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Sequester Defined
      Trayvon Martin
Posted Tuesday, July 02, 2013
Edited and added content on Friday, July 12, 2013
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At first, I was not sure if Trayvon Martin was killed or murdered.  Now, I honestly believe
George Zimmerman murdered him.

I know some of my Black brothers and sisters felt that they already
knew Zimmerman
murdered Martin, but I wanted to know the facts or at least learn some of the particulars before
taking a side.  Although the jury of six women will decide this case, I wanted to know the facts
and felt a need to decide for myself if Zimmerman was innocent or guilty.  As I said, I did not
know, but now I at least have some of the facts and details about what happened that night,
Sunday, February 26, 2012 in Sanford Florida.

Over the last few days and weeks, I took some hand notes while watching the trial and relied on
some of my memory-mental notes from the past.

I was not able to watch the televised trial everyday.  However, I did see at least some of the
exchanges between defense attorney Don West and the prosecution-called-witness Rachel
Jeantel, and this is what I learned and perceived about the testimony.

On Rachel Jeantel's first day of testimony, I kept wondering why she spoke in the manner
in which she did.  However, under redirect, the prosecutor made it clear as to why her
responses were laborious as well as why she could not read a letter she wrote to Martin's
mother.  (The
letter was dated March 19, 2012, and was signed “Diamond Eugene”, which
Jeantel told the court was her nickname.)  At that point, I did not view it as a lack of education,
but lack of comprehension of what was being asked [of her].
Monday, July 8, 2013
Today is the first day the defense will call their first witness, and as of today, I believe the prosecution has just lost their

Although I still believe Travon Martin was murdered, I do not believe he will receive any justice.

    Trayvon's Dad, Tracy Martin gave excellent testimony.  It was distinct to
    me that he when he first heard the cry of "Help," that he was saying
    "No," to the idea that his son was dead.

    I do not believe Mr. Martin was saying "No, that is not my son," but
    unbelievable realization that his child was pleading for help.  In fact, he
    distinctively said, My response was… I didn’t tell him, ‘No, that
    wasn’t Trayvon’.  He went on to say, “The chairs had wheels on
    them and I kind of pushed away from the table and just kind of
    shook my head and said, ‘I can’t tell.’  “I never said that ‘No that
    wasn’t my son’s voice.’

When Mr. Martin was summoned to the sheriff's office, he said he had no idea that he was being called to listen to a tape
recording to identify a voice, but thought he was there to collect his dead son's belongings.  Still, I believe that the jury will
vote not guilty.
I have heard and read complaints about the pictures being shown of Trayvon Martin as
misleading. Some have stated that the media is just showing us "little, young innocent Trayvon to
sway public opinion."  Perhaps those critics are correct, so I used
Google to search for the most
menacing pics of Trayvon and this is what I found.

Yes, there is one of him with smoke coming from his mouth and/or nostrils but I did not want to
advocate smoking of any kind.  Additionally, there is are several poses of him flipping off the
camera.  I did not want to post anything vulgar, so I opted for this one.  It is not of a "little,
young innocent Trayvon", but it could sway
my opinion of him - if I did not know the
circumstances of his death.  I might have felt he was just another thug who was killed,
He was a youngster behaving the way some youngsters behave
I am now convinced he was murdered
He was a youngster behaving the way some youngsters behave
    At first, she gave me the impression that she was hesitant to cooperate
    with either the prosecution or defense.  She gave me the impression that
    she did not wish to be bothered and wished she had not been called to
    testify.  However, the more she talked, the more I thought she must have
    been overburden by the entire thing.  At least twice, she said she did not
    watch the news, again showing her lack of interest.  She told the defense
    that she "heard of the arrest", so she did not see any reason to get
    further involved.  (She HEARD of the arrest through word of mouth, not
    the news.)  She had been interviewed/questioned and provided several
    statements; she was tired.

    Her attorney, Rod Veeren said that she thought after giving several
    previous statements, her involvement with the case would be over, but no.
She was troubled; wanting the whole thing to be over and to her knowledge it was.  (She said she did not watch the

The defense tried to make it seem as though she was trying to help the Martin family, but she did not give me that
impression at all!  I believe her testimony helped the defense, as her answers and responses seemed laboring and
uncaring.  She admitted to lying to Trayvon's mother and then there was the letter.  At first, they made it seem as though
she wrote the letter, but it was clear that she did not.  Unfortunately, our opinions do not count.  However, I will say this:
based on Ms. Jeantel's testimony, I will not be surprised if George Zimmerman is found not guilty, as it
appeared as
though she was lying.  However, I am not so sure she was.

In my heart of hearts, I believe Ms. Jeantel's was truthful, however I am doubtful that it will matter.  I mean, although I
have not seen the faces of the jury, in my mind, I picture them as obstinate without the ability to interpret Ms. Jeantel's
environment.  I am not saying they lack commonsense, but perhaps they are ignorant to her surroundings and her
education, as she speaks three different languages.  I know two languages but only speak one fluently.  I wonder how
many languages each juror speaks, and the thoughts of the jurors are what counts.  Although the jury is told to use
commonsense, I wonder…  I have to continually remind myself that they will be the ones who decide this case.

In order to win a second-degree murder conviction, prosecutors would have to convince the jury that Zimmerman acted
with "ill will" or "hatred" and "an indifference to human life."

After reading and hearing critical comments regarding Ms. Jeantel, I am convinced that we are not just intolerable to
other people's differences, but we are a nation filled with stupidity.

Where I am from, we do not talk in the same manner and/or dialect as Ms. Jantiel, but I cannot judge her.  Well, I will!  
In comparison, she is smarter, as she is able to speak three different languages, whereas I only speak one half-way
fluently and can only understand a second.

I feel sorry for the Rachel Jeantels' of this world because instead of helping, we give them more reasons to hate people
like us.
Trayvon Martin's friend, Rachel Jeantel
Trayvon Martin's dad, Tracy Martin testifies
Notes taken while listening to George Zimmerman's defense attorney, Mark O'Mara's closing arguments

O'Mara stated the following:
 Zimmerman is being tried for 2nd degree murder
 Beyond a reasonable doubt
 "Even if highly unlikely, it's self-defense - can't convict"
 Murder or 2nd degree manslaughter
 Ill will, spite or hatred

    There were a rash of burglaries in that area and those that were
    caught, were young Black males.
    Although I am Black, I can certainly understand O'Mara making
    note of this, as I would report such findings - if they were true.  And
    perhaps police records show this to be true.  It makes sense.

     Zimmerman was calm each time he called police.  (No anger in his

     That night on Sunday, February 26, 2012, the wind was blowing 6.8 or
    7 miles per hour and it had rained.

     O'Mara said that Zimmerman would not be able to find the exact
address because he could not see the numbers on the houses - it was dark that night.
O'Mara said Zimmerman did not have a flashlight.  However, during his deliberation, he provided a video
recreation of the altercation between Zimmerman and Martin.  In the recreation, there are two cartoon-like
characters - one portraying Martin and the other Zimmerman.  It shows the Martin figure take a swing at
Zimmerman and the flashlight falling and sliding/skidding to the curb - feet or inches away.  What O'Mara's own
demonstration shows is that he contradicted himself, and proves that O'Mara is lying for Zimmerman, as he
indeed had a flashlight.  The question is was the flashlight working.  Also, since O'Mara made note of it being
dark that night, then how was Martin able to see Zimmerman's gun?

 In addition, to the recreation video, it shows Martin on top of Zimmerman and Martin is moving Zimmerman around.  
However, the police photos do not show any dirt and/or scuff marks on either Zimmerman's jacket or shoes.

At one point during O'Mara's closing argument, he paused for 4 minutes.  But because I had to step away, I came
back wondering what he was trying to prove.  I still am not certain why the 4 minutes of silence, but assumed it
had something to do with what Martin was doing during that time.  I believe O'Mara said something about Martin
having enough time to run within those 4 minutes.  Again, I am not certain.  At this moment, I was trying to recall
if Martin's friend, Rachel Jeantel said that Martin was running.  Alternatively, what was Zimmerman doing during
those 4 minutes?

 O'Mara said that Zimmerman was remorseful, but while he sat in the courtroom, he appeared at times sleepy and at
other times disinterested.  Perhaps a little of both.  Perhaps he was only interested in what his attorneys had to say about
him and/or perhaps he had a sleepless night, and that makes perfect sense, as his life is in the hands of those 6 jurors.  
Howeverrrrrrrrrrr, but while being interviewed by
Sean Hannity, he hardly seemed remorseful, but simply stated that it
was "
God's Will."  Although I was not able to watch all the news featuring the case, Zimmerman did not seem
remorseful until he was arrested.

 O'Mara said that Zimmerman had applied to be a cop several times and was later offered a chance to be a citizen on
patrol - which includes a car, yellow uniform and the like - but he declined.
I can only imagine what Zimmerman would be like as a police officer - perhaps just as dangerous.
Before ending his rebuttal to the defense, prosecutor John Guy said that this was not about race, but I am not so
sure, as I believe if Zimmerman was an actual police officer, he would profile mostly Blacks; namely young Black

 O'Mara said that although Zimmerman called the police on several occasions, his calls were not for minor incidents
such as having cars towed, but only called when there was suspicious people in the neighborhood.

 O'Mara said something about it taking 45 minutes for Martin to return to the complex.
I have no idea what he was referring to or what this meant and can only speculate...

 Zimmerman had mixed martial arts training.
Yet, Martin was able to remain on top of him during the entire fight.???

 Manslaughter or 2nd degree murder

 O'Mara said that Zimmerman's friend, Mark Osterman wrote a book about Zimmerman but the story is different.  
Again, I have no idea what was going on, as I had to step away.  Alternatively, I had no idea his friends were
hiding him and I certainly had no idea there was a book about him; titled "
Defending Our Friend: The Most
Hated Man in America."
O'Mara said the story is different, I want to know "different" like what.

 O'Mara: "The law is clear: reasonable doubt bodily harm.  It does not say of there is a mark on your body but just
reasonable fear.  And if that reasonable fear has you pulling out your gun and shoot someone, then so what you had was
reasonable fear…  For you to have any questions in your mind about George's need to use that gun, than he is innocent."
Closing arguments: defense attorney Mark O'Mara
Notes from the trial

     Zimmerman said that Martin tried to suffocate him when Martin put
    his hands over his mouth.
    There was not any blood found on Martin's hands nor was there any of
    Zimmerman's DNA under Martin's fingernails.
    I later learned that the defense claimed that the examiners office was
    sloppy and cleaned Martin.  However, there is a picture of Martin's left
    hand with blood and other debris.  If the defense was trying to make a
    point, it would seem pointless for the medical examiner's office to only
    clean one of Martin's hands and not both.

     Zimmerman said that while Martin had his hands over his mouth, he
    was saying, "Help, help, help."
    How is he able to yell with Martin's "hands" on his mouth?  He said that
    Martin had "his hands over both" his "nose" and his "mouth."

 Zimmerman claims that he got out of his car to find the street name address.
During the police interview, the name of the street was right in front of him.  Additionally, Zimmerman walks his dog on
that same street everyday.  Also, defense attorney Mark O'Mara made it
VERY clear during their video recreation
that Zimmerman had a flashlight
.  Was the flashlight not working?  There are only three streets and Zimmerman has
lived there for four years.

 While talking to the police, Zimmerman often uses police jargon.

 Zimmerman tells the police that before the fight he did not ask Martin what he was doing there.

 Zimmerman said Martin came out of the bushes and struck him.
At first, Zimmerman said that Martin came out of nowhere…as if he did not have a clue where Martin came from.

 In a statement with the police, Zimmerman says that Martin walked back towards him.
(The recording was played in court, and everyone could hear Zimmerman talking while interviewing with the police.)

 Zimmerman said that he (Zimmerman) was reaching for his phone, but when he (Zimmerman) got distracted… and
got his gun???  (I missed something as admittedly I was not paying attention.)

 Zimmerman tells police that Martin was walking away from him.  Later, in a
Sean Hannity interview, Zimmerman said
that Martin was running away and then Hannity said, "
Oh, he ran?"  Then Zimmerman said, "No, like skipping
away…moving fast.
He then told Hannity that he (Zimmerman) was moving in Martin's direction to keep an eye on him.  He also told Hannity
that Martin hit him in the nose.  (Zimmerman's DNA was not found on Martin.)

 Zimmerman told the EMTs that his nose was broken and when asked if he wanted to be x-rayed, he declined.

 Both Zimmerman's jacket and shoes where clean - no scuffs or marks on either.
Zimmerman claimed he was on the bottom during the "fight" with Martin, but both his jacket and shoes were dry.  
Perhaps they were dry by the time the police took photos, but there are not any scuffs or debris on either his jacket or

 Zimmerman said he slid into the grass when Martin hit him.

 Zimmerman tells the investigator that he
did not think it was his voice yelling for help.
To me that makes sense, as I do not often recognize my own voice when played back during recordings.  Interestingly
enough, sometimes the only way I can recognize my own voice in a recording, is that I realize I do not like the sound of
the voice talking - hence, I do not appreciate the sound of my own voice.  (I try not to talk a lot.)

 Zimmerman said that he thought Martin was scared that he had called the police.
Whether Zimmerman knew or did not know that Martin belonged there, Martin
knew he belonged there, and thus there
was no reason for him to be afraid.

 Zimmerman claims that he thought he was going to pass out when Martin was "slamming his head" on the ground and
Martin picked him up and was dragging him.
The cuts on Zimmerman's head were less than one centimeter. (Less than an inch.)  In addition, he has been trained in
MMA style fighting.  Also, there is not any tears or dirt on the back of Zimmerman's jacket.

 Several witnesses have said that Martin was on the bottom and several witnesses said that Zimmerman was on the
Could it have been both, or were they lying to protect their friend?  Although witnesses are told to tell the truth , the whole
truth, and nothing but the truth...well, sometimes they don't

 You can hear the tape when the 911 operator tells Zimmerman not to follow Martin.
I can hear Zimmerman walking - like wind-like sounds  - proving that he was still outside his vehicle and was walking.  At
some point during the recording, he appears to have increased breathing.
I can also hear - AFTER the 911 operator says that they do not need Zimmerman to follow Martin - the car bell (ding,
ding sound) still ringing; proof that he is still out of his vehicle.

 As bad as some may think Rachel Jantiel was on the stand, I have to believe she was telling the truth, as she could
have easily embellished her story, but it was consistent to what she had said before.  More importantly, about Ms.
Jantiel's statement is that some of the evidence
proves she was telling the truth.

 Zimmerman told Hannity that he did not know about Florida's "
Stand Your Ground" law.
Just as the "make my day" law is well known in Colorado and by civilians such as myself, I refuse to believe that
Zimmerman did not know about the "stand your ground" law.  I am not saying this because he tried, studied and wanted to
be a police officer, but that it is a law common in the State of Florida.

 Martin was right handed, but there is blood on his left hand.
It was reported that Zimmerman's DNA was not found on Martin, so one can assume that the blood was his own.
I later heard the defense claim that the medical examiners office cleaned Martin before the evidence could be taken.  
However, if that were the case, why wouldn't they clean ALL of the debris from Martin's hands, as the photo shows
blood on his (Martin's) left hand.

 At first, Zimmerman said that his gun was placed in the back of his waistline, but later said that the gun was placed at
front side waistline.  Zimmerman said that Martin saw his gun, and at one point said that Martin was "eyeing" his gun
and later he said that Martin "reached" for his gun.

 Zimmerman said his gun was at his back right.  He said that he felt his shirt and jacket going up, and that at that time,
Martin was "reaching" for his gun, and at that point, he shot Martin.
Whether in front of him or behind him, how did Martin see Zimmerman's gun in the dark?

 Zimmerman said Martin was "circling" his car.
One evening while driving home from work, I noticed a man behind me was making every turn I made.  If I switched
lanes, he would do the same.  At first, I thought I was delusional, so I made unnecessary turns and lane changes, and
when I was certain I was not losing my mind, I made one last lane-change and drove towards the police station.
In another incident, some years ago, a mentally ill woman approached me and as she got closer and closer [to me], she
started yelling obscenities.  However, the more she talked and walked, the faster I moved to get away from her.  (I did
not know the man following me nor did I know the woman.)
If Zimmerman was as afraid as he claims, he should have remained in his vehicle, or better yet, drove away.

 Zimmerman said he was afraid of Martin.  He said he got out of his vehicle to confront Martin, and when he did,
words were exchanged.
Why would he get out of his vehicle to confront someone he was afraid of?  That just does not make ANY sense!

 Zimmerman said that he thought Martin had something in his hands.
did have something in his hands; Skittles and Arizona Iced Tea.

 Zimmerman said that after he shot Martin, that Martin said [to him], "
You got me."  Zimmerman replied, "Stay down."
Why on earth would Martin say, "You got me"?  What sense does that make????  
Perhaps he said, "You SHOT me."  It
makes more sense for him to say "you shot me" then it does for him to say "you got me" because there was not anything
to get.  Martin knew he belonged in the area, so there was nothing to admit, concede and/or surrender to.  I just do not
believe he said that or anything at all for that matter.  Humph!

 Jury can consider lesser charge of manslaughter in the trial of George Zimmerman.
2012 Florida Statute Stand Your Ground
776.013 - Home protection; use of deadly force; presumption of fear of death or great bodily harm
A person who is not engaged in an unlawful activity and who is attacked in any other place where he or she has a right to
be has no duty to retreat and has the right to stand his or her ground and meet force with force, including deadly force if
he or she reasonably believes it is necessary to do so to prevent death or great bodily harm to himself or herself or another
or to prevent the commission of a forcible felony.
Justice for Trayvon Martin
Friday, July 12, 2013
I am not sure where this came from but for some reason, I wrote: Why didn’t George wait at the main entrance until the
police arrived?

I was not able to listen to prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda's full closing arguments, but had more time to listen to attorney
John Guy.  He quoted French philosopher,
Voltaire "To the living we owe respect, but to the dead we owe only the

Notes from prosecutor John Guy's closing arguments

     If Martin was on top as Zimmerman described, then there is no way
    that Martin could have been able to reach Zimmerman's gun.

     If Zimmerman was afraid, he should have stayed in his vehicle.

     After Martin was shot, Zimmerman said "wrist control" which is a
    term police officers use.

     Martin was still on the phone when he and Zimmerman came into
    contact.  If Martin were looking to attack, the ear-buds would not have
    still been in his ear.

Guy said the following 10 points are lies told by George Zimmerman:
1.)  Zimmerman said Sean Knoffke told him he needed an address
That was not true.  He never requested an address.

2.)  About where Zimmerman said he would meet the police
Zimmerman said he told police he would meet them at his car, but he didn't.

3.)  Zimmerman said Martin confronted him right after he hung up with Knoffke
He said within 10 seconds but records shows it was at least 2 minutes.

4.)  Zimmerman said Martin had both his hands covering his mouth and nose, but his attorneys said that the incompetent
medical examiners wiped off Martin's hands
There is a photo of Martin's left hand (he was right-handed) with dirt and blood on it.  This does not make any
sense as the medical examiner's would have cleaned
both hands, not just one.

5.)  Zimmerman said Martin repeatedly slammed his head into the concrete
The cuts on Zimmerman's head were less than one centimeter.
I do not have proof, but the cuts on Zimmerman's head seem to be produced LATER - after there was a public

6.)  Zimmerman said Martin punched him in the head dozens of times
Zimmerman only complained of a headache and the EMT offered to take him to the hospital, but he declined.

7.)  Zimmerman said Martin saw and reached for his gun
However, the way Zimmerman described it, there was no way Martin could have seen the gun, especially in the dark.
I am still thinking about Zimmerman stating where his gun was placed.  First he said it was behind him in his
waistband and then later, said that it was in his front waistband.  It makes sense that he would say it was in the
front so that way Martin could have reached and/or touched and/or grabbed his gun.  This is just a flat out lie!

8.)  Zimmerman said he spread out Martin's arms
When Martin was found, his left hand was clutching his wound.
Additionally, why would Zimmerman feel a need for "wrist control" after the "suspect" was wounded?  ...and
ultimately dying?

9.)  Regarding Martin "circling" his car
In one statement, Zimmerman said Martin was circling his car.  In another statement, Zimmerman said that he saw
Martin run behind some houses and then come back and circled his car.
Either way, there was no reason for Zimmerman to get out of his vehicle.

10.)  Zimmerman said he has never heard of the "Stand Your Ground" law
Balderdash!  He studied to be a police officer and had applied on several occasions.
Whether Zimmerman applied to be an officer or not, I am not buying his statement that he did not know about this
law.  As I said, I know about Colorado's "Make My Day" law, and I have never applied to be a police officer.  In
my opinion, every responsible gun owner should know the laws of the State where they reside - especially if
you're an eager gun-totting person such as Zimmerman.
Closing arguments: prosecutor John Guy
Make My Day: Colorado Revised Statutes 18-1-704.5, titled "Use of deadly physical force against an intruder."
The "Make My Day" law in Colorado allows homeowners or occupants to use deadly force against individuals who enter
their dwellings unlawfully.
Prosecutor John Guy said the following 5 points are of Zimmerman changing his story:
1.)  Where he claimed to have seen Martin
First, he said he saw Martin at one entrance of the complex and then during the outside interview it was a different
I think on this issue that he may have been confused, as it does happen.

2.)  He said he told some people that Martin said one thing and then told other people that Martin said something
completely different
This does happen, but I wonder if the stories he told to each set of people were slightly different or massively

3.)  Martin touching Zimmerman's gun
At first, he told police that Martin touched his gun and then later said he grabbed his gun.
Zimmerman flat out lied about this, as he originally stated that his gun was in his back waistband and then later,
changed his story and said it was in his front waistband.  Either or, it was dark that night.

4.)  He said Martin circled his car
At first, he said Martin circled his car at the clubhouse, but then later told police that Martin circled his car when he finally
parked it at the curb.
If someone is "circling" your vehicle, you should be afraid - well, unless you have a gun, and then there is
nothing to be afraid of.  At one time, Zimmerman said he was afraid of Martin.  If you're afraid of someone, you
never get out of your vehicle, but drive away.

5.)  He said he got his cell phone out.  Earlier he said he was reaching for his cell phone.

Guy posted a copy of the instructions as provided by the neighborhood watch program

Guy made note of item 10 of the article that reads as follows:

Guy went on to say...
 Zimmerman did not try to save Martin
I think I heard someone on the stand say that Martin would have lived a matter of time with his type of wound.  
However, I do not recall if the medical expert said if he would have lived.

 When the police arrived, an officer used life-saving techniques on Martin

 Why didn't Zimmerman want the 911 operator to have his telephone number?
I didn't know this until today... Hmmm makes me wonder...  Since he has called the police on multiple occasions
and is the neighborhood watch captain, why wouldn't he want them to have his telephone number just in case
they needed to contact him?  Hmmm.
I have since learned that Zimmerman did not refuse to give the 911 operator his telephone number, but declined
to provide his address.  However, he is the neighborhood watch coordinator and applied several times to be a
police officer, why wouldn't he provide that info?

 At the time of his death, Trayvon Martin was 16 years and 21 days old
Neighborhood Watch is…
  • Not the vigilante police
  • Work with police
  • Be our eyes and ears
  • Report suspicious activity
  • Don’t follow, don’t pursue
Neighborhood responsibility
"report crime, do not take risks to prevent
crime or try to make an arrest.  The
responsibility for apprehending criminals
belongs to the police officers."
The jury will have three options:
    1. Find Zimmerman guilty of second-degree murder
    2. Find Zimmerman guilty of manslaughter
    3. Zimmerman may be sent home

    Why did George Zimmerman and his wife Shellie lie to the judge about the funds
    they collected on their website?  Zimmerman's original bail was revoked.  He
    was subsequently released on a higher bail.

    Before Zimmerman's indictment on murder charges, Martin's mother, Sybrina
    Fulton created an online petition on and over 2.2 million signatures
    were collected - leading to Zimmerman's arrest. (It was the website's largest

    The two things that stick out for me and seems to be extremely important to
    address, and that is the gun and the lack of light.
    No flashlight to see the street address because it was too dark.  I can
    understand that.  But…
    Where exactly was Zimmerman's gun?  Was it in his back waistband as
    originally stated, or in his front waistband as he later stated?  He said that Martin
    saw his gun, but what about it being too dark!?  No light to see the street
    address but enough light for Martin to see his gun?

Another thing is defense attorney Mark O'Mara's recreation video.
O'Mara CLEARLY points out the flashlight in the video, so it is clear that Zimmerman had one.  And, if it was working,
then why was he not able to see the addresses on the house.

At first I was sure there was a fight, but why didn't they find any of Zimmerman's blood on Martin's hands?

And another thing, you can hear the tape when the 911 operator tells Zimmerman to not follow Martin.  But you can
Zimmerman walking - like wind-like sounds proving that he was still outside his vehicle walking.  You can also hear -
AFTER the 911 operator says that they do not need Zimmerman to follow him - the vehicle bell (ding, ding) still ringing;
proof that he is still out of his vehicle; not following advice.

At one time, I recall Zimmerman saying that he did not know Martin was a teenager, but when talking to the 911 dispatch,
he told him that Martin appeared to be in his "late teens."

Zimmerman tells the 911 dispatch, "*hit, he's running."  Well if Martin is running then why not let him run?  Let him run
away since he is such a "dangerous criminal."  HUMPH!

Conversation between Zimmerman and 911 dispatcher:
    Dispatcher: Okay. Do you want to just meet with them right near the mailboxes then?
    Zimmerman: Yeah, that's fine.
    Dispatcher: All right, George. I'll let them know to meet you around there okay?
    Zimmerman: Actually, could you have them call me and I'll tell them where I'm at?
    Dispatcher: Okay, yeah. That's no problem.
It is obvious Zimmerman was on the hunt for Martin because he could have just as easily given the dispatch a permanent
location and remained in one spot until the police arrived.  But no, he wanted to continue to pursue/follow/stalk Martin.

Although Zimmerman claimed he was not following Martin, he said he left his vehicle to find a street sign so he would be
able to tell the dispatcher where he was.  He said that he was "
just going in the same direction he was" to find an
address.  At the time Zimmerman gave his first statement, he admitted that he had left his vehicle to try to see which
direction Martin went.  It is so obvious what he was doing and/or it was pure coincidental that he and Martin were
headed in the same direction. Uh huh.

Zimmerman complained to have a headache and appeared to have a broken nose, but declined to go with the EMT after
they offered to take him several times.

Zimmerman apologized to the Martin family, but it seems as though his only regret was not being able to tell a consistent
story of what took place that night.  He seemed regretful when he was arrested, but not prior.

    I was not interested in this case because Martin was Black, but I wanted
    to see justice, because if it were my nephew or brother, I would be

    I honestly believe Zimmerman murdered Martin in cold blood, but
    I will not be surprised if there is any justice for him.  And the reason I say
    that, is that this is the way of our world.  It has been this way for a long,
    long, long time and I do not believe it will change until the return of our
    Lord Jesus Christ.

I honestly believe that there will not be any riots if the jurors send Zimmerman home.  Of course, people will be
upset, but not a major uproar as some have speculated.  What matters, is Trayvon Martin's parents, Sybrina Fulton and
Tracy Martin.

May the Lord continue to have mercy!
My Final Notes Regarding 17-year-old Trayvon Martin who was murdered by George Zimmerman
Dear child - may he rest in peace
I feel so sorry for Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin