Shades Of Bright Pale
Jennifer Anderson enjoys a supple life she shares with her fiancé David who has just finished
his final college exams.  She is busy with work, helping her mom and preparing to complete
her own exams while forgetting to stop at the store for their small celebration.  As they
prepare their dinner, she realizes she is in need of a box of icing for his cake.  Offering to go
to the store, he has already put on his coat and is on his way to the corner store.  They kiss
and are still playful with one another as he rushes out the door, promising to return shortly.

The streets are wet from a light rain.  David walks into the vacant store and saunters down
the left aisle.  While he inspects the meager selection, he hears the sound of the bell over the
door continuously.  When he peers around the corner of the aisle, he spots a man pointing a
long rifle at the store clerk.

Jennifer becomes a prisoner.

Robert Malanari is visiting from New York on business.  His reputation of a very harsh, stern
demented and unethical businesslike behavior escapes him as he shows much concern for a
near collision.  Although he is in a hurry, he shows much attention to the state of mind of his
new victim.

Weeks pass and he has rescheduled his business meeting and returns to the City.  His next
encounter will later compel him to explain his actions to his loving yet carefree, bohemian
style daughter.  Later he will be advised of his own unpredictable behavior and failed
attempts to deal with his troubled childhood as well as his son blaming him for the death of his

With unsolicited help from both families and friends - the mixing of erratic behaviors - the
disparity between them brings meager comedic conflict as they argue and equally add their
own twist. Though everyone has good intentions,  their bickering produces much confusion.

This romantic drama—set primarily in Colorado—takes us to New York and more.  Jam-
packed with roller-coaster excitement, it explodes from start to finish as Jennifer struggles
with her past and present while seeking answers and solutions.  Will she escape her self-
created demons, or will she embrace the help offered to her and dance for life?  What
happened to her fiancé?  Can she live with herself?

What happens during Shades of Bright Pale is a close family bond that most could only dream
of and the steamy, sexual aura and bittersweet love story at its center—make it a real page-
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Shades Of Bright Pale
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Edited by Jason Randall
Keeba Smith is a published writer and desired screenplay artist.  She is the author of “Shades of Bright Pale,” and many
other unacquainted writings. Please visit to find out more about Keeba Smith, read additional critiques and
her unpublished autobiography,
“Spirit in the Dark.”
© 1995
The Novel
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She could not help but to look in his direction as well as the few people which remained in the shop.  His voice was stern,
but not loud.  
"Are you okay?"
"Yes.  Thanks for all of your help."
"Sure.  Can I help you find your car or did you ask security?"
"No, I'm sure I'll find it this time.  Thanks."  Jennifer turned to leave through the wide opening leading back to the lobby.
"Wait!"  He called after her.  He returned the receiver and quickly walks over to her.
"Everyone has one of those days.  Never think you're so lucky to have it all to yourself."  
She looked down in embarrassment.  She had just realized the strap on her new sandals was busted.  She closed her eyes
briefly and rubbed at her temple.  
"Would you like to sit down?"
"No, thanks, but I need to get going."
"Are you in a hurry?"
'Yes, I am."
"Is there something wrong?"
"I have a slight headache."
"Come sit down."  Again, he gently pulled her arm leading her to an empty booth.  "Sir, can we get some aspirin over
"Sir, we can not sell drugs to the customer."

He gave the waiter a disruptive look and then glanced at the beautiful woman before him.  
"Have some water." he said as he picked up the pitcher and filled her glass.
Jennifer drank the water slowly, looking at his well-tailored suit.  
He stared for a moment but would turn away when he noticed her eyes on him.
"Feel better now?"
"Yes, thanks."
"Were you dropping off a friend?"
"Yes.  My best friend."  She says while trying to keep her composure.
"Good friends are hard to come by."  
She nodded in agreement and gulped down more water.
"Is she leaving Denver for good?"
"Yea.  Well actually, she moved away awhile ago, but came to visit."
"Oh, what city did she choose?"
"New York."
"Really?  That's where I choose to live.  It is a great City.  Large if you're ever there visiting, look me up.  My
Company is in the City with a small office in Manhattan."
"Great.  I will."  
About the Author
As the daughter of an Army Vet, she grew up in Colorado where she resides with her spouse and her pet Dachshund.  
Always a voracious writer and reader, she has penned numerous novels, novelettes, screenplays, skits and poems since
high school and has been a lover of romance stories such as
Romeo & Juliet, Gone With the Wind and Titanic.  Though
Shades of Bright Pale is not her first novel, she seeks much favor and positive reviews.  Currently she writes a weekly
column for Black Denver News.
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