Bernard "Bernie" Sanders:
Bernie Sanders is Brooklyn-born but is a current resident and Senator of Vermont and is running as a Democrat

    "I think people should be a little bit careful underestimating me."
    Sanders has drawn enthusiasm among voters who were craving a more liberal option in the Democratic

    Sanders is the Nation's only socialist member of Congress.  Oh but are we not all socialist?…America as
    a whole?  (Learn more about Senator Sanders here and note the fact that America is a socialist Country.)

Sanders’ version of socialism is rooted in 20th-century Jewish-American leftist politics, which organized for better working
conditions and wages, equality for women, and civil rights for Black African Americans, and assistant for those that live in
poverty and the middleclass.

Over the years, I have noticed that he always talks about climate change and a strong and dire need for campaign finance
reform.  Additionally, on more than once occasion, I have heard him say that the U.S. should focus less on international
conflict and more on the domestic needs of the middle class.

My spouse and I will often recall his disgust for those on both sides of the aisle that do not do more to support the poor or
those struggling in the middleclass.  As well as him filibustering the proposed extension of the Bush-era tax rates for the

Since my years of watching Bernie, I have noticed several things that are consistent about him:
  • He is a leading progressive voice on issues like income inequality
  • Strong supporter of civil liberties
  • Strong supporter of the middle and those who live in constant poverty
  • An ardent anti-war activist who fights for military veterans
  • Supports breaking up big banks
  • Supports the Affordable Care Act/ObamaCare but has always pushed and proposed a single-payer government-
    provided health care
  • Wants taxes raised on the wealthy while cutting taxes for the middleclass.
  • He is a longtime anti-war activist and opposed the war in Iraq while constantly requesting that the troops to be sent
    home as soon as possible.

Like me, Sanders is critical of
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's actions and supports the current talks with Iran.

Things I just learned about Bernie:
  • Education: "Two years free tuition at state colleges.  Reform student loans."
    Sanders would provide $18 billion to State governments to allow them to cut tuition at State colleges by 55%.  Allow
    anyone paying off a student loan currently to refinance at a lower rate.
  • Guns: "A mixed approach.  No federal handgun waiting period.  Some protection for gun manufacturers.  Ban assault
    In the House of Representatives, Sanders voted against the pro-gun-control Brady Bill, writing that he believes states,
    not the federal government, can handle waiting periods for handguns.  Soon after, he voted yes for the 1994 Violent
    Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act that included an assault weapons ban.  He has voted to ban some lawsuits
    against gun manufacturers and for the Manchin-Toomey legislation expanding federal background checks.
  • Immigration: "Offer path to citizenship.  Waive some deportations now."
    Sanders agrees with President Obama that most of the undocumented immigrants in the Country now should be given
    a path to citizenship.  He voted for the Senate immigration bill in 2013, which would have increased border security
    and issued a provisional immigrant status to millions of undocumented residents once some significant security metrics
    had been met.  In addition, Sanders has supported President Obama’s use of executive orders to waive deportation for
    some groups of immigrants, including those who were brought to the United States as children.

Sanders is a good Senator but sadly, enough Blacks do not watch the news enough to know who he is and what he has
done.  People such as me, have been watching him for years and know his record.  It is not entirely his fault that enough
Blacks do not know him but now he has the opportunity to show who he is and what they have been missing.

In my house, Bernie Sanders is not recognized by his entire name or even as his last name - like most politicians.  Instead, we
call him simply "Bernie."  When he is on - which is often - we quickly hit the record button and take notes.

Bernie is one of three politicians that I would actually give money to support a campaign because he - like the other three - is
worthy of my hard-earned money.

Over the years, Bernie has always proved that he is employed by The People and stands for and with The People.

He deems himself a
socialist.  Well, over the years I have heard many terms and different meanings of the word "socialist."  I
even took the time to reeducate myself to learn its true meaning and Bernie Sanders is the truest socialist ever!  I embrace
him!  (Click
here for the definition of a "socialist" and to learn more about Senator Bernie Sanders.)

Some say Bernie is too old and often times I wonder why he did not run a long time ago.  However, I do not care if he is 100
years old!  As long as he is able to continue his fight for The People, then I want him in office - in any office - but mostly
president of this Nation.

Avid or even moderate political news watchers know who Sanders is and where he stands on the issues so if he wins the
nomination over Hillary, it will not be a surprise.

Over the years, I have noticed that he always talks about climate change and a strong and dire need for campaign finance
reform.  Additionally, on more than once occasion, I have heard him say that the U.S. should focus less on international
conflict and more on the domestic needs of the middle class.

My spouse and I will always recall his disgust for those on both sides of the aisle that do not do more to support the poor or
those struggling in the middleclass.  As well as him filibustering the proposed extension of the Bush-era tax rates for the

Sanders has called for free higher education for all Americans, publicly funded elections, and a $1 trillion program to restore
the nation’s bridges and roads.

It is obvious that I share Sanders' vision and I will always admire him for his constant and consistent exhortations against the
growing gap between the haves and the have-nots.

Sanders has called for free higher education for all Americans, publicly funded elections, and a $1 trillion program to restore
the nation’s bridges and roads.

Monday, August 10, 2015:
    I am a tad disappointed with how two women who claimed to be part of the Black Lives Matter movement interrupted
    Bernie's speech while he was in Seattle.

    I realize that Black Lives Matter is new, but I wished they had educated themselves about Bernie BEFORE interrupting
    his speech.  For those that have been following Bernie for the last 14-plus years, we KNOW who he is and what he
    stands for.  He has been working for people such as me and there are MILLIONS just like me!  (41.7 million people to
    be exact!)

    Because not all Blacks are Democrats, then I would think it would be important for the folks at Black Lives Matter to
    attend all the campaign rallies.  What better way to keep everyone informed?  Nonetheless, it is people such as Black
    Republican Community Activist Will Hanna and Black Lives Matter that people are not informed.  (Mr. Hanna supports
    John Kasich but Kasich does not favor voting rights for all Americans.

last decade and for as long as I can remember he has been REPEATEDLY talking about the things that concern me as a Black
    Jobs, minimum wage, Unions, increase job creation and productivity, ending sending jobs overseas, ending disastrous
    trade polices such as NAFTA, CAFTA, PNTR, assistance for people wanting to start their own business, women's
    right to equal pay, "health care is a right of all and not a privilege", higher education, consistent exhortations against the
    growing gap between the haves and the have-nots, restore the nation’s bridges and roads, put an end to seniors living
    in poverty, etc.

    Other than Bernie Sanders saying, "I love Black people" I believe he has covered the majority of the things I have been
    visioning for us as a Black community.  What more could he have said previously than what he already has said in the
    past and most recently?

Update - Date Unknown:
    It is obvious that I share Sanders' vision and I will always admire him for his constant and consistent exhortations
    against the growing gap between the haves and the have-nots.  Again, there are millions just like me.

    On Sunday, October 11, 2015 in an interview on "Meet The Press", Sanders said he pay for his plans through higher
    taxes on wealthy Americans and corporations that keep profits outside the Country.

    Sanders said, "You take a hard look at our tax system, and you say, 'You know what? Corporate America, you ain't
    going to stash your money in the Cayman Islands and not pay any taxes at all.  If you are very, very wealthy, as
    Warren Buffett reminds us, you know what?  You're not going to continue to pay an effective tax rate lower than
    middle class people."

    Sanders referenced the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan when he said, "that our Republican friends got us into and forgot
    to pay for."  He mentioned George W. Bush-era tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations, as the culprits for a national
    debt that has topped $18 trillion and increases each year.

    He said he still wants to adopt a "Medicare for all" insurance system, extending the coverage of the government
    program to all Americans.

    "My Republican friends want to throw millions of more people off of health insurance," he said. "And what I want to
    do is have the United States of America join the rest of the industrialized world - every other country in guaranteeing
    health care to all people."

    Sanders went on to say, "I want to invest a trillion dollars in rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure.  I do want to do
    that because I think that will create up to 13 million jobs.  "So is deficit reduction important?  Of course, it is, but so
    is creating the millions of jobs we desperately need.  So is making public colleges and universities tuition free."

    For those that may think I am bias towards Sanders, they are right.  Although I have been listening to Clinton for a lot
    longer, I have been watching and listening to Sanders for years and since he first came on the scene, I have been
    studying his record.  He is not a flip flooper and has remained on the same course.

    On Sunday, October 11, 2015, Sanders appeared on both "Meet the Press" and Politics Nation where he talked about
    several issues.

    Sanders said that he does not have a Super Pac.  He says he believes his average donation is $30.00.  

    In regards to guns:
  • The NRA gave him a D- voting record
  • His State has basically no gun-control
  • Voted to ban certain types of weapons
  • Voted for instant background checks

Sanders is the longest serving Independent politician.

Sanders has been drawing the largest crowds during his campaign.

    Sadly, not enough Blacks know enough about Sanders.  I know, so I just suspected that they did too but I suppose
    not everyone is as insane as I am; watching political news all the time.

    Although I have been paying attention to Sanders for 14 plus years, I did not know that there were so many pictures
    of him attending meetings for Civil Rights.  I had no idea he had been arrested in Chicago for protesting.  I did not
    know he protested for Blacks to receive fair housing and protested to Blacks to have better housing.  I knew he
    marched with Dr. Martin Luther King for jobs and freedom but I had no idea he participated in sit-ins for equality for
    Blacks.  I did not know he organized protests or that he was active in Civil Rights while in college.  I had no idea that
    he had been involved in the Civil Rights movements all his adult life but I suppose it makes sense, as he has talked
    about the vast amount of minorities who are unemployed and in prisons.  (There are more people in prison in America
    then any other Country; we spend $80 billion to keep them there.)

    With Vermont - Sanders' home State - being 95% White - I can only hope and pray that enough minorities pay
    attention and learn more about Sanders.  They must study his record and explore his past.

    Oh but just not Blacks need to examine Sanders, but Whites as well, as some people have no idea what it means when
    a person says they are a Democratic Socialist.

    First consider the slogan for Social Democrats, which is simply "freedom, equality, and solidarity" for all.

    Now consider the true definition of Democratic Socialist/Social Democrat and think Denmark, Finland and Sweden.  
    In those Countries, there are larger voter turnouts, which makes sense, as there is free education, better medical care,
    better retirement benefits, better childcare etc.  Those are just a few things that Sanders wants for the American
    People - and not just for the elite/selective few.

    The slogan for Social Democrats is simple: "freedom, equality, and solidarity" for all.

    Now of course, most politicians will say anything and everything to be elected but as stated, Sanders has been saying
    the same thing for at least 25 years.  He already has a comfortable and stable political position and while in that
    position, he has been trying to get other politicians to stand with him and fight for the middle-class; to fight for

    Sanders' statements today and before he announced his run for president, are not new but just a reiteration of what he
    has been saying for over a decade.

    Sanders has been fighting for equality since his college years, so his desires for the majority of us has been ongoing
    for more than 25 years.

    Am I bias?  Ya darn Skippy!  Why would I not want what is good for my family and the Country as a whole?

Tuesday, October 13, 2015:
    During the debate, Sanders said, "I am the only candidate running that is not a billionaire."

    Although we appreciate Sanders for pointing out how only rich and wealthy candidates are running, he is not the only
    candidate that is not a billionaire.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015:
    I watched most of the debate and although I thought Sanders did well, I think that Clinton won.  (Updates regarding
    the first debate are posted here.)

    I did not find out until later, but it was reported that Sanders' campaign raised $1.4 million during and/or immediately
    after the debate.  Another report said that his name was the most researched on the net.

    Sanders definitely has larger crowds than the other candidates so I am praying and telling others to pray that he wins
    the nomination and presidency.

Saturday, October 17, 2015:
    Bill Maher interviews Bernie Sanders
    "The ugliest word of the campaign begins with the letter 'S'"
Keeba's Commentary
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    Thank You, Bernie Sanders
    Goodbye Democrat Party
Race to the White House 2016
Posted Thursday, July 30, 2015
Updated Saturday, November 21, 2015
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Keeba Smith is a published writer and desired screenplay artist.  She is the author of Shades of Bright Pale and many other
unacquainted writings. Please visit to find out more about Keeba Smith, read additional critiques and her
unpublished autobiography,
“Spirit in the Dark.”
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For more than 15 years, I have listened to Bernie Sanders' ideas and have strongly agreed with
most of what he envisioned.  For a long time, my political-loving brother-in-law and I would often
say that Bernie should run for president.  Never did I believe he would actually do it.

When Bernie announced his candidacy, I was certain Hillary would win the Democrat nomination
and Jeb Bush would win the Republican nomination.  From the beginning, I was tracking all the
candidates; each day listening intently each.  However, in my heart, I was hoping Hillary would
win.  Although I could appreciate Bernie's message, it took me awhile to stop being a silent Hillary

One day while searching the net for something totally unrelated to politics, I came across a video
of one of Bernie's rallies.  Now, as I said, I have been listening and agreeing with Bernie for over
a decade so I was pretty much aware of what he had to say, but there was something different
about his speech.  Bernie has always talked about income inequality but this time, his entire
platform was different.  He told those who would listen that it was not about him, but about them.  
He did something that none of the other candidates did: he told the truth.  He revealed how money
was spent. Who spends the most and who wastes the most.  Then he reminded voters where the
money should be spent.  It was as if he related to everyday people.

Bernie is not a poor man but he used to be one and has never forgotten the struggles of the
everyday worker.  He knows that too many people awake each day to race from job to job and at
the end of the day, still wonder how they are going to pay for life's necessities.  Bernie gets it.  
However, it became very clear that none of the other candidates did.  If they did, they certainly did
not reveal it but instead provided typical political lip service.

It took a few Bernie TV videos for me to change from Hillary to Bernie and the more I listened to
Hillary, the more I was certain that I could no longer have hope for her to receive the nomination.  
The more she talked, the more I was convinced that she would not fight for people such as me.  
She reminded me that more of the same was yet to come and I decided that business as usual is
okay with some people, but it would never be enough for me.

The more I listened to Bernie's campaign speeches, the more I was convinced that his support
would grow; I just did not have a clue as to how much.  Bernie spoke to people and not at them.  
He told them the truth and that is why they supported him and heavily donated to his campaign.

Repeatedly, Hillary said that Bernie's plans were not attainable but her plans were typical: protect
Wall Street from Main Street.  My question is this: how long are we going to allow our elected
officials to ignore us?  When will we say we are tired of business as usual?

Hillary repeatedly said that Bernie's plans would not work; often times she would mock him.  But
then… Hillary began mimicking him - precisely using his stomp speech as if she was the originator.

The reason I supported Bernie's platform was that he reminded voters that the government is
supposed to work for us - the people.
Sunday, October 18, 2015:
    Sanders mentioned Sandra Bland during the first Democrat debate and promised to mention her [name] every chance
    he got.

Monday, October 19, 2015:
    Martin Shkreli is a Wall Street hedge fund manager and increased the price of his life-saving medication for people
    who have AIDS.  At first, it cost $13.50 per tablet but then it increased to $750.00.

    When Sanders criticized Shkreli for increasing the price, Shkreli asked to meet with Sanders and offered to donate
    $2,700 to Sanders' campaign.  Sanders would not accept the money for his campaign but instead, donated it to an
    AIDS clinic in Washington, DC.

    Sanders said he does not work that way.

    During the third Republican debate, Christie mimicked Trump's untruth by saying that Sanders' plan is tax everyone 90

    On Sunday, October 18, 2015 Sanders had already publicly stated "Yes, we are going to ask Trump and his billionaire
    friends to pay more in taxes. ...We'll come up with that rate but it will be a damned lot higher than it is right now."

    It is clear that Sanders' plan is to tax the wealthy and rich; the "1 percent."  However, he has yet to release a tax plan.

    "If my memory is correct, when radical socialist Dwight D. Eisenhower was president, the highest marginal tax rate
    was something like 90 percent," Sanders said on May 26.  (His memory is correct). "That's not 90 percent of your
    income, you know?  That's the marginal."

    PolitiFact states, "We searched Lexis Nexis and CQ and found that Sanders has never explicitly proposed a 90 percent
    tax rate for billionaires, let alone applying that rate across the board.  Briefly, the marginal tax rate is applied to the
    last dollar you earn. The U.S. tax system is based on tax brackets.  Let’s say you were a single filer who earned
    $410,000 in adjusted gross income last year.  The first $9,075 you earned was taxed at 10 percent, the amount from
    $9,076 to $36,900 was taxed at 15 percent, the amount from $36,901 to $89,350 was taxed at 25 percent, the amount
    from $89,351 to $186,350 was taxed at 28 percent, the amount from $186,351 to $405,100 was taxed at 33 percent,
    the amount from $405,101 to $406,750 was taxed at 35 percent, and the amount above $406,751 was taxed at 39.6
    percent."  In other words, the current top marginal tax rate is 39.6 percent, affecting individuals who make more than
    $400,000 a year.  That’s roughly the threshold to make it into the top 1 percent of incomes if you’re filing as an
    individual.  And even for this sample filer making $410,000, that 39.6 percent tax rate hits only a relatively small
    amount of their income.  The average American never sees marginal federal income tax rates that high.  In short, the
    most specific figure we found from Sanders on the top marginal tax rate is not terribly specific - "over 50 percent" -
    and it would not affect all but a tiny fraction of Americans.  Nothing is certain but taxing corporations.  And that’s
    the point that’s even more problematic with Trump's - who Sanders' supposed 90 percent tax would affect.  Most of
    the taxes that Sanders has actually proposed in writing would not apply to "you people."  The one exception would
    raise the rate to far below 90 percent."

    In summary, both Christie and Trump's statements are what Politifact rates as "grossly misleading" and "Pants on

Saturday, November 7, 2015:
    In my opinion, Sanders did very well in last night's forum.

    Rachel Maddow reminded Sanders that Vermont's population is 95% White then asked how does he propose to relate
    to Black people.

    While I do not remember exactly what Sanders stated, but he said something about his long ongoing fight for equality
    for minorities and that he marched with Martin Luther King on Washington.

    I believe Black people should already know about Sanders and his past and what his decade-old fights.  If they are
    young Black voters, then they should not be voting for just anyone without doing research.  However, if they are close
    to my age, then they should know; but still do their research.  If not, then minorities have no one to blame but
    themselves.  It is not as if Sanders just walked off the street and said he wanted to start fighting for equality.  No, he
    has been doing it for decades.

Thursday, November 12, 2015:
    Former top Cleveland Senator Nina Turner has abandoned Clinton and now has publicly announced that she strongly
    supports Sanders.

    Turner is distinguishably known for her strong stance in favor of fair voting rights, worker's rights and for
    marginalized people.

    "I'm very attracted by his message and his style and that he has held pretty much strong on his beliefs and the world is
    catching up with him," Turner said of Sanders.

    Turner added that Sanders' positions on voting rights and wage issues have stood out to her.

    From "Turner, who is frequently mentioned as a future candidate for mayor of Cleveland, said she will
    take a leave of absence from her role as the Ohio Democratic Party's engagement chair as she helps Sanders with his
    bid for the nomination.  She said her endorsement, which Party insiders had been buzzing about for days once they
    heard it was possible, has resulted in some pushback from Clinton loyalists in Ohio."

    Turner said she was insulted when a Clinton supporter told her that she was a "doing a disservice to the Country."

    Sanders favors having post offices to offer banking services.  The idea suggests that it will help poor and rural

    The American Postal Workers Union has endorsed Sanders.

    While Sanders stood outside in the rain in front of the Capitol, he announced, "This is my preparation.  This is the kind
    of debate prep that inspires me and makes me a stronger candidate."

    Sanders is the only elected official who turned out to picket with U.S. government contract workers striking for a $15
    minimum wage.

    Some people believe that Sanders should attack Clinton, but he has refused.

    "I can’t walk down a hallway in the Nation’s capital without people begging me to beat up on Hillary Clinton, attack
    Hillary Clinton...tell me why she’s the worst person in the world, said Sanders.  "I resisted, I resisted, and I resisted. I
    think unlike our Republican friends there, who think that politics is about attacking each other in incredibly stupid
    and destructive ways, I think what we are trying to do is have a sensible debate on the important issues facing

    Sanders and his wife were interviewed by CNN and was asked if he is a politician.  Although Sanders agrees he is a
    politician, his wife said he is a "public servant."

    When asked about him being a "smoosher" Sanders admits he cannot do it.

    Sanders was questioned about not receiving votes because he is a socialist and "socialism is a loaded term in this
    Country."  Sanders replied that socialism is simply social security and Medicare and Medicaid - programs that "allow
    the elderly and disable to live with dignity."  They are programs we already have.

    Sanders said is it simply one sentence: "Creating a government, which works for the middleclass and working families
    rather than large corporations and millionaires."

    No one in the Senate has endorsed Sanders.

    Sunday, November 15, 2015

    I am not sure who won the debate but as always, Clinton did a good job, as did both Sanders and O'Malley.

    Sanders may have seemed wordy while reiterating what he has been saying for the past 14-plus years.  Although he
    did an excellent job in continuing to hammer home about wage inequality and the struggles of the middle and working
    class.  However, I think he is afraid to come across as a bully and does not want to attack Clinton.

    I believe he could do better in debating her and winning more financial support and endorsements if he would come
    out stronger against her.  I cannot help but wonder if he is holding off until the Primaries.  Additionally, I still cannot
    help but to ask, is he too much of an old fashioned gentleman to go after her?

    O'Malley is likeable but now is not his time.  I think perhaps he is remaining in the race to get the experience so he will
    be more than ready next time.
Bernie Sanders
Thursday, November 19, 2015:
    If this does not give you a reason to listen and pay attention and then ultimately support Senator Bernie Sanders,
    then nothing will.  Someone has suggested that it would benefit Sanders if he continued to use the term or
    motto, "I support the general welfare of We the People in order to form a more perfect union."  I think he
    should repeat the words often.
Saturday, November 21, 2015:
    Sanders speaks at the 2015 Presidential Justice Forum
Saturday, November 21, 2015:
    Sanders Q&A at the 2015 Presidential Justice Forums
Sunday, November 22, 2015:
In time, it became apparent to millions of eligible voters that the primaries were being rigged.  When some reports finally
revealed that the elections were rigged, all most voters could say was that they knew it.  They became angry.  Although
they complained they powered on and so did Bernie.

This election revealed the hypocrisy and inconsistency in both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.  For me, a vote for either
of the two is unrealistic and not practical to the purpose of the movement.  It is not progress.  Because Hillary is not a
progressive, she cannot and will not fight for progressive ideas.  It just is not who she is.  Donald Trump is an obsessive

After Bernie endorsed Hillary, I knew that there was no going back.  I knew then that we progressives must continue to
move forward.  For me, a vote for Hillary is a step backwards from the major steps we had taken with Bernie.

Because Bernie reminded voters of what our government should be, I will always be thankful.  He led a great campaign;
opening our eyes.

Some people have said that since Bernie bought so many into the Democrat Party, that it would only be practical for them to
stay and vote for Hillary.  However, people fail to realize that Bernie convinced them to join the Party because he is
progressive.  Hillary is not even moderate enough.  She supports Wall Street; she could care less about progression of Main

Bernie fought against corporate greed while both Democrats and Republicans praise and support it.

Bernie helped build a movement and it is moving forward; leaving the two-Party system behind.

Bernie often said that this is a political revolution.  Well the political revolution is us/voters and we should not accept
anything less.  If we do, then we deserve exactly what we get.

As long as Bernie has breath in his body, I believe that he will always be a fighter for the people, but I see no reason to vote
someone that does not have that same vision.

Countless times, people have said that we must vote for Hillary or we will get Trump.  Well, I am not certain how to feel
about that; I have mixed feelings.  First, I cannot help but believe that Trump is a plant.  (Can anyone on this earth - walking
freely among society - be that psychopathic?)  Secondly, I am tired of the Democrats using that same old fear-tactic.

Bernie's presidential campaign was a real revelation for me.  It told me to stop accepting my mediocre government and push
harder.  His presidential run told me to stop voting for business as usual.  He united us in not accepting status quo; we are
about change.

So what, if Bernie endorsed Hillary.  I cannot do the same.  I will however keep watching, listening, sending emails,
facsimiles etc to our elected officials.  I will continue to hold them accountable but most importantly, I will continue to vote
just as I have been since eligibility.  However, what I will not do, is willingly accept deception from our government.  I will
not continue on this maddening road and allow myself to be so willingly to accept the insanity.  Nothing is going to change
unless we vote differently.  I thank Bernie Sanders for reminding me of what I have known all along: the government is
supposed to work for us!

Bernie had a vision and many of us still believe that can come to fruition but first, we must stop accepting business as usual.  
We must not forget that we the people have the power.  We must force our government to recognize us as a powerful
source.  We must stop saying we want change while continually voting for the same thing. (We must stop embracing

With good conscience and steadily hard work, the movement continues.  From now on, I can only support progressive
candidates.  Anything less than that just will not do.

I am an Independent and in good conscience, I decided that I can no longer continue to kick the deception down the road.

My sincere thanks to Senator Bernard Sanders and a long overdue goodbye to the Democrat Party.

That feels good!
Notes from the 2016 Presidential campaign
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