    anything that includes increasing taxes.

    The Republican-controlled Congress has issued a proposal as well, but it
    included cuts to much needed programs; programs that would hurt the
    poor.  Let us not leave out the Senate, as they too have proposed Bills,
    but is not favored by Congress.

    I know it is not easy for people to say they can easily hold on for the next
    eight months, but hopefully Congress will stop believing they have to bend
    to President Obama's will, but the will of The People.
The Seguester Monster
Obama needs to move that field goal just where the Republicans want it
The President’s Plan: $4 Trillion of Deficit Reduction Including the Last Offer to Speaker Boehner (in $

  • Spending cuts to discretionary programs enacted over the past two years, (not counting war savings) $1,400
  • New revenue from wealthiest in fiscal cliff deal More than $600
  • Interest savings More than $500
Subtotal, Deficit Reduction to Date More than $2,500


Spending Reductions
Even split between defense and non-defense discretionary savings $200
  • Non-defense discretionary spending $100
  • Defense discretionary spending $100

Health savings – could be achieved by: $400
  • Reduce payments to drug companies $140
  • Reduce hospital payments such as reimbursement for patients who don’t pay $30
  • Encourage efficient care after a hospital stay $50
  • Encourage beneficiaries to seek high value health care and ask the most fortunate to pay more $35
  • Medicaid, Pay-for-Delay, IPAB, program integrity $25
  • Other health savings $120

Non-health Mandatory Savings – could be achieved by: $200
  • Eliminate certain subsidies for agriculture $30
  • Reform Federal retirement programs $35
  • Reform postal service and TSA passenger security fees $40
  • Strengthen solvency of UI trust fund $50
  • Other savings including Spectrum Fees, Sales of Excess Property, & Program
  • Integrity $45
Spending Savings from Superlative CPI with protections for vulnerable $130

Subtotal, Total New Spending Reductions $930 + $200 interest

Limit tax deductions to 28% for the wealthiest and close other loopholes
$580 billion (+$100 billion from CPI change)

Temporary Growth Measures
Immediate investments in infrastructure -$50

Deficit Reduction to Date More than $2,500
New Deficit Reduction $1,800
Total Deficit Reduction More than $4,300
Time is running out before the Sequester Monster comes and gets us
"After months of hard work and intense deliberations, we have come to the conclusion today that
it will not be possible to make any bipartisan agreement available to the public before the
committee’s deadline."
President Obama's proposal to Congress follows this video.
President Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and John Boehner