When will America learn?  We got involved in Iraq, Libya and Egypt, and they are certainly not in a better situation due to
our actions.  Afghanistan will not be better and neither will Syria.  In the end, all of this will continue to cost the American
People trillions of dollars while these foreign Countries remain in civil-unrest.

It seems as though our government officials will never learn from their mistakes when it comes to meddling in Middle
Eastern conflict.  Yes, Libya is in the North African region, but still, undoubtedly, we got involved and currently it is in
civilian conflict and confusion.  Our meddling-mistakes have cost not only money, but also American lives.  It appears that
our government is not only arrogant, but also senseless and insane.  (Doing the same thing over and over…)

Senator John McCain and South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham along with other Republicans are eagerly
standing with President Obama to act against Syria.  However, those Republicans are deceitful, because when it goes
wrong - and it WILL - they will turn on Obama very quickly!  Where was the Republican support for Obama's ACA,
education plan, clean air plan, jobs plan as well as his jobs plan for wounded soldiers?  More importantly, why are our
soldiers still waiting for their EARNED and DESERVED military benefits?  In fact when has the Republicans ever
supported any of Obama's ideas?  Seems that the ONLY time they will support him, is when it involves military action -
bombing another Country.  (They continue to
fail in recognizing his leadership when the Navy Seals apprehended Osama
bin Laden.)

    Although I voted for President Obama twice, I have always been
    disappointed that he continues to act as though the Republicans are on his
    side as well as on the side of the American People.  Often, I have
    wondered, 'when will Obama ever learn; that they are NOT his friends;
    not now that he is President of their divided states.'  While they constantly
    mistreat him, he continues to offer them an olive branch.  How many
    insults can or should he take?  When Obama was an Illinois Senator, he
    had developed several close friendships with Republicans.  At one time,
    he and Oklahoma Republican Senator Tom Coburn were "great close
    friends."  However, all of that buddy-buddy stuff is over, as I am so sure
    not one of them thought a Black man could be the commander and chief
of the free world.  Sadly, it seems as though Obama believes those close friendships [he developed as a Senator]
remains.  When will he wakeup and smell the coffee?  
They hate him!

In my opinion, Obama is in great need of friends and approval from those friends.  I mean, he has to be needy for wanting
to use 300 troops, along with rockets and other artillery on Syria.  Republicans have always embraced war and took
pleasure in any type of military action, even if it costs American lives.  Seriously, what is our purpose in dropping missiles
over Syria?  Who are we supposed to disrupt with these military weapons and supplies, the Syrian government or the
Syrian rebels?

As I said, I hate an injustice, but this is ridiculous!  Send and spend money on no particular or uncertain enemy!  (It has
been reported that the "rebels" are linked to the terrorist group, al qaeda, but our government says it is Assad who used
chemical weapons and is killing Syrians.)  Oh and how is our security at risk?  If we get involved, we have been warned
by neighboring Syrian allies that we will regret it; then we WILL be at risk!  When will we ever learn?

As stated, I voted for Obama twice, but his actions prove - at least to me - that he is needy and with strong desires for
everyone to like him.  (They do not, and
will not work with him, so he should stop using the word "compromise".)  Those
Republicans, who are supporting him now, will be just as disingenuous when this is over.  (Returning to their "Hate
Obama" and "Disrupt Obama's Presidency" as usual.)  But right now, they are "with" Obama while saying it is our "moral
obligation".  However, we, The People should be asking, moral obligation?!  The majority of the
Republican Party has no
morals and is only obligated to support their own agenda, which does not include the American People.

It was reported that Congress will return early just so they can vote on Syria, but they did not come back early or at all
when it was time to vote on the ACA!  ALL ACROSS AMERICA, we should be rioting in the streets DEMANDING
that they do their job! …for the American People! …as it is VERY blatantly obvious that our government is about war,
war and MORE war!  It is what they do!

It is amazing how the only time President Obama can get any bipartisan support is when he declares bombing on a
sovereign nation; a nation that has equal rights as a member of the UN.  (Only God knows what happened to that
agreement made more than 68 years ago.)  It is truly amazing that this is the ONLY time the Republicans will champion  
Obama when it comes to using military weapons.  Where were they when he needed them to assist the American
People?  Why did they insist on
holding America hostage?  Why does it seem as though they have money for everything
except for growing America's economy?

These same Republicans that Obama is asking him to support his idea on bombing Syria, are the same ones who got it
wrong when we invaded Iraq.  Does it seem like insanity?  Better yet, when will we learn?

This is sad!
Keeba's Commentary
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Déjà vu!

Although the pictures and videos are horrific, God has not led me to believe that the United States
should intervene.

I do not support U.S. involvement in Syria.

There have been previous monstrous leaders throughout the world and they will be there in the
future, yet we cannot stop them all.  Although only gravity can beat the United States military, we
are not financially equipped to beat and/or police the entire world.

During one of Obama's news reports, he seemed to suggest that Syria has violated a treaty by its
use of chemical weapons, but if there is such a violation, then Syria should be taken to the
International Court of Justice.

Although Bashar al-Assad has denied using chemical weapons, it is obvious that there was a
chemical attack on Syrian civilians.  That attack came from somewhere, but exactly where and
whom [it came from] seems questionable.  There has been multiple reports saying that even if we
do intervene, (supposing that it was indeed Assad who ordered the use of chemical weapons), it
will not stop Assad, as he would continue and/or afflict even more pain [on the Syrians].

The brutal civil war in Syria has been ongoing for approximately 2 years!  (Initially beginning with
an arrest and brutal treatment of someone accused of writing graffiti on a wall.)  Afterwards, it
was reported that an estimated 100,000 people were killed in the conflict between the Syrian
government and the rebels.  At least 10,000 more have died since early January 2013.  

Although we "KNEW" Assad was killing Syrians, we did not stop him, but when it was reported
that it was he who used chemical weapons, then the "redline" was crossed.  (So, are we saying
that it is okay for him to kill his own people just as long as he does not use chemical weapons?)  In
the early 1980's, we supported Iraq when they used both lethal and non-lethal chemical weapons
against Iran.

Here we go again!

There have been reports that if we do intervene, we would only send 300 troops, along with
rockets and other artillery.  However, that costs us money and we MUST spend ALL (not some)
of that money here at home; for our current wounded soldiers, our constantly underpaid educators,
high unemployment rate and overall, our struggling economy.  (There are at least 20 million
Americans seeking employment.)

I have heard Secretary of State, John Kerry and Senator John McCain say that we have a "moral
obligation" to assist Syria.  Moral Obligation!?  There SHOULD be a moral obligation to support
our own people, which our United States government officials ALWAYS fail to do.

It is OBVIOUS that all our politicians care about is war and more war and/or military action.

At first, I only saw a few pictures of those Syrian civilians that were traumatized by the chemical
attack, but on Friday, August 30th, I saw a video of women and children who had been chemically
attacked.  I was deeply saddened that they endured such pain; one boy hoping to die.

Note, I do not hate anything but I do hate an injustice.
When will we learn from our mistakes?
    Britain had voted not to get involved in Syria and it is my prayer that we follow
    their excellent, intelligent and wise example.

    The Beirut U.S. Embassy is just 15 miles away from the Syrian border, and just
    down the block from Hezbollah, so now what?  What will we create by getting
    involved in Syria's civil war?  If it is not Obama's "aha" moment, it should be
    ours - The American People - as we could easily be looking at an international
    disaster that could easily lead to a world war.
Moral Obligation

    If there is a "moral obligation" to non-natives, it should be to Turkey,
    Lebanon and Jordan, who are housing not only Syrian evacuees, but also
    emigrants from Palestine and Iraq.  By the way, it was reported that not
    only is Jordan lacking efficient oil but sufficient water as well.  
    Additionally, we have a consolidated responsibility to Turkey.  Likewise,
    more people have died in the Burmese Civil War than in the Syrian Civil
    War, where were those presidents and government officials who felt
    morally obligated?

Where were our morals when we sold an arsenal of weapons to Jordan, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, when they have not
even answered Obama's call to action in Syria?  France has not answered the senseless call either, although they were
the ones who initiated the possibility to get involved.  With 196 Countries in the world, there is only a handful that is

Where are our moral obligations to stop Russia and China, as they support Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad?

Where are our morals when we - The United States of America - are the largest of four Countries that own/have
chemical weapons?  What are our plans to do with them - morally?
The American People who are against any military action should
take note that their voices will and can be heard when their government officials work against them.

Let it be known that I blame ALL of our government officials, not just the
Republican and/or Democrat Parties,
as both have failed us, the American People.

Not only should we seek new allies, but also new government officials that actually do the job they were hired to do -
work for the American People!
Where were they when The People needed them?

    In regards to the Washington Post article regarding Secretary of State, John
    Kerry's appearance:

    I was certain he had Botox treatment during his presidential run, but here lately,
    I was sure it had everything to do with his excitement to call for military action in

    Any sort of military involvement ALWAYS seems to excite our politicians.  
    However, it is TRULY sad that they do not get this excited when it comes to
    using their "moral obligation" to The People of these divided states; assist in
    growing our economy.

    It is somewhat confusing, but certainly TRULY sad that our U.S. politicians only
    agree when it pertains to military action.  But anything else and they REFUSE to
    show bipartisan support - support for the People of the United States of
    America! (SMH!)
Although I never do this, I will print some of my responses to some my family members and friends.  Some agree others do not.  (I did not receive
their permission to post their comments.)

  • I am surprised at Obama's actions too!  Over the past few weeks, I kept asking myself why he would take a stance, and I thought perhaps it
    was because the cameras were in his face when asked about Syria.  Perhaps he felt pressured to say something and then blurted out the
    redline comment.  And then, I think he failed to see he was being goaded by not only the media, but by Republicans - they wanted to see if
    he was scared to do something about Middle Eastern conflict.  Other than that, I really do not know what he could have been thinking!
    You know, I like Obama I really do, but I wonder if Switzerland gave him that Nobel Peace Prize based on what he said about Iran and Saudi
    Arabia.  He had said something about trying to talk to them first without preconceived conflict…or something like that.  But now, I wonder
    if they feel as though they made a mistake.
    You are SO RIGHT, we cannot police the entire world!
    I am so sick of this mess!  I am just truly angry! UGH!
    Keeba (Sunday, September 08, 2013 9:42AM)

  • I had written a commentary about Syria and posted it on the site.
    Indeed, we are selfish when we fail to act when there is an injustice - here in America.  If I were Rayar Johnson, I too would hope and pray
    that someone somewhere would act, but just like in all cases, it has everything to do with money; what is in it for them.
    Keeba (Sunday, September 08, 2013 9:02AM)

  • For me, I am TRULY tired of the hypocrisy from all of us!
    Keeba (Monday September 09, 2013 12:26PM)

  • God has neither told me nor given me any reason why we should intervene in Syria. In fact, the more news I hear or read, the more I am
    convinced that it is not His will.
    Keeba (Monday, September 09, 2013 1:15PM)

  • How do we intervene with bombs and missiles on an unknown enemy? War is the problem not the answer.
    Keeba (Monday, September 09, 2013 6:38PM)

  • Perhaps I did not make myself clear, but I DO NOT support the U.S. intervening in Syria and provided my reasons here.  (On my site)
    It is not just the money each missile cost, but the cost of civilian lives.  Syria has needs, but bombs and missiles are not necessities.  Our
    allies are in need of humanitarian efforts, and if the U.S. feels a moral obligation, then we can supply Syria with those necessary charitable
    Syria does not need more war, as war is not the answer.
    Keeba (Tuesday, September 10, 2013 12:48PM)