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This entry was posted on Sunday, September 1, 2013; filed under Polly's Perspective and Commentary .
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Why Don't We Support Our Own?

Recently, I went to the theater to watch Fruitvale
.  If you have not heard of the movie, it is
the true story surrounding the death of

I know we are all aware of racial cop killings, but
this is not what I want to talk to you about today.

At the movie, I noted that I was the ONLY black
person in the theater.  Let me say that being the
lone black is not new to me, as I have been in
lots of social and professional situations where I
was the lone black.  However, what peaked my
interest, was the reminder that once again we
do not support black.  Why is that?

A brother opens a BBQ restaurant and we want
a hookup.  We want extra ribs or two pieces of
pie for free.  Does Mickey D's give extra
burgers for free?
When director George Lucas wanted to make the movie Red Tails about two years ago he was
told that there was no profit for Hollywood to get involved with the project.  That we (black people)
will not go see it, so he paid for it put of his own pocket.  Although I was not crazy about the movie
but I saw it twice because I did not want it said we do not stand behind our own.

During the 1970's, black people were to use two-dollar bills ($2 bills) for one year so that we could
show white America the buying power black Americans had.  I was just a teen then with a new
job.  I cashed my less that $100 check in all two-dollar bills.  When I would go into the store or
wherever else my few dollars would take me, I would watch the adult blacks whip out their wallets to
buy whatever goods they were purchasing and maybe one of them used two-dollar bills.  For a
year, I used the two-dollar bill.  Some thought it was dumb.  Some thought that maybe I was trying
to be militant, though I do not know why using a particular denomination of bill makes me militant.

Anyway...  There used to be two fish markets in Park Hill.  One was black owned.  The other white.
Blacks would buy their fish from the white owned market saying that the fish was fresher.  But
would ask the black owner for free fish for a fish-fry when raising money for a church project.  
Truth of the matter both owners ordered from the same fisheries.  And to cut shipping costs they
would make one order and split that order at the airport.

We go to white doctors/dentists thinking they are more educated.  Yet black and white
doctors/dentists go to the same universities and do their residencies at the same hospitals.  So
how could the white doctor be more educated?

Anyway, back to my original question?  Why is it that we do not support our own?

I am looking for responses to this question, but more importantly, I am looking more to improving
the situation.

Polly Elliott-Lanz
Polly's Perspective