TLC was created in memory of our mother in 2001.  Before her passing from this life, she
wanted to make sure that her family remained close, never forgetting what she instilled and
always provided - love and care.  (Our

While some deem it appropriate that T.L.C. is sentiment for Tender Loving Care, we feel it is
just as important for us to honor it as The Love Committee.

The Love Committee’s sole purpose is to not only to keep family and friends informed of events
and gatherings, but to assist in all aspects of our lives.  Originally initiated by several members
of the Smith family, it is kept intact by friends of friends with the precision of love and alliance;
through communication.  With this custom, it allows us to stay in contact with our loved ones -
both near and far - sharing some of the positive activities.  

Among us, are Social Workers, Grant Writers, Fire Fighters, Musicians, Entertainment
Promoters, Freelance Writers, Real Estate Agents, Educators, Computer Technologists, Chefs,
X-Ray Technicians, Auto Mechanics, Day Care Providers, Professional Truck Drivers, CNA’s
and so forth in our realm - all who are eager to provide information of their services.

here for the current TLC calendar with most recent updates and gatherings within TLC.
Sept 13, 2001
May 2005
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Love, Lyn Gourmet Bath & Body Products
In Loving Memory
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