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Posted Thursday, June 15, 2006
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I never considered myself superstitious, as nothing really draws my attention ‘cept plum
stupidity and inside influences-at which time, I am entertained.  While growing up, I was told
never to walk under a ladder, as it would bring me bad luck, but my question was when?  When
will it bring me bad luck?  Is this bad luck immediately, like within seconds of the under the
ladder walk, within an hour or tomorrow morning?  Does it even mean I would not wakeup
tomorrow?  Would my legal yet criminal-like act cause bad luck to my immediate family, or
better yet, my nemesis?  I go for the later because if that is the case I will make it habitual;
seeking ladders in the daylight with a flashlight 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Yes, I like that

When I was younger, my sister said that I should be leery of crossing the path of a black cat.  
Humph.  Now that does not make any sense.  How could one ever "cross a black cat" when
most cats are pretentious and will not allow humans to come close enough to cross it.  Back
then, she said it would bring bad luck to cross a cat, but again, I must ask, when and to whom?  
Will this bad luck occur the next time I am crossing the street after crossing a black cat?  And,
who has to be the victim while crossing the street, me or the black cat who I just crossed?  Just
seems odd...  I suppose the cat could cross many humans and be fine, but it should watch for
one of its 9 lives while crossing the street.  So yes, I bet it is safer for the black cat to cross
humans more so then crossing the street.

    As a youngster, we were very fortunate to have
    great neighbors who took a liking to the fresh
    vegetables in our over-sized garden.  (They had
    a cat, but luckily, Judy was not black.) This
    elderly couple loved our family as we did them
    and visited one another often.  We mowed their
    lawn and enjoyed the rotten apples yielded from
    their over-sized tree.  Thinking about that tree
    now, I wonder why we never climbed it.  Was it
    because it did not belong to us?
    Mrs. Monroe was a pretty woman with lovely long hair that she kept tucked
    in a nicely designed bun, and as she got older, she took it upon herself to
    share and hand over some of her treasured possessions.  One thing she
    bestowed me, was a light green matching, mirror and brush set.  I hardly
    used the brush, but because I believed I was something or someone to
    view, I admired and amused myself in that small mirror quite often.  While
    the soft bristly-brush hardly received much use, the set laid neatly on my
    seasoned dresser and from time to time when I needed a good laugh I
    would pickup that treasured mirror and find free entertainment.  One day,
    while making note of the cluttered dresser top, the mirror walked over to
    the edge of the dresser and jumped off; committing suicide and cracking the
I was saddened that a once cherished piece had been damaged.  When my Dad noticed the mirror, he mentioned the bad luck
thing, and again, I have to ask when and where and to whom this misfortunate would befall?

I was warned to never go on the wrong side of a pole as it would bring on the bad luck thing, but walking in the street, or
playing with fire would not necessarily bring on the bad luck, but could certainly cause death.  Which is worse, being alive
suffering the insanity of this world, or being dead?  Of course, I have never met anyone who has returned from the dead
and then reported the pros and cons of the other side.  All of this and my elders had to warn me of all the superstitious
"bad luck" as if it were the monster-boogie-man.  Nevertheless today, I have made a continuous  decision.  Yes, I have
decided to file a suit against all of those who warned me of the bad luck monster.
But for them, I would not have an ulcer and if I can medically attribute my worries due to the ulcer to my other health
problems, I will solicit the commercial attorney’s to file and seek restitution for all of the years I was a victim.  Let’s see,
that should amount to millions of gazillion of dollars.

I have never found a four-leaf clover, but a butterfly or two has landed in my bed.  Does that count for anything.  I do
and do not believe in dreams, however, after having a certain dream, my parents would place a gambling bet on their
"lucky numbers" and win.  Yes, they warned me of that also, along with an itchy hand.  Now, I am not superstitious, but I
must say that those very, very, few slim times my hands would itch, money would grace my pockets from time to time.  
The money that magically appeared was never in large amounts, but just enough to say I was content for a limited amount
of time.  Today, I could use a few bucks, so I have decided to either stop washing my hands for a few days or
continuously wash them with bleach in hopes that they dry out in a matter of seconds and/or days.

    Last night I had two memorable dreams that I was so sure was real.  In
    the first dream, I dreamt that I had decided to do something to my
    hair…re-perm it or something.  While washing it, instead of using the
    shampoo provided in the box, I used my usual Jhirmack.  All of a sudden,
    I was horrified to see my long hair coming out and laying loosely in my
    hands.  When my hair stopped subsiding, I was left with a short curly
    Afro, and later worried if I would be able to wear enough hair-gel to slick
    my hair back and daunt a fancy fake ponytail.  I was livid!

    My second dream was more pleasant, as I dreamt that I was at work.  
    Well, working is not what most would deem as most pleasant, but it was
    what occurred while I was at work that I find necessary.

There I was talking to my human resource manager while she had an 8½ x 11’ paper in front of her that seem to report
some well thought out figures.  As she talked, she informed me that the monthly income I was receiving from the
Company was incorrect and that I would receive more money.  Now, do not get me wrong, I am as about as honest as
any politician, but with more common sense.  See, I told her the exact amount I was already receiving only because I didn’
t want them to retract their generously gifted funds and honesty after they realized months or years later that they made a
mistake.  Trust me, I have had this happen to me before when I was overpaid, and I must say, it was not easy while
robbing Peter to pay Paul to repay for their mistake.  However, this time was different.  She said, "
Even with the money
you’re already getting, we still owe you the money, so instead of the $150 we give you per month, you will now
receive this (pointing with her pen) and this amount.

When I viewed the numbers, - $200 and $483 - I calculated a sum of $833.  Wow!  I was ecstatic, as I would be able to
move from the ghetto to the slums.  No longer would I have to pit the bills against one another when placing them in a hat
and drawing out the lucky creditors.  No longer would I have the necessary worries of paying the mortgage, electricity or
food, but living the good life because I now was able to afford medication too!  Yes, I tell ya, that was one of the best
dreams I have had in a long time; at least one that I can remember anyway.

    The other day, about a week or a month ago, my hand was itching,
    and so now, I wonder if that was what the last dream was all about.  
    Hopefully, I have not received all of the additional funds I superstitiously
    deemed necessary, so I can only hope the second dream comes true.

    Some time during last night's dreams, I woke up with pains around
    my head.  I am so sure it was hurting due to the tight scarf.  I thought if I
    had a touch-up perm-kit, I would be able to smooth out my rough edges
    and cease strangling my poor brain under the bonnet.  But I suppose after
    dreaming of the great hair loss, I will just keep my nappy hair in tact
    under this tight throw.  And so now after all these years of being warned
    about superstitions, I have finally been able to use them.  Wow!

Although I am still waiting for the money, I could be perceived as a specious psychic and/or one who can detect dreams.  
Anyone can feel free to give me a call as I do all the reading under this tight brain-strangling, scarf; all without air to my
brain.  Also when you call, don’t mind the person who answers the phone, and be patient while answering to all 15 of
psychiatrists, but just be sure to ask to speak to "The Genius" aka "The Superstitious Dreamer."

The Credulous Intellect
Oh no, it's a black cat
Very Superstitious
Wash your hands and then they won't itch
Although broken, the beauty is still there!
Very superstitious
It is bad luck when a black cat crosses your path
Friday the 13th is considered to be a day for bad luck
Itchy palms will bring financial gain
It is bad luck to walk under a ladder
Seven years of bad luck if you break a mirror
It is good luck if you find a four-leaf clover
Opening an umbrella indoors is bad luck